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Chapter 12:

The Witch is back

Freya smirked villainously as the wickedly sharp water blade lunged for Merlin's back, aiming at his heart, when it suddenly was blasted into pieces shocking Merlin. There he saw Morgana with a fireball in her hand glaring at them both.

"Morgana?! What-" Merlin started to say but her eyes glowed gold and sent Freya flying out of reach into the river "MORGANA!" Merlin shouted and tried to lunge to Freya but Morgana grabbed onto his shoulders and forcibly dragged him out. "What has gotten into you?!" He asked and looked into her eyes, fearing she had returned to her evil ways, but her eyes seemed almost … protective. "That is not Freya" she said as the woman herself rose from the water and glared up at them with a devilish smirk which quickly changed to a hurt and scared form.

"Oh Merlin, can't you see her wickedness … she nearly killed me!" Freya said but Morgana threw another fireball making Freya jump in fear "you're not going anywhere near him!" She cried as Merlin got in the way "Stop! Please! I trusted you" he said making Morgana look right at him pleadingly "then please trust me" she bagged.

Merlin was at a loss, his heart was conflicted, he did trust Morgana but … this was the love of his life, and even worse was he saw Morgana wasn't lying. "That's not Freya" she repeated to him softly as Merlin's face fell. As if on cue, 'Freya' started laughing and glared at them with a smirk.

"Oh … I am Freya, or at least in what's left of her" the possessed Freya said making Merlin look on with horror making the woman laugh again "oh she fought … for months she resisted but in the end i took her power as my own as the new Lady of the Lake, but poor little Freya … she kept saying you would save her, and here you are too late" she said as Merlin's eyes swelled with tears and felt his heart start to crumble falling to his knees "I … I lost her … again" he sobbed but then Morgana got between them.

"Emrys …. Go, i can handle her" she said as Merlin looked up at his friend "Morgana …" he said before she turned to him and smirked "you'd end up hating yourself if you fought her, go … you're needed more up there" she said nodding up to the city as Merlin, reluctantly, nodded and jumped up landing on Kilgharrah as they flew up.

"NO!" Faux Freya cried as she tried to send three water daggers at the warlock but Morgana shot fireballs at them and glared at her "so before I kick your arse, I'd like to know: who are you really?" She asked as the woman glared daggers at Morgana and changed her form: taller, a fuller face and her hair was thick brown with some braided along the sides with a tattered red dress.

"Who am i? Lady Morgana i am insulted you do not know … but your father, Uther, most likely kept you in ignorance" she said fanning Morgana's rage and chuckled "I am Nimueh, High Priestess of the Old Religion and now the new Lady of the Lake" she said making Morgana look on with shock "no … but you're dead! Morgause told me" she said making Nimueh scowl "yes … thanks to Merlin! And he killed you as well I heard … yet you fight by his side, why?" She asked as Morgana frowned, not because of her question, but that she had the nerve to compare them to each other.

"Because …" she said before gritting her teeth and clenched her fists, glaring at the witch with pure hate "because this is what i truly want!" She said before raising her left fist which had lit ablaze and slashed the air sending a wave of fire at Nimueh who countered with a water slice that met in mid air.

/ / / / / / / / / /

Midnight hesitated, and for good reason. Not only was he outnumbered but, other than Jellal and Erza, his former guild members were there too on the same side "well … i never thought the day would arrive you all would betray father" he said with an unemotional scowl.

"He doesn't care about any of us!" Erik said, trying to get him to see reason. He knew that of all the members of the Oración Sies, Midnight trusted him the most due to his hearing. Unfortunately, Midnight's stubbornness to make his 'father,' proud of him was blocking any reason being shown.

"Maybe not about you" Midnight said with a bored scowl "but he still cares about me, I'm the strongest of the Sies!" He said before extending his hand out and shot air blasts via his magic; Reflect. The other four dodged out of the way just as Erza and Jellal ran over to try to help. However all of them were in shock when the whole area was covered in dark shadows.

"what's going on?" Jellal asked as Erza gripped her sword to ready herself for a fight and then heard an explosion nearby and the two ran to where they heard it coming from just as the shadows cleared and gasped in shock. Midnight was fighting the other four members of the Seis. However there was a fifth person there aiding the fight that made Erza tear up and Jellal feel a pain in his head and a memory resurfaced.

"Simon?" Erza asked weakly but the wizard in question was concerned with the fight. However his expression did soften "you two are late" he said and both Erza and Jellal swore they saw a smirk under that steel jaw of his "Simon …" Jellal said trying to find the words but Simon just cut him off "we'll talk later, for now there is this matter to deal with" he said glaring at Midnight who glared back with a bored expression and stepped to the side so he faced all the opponents "let me show you why i am father's favorite"

/ / / / / / / / / / / /

Merlin flew on Kilgharrah and circled around the base of the city and even tried to destroy one of the legs only to see it was slowly regenerating itself "damn … this is going to be tricky, let's get up into the city to see what we can do from there" he said as Kilgharrah did so and rose up before seeing the ruined city. Merlin looked around in worry, feeling the magic from the Nirvana device and gazed at the tallest tower to see magic circles, and at the center was Brain "you're mine …" Merlin said in slight anger as Kilgharrah dove downwards and Merlin jumped off, landing on the top of the tower and stood across from the leader of the Oración Sies.

"Ah, Master Merlin of Triple Goddess" Brain smuggly said with a smirk "you are a mystery, you know that? Luckily i brought someone who knows it … Emrys" Brain said, making Merlin slightly shocked but then his face relaxed to a stern gaze and his posture became just as stern. "Yes … I know your true name. Imagine my surprise when I found the God of Magic himself came to fight me" Brain said, which instantly made Merlin look blankly at him.

"God of Magic? Boy didn't you miss the mark by a continent" he said but Brain simply chuckled "you do not know? Oh that is hilarious! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Brain cackled, throwing his head backwards "i fight magic himself and you think you only a mere mortal?!" Brain said bringing his head down with a smirk and held his staff, pointing it at Merlin who did the same with his "come then … show me your power, Emrys"

/ / / / / / / / / /

Both Morgana and Nimueh were locked in a battle that was causing pure destruction all over. Morgana would throw fire and summon bolts of lightning at her opponent and the river but the fire would be dodged out of the way setting the forest ablaze, the lightning would affect Nimueh a bit when struck but not enough to do any real damage.

Nimueh's attacks weren't any better; though her water could slice through trees and form icicles at the end of water tentacles to stab at Morgana, she wasn't getting a hit in either and both were getting annoyed. "We're going to end up doing this all night!" Nimueh cried with gritted teeth which only got Morgana laughing from behind one of the cut trees.

"Getting tired?" She mocked then dodged out of the way from a water slice that destroyed her hiding place. Nimueh glared at Morgana with a smirk as she sent another one at her which kept missing due to Morgana using a combo of dodging and blocking with lighting her hands on fire if they came too close, the result was instant steam. The good news was that caused the water tentacles to stop, the bad news was there was so much steam that Morgana could barely see the water witch.

"You're more of a fool than you believe" Nimueh said as she shot water whip after water whip, cutting through tree after tree near Morgana who barely got out of the way in time "you think he or your brother will truly accept you?! You have more blood on your hands than I do" she said as Morgana, who was starting to get angry, shot a fireball at the fog but missed. "I made my mistakes … but I'm atoning for them now .. you can t-" she said, but was instantly cut off as a water whip managed to grab her by the neck and lift her off the ground barely able to breathe.

Nimueh made the steaming fog dissipate and swaggared over to her opponent with a smirk "no matter what you say or do .." she said willing the water to climb up Morgana's face "you'll only be seen as an evil witch" Nimueh said, satisfied to see Morgana's struggling was being weaker and clenched her fist to make the water cover the woman's head fully "consider this a mercy" she said but then something happened she didn't expect.

Morgana smiled.

Not an evil smile, but a genuine smile. Inside that dome of water, unable to breathe, Morgana was looking at Nimueh and smiling. She didn't know why at first but then she noticed some rustling behind ger and turned to see a rather large egg. On the banks of the river "an … egg .. why would-" she said before turning to Morgana who was trying to yell something and dropped the water making Morgana cough for air "what?!" Nimueh comanded but then a loud shout of 'AITHUSA!' came from Morgana as a blinding light emerged from the egg blinding the water witch causibg her to drop Morgana to put her arms in front of her to shield her eyes.

When it died down, Nimueh looked in shock at Morgana who was standing there, panting with her outfit soaked, glaring at Nimueh. Behind her was a beautiful, healthy, opal white dragon about double the size of Morgana and glaring as well. "A witch, huh?" She said before igniting her hands in flame and stood with the grace of royaly with her hands extended out to her sides.

"Then so be it, to my families enimies …. The witch is back!" She cried out as Aithusa breathed a powerful stream of dragon fire down on Nimueh only hearing screams of pain. As the fire died, the river had a crater in it of burnt crystal which incased Nimueh who had an image if fear etched in her face but then started to vanish in a steam which seeped out of the cracks of the crystal structure and floated away.

Satisfied, Morgana looked back to the dragon who looked at her with pride and shrunk to the size of a large dog and the two old friends tearly embraced each other.

/ / / / / / / / /

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