AN: This is to help keep Track of the characters in Return of the Dragons

To EmeraldGuardian7: Thank you for reviewing. I've read some of your work and think it is fantastic. However on to your question. Yes, Harry and the audience will be getting an explanation soon. Actually, that is what this is. However, Harry knows much of this information already through letters that he has been exchanging with Stephen since the school year began. Rias on the other hand, does not, so keep that in mind. As for how they now each other, that will come up in later chapters.

To Mayuri: Don't worry, Harry will not be a Devil.

Characters and Their Relations for Return of the Dragons

Harry Potter: one of the main characters, fourteen-year-old wizard in training from Britain. Owns a snowy owl named Hedwig, wields Holly wand with phoenix feather core. Around 60 generations worth nephew of Stephen le Fay and similar span of Stephen's elder sister, Nimueh. Was placed against his will in the Triwizard Tournament and has had some major family problems. His arch enemy is Voldemort.

Stephen Ancalagon Paladine le Fay: mysterious part dragon great uncle from the middle ages of Harry's. Is actually eighteen due to a time travel incident involving his uncle Null. Fiancé of Kuroka the Nekoshou. Son of the Arthurian enchantress Morgan le Fay. Only gives information when it is time. Can be infuriatingly cryptic and has a hidden temper. Not all that fond of any of the Three factions. Former student of the Witch of Wishes.

Morgan le Fay: Half-sister to King Arthur as well as Nimueh and Stephen's mother. Extremely powerful magically, has lived for over 1400 years. Spends her time collecting different artifacts and magical tomes. Is an Archivist in the Justice Corps of the Far East-New World Pact. Is an English teacher for all years at Kuoh Academy as well as offering college prep. Strict, but has a sense of humor that isn't often appreciated. Wise and calm. Unable to raise her son due to Null's time travel experiment.

Kuroka the Nekoshou: Stephen's fiancé as well as a Neko. Former Devil, her sister is Koneko. Has long black tresses and gold-amber eyes. Trained EMT specializing in Battle medicine and magical injuries. Loves children. Part or the Justice Corps.

Stormfast: Stephen's mentor in much of Draconic magic. A very large, female, ancient Bronze Dragon. Has an offensive lighting breath weapon and a defensive repulsion gas breath weapon. Very knowledgeable about the World Before This One and the shattered Planes.

Grandfather: Is actually Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. Second most powerful dragon ever and one of the last of the gods from the World Before This. Goes by Grandfather to throw the religious factions off his trail. Brother of Tiamat and Null and Subordinate to Ancalagon the Black. Powerful dragon god. Hates child abusers and dark magic users, Morgan and Nimueh both being an exception. Some of his followers in this are Stormfast, Tamarand, and Mirror.

Aunt Tia: Is actually Tiamat, the Chaos Karma Dragon, a title the Queen of Chromatic Dragons took on when the World Before This ended and this one began. Strict, doesn't suffer fools gladly and can be very harsh and downright evil when it is necessary, though she has a bit of a soft spot when it comes to her only niece and nephew and their descendants. Five headed Queen of the Chromatic Dragons, her temperament shifted greatly when the World Before This ended and the Planes shattered. Hates child abusers for some reason. The third most powerful dragon after winning a fair fight against her brother Null, though she still won't cross the dragon god of death. Sister to Null and Bahamut, and Subordinate to Ancalagon. Two of her followers are Razor and Brimstone.

Tamarand: A male Ancient Gold Dragon, Bonded to the Gnomish cleric and healer Spear. Tends to be reclusive, staying in his lair studying medical texts unless needed. Spear often joins

Icestorm: Adult male White Chromatic Dragon, Bonded companion to the paladin Raja. Worships Tiamat, but would be classified as neutral good under the alignments system of the World Before This. Disapproving of modern-day magic users, especially British ones. Not fond of Devils or the Infinity Dragon Ophis. Many of the Ancient Dragons, (Chromatics and Metallics) view Ophis as a petulant child and disregard her entirely.

Spear: Gnomish cleric and healer, has pure white hair and crystalline blue eyes. Seems very innocent but has a sailor's mouth when she's pissed. Stephen's right hand when it comes to the Justice Corps and Fireteam Dragon. Bonded to Tamarand.

Raja: Human paladin, appears to be of Indian descent. Wears heavy plate armor. Tends to be neutral good in his actions. Bonded to Brimstone.

Jasper and James: Dwarf twins. Jasper is the fighter of the group and front-line defense with Raja and carries a large double headed axe. James is the Bard; skilled with both dagger and words. Both go everywhere together and both are a little perverted in a humorous way. James is bonded to Mistcloud the Green Chromatic Dragon and Jasper is bonded to Hellfire the Red Chromatic Dragon.

Blarg: A goliath. He's the barbarian of the group which totally contrasts to his day job as a highly educated professor. Has a massive Warhammer called Shieldbreaker. Bonded to Ravine the Brass Dragon.

Raven: Half elven aristocrat and assassin. A veritable beauty. Acts like a perfect princess most of the time, but when push comes to shove, she can drop anyone. Kuroka's best friend off of the battle field, and flirts with anyone. Named for her hair. Stephen's left hand after losing to Spear. Bonded to Acid Rain the Black Chromatic Dragon.

Mistcloud and Hellfire: These two male Chromatics are true neutral and chaotic neutral respectively. Both looked down on European magic users but aren't usually far way from Jasper and James when they are spying on semi-undressed or completely undressed Veela.

Ravine: True to her name, Ravine spends most of her time exploring vast canyons in remote deserts when Blarg is off teaching. Unusually for a Brass Dragon, she's an extremely good jumper which helps her traverse her favorite terrain. She is the desert survival expert and a really good guide for all wild areas of the world. Sometimes helps paleontological teams make amazing finds. Bonded to Blarg. Chaotic Good like Blarg.

Acid Rain: The Resident poison expert on Fireteam Dragon and in the Justice Corps as well as assassination. A Black Chromatic Dragon, she has a much shorter temper than most of the team although having Raven around helps keep her calm. Can be very sarcastic. Quite often spends most of her time in the jungles and swamps of Southeast Asia. Is Lawful Neutral under the old alignment system.