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Cedric The Sensational Part 1

Previously on Rugrats/All Grown Up and Sofia The First:

"Here, Sofia." Kimi said.

Sofia looked at the paper, "An invitation?" she asked Kimi.

"That's right," Kimi answered Sofia. "you, Amber, Ruby, Jade, Lucinda, Lil, Angelica, and Susie are all invited to my house for a sleepover."

"I'll be there! And, I'll bring my Smurfs dvd collection!" Sofia exclaimed.

At the sleepover, Lucinda was wearing her lavender Dreamy Smurf pajamas.

The top had a graphic of whimisal looking Dreamy, like when he stared out a window.

The pants were the same shade of lavender as Lucinda's top, except they had a cloud pattern on them.

"Wow, Lucinda," Amber said. "you are just as obsessed with the Smurfs as Sofia is!"

Lucinda covered her blushing cheeks.

"Only Dreamy and Smurfette." Lucinda told Amber.

Now on Rugrats/All Grown Up and Sofia The First:

It was now a month later as Sofia was getting ready for her school day at Jim Junior High.

It was a Friday morning and that meant the next day was the day that Sofia and her three best friends, Jade Chen, Ruby Hanshaw, and Lucinda Valentine were going to see their favorite magician, Cedric the Sensational.

Jade, Ruby, and Lucinda all attended the same private school, Moonsong Prep.

The students of Moonsong Prep had to wear a uniform unlike the students at Jim Junior High.

Sofia walked to her dresser and grabbed a clean pair of underwear, a clean pair of socks, a clean pair of pants, and a clean sweater.

Once she was dressed, Sofia grabbed her parka, hat, scarf, and mittens.

A knock sounded on Sofia's door.

"Come in!" Sofia called.

Baileywick entered Sofia's bedroom.

"Miss Sofia, you and your siblings are not going to school today," Baileywick said. "it snowed last night so today is a snow day."

"A snow day? Oh man!" Sofia groaned.

"What's wrong, Sofia?" Baileywick asked.

"My best friends, Lucinda, Jade, Ruby, and I all have plans to see our favorite magician, Cedric the Sensational tomorrow, we got our tickets last month! Do you think the snow will affect our plans, Baileywick?" Sofia asked the butler with concern.

"I'm not sure," Baileywick said to Sofia. "we will just have to wait and see what the meteorologist has to say about that on the radio."

"Okay." Sofia sighed.

"Good," Baileywick said to Sofia. "now, come on, your strawberry greek yogurt waffles are getting cold."

"As James would definitely say," Sofia exclaimed. "brilliant!"