The Unreal
By Wickedclowns101

Authors Notes - It's been a long time since I've done an Animorph fic, hasn't it? Well, the inspiration for this piece struck me a few minutes ago, while watching Inuyasha, of all things. Note, that this book takes place somewhere after book #33 and book #45. So it back, grab some popcorn, or some peanuts, and enjoy. Also, this book will also be done in true Megamorph fashion.

Chapter One - Jake

My name is Jake.
Not Big Jake, not Small Jake, not Fat Jake, or Skinny Jake. Just Jake. At least, just Jake to oh, about ninety nine point nine percent of the people that know me. To the other point one percent, being my cousin Rachel, my best bud Marco, my sort of girlfriend Cassie, Rachel's sort of boyfriend Tobias, and Ax, I'm also Jake. But sometimes I'm infinetly more than that. I'm fearless leader. I'm the one who decides who lives and who dies. I guess you can say I can sort of play God, at least in my world.
Do I want to?
Of course not. It's just how the cards were dealt. One of us has to be the leader, and as much as I hate it, I'm the most qualified one for the job. Doesn't change the fact that I hate myself for some of the decisions that I've made, or am going to make.
By now, you may be asking why I'm telling you this. Well, here's the answer. We're in danger. Grave, grave danger. Danger so great, I can't even begin to explain it. It'd take me a week just to scratch the surface of how deep we're in. But here's what you need to know. Earth is under seige. Think "Invasion of the bodysnatchers" except real. The Yeerks don't kid around. They don't want our land, resources, or technology. It's us they want. Our physical, living, breathing bodies.
They crawl in through your ear like a cockroach squeezes through a crack in a wall. They attach themselves to your brain. Actually infusing with it. They plug themselves into all the signals that your brain sends to the rest of your body. Once that happens, you're lost. You become a controller. The Yeerk controls you. Dominates you. Absolutely and completely. You have no freedom. None. You have no choice. None. You have no privacy. None.
All you can do is watch out through your own eyes as the Yeerk in your head betrays everyone that you care about. Lures them into the same trap you yourself fell into. Your body, in fact, is no longer yours. You scream and scream and scream, but it doesn't matter. The Yeerk laughs at you.
Confused yet? So were we. But here's a little bit of good news. There is a resistance. Four humans, one bird, and one Andalite.
Feel better?
We fight them, my friends and I. We've done them some damage, even won a few battles. But we're not stopping the war. All we're doing is merely slowing the final defeat.
Anyways, it was a Saturday afternoon. School had ended for the summer a week before, and it was paradise. The four of us, Marco, Cassie, Rachel, and I, were lounging around at a pool in Erek's house. Erek wasn't so much a "he" as an "it". See, he's an android belonging to a pacifist race called the Chee. And we weren't so much in his backyard, as we were about a thousand feet underground. However, due to the Chee's highly advanced technology, the blue sky was over our heads, with the sun shining brightly. Gotta love holograms.
"I'm surprised we didn't think of this months ago." Marco said, sipping from a glass of lemonade. "I could have been working on my tan since December." He said, stretching out on his lawn chair.
"Marco, you're already tan." Rachel said, rolling her eyes. Marco took his sunglasses off, and looked over at Rachel. He glared at her like he was talking to an idiot.
"One can never be too tan, Rachel." He said. Rachel just smirked, and didn't look at him.
"You've already got the dark part down, Marco. You need to work on the tall part now." Rachel said. I rolled my eyes. It was stupid, pointless, every day banter. It seemed almost boring now, considering what our lives now were. I smiled ironically, as a familiar face filled up my field of vision.
"Hey Erek." I said, nodding at him slightly. He looked nervous.
"Jake? Can I speak with you somewhere private?" Erek asked. Instantly, I slipped out of my relaxed gesture, and reverted to my leader mode. Something big was going on, I was sure of that. Erek doesn't get nervous easily. I stood up, and walked with Erek over to a secluded part of the room.

I know that this chapter is short, as will all the chapters following it. The reason being, that the Megamorph chapters aren't very long to begin with, and the fact that there's going to be around forty of them. So stick around for chapter two!