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Dragon/Fullpower God/Demon Thoughts

Dragon/Fullpower God/Demon Talking

[Jutsus, Techniques, and Spells]

Chapter 8 – An Offer Pawn and Dreams of Kyoto in Danger?

Madara for his part was wordlessly following Tiamat, after his dishonorable victory against Riser and his peerage. Tiamat had claimed that three out of the four Satan's wished to speak with him. When he asked what they wanted Tiamat said she honestly didn't know. Madara could tell that Tiamat was being honest plus she seemed a little overjoyed at the way he treated that spoiled brat's peerage.

Madara took this time to honestly think about how his life had gone since he had entered into this world. He would honestly admit that this life was more peaceful than his previous one by leaps and bounds. While being inside the body of Issei had begun to change him for better or worse he did not know. One thing he did know was he refused to be a pervert, that's the last thing he wanted to be on his legacy.

"Madara-kun? Is everything alright you've been awfully quiet?" Tiamat asked softly. While she absolutely despises Ddriag, she had come to genuinely enjoy Madara's company especially the warmth his body provided at nighttime.

"I'm just thinking Tiamat. This whole new world is still strange to me. I have been conditioned to always look over my shoulder and always expect an attack from the shadows. I guess I'm a little paranoid, I'm not really use to this peaceful life that I've been living so far. Perhaps I should put this whole finding world peace thing on the back burner for now and focus on the here and now." Madara said surprising Tiamat slightly before she nodded.

"So, you haven't completely given up on creating world peace. Perhaps it's best if you don't try to achieve it right from the get-go, enjoy your new lease on life for now and focus on peace later. Plus, you have a soulmate out there that should be your main priority right now." Tiamat said, almost wishing she was that soulmate.

Madara grumbled under his breath, why was everyone pestering him about his soulmate. He barely even knew Yasaka and it felt wrong to him to just go barging into a single mother's home and proclaim her to be his soulmate. That would just make him sound like a creep, plus he had no idea how her daughter Kunou would react. Wait a second since when did he ever cared about such poultry details?

Madara had also noticed that several of the maids they had been walking past had been giving him a look of pure fear or disgust. It was starting to get on his nerves. I mean seriously they were Devils beings based off sin and all types of negative emotions. One would think that they would be worshiping him like a God rather than shunning him for his brutal tactics.

Tiamat had noticed Madara's sour expression, however, she decided to remain quiet for now. Since she could tell Madara was not in a very talkative mood. "Say Tiamat do you mind if I asked you a question?" Madara asked as Tiamat stopped before glancing at him.

"Sure, what is it?"

"I've been talking with Ddriag," Madara paused when he noticed Tiamat scowled at the name of the Red Dragon Emperor. "I've been asking him if it's possible to survive the extraction of my evil pieces. And he told me I could survive if I sacrifice my body to him and in return, I'll gain the body of a newborn Red Dragon." Madara said softly so no one else would hear what he was saying.

Tiamat stared at Madara for what seemed to be an eternity. "Why would you do that? I know you don't like serving under beings weaker than you but if you serve under the Satan's, I promise you, you will not go unrewarded. But I do see where you're coming from, but you must understand if you go through with this you will cut your ties permanently with the Devils. There's no turning back if you decide to do that. I will still be your familiar regardless but..." Tiamat paused for a moment before continuing. "The Devils may label you as a threat and hunt you down if you do that. All I'm saying is don't do anything rash or stupid."

Madara smirked at Tiamat. "While I appreciate your concern for my well-being, I'm really considering this. I was never meant to be controlled I'm like a wild free spirit that cannot be contained for very long. But let's see what kind of offer the Satan's have for me. And depending on what the offer is, will determine what I do. But know this Tiamat, whatever happens to me, it will not change anything between me and you. You are one of my only friends I've ever had, and that is something I do not want to lose." Madara said before leaning forward and very uncharacteristically Madara placed a small kiss on Tiamat's forehead.

This action caused Tiamat to reel back in shock and surprise as she could only stare at Madara with a look of astonishment. Her cheeks were beginning to heat up as a small blush was present on her bronze-colored skin. She gave a playful glare at Madara who simply grinned back at her. He was enjoying this, and she knew it, and worst of all she didn't know if it was a genuine kiss or he was just teasing her.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Sirzechs along with Serafall and Ajuka were waiting patiently in Sirzechs' office. They were waiting for Tiamat to bring Madara here so they can discuss their plans for him. And they were confident that this plan to turn him into a free pawn would never backfire on them. Sadly, enough they didn't know Madara as well as they thought they did.

"Where is Tiamat she should've been here already with Madi-chan?" The child-ish voice of Serafall broke the silents in the room. As Sirzechs chuckled while Ajuka rolled his eyes, at Madara's new pet name. Yup Serafall would be the first to die, by Madara's hand.

"I don't think he'll appreciate that nickname Serafall. He doesn't seem like the type of person, to let others give him pet names like that?" Ajuka muttered softly while playing with his tablet-like device.

"Aju-chan! Don't be like that I'm sure he'll love it!" Serafall whined comically while the more serious Satan rolled his eyes. Sirzechs simply chuckled softly. However, a knock at the door caught the attention of the three Satan's currently occupying the room.

"Come in!"

Madara and Tiamat entered the room, Tiamat glanced nervously at Ajuka who gave her a nod of acknowledgment before going back to playing on his tablet. Sirzechs gave Madara and Tiamat both a kind smile as he gestured for them to sit, to which they both did. And finally, there was Serafall who reminded Madara too much of both Hashirama and Naruto. "Greetings Madi-chan as the current Leviathan I am happy that you accepted our invitation! But you can call me Levia-tan!" Serafall exclaimed with pure joy.

Tiamat cringed at the volume Serafall was speaking at. All the while Madara was quiet, deadly quiet, he was glaring daggers at the current Leviathan sitting before him. His dark blue Susanoo aura was coming off his form in waves, his Mangekyo Sharingan was spinning wildly. "What did you just call me..." Madara's voice was so cold and so sinister that it caused the two other Satan's in the room to flinch.

Serafall's form was shivering at how cold, dark, sinister and intense Madara's power was easily Satan Class if not higher. While Serafall could surpass this level of power by using her true form there was no guarantee she could beat Madara especially if he used the Boosted Gear. "I...I ca…al…led you Madi-chan…" Serafall said in a scared tone.

"Don't call me that again child? Do. You. Understand," Madara ordered as the childlike Satan nodded furiously to afraid to question him despite the difference in their ranking. With that said Madara's aura vanished before he glanced at Sirzechs. "I believe you had something you wished to discuss with me Sirzechs-san." Sirzechs nodded before sending his fellow Satan a slightly annoyed look.

Grayfia who had been quiet up to this point could only stare at Madara with a look of fear. While she didn't voice her opinion, she believed Madara was just as bad as Rizevim, although Madara's aura and power was a lot darker and more sinister than the son of Lucifer. She knew it wasn't her place to speak so she bit her tongue.

"Ah, yes we have an offer for you that may help you. What we have in mind is something we've only done several other times. While you will remain a Low-Class Devil and a pawn, you will no longer belong to any peerage. In other words, you would be a free piece and an Ultimate Pawn. You would no longer have to participate in Rated Games unless you want to." Sirzechs finished as Madara stared at him for a moment contemplating on whether he should even take this deal. It sounded a lot better than what Sirzechs originally offered him.

Madara's onyx eyes stared into Sirzechs is bluish-green eyes. "Hmmm... It sounds like quite the offer," Madara began his Sirzechs grinned believing that he may have sealed the deal with Madara. "However, I feel there's a but in here somewhere," Madara said as Sirzechs frowned.

"Ah, a thinker and not just a mindless brute. It's quite a nice change of pace. Yes, what Sirzechs neglected to tell you is that you have to answer to us. It's nothing big just only whenever we have a mission for you or if you need to go somewhere you could always inform Tiamat rather than coming down to the underworld. Seeing as she's you're familiar and she works for me." Ajuka explained calmly.

Madara sat there quietly staring down at his hands well rather glaring down at them. He was really considering this offer until the last part, he answers to no one. He had the urge to stand up and tell them to all to go fuck themselves, however, instead of letting his emotions take control of him he took a calming breath before staring at the three Satan's before him. "It's quite the offer as I said before, however. I must decline your gracious offer. It's nothing personal I'm just not much on following orders. You see I'm like a free spirit that can't be controlled." Madara said as he gauged the reactions, he got out of the three different Satan's.

Serafall nearly fell over from shock, Sirzechs looked like a fish out of water and Ajuka was glaring at him.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Tiamat was following behind Madara while she wasn't surprised by his answer, she was surprised that he did it in such a calm manner. Part of her was relieved that Madara didn't just snap and start flipping out. While another part of her was outraged that he was so calm and cool and collected. She could only imagine how the Satan's were reacting right now.

"Speak freely Tiamat I can tell by your aura that you're confused." Madara said as he made his way out of Sirzechs's castle down in the underworld.

"I'm just surprised you were so calm when you basically told the Satan's to go fuck themselves. How are you capable of being so collected when you did that, I could tell that you were upset?" Tiamat questioned the Ghost of the Uchiha.

"There's a time and a place to release one's frustrations. However, in the middle of a meeting is not one of those places. I've learned this over my very long and hectic life in the elemental nations. You shouldn't let something like this bother you though. After all I'm planning to have Ddriag turn me into a Dragon tonight, and I'll be sure to return the evil pieces back to Gremory so that she can reincarnate some other fool or fools." Madara explained as Tiamat remained quiet.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

"I can't believe him!? Who the hell does he think he is blowing us off like that!" Sirzechs paced back and forth frustrated at the fact that Madara refused their gracious offer.

"I'm just as angry as you are Sirzechs. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinions on everything you can't just force someone to do something they don't want to. And perhaps that's the reason why so many stray devils kill their masters." Ajuka stated with a frown.

"Don't you think I already know that Ajuka! Here I was going out of my way to help him and he just slaps me in the face! I hope he's satisfied with his decision!" Sirzechs released his frustrations.

"Zechs-chan calm down and sit down." Serafall commanded softly, while Sirzechs begrudgingly sat back down in his seat while crossing his arms underneath his chest as he continued grumbling.

"What are we going to do with him? Madara that is, he is very powerful, and I have a feeling that we won't be able to control him. I fear we may have to use some barbaric methods of the former four Satan's." Ajuka stated calmly. "In order to control him or at least keep him in line so he doesn't end up becoming a stray devil. That's the last thing we need, and for all we know he could be comparable to me and Sirzechs in power. Although that would explain why he refuses to listen to anyone."

"You really think he's that strong Aju-chan? I can tell he was definitely Satan-Class when he got angry at me earlier. But do you really think he's Super Devil material?"

"From what I've heard from Azazel he might be above a Super Devil Serafall. But currently, he's weakened this may be our only chance to get him to submit to us so that he doesn't start causing trouble." Sirzechs announced causing the other two Satan's to stare at him.


"Yeah, Ajuka what is it?"

Without saying a single word Ajuka smacked his best friend across the back of his head causing Sirzechs to grab his head and cry in pain as he was nursing the giant lump that had formed. "Ajuka!? What the hell man! Why did you hit me!"

"For not informing us about that earlier!" Ajuka uncharacteristically yelled at Sirzechs. "That could have been very valuable information we could have used. If I would've known that earlier, I would've given him the rank of High-Class to Ultimate-Class Devil right then and there. But now you might if potentially cost us the greatest asset we've ever been given."

"Well sorry, apparently Azazel ruined that for me! He told Madara that I couldn't just simply promote him right off the bat. Which it's true I couldn't do it on my own but with three of us we probably could've accomplished it." Sirzechs defended himself however he was soon whacked in the head by Serafall's magic wand.

"Zechs-chan You know better than to blame other Pantheon and Faction leaders!"

"I'm not lying!" Sirzechs yelled comically before tackling Serafall to the ground. All the while Ajuka performed a bionic elbow drop onto Sirzechs causing the Crimson Satan to cry in pain. However, the three childish leaders soon froze in place at the sound of the door opening. They were greeted by a very annoyed queen of Sirzechs who was staring at them with a look of disgust.

"What are you three adult children doing!" The three Satan's could only stare at Grayfia as she pulled out her iron fan and was ready to administer punishment.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Madara sat shirtless on the floor of his room, he took a deep breath before looking at the back of his hand as it had a dull green glow. "Ddraig you know what to do." Madara simply said all the while Tiamat was sitting on the edge of his bed staring at him.

[You got it partner!] Ddraig said in an all too energetic tone that caused Tiamat to frown and Madara couldn't help but have a single bead of sweat traveling down his forehead. [Purge!] Was all Ddraig said as the Boosted Gear burst into life.

Madara blinked before he felt a strange sensation, he didn't know how to describe it, it just felt very creepy. He saw red ripples of energy coursing through his body as eight pawn pieces fell out of his body through these ripples of energy. As soon as the pieces were out that's when extreme fatigue and tiredness hit Madara like a ton of bricks. It reminded him of how he felt after waking up from being used as Kaguya's vessel.

"Uugh…" Madara groaned weakly, as he used his arms to support his weight which felt way heavier than it should've been. "Now Ddriag... Hurry up..."

"Madara-kun I don't think this is a good idea." Tiamat voiced are concerned to which Madara glanced at her before giving her a weak smile.

[Be prepared partner because this will be painful.] Ddraig said as Madara snorted.

"I'm no stranger to pain." Madara said before he completely froze as his skin grew several shades paler. That's when it hit Madara this pain was unbearable, it made everything he had ever felt before, feel like love taps in comparison. It felt like every single cell in his body was being ripped out one by one. Madara had no idea how long this transformation would last but he was almost regretting it.

Madara's body fell forward as he laid on the floor of his room unconscious, his body was still trembling. Tiamat walked over to him before picking him up bridal style before laying him in his bed. "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into Madara-kun. Because there is no going back after this, you'll be a Dragon, a Humanoid Dragon but a Dragon nonetheless." The Chaos Karma Dragon spoke softly to the unconscious form of her master.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

A pair of golden yellow eyes stared stoically ahead, a pair of plump lips were pressed into a fine line, as the Leader of the Kyoto Youkai Faction kept up her momentum. Moving deeper into the forest that was next to the city of Kyoto.

She was getting closer she could feel it in her core...

"Yasaka-sama...we're getting close." One of her guards reaffirmed her, trudging ahead of her just in case.

The Youkai Queen did not respond, she kept her attention on her senses, seeking to find the energy signature that was resonating with her own.

She had a gut feeling that it must be her daughter's kidnapper, and when she found this strange being or person. She was going to take her time and do everything in her power to inform him or her on just how displeased this being had made her. You never and I mean ever cross a mother's children.

"Ah, it seems I have finally found you."

The powerful Queen of the Youkai's pupils flickered to the side of her eyes, a deep frown spread across her delicate features at the masculine voice that addressed her from behind the group. When did, no, how did he...?

Her two bodyguards immediately flanked her, growling menacingly at the unknown man addressing their leader.

She slowly turned her body around with such grace, as power exploded from her form as her miko outfit flickered against the forest floor.

"…Who are you?" Yasaka demanded coolly bearing her fangs as her features grew more feral. She was not wasting any time she was getting straight to the point.

The young man in question grinned at how hostile the vixen was being. "Straight to the point I see. Well I do suppose that your rather busy and in quite a hurry. For that I must apologize. This won't take too much of your time, you will be seeing your daughter rather soon."

The atmosphere quickly dropped several degrees, Yasaka's aura became far more intense, her very presence became far more hostile and colder after that statement.

"You must be the kidnapper then, I presume?" She accused quietly, her golden eyes locked right on to the young man's blue ones.

The man in question shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. "Well you're about half right. He isn't necessarily part of my group nor does he really work for me. You could say he owes me a favor and will leave it at that." The human's grin only grew more sinister, a dark glint in his eyes caused the Kyuubi in question to unconsciously take a step back.

"Unfortunately, you will be working for me from now on. No questions asked."

Yasaka's eyes widened in surprise before they quickly narrowed, she bared her teeth once more, incensed that this man had the gall to-!

Yasaka stopped mid-thought as it felt like the air had been knocked out of her chest as she nearly collapsed, her eyes widened, as time seemed to slow to a snail's pace. Everything seemed to change, the sound seemed to be muted and all of the colors around her became black and white.

Yasaka tried to shake her head. She had a basic knowledge of Sacred Gears and abilities that could rip away her free will, it was necessary since she was the leader of an entire faction. And yet she had never heard of anything like this before. Yasaka could still hear the infuriating humans voice taunting her it sounded distorted, but it was still there.

"Knowledge is power. Your lack of knowledge is what damned you to such an easy trap, but then again, considering your current emotional state, it would have been doubtful that you could've resisted me anyways. Apologies, but we're in a bit of a hurry, we'll be taking control of your body for a while. Please try not to resist too much, our abilities are quite unique you see, and I can be very inconsiderate if I really want to."

" she's available to implicit suggestions now?" The young man asked summarily bored.

Yasaka finally managed to rip her attention away from her dilemma but doing so only confirmed her fears. Her bodyguards were left to face the man alone once she was taken out of the picture by his ally. Their corpses laid about her, while her clothes remained unstained, the forest floor could no longer say the same.

The young man with blue eyes turned before speaking to his hidden ally. "Georg, how is your control over her?"

"It is stable Cao Cao." Another masculine voice stated, "however, it's not stable enough that I'd feel comfortable in leaving her unattended should I have to rest. We may need her daughter after all, to act as a guarantee. To keep her obedient."

The human nodded, eyes narrowing. "You said that keeping your target emotionally despondent was another option, yes?" He could feel his friend's agreement despite the lack of words.

"Then perhaps killing the child is another option." Cao Cao wondered aloud. "Surely that should be more than enough to break her in. The question is, do you think you can retain total control over her after that?"

"I don't know, it's a risk we can't take." Georg asked.

xxxx ~ X ~ xxxx

Madara's eyes snapped open, as he shot up to a sitting position. His blanket comforters slid off his naked upper body, his body was completely covered in cold sweat as he was breathing heavily. His hands were physically trembling, was that a dream about Yasaka he wandered? [No partner that was no dream.] Ddraig's voice echoed throughout Madara's mind.

Tiamat who had been awakened by Madara's sudden movements glanced at him with a slightly annoyed expression. However, after seeing his concerned look she was curious on what was happening. "Madara-kun? Are you alright?" She asked gently as Madara simply glanced at her.

[Unfortunately, he's not all right Tiamat.] Ddriag's annoying voice caused Tiamat to snarl.

"And why is that Ddriag?" Tiamat spat out the Red Dragon Emperor's name as if it was poison.

[Because his soulmate is in danger. She was attacked by someone wielding the True Longinus, if she dies then partner here may end up dying as well. Of course, it's a worst-case scenario most likely he'll just be extremely depressed and be unable to open his heart to anyone else.] Ddraig explained as Tiamat's eyes widened.

Madara pulled the covers off his body before standing up, he then walked to his closet where he pulled out his shinobi attire that he wore during the rated game against Riser. "Madara-kun what are you doing?"

Madara turned towards Tiamat, with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan active. He was crying tears of blood, but Tiamat could tell he was hurting. "Tiamat you stay here you are the strongest person in this town outside of me and possibly Azazel. I need you to protect this town for me as I've grown, somewhat attached to it." Madara explained calmly despite all the raging emotions he was experiencing right now.

"What will you do Madara-kun?"

Madara narrowed his eyes as his body was cloaked in a dark blue aura with a red hue that caused the Chaos Karma Dragon to shiver in fear, at how sinister, dark and evil Madara's aura felt. "I'm going to Kyoto. And I'm going to hunt down and murder whoever dared to lay a finger on Yasaka." Madara said as he finished putting on his uniform before opening and jumping out the window. This left Tiamat by herself staring at the window Madara jumped out of.

"So, his soulmate is Yasaka, huh?" Tiamat said softly before giggling slightly. "You just had to get yourself, one of the most desired women in the entire supernatural world. Didn't you Madara-kun."

The End


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