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Glass House

"Sometimes it feels as though my life is like a test; with expectations that I've got to be the best."

"Three weeks past and we still have no more leads on the jewel shards." Inuyasha pointed out with a rude edge of his voice as the group was setting up a camp in the forest for the night.

"Oh, stop pouting, Inuyasha. We'll find a lead eventually- be patient." Kagome pointed out, slightly irritated with Inuyasha's continuous pouting.

"Humph." Inuyasha grunted back, crossing his legs and arms in his classic boredom pose, the tetsusaiga sheathed across his lap.

Miroku ignored the rest of the party and concentrated on building a fire. He finally got a decent spark after quite some time of fruitless attempts, and the yellow and orange flames licked the pieces of dry wood he'd collected. He settled down, hands cupped in his lap as he stared into the twisting flames.

Sango ambled up to the fire and settled beside the thoughtful houshi.

"Miroku, daijoubu?" Sango asked, in all politeness. She was on her toes and totally on her guard, just in case the hentai tried to cop a feel. Much to her surprise, the monk just sat there, hardly noticing her presence, except for a soft answer to her question.

"Hai." He said, not really knowing or caring that the object of his half-unknown affections was sitting several inches from him on her own free will.

'Jeez, what's up with Miroku? I bet he doesn't even know what I asked him.' Sango thought, worry crossing her mind for half a moment. Suddenly her head popped up from her thought, ears on the edge. Kilala(1) tensed beside her, and Sango's hand went to her boomerang(2).

Inuyasha's ears pricked up at an unheard sound, and his and Sango's eyes met.

"Something's around here." Inuyasha said simply, his hand going to the tetsusaiga and his thumb flicking it partially out. Kagome reached for her bow and an arrow, and Shippou grabbed the small dagger he'd been outfitted with earlier. Kilala grew tensed for attack, ready to transform at any time. Only Miroku didn't move.

"Miroku!" Inuyasha called in a hoarse whisper. "Get up you lazy houshi!" he added angrily.

"Miroku! Come on!" Shippou called.

"Miroku!" Kagome called, her irritation with Inuyasha turning into irritation with the monk. But Miroku just sat there.

"Fine!" Inuyasha spat. "Don't think we'll be helping your sorry ass." Sango took a step towards Miroku, but then hung her head and stepped back again.

Miroku cringed at the cruelty of the remark, but stayed where he was, gritting his teeth and forcing his eyes to stay shut.

The attack came almost unnoticed. The tension of the party disabled their sense of judgement. Demons attacked the party in a rush of noise.

"Iron reaver, soul stealer(3)!" Inuyasha cried, destroying the first wave of demons. "What the hell?!" he cried as a new wave of demons appeared right after the first.

"There's no end to the demons!" Kagome wailed.

Inuyasha growled and attacked again, but Kagome was right, the demons were coming as fast as he could destroy them.

"Kilala!" Sango cried, grabbing her boomerang and mounting the ferocious fire cat(4) with vengeance. She wiped out countless demons, but soon there were too many.

Kagome's shriek filled the trees. Demons lifted her off the ground, much to her protests and fighting. She struggled, but they held her fast.

'Why aren't they killing me?' Kagome thought, wildly striking the demons with her fists.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha cried, attacking the demons with fury that was unmatchable by anyone. He caught Kagome in his arms and carried her to the ground safely. She shook in his embrace, still afraid from her near kidnapping. Sango alighted near them, holding her boomerang in one hand.

"It's useless to fight, Inuyasha! They are coming faster then we can kill them!" she called, standing near them. Inuyasha grunted in anger. In that second, the demons surrounded them.

"We'll have to fight to the death then." He answered without a second thought. "What else can we do?" and with that, the taijiya, hanyou and demon cat began to fight, while Kagome fitted an arrow to her bow. One of the more daring demons dove at Sango with a strangely material weapon glowing with magic.

"Ah!" Sango yelped, unable to bring up her weapon to stop the attack. She cringed back, closing her eyes, but the blade never struck her. Inuyasha stood in front of her, blood dripping from a gash in his shoulder. He fell to his knees, the poison of the blade working on him quickly, and the demon lifted its sword above its head for the death strike.

"IIE!" a voice called from the woods. In a brilliant flash of light the demons all around them vanished. A girl came out of the woods, worry painted across her face.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked.

"You are the leader of the demons!" Inuyasha cried. "That is why I sensed a person and not a demon! You made them attack us!" he dove at her, the tetsusaiga out in his grasp. "DIE!" he roared, his pain and injury forgotten in his bloodlust. The blade pierced her shoulder and pain crossed her face.

"No!" she gasped. "You don't understand…!" her eyes flashed red for a moment and the blade and Inuyasha was thrown far from her to strike a tree. Inuyasha growled very politely for a pissed-off hanyou.

"Bitch!" he snarled, and jumped at her again, the blade above his head.

"Oswari!" Kagome cried when Inuyasha was halfway there.

"Shit!" he cried, as he struck the ground full force, leaving a hole shaped just like him about six feet deep.

"Nani?" the girl asked, eyes darting from the hole, to Inuyasha's prone form, then to Kagome in disbelief.

"Ah, sorry about that, Inuyasha's just being overly hostile. He's not always like this…" Kagome started, blushing slightly.

"Hey! What did you do that for!" Inuyasha cried from the hole, standing up and brushing the dirt off his clothes. Now that his bloodlust had passed, he was feeling slightly weaker and his pain was growing.

'What the hell is happening to me? I've gotten beat up worse then this in the past and never been this weak.' He thought.

"You were threatening her life! What do you expect me to do?" Kagome answered innocently.

"I'm sorry about my demons." The strange girl said to him, then turning to the other two girls. "They are like the hanyou there, they like to get overly hostile when they think their friends are in danger." Inuyasha stiffened at the "hanyou" in her little speech.

"Who are you and what do you want with us?" he snapped, thoroughly pissed off at this girl who'd ruined a peaceful night, but feeling weaker and weaker.

"Inuyasha! Be more polite!" Kagome chastened him. "Gomen." She said, apologetically to the strange girl.

"It's not a problem." The stranger assured her. "My name is Nori."

"I'm Kagome, and this, as you may have guessed, is Inuyasha." Kagome said, pointing at the sulking hanyou.

"And I'm Sango." Sango said, coming up with the smaller Kilala in her arms.

"Oh! What a cute cat!" Nori said with a bright smile.

"Her name is Kilala." Sango said, smiling.

"Hey! Who is she?" Shippou asked with as much hostility as he could muster- in other words, not much.

"Shippou! Where were you?" Kagome asked, embarrassed that she hadn't noticed he was missing.

"I got thrown off into the woods. Who is she?" Shippou answered, pointing at Nori.

"This is Nori." Kagome told him, smiling.

"Oh, hi. I'm Shippou." Shippou said, lowering his hand.

"Hi Shippou!" she said, smiling. Inuyasha groaned behind her, and she turned to him.

"Oh, I forgot about your arm!" Kagome yelped, running to Inuyasha and trying to assess the wound.

"Which demon did that?" Nori asked angrily.

"Which demon?" Kagome asked, looking at Nori as though she was mad.

"A blue one with a glowing blade." Sango said, drawing out a Band-Aid from Kagome's bag.

"I don't think a Band-Aid will help." Kagome said as Inuyasha shrugged out of his red robes grudgingly.

"I'm sorry for Takeya. He tends to be very vicious, but I will punish him for hurting you." Nori said. "Can I see your wound?"

"Don't come near me-" Inuyasha started, but Sango cracked him on the head with her fist and he shut up.

"Sure." Kagome said. "I can't do much for him besides wrap it up."

"I think I may be able to help. It's the least I could do." Nori assured her.

"Hey- what are ya doing!" Inuyasha cried weakly as Nori put her hands on his deep wound. Blood pooled over her fingers.

"Poisoned." She said. "I can't do anything to help. And wrapping it would kill him faster." She stood up.

"You mean-" Kagome started, tears pooling in her eyes.

"I can't do anything, but I know someone who can." Nori smirked. "I highly doubt your friend will die. Orino, could you come here?" she asked.

A beautiful demon-spirit appeared, shimmering in the air beside Sango.

"Gayh!" she yelped, jumping away.

"Oh, don't worry, this is Orino. She's not going to hurt you." Nori assured her.

"Who is wounded, Nori-sama?" Orino asked.

"That hanyou there." Nori said, pointing at Inuyasha. "It was Takeya's poisoned katana."

"I see. Good thing you asked." And without another word, Orino sat beside Inuyasha and put her pale hands over his gash. Points of light clustered about Orino's fingers and enter Inuyasha's body. Everyone, save for Nori and Orino, turned away and closed their eyes against the brilliant burst of light that ended the healing. When the light had subsided, Inuyasha's arm was totally healed.

"Thank you, Orino." Nori said.

"You're welcome, Nori-sama." Orino answered, then she vanished in a puff of lavender smoke that smelled of lilacs.

"Inuyasha! Are you alright?" Shippou asked, running up to the shocked Inuyasha.

"Feh. What was that all about, Nori?" Inuyasha asked, ignoring Shippou and putting stress on the girl's name.

"What do you mean?" Nori asked, puzzled.

"What cheap trick is this? Cutting me up then healing me? it's a bunch of crap." Inuyasha said. 'How in the hell does this little girl have the power to summon demons, and why do they listen to her?' he thought angrily.

"Hey- where's Miroku?" Sango suddenly asked, partially in worry, partially trying to cover up Inuyasha's insufferable rudeness.

"Yeah, he didn't show up after the attack." Shippou said. "But the fire is still burning."

"He was just sitting there like the lazy hentai he is. He probably got killed." Inuyasha said indifferently.

"No." Nori said firmly. "My demons don't kill unless I give the order. They saw all of you gearing up to attack, assumed I was in immediate danger and attacked against my will."

"Feh. Yeah right." Inuyasha said.

"Fine! I'll just ask Dai, the leader of my demons. She will know if this Miroku was wounded and where he fled to, or who to ask about his whereabouts." Nori snapped.

"Fine then. You ask your demons and I'll trust my nose. I'll find him first though." Inuyasha snapped back.

"Care to wager on that?" Nori countered, scowling evilly. "Dai? A word with you?"

Another demon-woman appeared before them, wearing the clothing of an exterminator. She looked exactly like Sango, except instead of pink, blue was her second color. She had a large spear laced across her back and the katana of a kunoichi.

"Yes Nori-sama?" Dai asked.

"When you attacked, was there a monk-" Nori stopped and looked at Kagome. "I'm sorry, I don't know what he looks like. Would you mind telling Dai?"

"No problem." Kagome answered, blushing. She rattled off an accurate description of the monk, right down to the covered Kazaana in his right hand. When she mentioned that, Dai's eyes narrowed and she nodded.

"I saw this monk of yours. He never left that spot." She pointed by the fire. "But I could tell something was amiss in his demeanor. I lost sight of him for a moment and in that time he may have fled. Did something happen that may have ruined his countenance?" Dai asked gently.

'Come to think on it, he was acting pretty hurt lately and he didn't speak much, but I don't remember doing anything to him. Could it be something with the Wind Tunnel? Or is there something wrong inside of him?' Kagome thought. 'What ever it is, I hope he's not gone and done anything stupid. He has a tendency to do that.'


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