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Summary: Is it fate, or simply inked in the stars?

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"Come on, guys." Emmett pleads, hands together like he's praying. "I'm begging you here."

Jasper takes a drag from the joint he just rolled and shakes his head.

"Not a chance." he coughs, smoke billowing out of his mouth.

"Same here. I don't want to hang out at a sorority house on my only night off this week." I tell him, grimacing at my best friend who's sprawled out on my couch, wearing only his boxers.

Emmett's so pussywhipped he's willing to spend his entire Saturday night among dyed and fried blonde bimbos with an "oh, my God" complex.

I'm not into it.

I'm not doing it.

"Rose said she has a couple of friends that she wants to set you guys up with."

"No fucking way, man."

Jasper and I both wear masks of horror.

The last time Rose tried to set us up, Jasper almost got a broomstick shoved up his ass for shits and giggles, and I filed my first restraining order. Hopefully, it's the only restraining order I'll ever file, but with the world as it is, you never know.

Tanya and her sister Irina were straight out of the loony bin. I won't be surprised if we find out Rose is a little crazy herself, considering they're all related. Psychotic can be passed down a bloodline, right?

"Come on." Emmett pouts. "Don't make me go to this thing alone."

The pout might work on our mom. Hell, it might even work on Rosalie, but I ain't buying it.

"No, Emmett. Go hang out with frat boys and sorority girls. I have some laundry to fold, and then Jasper and I are going to rent a game from the Redbox and chill here." I tell him dismissively.

Em starts grasping at straws.

"But ... Jasper, man, there will be weed. Free weed. As much as you can smoke. I think Rose said something about edibles."

Ah, shit.

There go my plans to hang with my friend tonight.

Jasper—never one to pass up a free high—stands up and reaches for his pants.

"Edward?" Emmett arches a brow.

"No." I shake my head firmly.

"Think of all the free booze," he coaxes.

I do think of the free booze for about half a second. Hell, if I were back to being a twenty-one-year-old college student, I'd be all for a late night binge the night before work. Waking up still drunk from the night before and barely managing to make it in for my shift.

Back when my job was a cashier at a jiffy.

Back when I could ace a test without even thinking about it.

Back when things were simple.

At thirty-one, my well-used liver and body enjoy a quiet night with video games and maybe a beer or two. I'm an adult now.

Sometimes it sucks, but that's just how it is.

Jasper picks up his little pot tin, puts it in his back pocket, and places his extinguished joint behind his ear.

"I'm not going alone. Let's go."

It's two against one.

I guess I'm going to a sorority party.