The cell is freezing cold, and frighteningly dark. Father, where are you? Why did you do this to me? I am your son, Father. I am Draco. I did not kill Arthur Weasley.

    Why did you not come for me? Why did you let them do this to me? You did not come to my trial. You did not even engage a wizard lawyer for me. You let them trial me, Father, and you let them hang me.

    I do not know why my wand was found near Arthur Weasley's body. I never even seen Arthur Weasley that day. I was at Knockturn Alley, when I realised my wand was missing from my robe pocket. When I came back to the Manor, the Aurors were already there, waiting to take me.

    I stood trial alone. I tried to owl you, Father, but the Aurors said you refused to see me. They sneered at me, and they spat at me. They said I was filth, and I deserve death by the Dementor's kiss for killing Arthur Weasley, the noble wizard.

    But I did not kill him. I swear, I swear. Please Father, why did you not want to see me? The prison Aurors said you put up a notice in the Daily Prophet, tellling the wizarding world you disown me. They laugh at me, say that I am vermin, and it is my come-uppance.

    I was so frightened during the trial. The Weasley family was there, and they wanted to murder me. All of them were mad with grief, I could see it in their eyes. Potter, he was there. He looked me with a mixture of pure hatred and utmost loathing. Granger, her eyes were blazing at me.

    I could not recall the trial, Father. All I remember was that I was trembling with fear, pleading "No, No..." and shaking my head senselessly, my eyes wide with desperation.

    But it was no use. The jury did not believe me. And all this while, I was searching the court room for you, Father. Father, where are you? 

    They sentenced me with a lifetime in Azkaban. I rushed forward to plead with them, "Please, you got it wrong, I am innocent, please don't do this, I did not kill him, please, please, I beg you."

    But it was no use. I struggled, but the Aurors dragged me out of the court room, and threw me into Azkaban.

    It's eerie in here. The Aurors dragged me along the dimly-lit corridor. I cast my glance into the cells we past by. The prisoners, they all had a haunted look about them. They look like lunatics, they look mad……

    I saw a dark shadow. It is a Dementor. No, no, please don't come near me. I feel so weak, like my life's being sucked out of me. Go away, go away, please, leave me alone.

    I do not recall the last time I ate. It does not matter, I do not want food. All I want is you, Father, to take me away from this place.

    I waited and waited. Hours turned into days, and days into weeks. And weeks into months. Father, where are you? Have you truely abandon me? This place is hell. Father, I am your son, I am your son...

    I huddled in one corner of the cell. The Dementors are here. Here to suck more life out of me. I wish they would give me the Kiss. I would be out of this place then. I have waited so long for you to come for me, Father. But now, I've stopped believing. That you'll come.

    Why did you do this to me? What have I done to deserve this? Especially from you, Father. I thought you love me. I am your only son.

    I feel so tired. I want to sleep, but I could not. I have nightmares whenever I close my eyes. And I would wake up screaming. And then the Dementors would come near me.

    This is hell. This is my life. My life is hell. There is no point in holding on to life, do you agree, Father? You will not come for me. You have abandoned me. You have abandoned your son, Draco Malfoy.

    Why? At least tell me why before I die. Let me die in peace. You mean the world to me, Father. I tried so hard to seek your approval. I studied hard, I worked on my Quidditch. I disappoint you, Father. I could never beat Granger or Potter. Is that why you disown me? Because I am a useless son, I am a disgrace, a disgrace to the Malfoy name.

    But I am still your son. I carry your surname. If only you would give me a chance, Father. Why did you do this to me? I never knew abandonment could feel so painful. Father, why, why? I am innocent.

    The prison Aurors are laughing at me again. "Mental, that one, for sure" and he spat on me. That's right, I am nothing now, nothing but a useless piece of filth, rotting away in Azkaban.

    I feel so hot, and yet I feel cold. I must be losing my sanity. That's what you used to tell me, Father. That those who were thrown into Azkaban went insane eventually. I never, in my wildest dreams, expect I'll be one of them.

    I cough a lot these days. It must be pneumonia. This damned place is freezing me. I am coughing again. What's that taste? And my lips feel wet. I lifted a weak hand to wipe my lips. Blood, I think. I do not care.

    I am burning. Merlin, it feels hot. But I am shivering. There is no bed nor blanket here. One of the prison Aurors took that from me. He said I don't deserve such luxuries.

    I feel so tired, so tired of life. I am only seventeen, Father. There's no more hope. I waited for you, Father. I waited, and waited. But you never came. You killed me. You killed my soul. You killed my will to live.

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