Chapter 13: The Final Pillars

Morgana chuckled as Aithusa snuggled against her as the two looked on at where Nimueh was, instantly that smile vanished. Merlin's request to redeem the dark wizards felt hollow now that Nimueh was gone. "Come on, we best get up there" Morgana said looking up at the still moving Nirvana but then froze hearing a pained moan from nearby.

Looking down, she saw a body in the shallow river on the side which made Morgana run over to inspect it. She was shocked to see Freya, not Nimueh, laying there. At first she thought it was Nimueh in disguise again, but Aithusa didn't sense any evil so Morgana believed it to be Merlin's beloved. "C'mon … it's ok" she softly said as both witch and dragon got Freya out of the river and onto the ground.

Slowly, Freya started to wake and saw Morgana "th-thank you" she weakly said, Morgana shook her head with a smile at this "you can thank me by living" she said "the way i saw Emrys when he saw you, even if it was fake, he needs that happiness"

Hearing this, Freya gazed at Morgana in understanding "you care for him" she said making Morgana blush "w-what? i- well yes- i mean … I'm grateful to him but-" "it's ok" Freya said, interrupting Morgana's rambling with a kind smile "it's understandable" she said then looked up at the moving city "but right now we need to help" she said then Morgana got an idea "come on, we got some people to find" she said and, after making sure Freya was up to it, ran off with her and Aithusa following.

/ / / / / / / / /

Brain thrusted his staff forward, shooting a Dark Rondo blast towards Merlin who, instead of back-handing it like before, rolled to the side but then saw another one shoot right at him. Before he could do anything, a large slab of earth shot up from the ground to take the blast.

"Iron Rock Wall" Jura cried as he came up next to Merlin and faced Brain "are you injured?" He asked. Merlin just smirked and got up "no, just annoyed … is everyone okay?" He asked but Jura still kept his eyes on Brain. "As far as I am aware, but I ran into Wendy and Carla … they said Nirvana is heading right for their guild" Jura said shocking Merlin "what?! But why-"

"SILENCE!" Brain shouted and pointed his staff at Jura "you should not have interfered, Wizard Saint … a battle of gods-" Brain said but then his eyes bulged out and grabbed his throat loosely, unable to speak. He understood how when he saw the glow of Merlin's golden irises, Emrys had silenced his voice!

"I was talking" Merlin said, scolding Brain like a child before looking back at Jura who risked a glance at the sorcerer in amazement 'Without muttering a single word? How powerful is he?' Jura thought as Merlin just sighed in irritation "now then, as i was saying: why would it be going there?" He asked, making Jura have an exaggerated sweat drop at the back of his head "i … do not know. There are many guilds between here and Caitshelter … i actually came here to integrate Brain but-" he said before both looked over as Brain was shouting to the top of his lungs every spell he knew but no sound emerged "you could have done that at any time?" Jura asked off handed while Merlin grimaced "it only lasts a few minutes sadly" he muttered.

Just as Merlin said this, Brain choked out his voice and went into a coughing fit and fell to his knees before glaring up with murderous intent in his eyes. "I. Will. Kill. You. For. That" he said through gritted teeth.

"Well good luck with that" Merlin quipped, just standing there almost bored as he and Jura faced off against Brain.

/ / / / / / / / / / /

Midnight quickly dodged and reflected the attacks of his former guildmates and blasted Jellal with his Reflect wave attack.

Naturally he would focus on him more as he used Erza's armor against her and even clamped Simon's jaw to cover his face to cover it up. Seeing this, Erza quickly ran to her resurrected friend and tried to help. "Simon … you trust me, right?" Erza asked tenderly as the Darkness wizard nodded once.

In that instant, Erza Requipped a blade in her hand and cut Simon's iron covered jaw with a single slice.

The sight almost made her stagger, below Simon's jaw was a long thin scar from his missing chin to the underside of his earlobes. "Oh Simon …" she said almost tearing up considering she hadn't seen the injury in years, but the muscular wizard just grunted, getting up and gingerly rubbed his scar, looking at her. "Later … I promise"

Erza softened at that but was interrupted by Midnight. "Aww … isn't that sweet?" He said as both looked over to see Jellal on the ground, in pain, with Midnight's boot on his head. "And here i thought you loved this monster" he said as Erza snarled but Simon held her back, much to her confusion.

As he got up, Simon glared at Midnight, removing the last shards of metal from his face and remained stoic "we've all suffered, every one of us here" he said, making Midnight glare slightly. "Including Jellal, but like you, like me, like all of us … we can move on" he said lowering his shoulders "let the pain go, please"

Midnight glared through clenched teeth and put more pressure on his foot "WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?" He snarled before moving an arm back and sliced forward, sending a wave of energy towards Simon who wasn't moving.

It was as if things moved in slow motion as Jellal obtained a memory, a horrible memory 'YOU KILLED SIMON!' Jellal heard Erza's pained words before glaring up at Midnight and grabbed his leg with a yell.

It wasn't much but it knocked off Midnight's concentration and his attack just barely missed, shocking everyone, especially Simon "Jellal?" He asked in disbelief as he saw the blue-haired wizard flip Midnight down to the ground and started punching his face in rage. "NO! NO! NEVER! NEVER! AGAIN!" Jellal cried with every punch with tears in his eyes.

Before he could strike another blow, Erza caught his arm to stop him as Jellal finally burst into remorseful sobs and dragged off Midnight who only laid there with tears in his own eyes. "Father … father please … forgive me" he sobbed as he looked up at the night sky. 'My prayer …' he thought as he remembered his time in the Tower of Heaven, with the slave revolts outside, the noise and the horror, the screams. 'My prayer was just to find a quiet place to sleep' he recited as his world went black, but not before seeing Erik look at him softly. "We hear you"

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

"So you can read minds?!"

"Oh! Oh! Try me! Try me!"

"It ain't a party trick!"

"Oh Erik, wouldn't you be interested if you were them?"

Macbeth moaned softly as he finally came to and heard the commotion, what he saw almost made him laugh.

Erik had his back to him and was facing the two Dragon Slayers and the blue cat, all three hat stars in their eyes looking giddy. Glancing around he saw everyone else seemed interested as well, even Jellal through all his brooding.

"Ugg, fine" Erik said before being silent for a second but then started laughing "ok, ok i never heard that one before! Ha-Ha-Ha!" He said as the pink haired Dragon Slayer laughed too. "I know, right? It slays" he said before the cat said he wanted in on the joke too but the pink one just said he'd say when the cat was older, same with the blue one 'Wendy' he recalled.

"Natsu, i thought you'd be more mature" Erza chided but seemed half hearted as though she were used to it. "You give him waaay too much faith" a blonde girl said, who strangely enough had a matching outfit as the pink haired guy, Natsu.

"Oh, Erik is the same way" Sorano said with a slight chuckle to which Erik spun to face her "what are you trying to say?!" He said as a purpled haired woman giggled while covering her mouth. "Well you can get pretty childish" she said which made Erik blush slightly and the giggle erupted into a full blown laugh which caused Erik's demeanor melted at the sound.

Macbeth didn't know why, but at the sight of all this he felt … safe. As though his fears seemed to melt, like when he heard the old man say his name.

"Well, look who's awake"

Macbeth tensed at the voice and saw who it was that said it; the muscular man from before, Simon.

In an instant, Macbeth tried to get up but the man gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Take it easy … unfortunately for you, Jellal knew how to throw a punch" he said as both of them looked to the wizard in question who was with Erza, his red puffy eyes looked away and his cheeks were stained with tear streaks.

"M-Mr. Macbeth?" Wendy said next to him, which drew Macbeth back to his surroundings and saw everyone was looking at him. "I hope you're alright, i tried healing what i could but my magic power isn't that strong to handle so many injured people at once. I'm so sorry" Wendy said nervously which Macbeth couldn't help but smile at.

"It … It's fine, nothing i can't walk off" he said offhandedly but in that instant, Erik sat down next to him "you ain't walkin' off anything, i can hear you … so you're gonna get on that carpet of yours till we get you into a bed to rest" he said which startled the emo wizard. Since when was Erik this … brotherly?!

"Erik is right, it's almost over and Merlin is fighting Brain, Oh Yeah!" Richard said with Wally chuckling next to him.

Hearing this, Macbeth relaxed slightly, if the others were turning away from him … wait- "Father- Brain- he's all that's left?!" Macbeth said in urgency and when everyone nodded with a smile, Macbeth paled "we need to help now- AH!" He said trying to get up but his ribs felt like they were broken, or bruised most likely but still.

"Woah woah, calm down" Shou said, still looking tense because of Jellal but was obviously concerned. "Master Merlin can take him, and we're gonna make sure you won't be-" "you don't understand!" Macbeth interrupted with a look of pure fear "the Oración Sies, the six demons, six prayers … if they all fall then that means …" he said before a bright light came from the King's summit and a surge of magic energy was felt.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /

Bain shot blast after blast but staggered slightly as another one of the tattoos on his face vanished. 'No … it's only me left?!' He thought as he faced his opponents in slight fear, not because he was outnumbered but because he was running out of time, and if he fell as well …

"Is it me, or did i just see one of his tattoos disappear?" Merlin asked as Jura, still looking stern, slightly swear dropped "is now really the best time for that?" He asked but was cut off by Brain starting to ramble.

"No … no no no … it cannot be … I must not fall … i cannot … if he gets loose …" he said looking at the confused Jura and Merlin before his sights landed solely on the warlock. "Well then … it appears I have no choice … DARK RONDO!" Brain cried out as he pointed his staff-

At himself.

"Fool!" Merlin said running to try to help as he saw Brain fall to the ground but had a morbid grin on his face, a sight that actually made Merlin pause.

"You … left … me … no … choice" Brain muttered as he finally landed on his back.

Looking down at him, Merlin only shook his head "now we'll never know why he was going after Wendy's guild" Merlin said but Jura shook his head "with him down, the city is no longer moving, it doesn't matter any-" he said but then was knocked backwards by an explosion falling off the structure. "JURA!" Merlin cried looking over to see the Wizard Saint was out as he fell and commanded Kilgharrah to go after him.

Turning to face the attacker, Merlin was surprised to see Brain in a bright light, though he looked completely different. His once tattooed tan skin was now clear and pale, the whites in his eyes were now blood red and had a sadistic smile on his face, his clothes devolved into something like a military officer's uniform.

"Oh what fresh new Hell is this?" Merlin said in exasperation.

/ / / / / / / / / / /

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