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Interlude: Hogwarts

The week after the first task, Hogwarts and indeed the British Wizarding World was in complete uproar. The task had not gone according to plan. Howlers were flooding in from the ICW and the French and Bulgarian ministries wanting to know what the hell was going on. Fudge was inundated and they still hadn't figured out what those dragons, if they in fact were dragons, were doing free from a sanctuary.

At Hogwarts, the situation was just the same. Anarchy. Students watching the skies in fear, moving in large groups, or in the case of a few, tearing apart the library with Madam Pince's assistance trying to find out anything, anything at all, on the strange talking dragons. The dragon handlers were in a state of confused discussion, having calling in more knowledgeable handlers to figure out what had happened. Hagrid was often seen in their company doing the best he could to help.

The teachers were absolutely exhausted. Having to ride heard on not one, but three schools after Beauxbatons and Durmstrang decided that if dragons were roaming free, then a stone castle was much better as a defense then a flammable carriage or ship would be. Classes had been cancelled for the week much to the dismay of the Ravenclaws and one bushy-haired Gryffindor. The Heads of the three schools were rarely seen, only taking a quick meal and then vanishing once again into Dumbledore's office. And amusingly, Filch was having an easy week, as no one was willing to go outside and bring back dirt.

On the fifth day of the panic, at lunch, Hermione collapsed onto a bench, her already frizzy brown hair even more so. Everyone scooted away from her, knowing full well that she was not in the mood to be messed with. "Nothing," she growled, "Nothing at all on what those creatures were. I have scoured the entire section on magical beasts of the library and Madam Pince even checked the Restricted section. And there was nothing! I wrote to my parents two days ago because my Dad had mentioned a game his sister played with dragons in them, but I haven't heard anything back." On either side of her a Weasley twin sat, Fred on her left, George on the right and Neville across from her. Ron was staying out of her way as he was still somewhat estranged from her and Harry.

"I'm sure you'll find something Hermione," Neville spoke lowly, knowing that Lavender Brown was seated not far away, "I mean, there has to be something!"

Just then one of the school owls shot through the owlport with a package in its talons and made a beeline straight for Hermione, landing gracefully and waited for the young witch to remove the package before flying off back to the owlery. On top, there was a note from her father.


Your mother and I are not too sure what is going on at school, but I can tell you that here things are quite chaotic. I don't know if what you saw are what are described in the book, I sent you, but based off of your descriptions, they line up with what in being announced not only on all of the British news channels, but the international news as well. Read from page eighty-six through page one hundred eighteen. And as to the crests that you saw, I was able to find that out. They were in order, the symbols of House le Fay, the Platinum Dragon Bahamut, the great black Ancalagon, and the Dragon Queen Tiamat. I hope this helps and stay safe.


Hermione tore the wrapping of and there lay a book titled, Monster Manuel, with a large fleshy bodied, wide mouthed, tentacle eyed creature gracing the cover. Needless to say, Hermione rushed out of the Great Hall in a hurry and up to the Gryffindor common room, with many of her fellows not far behind. Once she got there, she eagerly began to read the respective pages, ignoring to references to dice. Not long after she started, the rest of Gryffindor House flooded the common room, with Professor McGonagall not too far behind.

When she finished, Hermione set the book down slowly. "Miss Granger," McGonagall said, "What was that all about?"

"Dragons, professor," she answered, "They were dragons. Highly intelligent and magical dragons. I hope the school can withstand their rage."