Be Strong

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When Yugi pulled away from Yami's hug Yami was quick to notice his elevated temperature.

"How do you feel Yugi?" Yami asked expecting him to lie and say he was fine.

"Not to good Yami, can we go home now," Yugi said leaning his forehead on Yami's shoulder. Yami smiled and nodded, he picked Yugi up and went off to go and find Seto. He was lucky to find him; he was surrounded by camera's and news reporters.

"Seto, we need to get Yugi home, he is not feeling well," Yami said. Seto acknowledges what Yami said and tried to fight against the people.

Judge Katsuyuki noticed the distress the little boy was in and just waved to Yami to tell him that they could leave anytime.

As soon as Seto and Yami, with Yugi in tow, stepped out of the courtroom they were bombarded with flashing lights and microphones. Seto used his body as a shield to help Yami push threw the crowd to get Yugi to his awaiting limo.

As soon as they were inside the car Seto pushed a button and a small device popped out of a draw. He handed it to Yami and instructed him to place it under Yugi's tongue and push the button.

"What is it?" Yami asked as he did what Seto told him to do. The thing beeped and Yami handed it over to Seto to see what was wrong.

"It takes the human body temperature, normal is 98.6 but Yugi's is up and around 103.5, not good if you don't understand," Seto said putting the small device away.

"I think I understand, is he going to be permanently damaged?" Yami asked Seto hand to hold back a laugh at Yami's sincere expression on his face when he said that.

"Yugi won't be damaged, he is just sick, some Motrin and rest well insure his recovery. Though he hasn't eaten in a while, for this reason only I think I am going to ask my doctor to set up and IV to get some nourishment into him," Seto said, Yami just nodded pretending to understand.

They soon stopped inform of Seto's mansion, Yugi's new home. They got Yugi into bed and the needle for the IV into his arm. Seto had to admit that Yami's face when eh saw the needle was pretty funny, especially when Yami threatened to send the doctor into the Shadow Realm because he was going to impale Yugi with the needle.

When Yugi woke up the first thing he noticed was that he was in a nice worm bed. He opened his eyes and saw Yami sitting in the corner of the room sulking about something.

"What's wrong Yami?" Yugi asked, it wasn't until after he said it he realized how weak he was and sounded.

"Aibou you are okay!" Yami exclaimed.

"Yea, tired and weak, but okay," Yugi assured as he yawned. Yami nodded and allowed Yugi to get back to sleep.

When Yugi recovered he, Seto, and Yami all went to arranging a new room for Yugi. It took a month with new carpeting and painting and buying things to fill their room. Yami decided it would be best for him and Yugi to share a room so Yami would be able to retreat to his soul room if needed.

Then after they had decided that they would share rooms the colors were right and the carpet was wrong, they both wanted different colors.

About a week before the room was finished Seto would not allow the two boys in their soon to be room, he wanted it to be a surprise.

When the day came around Yami and Yugi were both acting like it was Christmas morning. They were jumping around the house asking Seto about the room. Seto would either ignore them or tell them that would know that after noon.

Seto had Yami and Yugi blindfolded as he guided them to their new room.

"Okay you two, ready," Seto said, they both nodded, Seto pulled the knot and their blindfolds dropped. Yugi didn't know what to saw as his small eyes wondered around the room.

"Wow," Yami said looking at the room as well. Yugi didn't say anything so Seto decided to make sure Yugi was okay so eh looked down at the small boy; he had tears in his eyes.

"Is everything okay Yugi, is there something wrong with the room?" Seto asked, he was worried that Yugi was upset by the room.

"No Seto, I'm just really happy, you have given me more then I could have ever asked for, a home, a family, and now this room." Yugi was at a loss for words.

"It's okay Yugi, you deserve it," Seto said, he hugged the little one gently and allowed him to wonder around the room.

The room was painted in two different colors. One side of the room was baby blue and the other side was black. The carpet was white and there was a bed on each side.

The first bed was stained darkly with the Sennen eye carved in the headboard; the other bed was lightly stained with an angel carved in the headboard. The darkly stained bed had black silk sheets and the lightly stained one had white silk.

Each boy had a desk with a high tech computer and a dresser, there was also a big screen TV in the center with a few different game councils.

Yami and Yugi both jumped onto their beds laughing, they had a family and a home, and Yugi was safe here.

Weeks went by and Yugi seemed withdrawn from the rest, whenever people came over he would retreat to their room. It was worrying both Seto and Yami, when either of them asked if everything was okay he would put on an act, smile, and tell them he was fine.

"Yami, something is wrong, no matter how much Yugi doesn't want help he needs it," Seto said. Yami shook his head sorrowfully; he knew Seto was right about this. It hurt him that his sweet little Aibou was in a pain he couldn't heal.

"I've been thinking, Mokuba has wanted one for a long time and I haven't had a reason but it may do Yugi good, but still, it's so much work to take care if it, but then again it may give him something to do," Seto was trailing off looking at the ceiling. Finally Yami had enough of wondering what the hell Seto was talking about.

"WHAT IN RA'S CREATION ARE YOU SPEEKING OF?" Yami yelled at the top of his lungs, catching Seto off guard and making his fall on his ass.

"Calm it Yami, I meant a dog, a god damned dog, no need to yell," Seto said just as Mokuba was coming in the room.

"A dog, for me?" he asked innocently, he knew that they meant Yugi but it didn't hurt to ask.

"No for Yugi, you have noticed his odd behavior right?" Yami asked, Mokuba nodded, the boy spent the whole day in his room

"Yea, can I pick what kind thought, please Seto!" Mokuba begged.

"As long and it's not like a Great Dane!" Seto said laughing.

Within the next week Seto, Yami, and Mokuba had seen almost every single dog shelter in Japan, but eventually they found one.

Yami walked into the room he and Yugi shared to find Yugi sitting by the window staring out into nothing.

"Yugi, mind if I come in?" Yami asked. Yugi turned around suddenly but calmed down and nodded.

"Yugi, me and Seto, and even Mokuba have seen that you haven't been very happy here," Yami started.

"No, I love it here, don't make me go away please," Yugi pleaded. Yami could see the fear in his eyes and instantly knew what had been scaring Yugi.

"By Ra Yugi you are not going to have to leave us, never," Yami said, Yugi had tears in his eyes as he ran to Yami and engulfed him in a tight embrace.

"Oh, by the way Yugi, I got you something, it's been three months since you freed me," Yami said pulling out a mess present.

Yugi opened it up and threw a confused glance at Yami, it was a dog bed filled with a dog bowl, and tons of dog food. It had a leash and a collar yet to be engraved.

"But Yami, you do know that this is dog food, and I'm not a dog," Yugi said, grateful for the gift but was not about to eat it to make his darker half happy.

"We know that Yugi, that's why we got ya this," Mokuba said coming in with a Golden Retriever puppy in his hands. Yugi's eyes lit up and he smiled a true genuine smile.

From that day on Yugi and the bunch co-existed peacefully. They lived long and they enjoyed each others company, and the best part.Yugi's parents were giving the lethal injections after trying to escape and ending up killing and officer.


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