The Unreal

Chapter Three - Ax

Pivot left!
Pivot Right!
Lunge forward! STRIKE!
Tail blade connecting with tail blade. If there's a better sound than that in the universe, I haven't heard it yet. He backed off, and circled around me. Amateur. I scanned his body, looking for any visible sign that he was going to strike. My main eyes were locked onto his arms and legs, one stalk eye was scanning the area, and the other stalk eye was focused in on his tail.
His weight had shifted to his left hind leg! Hah, he was mine now! I swung my blade at the exact moment he did, parrying the blow. Then I brought my blade around, and pressed the tip against his throat in the blink of an eye. I had won.
Looks like you win again, Ax-man. > Tobias said, standing perfectly still. I withdrew my tail blade from his throat.
I was raised in this body along with countless years of training. You did very well. > I said. If you are a human reading this, you may be a bit confused. My name is Aximili-Essgarouth-Isthill, and I am not a human. Rather, I am an Andalite. The person whome I was sparring with, is Tobias. Tobias is a ver interesting being. He is actually three different species in one body. He was born a human, but was trapped in the body of a Red Tailed Hawk, a species of Earth bird. It was not until later that we found out that his father was my older brother, Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul.
So yes. In Earth terms, I am Tobias' uncle.
Oh well. We'll practice again later. Want to go flying? > he asked. I was intrigued.
Isn't it with Rachel whom you always ask to go flying? > I asked. I'm not sure if Prince Jake and the others had noticed, but I believed that Tobias had formed some romantic feelings about Rachel. But again, I do not understand all aspects of human courtship. It would be unfortunate though, since either Tobias or Rachel could be killed on any given mission. In Andalite society, this is never a problem, since females are not permitted to join the military, for the most part.
It's not as though males are seen as superior creatures, it's simply because males have larger tail blades, and are much more adept at fighting. A male's tail blade is like a great curved scythe, while a female's is more of a scalpel, to be used to percision work. This is probably why males are not permitted in the medical field, since surgery requires percision.
Though, with the development of energy weapons and morphing technology, tail fighting is becoming less and less necessary.
Well Rachel isn't here. So I'm asking you. > Tobias said, and began to demorph. I thought for a minute, then began to morph into my earth bird of choice, the Northern Harrier. Grey feathers began to sprout from my fur immediately. Blue fur ran together like heated wax, and turned grey. My stalk eyes were sucked into my head with a quiet SCHLOOP! sound. My hind legs thinned, and the hooves split to form the ripping talons of a bird of prey.
While I wouldn't trade anything for the beauty of my own Andalite world, Earth had the biggest variety of creatures I had ever seen. Everything on this planet was connected either directly or indirectly with everything else. A million, million species, all connected with each other. If one species became extinct, a hundred thousand more would feel the reprocussions.
So I take it you're coming? > Tobias asked.
Was that an answerable or a rhetoric question? > I asked. Even after this long, some aspects of human nature confused me. Tobias laughed.
Come on, Ax-man. > Tobias said, and took off. I flapped my wings a few times, and soared into the air. I scanned the city below us with my far superior harrier vision. We were flying over an area known as "Suburbia". It was a residential area of "Cookie Cutter" dwellings. One of the houses caught my attention.
Tobias? If I am not mistaken, I do believe that Cassie and Rachel are running away from the location of Erek's home. > I said. Tobias looked over.
You're not mistaken, that's for sure. > Tobias said. Something must be up. Let's pay the girls a visit. > He said. I nodded, and veered to the left, and swooped down to Rachel and Cassie.