The Magic Show Part 3

It was now time for Cedric and Kimi to perform as Sofia and her friends looked at their menus.

Chuckie finished giving the customer her Triple Cappadappa Chino and went straight to Sofia's table.

"Hi, Chuck." Sofia greeted merrily.

"Hi, Sofia," Chuckie answered. "what can I get for you?"

"Four cups of your honey lemon tea." Sofia answered Chuckie.

"Coming right up." Chuckie answered.

Chuckie left as Cedric and Kimi came onto the stage.

Since Principal Pangborn wasn't at the Java Lava that night, Cedric wasn't nervous at all.

Cedric did all of his tricks perfectly with Kimi by his side.

After the magic show was over, Sofia called Baileywick on the cellphone that her father had given to her for emergencies.

Baileywick gave Cedric a ride to the train station, his show in California was over.

Then, Baileywick drove Sofia and her friends all home after Cedric boarded his train.