Even Androids play the blues.

Dylan woke in the middle of the night, one of those 3am calls of nature, and staggered to the bathroom, half asleep. He was on his way back to bed when a soft sound managed to find its way past the sleepiness and into his brain: music.

He stood still in the middle of his quarters, just listening to the soft notes. He slowly looked around, and discovered that they where coming from the ventilation grill above the door. His tired mind tried to figure out where it could be coming from.

Drawing his robe around himself, he set off along the corridors, trying to get a fix on the source of the music. His mind was working better now, and he was able to identify the music: someone was playing jazz. His mind raced, trying to decide who it could be: Harper couldn't even sing in tune, Tyr had once said that music was a waste of time, Beka's taste ran more to Guitar music, and Trance liked Opera.

He slowly wondered along the many corridors until he came to hydroponics: the music was defiantly coming from inside. He slowly stepped through the open door, trying to see who it was without being seen. He gasped at what he saw: Rommie was sat under the tree in the centre of the room, her eyes closed as she slowly played a tune on a shinning brass saxophone.

Dylan stood transfixed as Rommie played: he had never once seen her act so, so, so human! He could tell from the expression on her face that she wasn't just reciting a peace of music, but that this came from her, her feelings. She came to the end of the song, and Dylan felt compelled to clap.

Rommie looked round in shock, "Dylan! How long have you been standing there?" Dylan slowly walked over to her, "A few minuets. You must have known I was there." Rommie blushed, "I cut myself off from the main AI when I play: She tends to be more technical than I am, but I prefer to play from the heart." Dylan was amazed, "How long have you been playing?" Rommie kept her head down, not wanting to meet his gaze, "About a year: Trance suggested that music might help he understand what it's like to be human, make it easier to interact with the rest of you. I've always liked Jazz, so when we stopped-off at a Drift, Trance lent me some money and I managed to find this old thing." She explained, lifting her saxophone slightly to etherise her point.

Dylan sat down on the grass, "You're good, really good. Why do you only play at night?" Rommie blushed again, "Nerves I suppose. It's taken me a while to get to the point I am." Dylan shook his head in disbelief, "But you're amazing. Play something for me, anything." Rommie looked up, smiling shyly, "Ok." She raised the saxophone to her lips and closing her eyes, started to play again.

Trance looked on from the doorway, smiling as she watched Dylan sit mesmerised by Rommie's playing: It was just a matter of time now.

The End.