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Chapter 2 Dragons of All Colors of the Rainbow

Hogwarts Castle, Scotland, the British Isles

Harry Potter was terrified. Scratch that, he was almost shitting himself. Why? One would ask. Well after starting his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and finding out about the restarting of a tournament that hadn't been held due to a death toll in 1792.

Of course, despite magical safety precautions, his name managed to come out of a bloody flaming goblet and now he was stuck in the magically binding contract in the oh so deadly tournament. One of his best friends abandoned him and the entire school who didn't think it was a great joke, thought he was a cheat.

Two weeks ago, he had sent a letter off to a friend who was living in Japan as soon as he had found out the First Task of this Death Trap and the reason he was almost shitting himself. Dragons.

"Damn you Hagrid," Harry thought. Now he was the only Champion left in this tent waiting to retrieve a golden egg from a nesting mother dragon! The most vicious species to boot!

Just then he heard a whistle and a voice shout, "Will Harry Potter now enter the arena!" Harry took a deep breath and muttered to himself, "Well, here goes," and walked out into the arena. It was a deep rocky pit, surrounded by viewing stands.

At the far end was the Hungarian Horntail.

Fifty feet long, bipedal, bat-like wings, long tail that ended in dozens of bronze colored spikes, the first thought that came to Harry's mind was, "Whose fucking great idea was this?!"

Harry shook his head as most of the crowd cheered, although from the Slytherin section a chorus of boos were heard, mostly from Draco Malfoy and his little posse. The Horntail stared at him with a hungry look in its eye but made no move as it was chained.

Harry walked further into the enclosure, ducking behind a large boulder for cover in case the dragon decided to breath fire.

He raised his wand to summon his Firebolt, "Accio…"

Just then the dragon reacted, having noticed the wand movement. With a thunderous roar and a blast of flame, the mother dragon snapped the chain holding it in place and lunged for the young wizard.

The audience screamed in terror, more for their own safety than Harry's.

He ducked in and out from behind different boulders trying to evade the fifty-foot fire breath of this monster. People were screaming for the dragon handlers to do something, but nothing could be done.

With a well-timed blow of its tail, the Horntail slammed Harry up against the steep wall of the pit. In its rage it didn't notice the strange protection woven about the boy wizard's magic.

The crowd froze in dread, although Draco Malfoy could be barely heard shouting, "Oh, good. Potter's going to get eaten." The she dragon opened its jaw and roared in triumph and moved in for the kill as the dragon handlers burst into the arena to try to do anything they could. Just then another roar was heard.

A gasp went out and then someone shouted, "Dragon!"

A blast of lightning struck the ground in front of the Horntail and arced a line between it and the unconscious and bleeding Harry who had a tail spike driven deep into his shoulder.

All of a sudden out of the sky something very large and bronze colored hit the rocky ground in between the Horntail and Harry throwing up a large cloud of dust, obscuring any sign of Harry. When the dust settled, the something was revealed.

A large bronze colored dragon almost two and a half times the size of the Horntail with a rider on its back, who quickly slipped off and ran over to the unconscious Harry.

The Horntail, still hazed with bloodlust and angered at this intrusion over its rightful prey, growled at this new dragon.

However, two more dragons landed, a large white dragon and a gold colored one. The White dragon, which was a solid non-reflective, pure white, growled at the Horntail conveying an obvious threat.

The Horntail, furious, roared and moved to attack this newcomer.

The rider of the bronze colored dragon finished his examination of the unconscious and heavily bleeding Harry and shouted to a petite white-haired girl, "Spear! Get down here! It's really bad and we need to get him stabilized for transport! Stormfast, help Icestorm and Raja deal with that feral dragon! Tamarand can guard us!"

The bronze colored dragon then surprised the stunned crowd by speaking verbally in a feminine voice, "Of course my dear student." With that, the she leapt into the fray as the large male golden dragon placed his body between the fighting dragons and the working humans.

The crowd screamed as more dragons appeared overhead, roaring and shouting in fury. Red, green, black, brass, copper, white, silver and many more. The dragon handlers crept closer raising their wands to stun these new dragons.

Unfortunately for them, Tamarand placed his large head in front of them and growled in a deep masculine voice that was heard throughout the stadium, "That would be very ill-advised. Have you wizards forgotten our kind? Have you forgotten your own heritage?"

They froze and a yelp went out. Everyone stopped and looked.

The Horntail was down, still alive, but the two other dragons were not letting it move.

Icestorm lifted his large high crested head and spoke with a growling voice, "It appears that you humans have believed us extinct. You have forgotten the old dragons in favor of the unintelligent new ones. Humph!"

The petite girl climbed back on Tamarand and Stephen lifted Harry up to her as Tamarand lowered himself and extended a forelimb so that the boy could be strapped into a medical seat on the saddle. Once done, Tamarand took to the air for Harry needed emergency medical attention as soon as possible.

Once this was done, Stormfast let go of the submissive Horntail who slowly backed up to the nest, grabbed a golden egg in its mouth and tossed it towards the White dragon with a growl of explanation, who caught it in its mouth and twisting his head around, gave it to his rider.

Stephen climb back on Stormfast and signaled Icestorm and Raja to take off. Icestorm circled above the arena and then headed off after Tamarand. Stephen patted Stormfast on the side, a signal to take off. The Bronze dragon lifted off and then flew up towards the judges stand.

The judges froze as Stephen raked his furious gaze over them slowly. This done, Stormfast slowly turned and as she did so, the judges and nearby students got a brief look at four crests. The Bronze dragon pumped her wings several times as she moved towards the front of the dragon formation and led them out of sight over the horizon. The stadium erupted with shouting as the judges sought to regain control. This was going to be a major mess.

Kuoh, Japan, the next day

All of the students were back at the Academy. The tsunami that the earthquake had generated had hit an unpopulated section of coastal cliffs and so no damage or lives were lost. However, the first years had to make up their missed tests so the school was still blocked, with an hour break at eleven for lunch.

It was eleven and the students were let out for lunch and in the case of a certain three boys, peeping on the Kendo Club as they changed. The students flooded the courtyard eager to get outside after being stuck in the same classroom for hours.

Rias and Akeno also were sitting outside at a table under a tree as the Perverted Trio ran past being chased by the Kendo Club. Both well-endowed girls, who had curves to put porn stars to shame, were quietly chatting as Morgan strolled over.

"Girls," she said with a slight nod of acknowledgement as she sat down. "Sensei," the two Devils replied.

"Sensei," Rias asked, "Who are Aunt Tia and Grandfather exactly? You never really said."

Their English teacher laughed, "I know I didn't. It wasn't my secret to give. Ask Stephen that question."

As soon as she said this, someone pointed up at the sky and yelled, "What the hell is that?!" Massive wingbeats were heard as the three women stood up. Suddenly the students scattered and the Devils saw the reason.

With a flare of its three-hundred-foot wingspan, a gargantuan Bronze dragon landed in the courtyard, with Stephen on its back.

"Get medic Black Knight," he barked out. Morgan flicked her hand as she and the Devils arrived, a light shooting out at a such a speed that none were able to see it.

Soon after a Gold dragon landed followed by a White, who took up a defensive position along with the Bronze while Stephen and Spear tended to the now visible black-haired boy. He was wounded, badly, with a large bronze spike sticking out of his shoulder and bleeding profusely.

The three women rushed over to see if they could help. The students parted for heading their way was a 5'3" woman with hazel-gold eyes and long black tresses as well as breasts that were larger than Rias and Akeno's and possible Aunt Tia's with a strange silvery ring on her right ring finger. Dressed in a nurse's outfit, that while it fitted her properly, left little to the imagination chest wise, and maroon high heels, this was medic Black Knight, specialty magical injuries, also known as Kuroka the Nekoshou.

Kuroka rushed over to the badly injured Harry, where Stephen was currently staunching the blood flow but leaving the spike well enough alone until help got there. She pushed students aside in her rush with nary an apology, but no one complained as they all could see the seriousness of the situation.

Icestorm growled at her in warning as she approached, then stopped and allowed her through when he recognized who she was.

The dragons were taking this extremely seriously. At the growl, all of the students of Kuoh, who were extremely quiet, froze, recognizing instinctively the growl of a top predator.

However, both Kuroka and Stephen ignored the sound, focusing completely on the task at hand.

"That needs to be removed," the Neko said bluntly as she knelt down next to the boy. "Yes," Stephen grunted, "But it is too far in and we have to be quick in staunching the blood flow. I need another pair of hands…," he trailed off. "Sensei, how can I help," came a boy's voice. Stephen turned around and his eyes widened. Standing before him was Issei Hyoudou, a member of the infamous Perverted Trio. The brown-haired boy did not look like his usually self, goofy and perverted, now he was calm, level and serious, not even freaking out over the blood or the girls around him even though his friends were trying to cheer him on.

Stephen narrowed his eyes, and then nodded as Morgan and Aunt Tia set down several sealed vials of colored liquids. "Alright," he said, "Your intent is pure and true. We need to remove this spike. Luckily, aside from some muscle damage, nothing else was hit but we need to pack the wound while he is dosed with medicine until medic Black Knight here can get him to a more suitable area. Grab the spike."

Both boys grabbed the spike as Morgan shouted to Sona, "Miss Shitori, get the rest of the students out of here, now! They don't need to see this!"

The students scrammed.

"Ready, Issei?" The brown-haired boy grunted in acknowledgement.

"Ok, on three. One, two, Three!" As soon as Stephen said three, they pulled sharply dislodging the spike and completely removing it from Harry's shoulder as blood started to pool in the wound.

Luckily, Kuroka hadn't gone through the rigorous dragon medical training just for shits and giggles. She was certified to a professional level and could handle anything from a gunshot wound to a mother in labor. She moved with extreme efficiency checking to make sure that no bits of the Horntail's spike were left in the wound and then packed it after cleaning it out while Morgan and Tia used Harry's instinctive reflex to swallow to pour the vials of liquids down his throat as Issei was distracted by the spike itself.

The wounds slowly healed thanks to the magical potions, however, Harry was still out due to blood loss. Eventually Kuroka looked up.

"Nya," she said tiredly, "He's stable. Let's get him to a quiet place to rest and recover for a few hours. Fay-san?"

Morgan held the Nekoshou's gaze for a moment and then nodded.

"My office will be quiet enough for him to sleep," the English teacher said.

Stephen nodded and picked the unconscious Harry up. The Dragons and their riders took off heading to the mountains and their respective lairs. He headed to Morgan's classroom. As Stephen entered, followed by those who remained outside, the classroom quieted down.

Harry was laid gently on the couch in Morgan's office and Kuroka went in too many murmurs of the students. The Neko, being a Neko, had sharp hearing though and remarked loudly, "I am a trained medical professional. Nothing untoward will be happening so you can stop gossiping. It's rude. Stephen?"

The platinum eyed teen walked over and a hushed conversation quickly took place. He handed her two glasses and pointed to an area in the office, saying, "It is kept cold. I'll keep the door shut so that Harry can sleep." He shut the door.

Morgan sat down at her desk and had the students read out their journal entries for the chapters that they had read so far. After an hour of this, they finished and she had them turn in their journals for grading. Then the reading of the book began again. After what had been seen in the courtyard during lunch, all of the students had a drive to finish the first book.

Rias extended her mental senses, trying to find out about the new boy. Through the door, she could distinguish two auras. The first, more powerful than hers by a very large factor, had the distinct feel of a Youkai, the native Japanese supernatural creatures. This was Kuroka. The second, although younger in feel, was easily on par with her own if not a bit stronger. However, it did have a hint of Death in it for some strange reason, as well as the more obvious feel of Draconic magic. The Heiress smiled to herself. "He has to have a Sacred Gear!" She thought, "He would be a wonderful addition to my Peerage."

As Rias was thinking this, with the rest of the class more focused on the reading, Stephen's head snapped in her direction with his eyes narrowed. "Crafty little witch," he thought, and smirked to himself. Kuroka had easily caught what Rias was doing and had let it slide as it allowed the Neko to gain entry into the Devil Heiress' thoughts without her noticing. That is, until Rias started thinking about adding Harry to her Peerage. "I don't think so, young lady," he thought and extended his own mental abilities somewhat to intercept the Devil's and then through it flared a bit of his own aura.

Rias was completely focused on analyzing Harry's magical potential. Her very much hated fiancé wouldn't have a chance against her if this boy was in her Peerage. She was so focused that she didn't notice Stephen's probe slip into her own until it was too late. "Wait, what is that?" she thought as she felt another stream enter her own. Then a massive aura of magic and DRAGON hit her mentally and booted her out from her examination of the young man.

"Ouch," she exclaimed to herself, blinking her eyes rapidly, trying to clear her head of the massive headache that was threatening. Akeno leaned over in concern.

"Rias, are you alright?" Akeno asked lowly, so that no one else could hear them.

"Hai, Akeno," Rias replied, massaging her forehead as the headache cleared up. Just then the two girls felt hands and their shoulders.

"I would appreciate it," Stephen growled softly, "If you would leave my nephew out of your little games. Neither he or I care for them that much. Am I understood?"

Both young ladies nodded rapidly. Neither Devil wanted to get on the bad side of someone with an aura that strong.

"Good, see to it that you remember this." With that said he walked off to his desk to return to his paperwork and weapon sketches. These he often kept lock up and rarely ever shared with anyone else. But that is a different matter entirely.

The remaining hours ticked down as they continued to read. Kuroka exited the office briefly and whispered something to Stephen who vanished into the office.

Harry woke up confused. "Bloody Hell, where am I," he muttered, looking around. This was most definitely not the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. There also was no Horntail. His gaze landed on a five-foot three Asian woman with a rather large bust dressed in a nurse's outfit. She was rather beautiful in a seductive manner and was scribbling on a notepad. He knew that many of the boys (and some of the girls) at Hogwarts would sell their parents into slavery just to even have one date with a woman like this. The woman looked up.

"You're awake, nya," she said with an odd verbal tick. She stood up and stretching cat-like, she walked to the door and left the room.

Harry focused back on what he could remember. He knew he should be dragon chow by now. Then his dreams were just as odd. Someone had yelled out about a dragon and he thought, "Well, duh. That's the first task, idiot." Then a roar was heard in his dream, one not like the Horntail. A loud thud was next and shouting as more roars and fighting were heard. Then a deep voice, full of warning. After that he slipped further into unconsciousness of the dream.

All he could remember was flapping and a rocking motion and then nothing.

Eventually he had heard in his mind as he floated in a dark sea of blackness two voices. The first was deep and masculine, yet kind, and supportive, holding a weight of great power and authority.

"Hold on now child," the voice said, "You're safe and in good hands. No one will harm you."

The second voice then appeared out of the darkness. This one was feminine, softly pitched, yet had harsher strains to it, like someone who was used to complete obedience but who also had a caring side that was more of "let the child find out why you shouldn't do that" and shared the same weight of power and authority.

"Hmmph," the female voice said, "Safe for now. Remember youngling, there are four levels of stupidity known around the world of vastly increasing force. Stupid, Very Stupid, British Wizard Stupid, and British Ministry of Magic Stupid."

"Now sister," the first voice interjected, "He is a British wizard and most certainly isn't stupid. Just not guided very well. Perhaps Mirror and Razor would be good tutors for him."

The second voice scoffed, "Be that as it may, dear brother; he has done some rather idiotic things in his life. Maybe the Witch of Wishes would be a good tutor. Afterall, she was the one who taught young Stephen." The voice's tone then changed.

"However, that is in part due to his horrible relatives. I most certainly will be paying them a little visit in due time."

"As long as you don't end up killing them, I don't care," the first voice had muttered.

Harry murmured to himself, "Ok, so not Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall." Unfortunately for him, both voices heard him loud and clear. They laughed.

"Most certainly not, young one," they both said. Then the first voice remarked, "However it is time for you to wake up."

"Wait, who are you?!" He had asked.

The second voice answered, and sounded as though five beings were speaking at the same time, "In time you will learn, hatchling. But for now, there are those who await your awakening."

The Voices vanished and the darkness lightened as he had opened his eyes to see the woman and the strange room. And that is where he stopped as the woman returned with a teenage boy that clearly recognized him and vice versa.

"Harry," the boy said.

"Stephen," Harry replied, his eyes then shifted over to the woman.

"Nya, I'm Kuroka," the woman replied. She knelt down and touched his forehead.

"No fever," she murmured to herself, scribbling away on her notepad. She then tapped his scar with a fingernail. It was sharp for a nail. "This however, is concerning. My Senjutsu is telling me that there is something there but it can't tell me what exactly. Hmm. I'll need access to your library Stephen. I could ask in Kyoto or your mentor in Tokyo as she's closer, but knowing her…," she trailed off, looking at the other young man in the room.

"Yes, look in the library first before you ask my teacher. We both know how she is," Stephen turned to Harry.

"How are you feeling Harry?" He asked of the young wizard, his platinum eyes full of concern.

"My shoulder is rather sore," Harry replied as he rubbed it. "As well as my back. What happened?"

"Well you got slammed against the wall of that arena by the Horntail which is the reason for your back hurting," Stephen replied, "And considering the spike that we removed from your shoulder, I'm not surprised that it is sore." He grinned as something amusing came to him. "You get into more scrapes then I did when I was learning magic and my teacher was all for throwing me off the deep end and leaving me to sink or swim. But at least she would listen to my concerns." He shook his head as Kuroka grinned at him.

The Neko had met his teacher a time or two and she could definitely be a piece of work as well as a major source of entertainment when it came to her part time worker.

"Yes," Kuroka snarked, "That and drink her own weight in sake in a single meal without getting a hangover the next morning. That aside, I'm going to inform your mother that he'll be alright. M'kay?" She stood up and walked over to Stephen, her heels clicking as she went, and kissed him briefly on the cheek and then left.

"Ok, and she is who exactly?" Harry queried of Stephen, who laughed softly in reply, "As she said, her name's Kuroka. She's my fiancé, and by Christmas time, your new aunt hopefully Harry. Anything else you'll have to ask her yourself or find out. Not all of her secrets are mine to give out freely. Unfortunately, I can't give out a woman's secrets. But know this," The blonde-haired adult grew stern, "She can wield great magical powers and could snap you in half without even trying so it would be very wise of you to not piss her off."

Harry nodded and then returned back to the part of the conversation that really caught his attention, "New aunt?" he asked hopefully. Stephen chuckled in amusement.

"You are descended from my dear sister, Harry. One who I never got to meet due to being separated by the vastness of the river of time. Nevertheless, you are family and I know that Kuroka is hopeful that you will accept the offer of adoption. You will never have to go back to those horrible relatives of yours ever again."

"But Professor Dumbledore said that-,"

"Your Headmaster has no authority over your placement, Harry," Stephen said scornfully. "You have already been granted citizenship by both the magical and nonmagical sections of the Japanese government. They are not a part of that narrowminded, British led ICW."

Here he snorted, "More and more countries are beginning to see how Magical Britain actually is and are closing their borders to them. America, China, Spain, much of Africa, most of the Asian countries, Australia, and many of the Central and South American countries as well. The days of British magical rule is coming to an end. I'd like to see him try."

Harry held Stephen's gaze, "Then I accept your offer." He tried to stand up but was very unsteady. Stephen grabbed him and pulled him up.

"Ok, I can feel all of my limbs, I think I can walk on my own." Harry remarked.

"Alright, but take it easy. I have a meeting with one of the school clubs after two o'clock. If you want to come you can. Let's go."

The two left the office and entered the classroom. Kuroka was no where in sight. Though she was innocent, her name had not yet been cleared officially in the Devils government so while she couldn't be attacked and killed officially, there were those who would try it so she deassed the area pretty quickly. Better to be under the watchful eyes of numerous dragons than have an over zealous Devil or exorcist try anything. Not that it would get them far. Morgan was listening to the class read, and then the dismissal bell rang. The students stood up and began to leave.

Stephen called out, "Miss Gremory, do not forget that we are having a meeting this afternoon."

"Hai, sensei!" The crimson haired girl replied as she left, heading to the old schoolhouse.

Morgan stood up and packed her things as Stephen grabbed his briefcase and bag which Kuroka packed before she left. The English teacher/enchantress asked of him as she finished up, "Do you need me to wait or come with to help in explanations, Stephen?"

The young platinum eyed adult answered her, "Yes, please do come. That will help reassure them that I won't hurt them." The three left the classroom and began to walk to the old schoolhouse in silence as screams of "Die Perverts!" echoed from where the Kendo Club was training. Three boys ran past being chased by a group of girls all brandishing shinai.

"Ok, who were those three," Harry questioned as he attempted to ignore his sore shoulder as he leaned on Morgan to catch his breath for a second.

Morgan looked over at the three in question and scowled, "Issei Hyoudou and his friends. If you are wise Harry, you'll not have anything to do with them if possible. Especially not if you want to get a girlfriend anytime soon."

Stephen interjected, "They're known around here as the Perverted Trio officially, and perverted beasts by most of the girls. They are the three least desirable boys in the entire school because of their behavior. If you can, try to make friends with the Kendo club. That way at least you'll have several rather persistent girls preventing them from joining their little group."

"Well, I guess it is a good thing that I was raised in Britain then," Harry said wryly, "Stiff upper lip and all."

This caused both Morgan and Stephen to burst of laughing, Morgan especially, having grown up in medieval England. Both knew that Harry was right. Eventually, the humor died down and they continued on as screams and begs for mercy could be heard from the three perverts.

Soon enough they neared the old schoolhouse where the Occult Research Club was based. It was covered in vines and a light was on in a second-floor room. As they neared, Stephen said, "Mom, try to get in contact with my former teacher. She'll be rather effective with Harry I think."

The teacher looked at him sharply, "Are you sure about that," she said. "You do remember what she was like?"

Stephen grinned, "Of course I remember, which is why she'll be a good teacher for him. He'll not return to Britain after this year if I have anything to say about it. In fact, I think they'll get along perfectly. Yuuko is like that."

"Who's Yuuko," Harry asked.

"My former magic teacher. She's rather effective. You would like her. She has a bit of an air of mystery about her and is extremely strong magically as well as being extremely wise." Stephen grinned. "However, more about her later. I need to make you a weapon to carry around soon. An artifact if you will. My broadsword is one."

He continued, "Here in Japan, humans with magical abilities like wizards are allowed to carry medieval weapons for dueling and fights. You can have up to three. That shows that you are a member of the Justice Corps. That's a peacekeeping unit that works with the local magical law enforcement. I'm a member. One of the founding ones actually. The organization fell apart after World War Two, but was rebuilt a few years back."

He looked Harry over as they entered the old school house. "You would be classified under the Guardians. They're quick and use magic in tandem with a sword and are usually the first ones to respond to a problem. I'm a Sentinel myself, Mom's an Archivist, and Kuroka is classified as a Battle Medic. Yuuko can test you, she's one of the higher-ranking members, doesn't like killing though so she tends to keep an ear to the ground for potential members."

As this conversation was going on, they reached the room where the O.R.C generally had their meetings. The door was shut and Stephen rapped sharply on the door.

"Enter," a voice called. Stephen opened the door and Harry caught sight of a Victorian styled room that they then entered. Four students were in the room. The youngest was fifteen, with white hair and amber-gold eyes, and looked exhausted. The next youngest was sixteen, a boy and he was doing his homework. The last two were again girls, although they both had curves more fitting adult women. One was black-haired, with violet eyes and the other, who was sitting down behind a desk was crimson haired with blue green eyes.

Morgan shut the door and dragged Harry over to an unoccupied couch as Stephen sat down in front of the desk.

"So Rias," He stated, "Where would you like to begin?"