From Shinobi God to Student

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Dragon/Fullpower God/Demon Thoughts

Dragon/Fullpower God/Demon Talking

[Jutsus, Techniques, and Spells]

Chapter 1 - Rebirth

He laid on the ground defeated. With his plans foiled, and the tailed beast stripped from his body his life was finally coming to an end. All those years of planning and preparation made inconsequential by a naive blonde who reminded him of his ex-friend Hashirama, whom stood beside his dying form. The power he gained, violently stripped away, leaving the once godly Madara Uchiha a shell of his former self.

"Hashirama..." Madara managed to wheeze out.

He'd finally reached the end of his days. The man that has changed the world now lay, barely awake. He is fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it.

The man, who once proclaimed himself as a God, was betrayed by, what he thought, was his own creation.

Blood covered his bare torso, especially were Black Zetsu betrayed him.

"We both have things we wanted badly…but never seemed to achieve," he wheezed out as he stared into the night sky. His body was painless, numb, oblivious to the world around him.

"No one said it was easy," the man beside him said while hitting his chest with a fist. "There's a limit to how much we can do when we're alive…that is why we leave our legacies to the next generation…so they can accomplish what we could not."

With great effort, Madara turned his head to face his former friend. "You are…still…so naïve," he said as he lightly chuckled despite his condition. "Well…you always were…the optimistic one." He looked back to the open sky as if trying to look at himself. "Maybe…I should have gone that way too…" He glanced at his descendant, Uchiha Sasuke, before looking back to Hashirama. "My dream…is coming…to an end. But yours…hasn't yet."

Hashirama looked down to his friend in sadness. "…You were in too much of a hurry. It was fine even if our dreams did not come true in our lifetime." He paused to look Madara in the eyes. "The most important thing was to make sure we brought up a generation that would help us fulfill it."

Letting a small smile adorn his face, Madara weakly spoke, "…Then it might have been impossible for me from the start." He looked back to the times he was in Konoha. He remembered fighting for his brothers amidst the height of the clan wars. "I hated having…someone…follow me from…behind."

Hashirama gave Madara a kind smile. "Remember back when we were children…you once said, 'Ninjas never know when they die.'…and if there were ever a way to achieve immortality, that we'd share it no matter what…we'd have to exchange our cups and become brothers." He sighed as he sat closer to his fallen friend. "But we're both dead now. So…the only thing we can do now is to exchange our cups as comrades."

Madara closed his eyes in thought. There was a saying that men revealed their true colors upon death. Whether it was heroes that became cowards or villains that became heroes. "…" He let an unnoticeable smile adorn his face. "Comrades…huh…well. If…that's…how…it…is…I…won't…"

"It's time for me to send them back," Hagoromo said.

Madara felt parts of his body being torn off him.

"We have to go now..." He opened his eyes and looked at Hashirama who was also disintegrating.

"Good luck."

Madara could not find the strength to speak his final words. He felt the final barrier blocking his way to oblivion lift and he let the darkness embrace him at last.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Two young teens made their way towards a fountain, the first teen was a young beautiful girl with long raven black hair and purple eyes wearing a pink dress. The second teen was a young man with spiky brown hair and brown eyes. They were Amano Yuuma a.k.a. Raynare and the young man was Hyoudou Issei the current holder of Ddraig the Red Dragon Emperor.

"Ise-kun I really enjoyed our date tonight~," Yuuma spoke in a cheerful tone, while Issei scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "A-Ah... No problem Yuuma-chan..."

Issei didn't notice it but Yuuma/Raynare gained a slightly sinister glint as she guided him closer to the fountain. "There's something that I want to do to celebrate our first date. Can you listen to my wish?" She asked in an ever so innocent voice.

Issei nodded dumbly not even paying attention to her subtle change in demeanor. "Of course, I will Yuuma-chan! So, what's this wish of yours?"

"Will you die for me." She asked with an innocent look on her face. Issei was taken back for a second before cleaning out his ear. "I'm sorry Yuuma-chan can you please repeat that again? I could've sworn you said, 'will you die for me'?"

Yuuma rather Raynare gave a sinister smirk. "You heard correct Ise-kun. So, will you please die for me." She said as her body began to morph growing more mature. Her hips, breasts, and butt all increased in size. Black, strap-like objects leather shoulder pads around and under her breasts replaced her pink dress. A thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that run right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.


Raynare gave a sinister smirk before forming a purple spear of light. "What does it look like I'm doing Ise-kun, I'm fulfilling my little wish. I'm going to kill you!" She yelled hysterically, Issei felt to the ground as he began to crawl backward away from Raynare who advanced slowly, as her sinister grin grew by the second.

Issei felt a burning sensation in his stomach, glancing down the purple spear Raynare had once held was embedded in the brunettes' stomach. And it quickly vanished from site leaving a gaping wound in the pervert stomach as he dropped to the ground. The blood poured freely out of Issei as that sadistic bitch sat there smirking at him while he slowly bled to death.

"W-Whh...W...Why?" Issei gurgled out.

Raynare sat there in front of Issei as her eyes held nothing but cruelty in them. "I was under orders to eliminate you before you became a threat. So, you really shouldn't blame me. You should be blaming him because he's the one who gave you your Sacred Gear." And with that Raynare took flight leaving the boy to bleed to death.

Issei laid there his consciousness was fading, he could feel the darkness gripping him trying to pull him into its embrace. He didn't want to die especially a virgin, but he couldn't help but think about his friends; Matsuda and Motohama will they mourn his loss. No way none of them will. Will his mother and father...

As he couldn't help but think about Rias Gremory, as he brought his hand which was covered in blood up to his face. Her hair was darker than any shade of red he had ever seen before, similar to the color running down his hand. Long beautiful crimson red hair, just like the color of his blood.

'I d...don't wa...want to di...die...' With the last of his strength, Issei thought. The paper slip he had received from this strange woman who was cosplaying as a monster girl. The paper slip floated above him before turning into a strange red ethereal circle. Out of the circle appeared Rias Gremory in all her glory.

"So, you're the one who summoned me?"

"Since death is upon you, I will gladly take you in. From this moment forward you will live your life for my sake." Rias stated as Issei's consciousness finally faded.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

The sound of a cute tsundere yelling off of a strange digital alarm clock caused the young man in the bed next to the nightstand with the alarm clock to stir. A slight groan could be heard from the young man before his fist came down on the alarm clock shattering it into bits. Throwing the covers off himself the young man dragged himself out of bed before sitting on the edge.

'What's going on? Surely, I should be dead, so why am I alive again?' The young man thought to himself before noticing a mirror across the room. Standing up and making his way towards the mirror and what the young man saw startled him. The face staring back at him was undoubtedly that of Hyoudou Issei, one of the Perverted Trio. With the added addition of spiky black hair which had a slight blue tint to it and his eyes were black in color. Instead of the usual brown hair and eyes?

Breathing slowly, "Issei" tried to get a grip on himself.

He had two sets of memories rushing at him fast, one of which was the incident last night with his girlfriend or rather ex-girlfriend Yuuma. Although the other memories were that of the legendary Madara Uchiha and the Ghost of Uchiha.

'This makes no sense. The last thing I remember was talking to Hashirama, and then I wake up here in a strange place.' Madara thought to himself in absolute confusion. He looked around the room and noticed a large amount of pornographic material as well as pictures of naked women. Scowling at this Madara couldn't help but internally growl. 'Is this some kind of joke, is this my punishment for all of the trouble I caused in the elemental nations?' Madara thought to himself.

Then a voice caught Madara's attention. "Ise! Ise are you up you have school today!" A female voice called out to him. Madara was unsure of whether to respond or not, but it appears that he was now trapped in this body and unable to move on to the pure land. 'I might as well play along until I can figure out what the hell I'm going to do?' Madara thought.

Taking a deep breath Madara mimicked Issei's voice while channeling his chakra to his vocal cords. "I'll be right down Kaa-san." Madara/Issei responded. Perhaps this boy's body would be useful after all, as he can easily draw from the boy's memories, although there was a powerful presence coming from his right hand. 'I'll have to figure that out later.' Madara thought as he decided to get ready for the day and go to this so-called school.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

It was a rather awkward morning for Madara as it had been a lifetime since he had ever eaten a meal with his parents. So, it was awkwardly quiet or rather painfully quiet, as the boy's parents continuously asking him questions on why he changed his hair and eye color? He simply came up with a lie stating that he wanted to try something new, and these two idiots bought it.

'I don't sense any chakra at all in the area. Although I do sense several powerful chakra signatures a great distance away from me.' Madara glanced off into the distance before he continued on his way to this Kuoh Academy.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

It was a quiet day in Kuoh Academy until a pair of shrill slightly masculine voices cried out. "WHHHAT!?"

Both a young man with a shaved hair and wearing a Kuoh Academy uniform with an unbuttoned blazer and a young man wearing square shaped glasses with wild brown hair and wearing a Kuoh Academy uniform.

Matsuda and Motohama both looked deathly pale, as they were staring at "Issei" who was looking at them with a bored expression. "Come on man there's gotta be something wrong with you come on let's just go, peep at the Kendo Club! You'll feel better after I promise you!" The bald teen exclaimed.

"Yeah! You're just feeling a little under the weather!" Motohama said while reaching for "Issei" who slapped his hand away.

"I told you already. I'm not interested in peeping on the Kendo Club any longer. I've allowed you both to drag me through the mud for far too long and I will not stand for it any longer." Madara/Issei said calmly before turning around and making his way up the staircase walking past Rias Gremory who had a look of confusion on her face. Wasn't Issei supposed to be the biggest pervert in the Academy? 'How odd?' Rias thought as she watched Issei slowly walk away.

"Did you just hear that?"

"Yeah, I did, you don't think, Hyoudou might be finally turning over a new leaf?"

"No, it's impossible he's a pervert through and through he's probably just trying to get us to let our guard down."

"Yeah I know but the black hair and black eyes that's a new look for him. And I think he looks kinda hot~!"

"You can't be seriously falling for him!"

Madara/Issei came to a full stop as he released a sigh of frustration. Turning around as his black eyes focused on the group of girls who were just talking about him. "I'll say it one more time, and the lot of you better listen," Madara said calmly. "I have no interest in peeping on any of you any longer. And if you'll excuse me, I would like to get through this day and go home." Madara said coldly as some of the girls shivered at the look in his eyes. With that said Madara turned around and continued walking to his class.

"Maybe something is wrong with him I've never seen him like this..."

The pink haired girl could only look at her friend. "Murayama what's wrong?"

Murayama gripped her arm tightly. "Katase that's not Issei that's not my... I know he was a pervert and he got on our nerves, but we used to be such good friends. And that's not him something happened to him, something bad happened to change him..."

Rias glanced at the two girls as she couldn't help but frown. Was it a mistake allowing that Fallen Angel to kill him, she noticed a slight change in him after healing him last night, but she didn't think much of it. 'I wonder...' The heiress of the Gremory household thought.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

On his way home Madara decided to backtrack to the place where "Issei" was killed by that winged woman. He made his way towards the fountain as he came to a full stop. "This is where that woman Yuuma I believe killed Hyoudou?" Madara thought aloud.

However, what caught his attention was feathers falling from the sky, as a strange distortion covered the entire area. Turning around Madara came face-to-face with the culprit. A middle-aged-looking man with short black hair and dark blue eyes wearing a pale gray trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora. "Well, this really is unfortunate for you that is." The man said while he began to walk towards Madara who stood his ground while observing the man.

"And who are you?" The man gritted his teeth before smirking. "Why should I waste my time telling you when you're only going to die. So, I can only assume that you're a stray?" The man said while raising his hand as a blue ethereal spear formed.

Madara seemed unimpressed. "So, you wish to dance with me." The man wearing the trench coat came to a full stop as he had a look of disgust on his face. "No, I don't want to dance with you boy I'm just here to kill you!" The man roared as he threw the spear at Madara who effortlessly dodged it.

"You're going to have to try a lot harder than that if you want to hit me. But by all means, keep trying?" Madara gave a cocky response as he allowed a smirk to appear on his face. "You know what I was going to go easy on you brat! But not anymore I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully!" The winged man yelled hysterically before throwing another spear at Madara.

Madara scowled as he once again dodged the spear without any effort. "Is this all you really can do is just stand back and throw spears at people? Because if that's all you can do then you have no hope of defeating me."

The winged man seemed to be fuming, his anger had finally reached a boiling point as he charged in blindly holding another spear of light. "I WILL KILL YOU!" The man roared.

However faster than the winged man could react to Madara vanished from sight, and almost instantaneously the winged man was sent flying into the fountain causing a small explosion of dust and water. Groaning in pain the fedora-wearing man pushed himself up into a sitting position only for Madara to blur into existence in front of him delivering an earth-shattering punch to his face.

"How disappointing! I thought I would get a decent dance out of you. But it seems you are nothing more than a weakly."

Madara pulled the Fallen Angel to his feet, before knocking the man's light spear out of his hand with a single chop. The former Angel through a sloppy punch which Madara gracefully pushed it out of the way, before backhanding the man across the face. Quickly spinning around Madara delivered a powerful kick to not only the man's stomach but also his face. Quickly delivering a powerful jab to the Fedora wearing man's stomach causing him to hunch forward. Madara didn't stop there as he delivered a quick punch to the man's face then delivering a chop to the man's neck causing him to hack up blood.

The Fallen Angel growled before throwing a punch which Madara quickly grabbed and twisted his arm in a painful way before delivering a chop to the man's stomach. Quickly and gracefully Madara elbowed the man in his kidneys causing the man to cry in pain. Madara then delivered a quick jab to the man's stomach then to his ribs, the last hit was so strong that it caused a shockwave demolishing what was left of the fountain and sent the man tumbling across the ground.

Madara stood there as calm as a cucumber as he slowly advancing towards the downed Fallen Angel. After coming to a stop, the ghost of the Uchiha leaned forward before grabbing the man by the neck lifting him off the ground. "Now you're going to tell me who you are and where this Yuuma woman is. Am I clear." Madara declared as his Sharingan flared to life.

"F...Fin...e..." The man groaned out in pain.

"Good now start talking."

"M...My name is Do...Dohnaseek..."

Madara nodded as he waited for Dohnaseek to continue. "And we're here under orders of...Kokabiel..." The Fallen Angel said causing Madara to raise an eyebrow.

"And why would he send you here after me?"

"You're too dangerous... And you possess a powerful Sacred Gear you could be a potential threat to us, so we were sent here to eliminate you..."

Madara hummed softly as a smirk appeared on his face. 'Too dangerous am I... They do not know me as Madara Uchiha but rather this boy Issei. They're in for a rude awakening when they see what happens when you make an enemy out of Madara Uchiha.' Madara thought gleefully.

Taking advantage of Madara's slightly distracted state Dohnaseek tried to stab Madara with a dagger of light. However, Madara easily caught the dagger and ignored the burning sensation from the light-based weapon. "Thank you for the information. However, you are a fool to think you can defeat me. So now I think it's time I get rid of you."

The scene pans out as a petite girl with white hair and hazel eyes, watched on with a mixture of awe and terror as she watched "Issei" incinerate the Fallen Angel with flames that rivaled that of Tannin the former Dragon King. 'Something's wrong with him he's far too powerful. And he has chakra and lots of it, far more than Nee-sama ever had.' The small girl thought as she attempted to flee, only for someone to grab her from behind.

Turning her head around she saw "Issei" holding her by the back of her shirt as he stared at her with a look of boredom. "You're horrible at stealth little girl. You may think you can conceal your presence, but I can since you clearly. Now tell me why are you following me around and how is it possible that you have chakra?" Madara questioned as the little girl could only stare at him with a look of fear this wasn't the same pervert from Kuoh Academy. Oh no, this was a monster in every sense of the word.

"I'm waiting?"

"Come by the occult research club tomorrow you'll get your answer's there. I promise you that Issei Hyoudou." The petite girl said well rather begged. Madara raised an eyebrow. 'Hmmm... I guess I can let her go for now if what she says is true, I should be able to get my answers tomorrow.' Madara thought as he dropped the little girl as she felt to her butt.

"Very well I shall meet you tomorrow at this occult research club. But if you're lying to me, and my questions aren't answered I will end you like I ended that pathetic excuse of a bird Dohnaseek. Am I understood." Madara said while releasing a fraction of his killer intent. The white-haired girl could only nod fearfully before she ran off.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Koneko appeared in the middle of the occult research club, she was shivering her encounter with Issei had left her frightened. Akeno a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair was tied in a long ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs. Quickly made her way over to the petite girl with a look of concern on her face.

"Koneko are you okay?"

Koneko shook her head negatively. "No, we have a problem where is Buchou." The petite girl demanded surprising Akeno.

"What's the matter Koneko?" The voice of Rias came from behind the petite girl who turned around and flew into her Kings arms hugging her tightly. "What's the matter with Koneko Buchou?" A slightly masculine voice called out which belonged to a handsome young man with short blond hair, blue eyes and a mole underneath his left eye.

"I don't know Kiba?" Rias replied as she was starting to get worried. "Koneko what's wrong tell me?"

"It's the pervert... Issei..."

This caused everyone in the room to raise an eyebrow, Rias was starting to get a bad feeling about her new pawn. "What about Issei?"

"He completely overpowered and annihilated a Fallen Angel on his own. He fought with the skill of a High-Class Devil at the very least, and he didn't even seem to be trying. I don't know what you did to him Buchou, but he's coming here tomorrow for answers and I suggest you don't hide anything from him. As he terrifies me..." Koneko whimpered.

Akeno looked at Rias with a look of concern. "If that's the case, then we should find him now rather than wait until tomorrow. Because what if he belongs to another faction, and the other faction declares war on us because we reincarnated one of their own? This could be serious Rias."

"I agree with Akeno Buchou we need to find Issei immediately," Kiba advised.

Rias gently rubbed Koneko's back. "Very well I'll go find him and bring him here," Rias said before letting go of her Rook and vanishing into a teleportation magic circle.

Kiba looked at Koneko he could hear her mumbling something. "Chakra... Chakra..."

'Chakra?' Both Akeno and Kiba thought in unison.

The End


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