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Glass House

"I'm gonna let you in 'cause I can take it"

Sango looked about the threshold of the castle of Naraku. She was furious and scared and lonely and- there was a whole lot of emotion, to put it lightly.

She heard footsteps behind her, and she spun around, ready to whip Hiraikotsu at the poor youkai/ningen/hanyou who had the misfortune to sneak up behind her.

"Sango, it's just us!" Inuyasha hissed, raising an arm to ward off Sango's edgy attack.

"Don't sneak up behind me!" She cried, her apprehension turning into frustration at Inuyasha, Koga, Kagome and even Kilala.

"We didn't sneak up behind you!" Kagome whispered with a sharp edge of irritation on her voice. "We didn't sneak!! We didn't!"

Sango raised her eyebrows, mentally screaming with anger that she couldn't raise just one like Inuyasha could. Apparently Kagome was better; he panic attack outside the castle seemed to have passed, and now all that remained was a slightly demonic laugh hidden behind her eyes.

"Why are we whispering?" Koga asked in a mock whisper clearly placed to irritate Inuyasha. "Naraku already knows we are here, anyway."

"No, ya think?" Inuyasha deadpanned. Koga scowled, putting an arm around Kagome's shoulders.

She was still slightly dazed, Inuyasha told himself. She was afraid, and Koga was her friend!- right?

Inuyasha's right eye began to twitch furiously, and Koga smiled at the irate hanyou. For a moment, the two had forgotten they were even in Naraku's castle to begin with, much less the danger they were in.

"Welcome to Naraku's parlor." Said the kaze-youkai to the Yume-team.

"It's '"Welcome to my parlor," said the spider to the fly'," Kagome corrected the incarnation with the carelessness of the slightly insane. To the mad, there is no friend, no foe, no curfew, and not much of a life, apparently.

"And I care because…?" Kagura replied, waving her free hand at the useless information. Inuyasha was only thankful it wasn't her fan, though if she had waved the fan, it may have woken Kagome up a bit.

"Just telling you," Kagome replied with an edge to her voice.

"Whatever!" Kagura replied.

"Demo-" Kagome began, raising her pointer finger.

"Fuujin no Mai(1)!" Kagura cried, irritated, waving her fan at the assembled party.

"Iie!" Kagome cried and the wind tore up the ground in front of her. Inuyasha picked her off her feet and leapt behind Kagura to a platform of stones built into the wall. He dropped her unceremoniously onto the ground and drew Tetsusaiga.

Inuyasha leapt away to face Kagura with Sango and Kilala, and Kagome tried to pull herself together. She notched an arrow to her bow, aiming at Kagura's back.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," a voice informed her from behind the slightly dazed miko.

"It's 'I would go back if I was you'!!" Kagome cried, irritated that no one seemed to know their movie lines. As she turned around, she wondered why anyone would be up here, when Kagura and Inuyasha were fighting below them…

"Kagome-miko, we meet again," Kanna said with an audible, though not visible, smirk. "Look into this mirror, Kagome. Give up your soul."

"I feel like we've been here before…" Kagome sighed, raising her bow towards the pale girl, fully intending to blast the soul mirror as she had before. But something felt… wrong. There was too much water in the air, and she couldn't fully breath… Kagome's mouth formed an "o" of surprise and fear as her mind was frozen in place by something not unlike a powerful youkai. Kanna laughed sadistically at the dazed girl.

"So, how does it feel to share your mind?" Kanna asked, promptly ignoring the fact Kagome couldn't make a sound. "Must feel kind of weird…"

'It's like she pities me…' the crumb of freedom in Kagome's mind thought. 'It's almost as if she knows how I feel…'

Kanna vanished just as Kagome regained complete control of her senses- completely forgetting what had just taken place.

Inuyasha raised his head. Koga was making a similar gesture. The two looked at each other for a long moment, forgetting for a second they were enemies, forgetting for a moment the battle they were locked in, forgetting everything except for a smell that twisted along the edge of the air. They could almost taste it, but it was faint, tantalizing, there and then gone before they could place it.

It was then Kagura's Dance tore at Sango, who was standing transfixed by a door carved into the wall.

"Sango!" Inuyasha cried, diving to rescue the girl. He knew in his heart he would never make it before the blades had torn the girl to shreds.

Time seemed to stand still. Tears filled Sango's eyes as she watched the wind coming at her. Her death.

'It doesn't even matter,' Sango thought weakly. 'Miroku-sama is dead. He couldn't be alive. What's worth living. Stupid houshi-ecchi, getting stuck in my head…'

"Sango!" Inuyasha cried, diving forwards. Kagura laughed, watching the blades of wind rush towards the exterminator.

The Dance tore at the place Sango had been standing.

"Sango!" Kagome cried.

Rushing over, however, Inuyasha could find neither body nor blood, or any sign the girl had even been there. Kagura raised her eyebrows, searching for, well, carnage and bloodshed, and she was peeved when neither appeared to be there.

"Why even look, fools," a voice spat from the shadows. "You think the girl would give up that easily?"

Kagome, Koga, Inuyasha, and Kagura turned to face the voice that had just rebuked them all at once.

"K-Kikyou?" Inuyasha gasped, eyes widening and mouth opening and closing in shock.

"Stop that, Inuyasha, you look like a big fish," Kikyou noted, waving a hand with a lofty air.

Sango was standing behind the miko with a wide-eyed expression on her own face.

"And you," Kikyou frowned at Sango. "You fool." Kikyou slapped Sango soundly across the face. "Don't go giving up, now." Her cold gaze turned on Kagome, and she rather sneered at her. "And you are acting perfectly helpless. Honestly, you make me feel pathetic, oh reincarnation of mine."

"I'm not you!" Kagome yelled, anger overshadowing her fear for a moment.

Kagura crept away.

"I like a good reunion as much as anyone," Koga hissed through clenched teeth. "But now is really not the time." Everyone stared at him for a moment.

"He's right, you know," Kikyou allowed, watching the wolf demon with approval in her eyes.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Koga snapped, walking forward into the hall at the end of the room. Kagome and Sango followed the impatient boy, but Inuyasha and Kikyou hung back.

"Kikyou…" Inuyasha started, watching her with soft eyes. "Why are you here?"

"Because I want revenge on Naraku and this strikes me as a good place to start. I was running blindly for anger, Inuyasha. I would have aided anyone in this fool's quest, it just happened that this time it was you and your crew," Kikyou's eyes held no room for pity.

Inuyasha looked hurt in a backwards sort of way. Kikyou sighed, as she hated when he got so stupid too.

"Besides," Kikyou nodded at Kagome's retreating back. "You have her, and I have nothing left."

Before Inuyasha could deny that statement, Kikyou had turned and started walking away. Inuyasha shrugged and leapt ahead to stand by Koga, who was glaring at a large, detailed door. Without a doorknob or any other apparent means of entry.

"…Koga?" Inuyasha growled, trying not to hit the demon. "Why exactly have you lead us to a WALL?"

"It's not a wall," Koga snapped irritably. "It's a door, I just don't know how to open it."

"That's new," Inuyasha noted, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, inu-yarou, are you asking for me to trash your ass right here and now?" Koga hollered, turning on the hanyou with death in his eyes.

"If that would make you less cocky," Inuyasha began, cracking his knuckles.

"you b-"

"OSWARI!" Kagome yelped, scowling at the irate demon. "STOP PROVOKING HIM!"

Koga winced.

"You WENCH! What was THAT for?!" Inuyasha yelled from the crater he was currently inhabiting.

"WHAT WAS MY NAME?" Kagome screamed back.

"WENCH!" Inuyasha returned.

"OSWARI!" Kagome yelled.

"I-ita-ai…" Inuyasha moaned from the stone floor. "Gomen! Gomen!"

Kagome scowled at him, and then turned her black gaze on Koga, who looked visibly flustered and started backing away.

"Kagome, love," he admonished her. "Do not waste your breath on the hasty dog, he will never have manners." He then proceeded to try and appear as if he had any manners whatsoever. Kagome sighed.

"Thanks for the support, Koga," she groaned. "Stop provoking Inuyasha-kun!"

Kikyou watched silently as Sango moved towards the door.

"Kagome-chan, look at this!" Sango called, waving the girl over.

"What…" Kagome fell silent, reading the pictures on the door. "We're going to our deaths."

"Exactly. What… you think we should find another entrance?"

"Where? Did you see another one?" Kagome bit her lip. "Let's just go through, find Miroku, and deal with our own mortality later."

Sango looked unsure, and emotion she had never felt before and let show, but she shrugged.

"Inuyasha-kun?" Sango called. "Can you blast this door in for us?"


One big bang later, Inuyasha and company was walking through what was left of the wall, through the dust and rubble to another room much like the one they had entered, only this one was different.

Standing at the opposite end of the room beside a round door was the baboon: Naraku.

To Be Continued…

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