He was easily the strongest of the three of them, but he couldn't take a form so easily. The angel of recreation had formed a body identical to her previous appearance the moment they arrived on the mortal plain; she had shimmering golden wings that shone like the sun, long, curled strawberry blonde locks framing her slender face: her chestnut eyes and freckled cheeks. she wore blue-white garbs, the colour of the sky; the only piece missing being the ring of light that normally sat on her head. She had broke off from them in an instant, cutting down the humans that had desecrated the land like a vengeful goddess.

His second associate, an angel of death, had been quick to join her, his essence melding with the surrounding shadows and rising from the ground, becoming a black smoke like mass that whispered light curses. He flew by the fleeing and fighting humans almost too quickly to see and by the time any of them registered the dark tinge carried on the backs of their breaths, he had already stopped their hearts.

It was truly disgusting to him that humans could commit such wicked acts, but they did, so they had to face the consequences of their transgressions. So, not wasting time attempting to do what he couldn't, he simply merged himself with the earth beneath them, becoming one with the land.

The earth shook and crumbled, destroying any settlements in the area; Sections of land began softening and pulling mortals to their graves. He allowed the land to rise and fall, to stretch apart and cascade, rebuilding the once near flat plains in his image, creating a much more treacherous domain.

By the time the night fell, the job was done. He observed she, Recreation, had taken to working on their leader, whilst the dark angel had taken one of the corpses to build himself a body. He, however, felt he should make the plains safer for them: less safe for humans.

Firstly, he dug out a canyon that split their new residents into two uneven halves, then for some days he let it rain, filling the crack he'd formed in the ground with freshwater, it's concentration at the centre of the terrain, pooling into an enormous lake. A lake. He dwelled on that thought before promptly switching forms. He could feel his current swishing about the space; this was a much more comfortable form.

With that done, he made it snow, coating the ground in white: a much more favourable colour than the browns and reds that previously painted the earth. As the snow rose, he noticed the angel of recreation was forming something of a barrier, separating them from the outside world, so he chose to aid her. He made a storm: thick fog, large hail, heavy rain, etc. Not so much dangerous, more a warning that could not be ignored.

Lastly, he darkened the sky, letting the bright lilac hues become a pitch black, lit only by what little light seeped through the storm (this place would be for them and only them).