Chapter 6: Enter Asia, and a hatching

Tuesday dawned with a bright sky, but there was no typical beginning of the week slow start that Harry was used to. Before dawn had even broke, he had been woken up unceremoniously by Stephen, who left after making sure that he would not go back to bed.

Grumbling, Harry got changed into something clean and made his way downstairs to breakfast. He snagged something to eat and wolfed it down as Stephen hurried about making sure that he had everything for the day and the Morgan was ready to go. When the clock showed six thirty, Morgan appeared, ready for the day and ushered everyone to the car and they took off to the school, after locking up as they were going to be staying in a townhouse that Tiamat owned for the next few days.

Half an hour later, they were in Morgan's classroom setting up for the day. Testing had begun so everyone needed to stay in their classroom. Once set up was done, Harry was shown around the school by Stephen. Soon enough the students rushed to class and the school went onto intercom silence.

After a few hours, it was time for lunch and Morgan's classes were done for the day. However, she had to step in as a test proctor so Harry went wandering the city near the school for a few hours and Stephen vanished somewhere. Wandering around one of Kuoh's many parks, something got his attention.

"WAAAAH! Oof!" He spun around and saw sprawled on the ground a teen girl with long blonde hair in a nun's dress with wide bright green eyes.

"Warning!" His mind flashed. "Cuteness Overload! Capacitors reaching maximum!"

Harry shook his head and ran over to help the girl up. "Hey, are you alright?" he asked helping her up of the ground.

The answer came in Italian to anyone else listening (not that there was anyone else there) but to Harry, who had the knowledge of most major languages shoved into his brain by Bahamut after the Sunday incident.

"Y…Yes, I'm fine. May the Heavenly Father bless you for that. I'm Asia Argento. Who are you?" She answered.

"No one who'll be living much long, given he's heathen scum!" A crazed voice shouted. Standing there with a drawn sword in one hand and a pistol in the other, was a young man with short white hair and beady red eyes dressed in a clerical outfit. Asia became frightened.

"F-father Freed. You were excommunicated two years ago!" The young maiden shook in terror as Harry turned to face this threat.

"Doesn't matter now, since I'm going to enjoy ending both you and that heathen scum with you!" And Freed started to charge in, heading straight for Harry.

A flash of deep maroon flew from the air and embedded itself in the ground between them however, and a very familiar voice shouted at Freed.

"That's far enough Freed. Your time of unrestrained killing is at an end!" Hovering above them, her raven wings spread wide, was Raynare. She was in her usual revealing outfit and placed herself between Freed and Harry and Asia, another light spear in her hand poised to attack.

"Then I'll just kill you first, Fallen scum!" Freed shouted madly and dashed forwards bringing his sword down to cleave Raynare in twain. With blazing quickness, the Fallen parried the blade and sent the mad priest stumbling back. He tried again, now firing his pistol, which sent bolts of light at her, but Raynare wasn't going to fall that easily. She had failed as a Guardian Angel once, but there was not going to be a second time.

Trying something that she'd done long ago, before she fell, Raynare summon as much light energy as she could and attempted to release it in a shielding wave. Freed grew closer and closer with every passing second, his eyes gleaming madly as he prepared to fire again. Raynare swung her hand out in front of her, all the while thinking, "Father, please, forgive your daughter and if you can hear me, then please, help me!"

Just then a wave of light blasted out from her hand slamming into Freed and knocking him into a very large tree, winding him. This allowed Raynare to catch her breath, but she knew instinctively that this fight wasn't yet over. However, she took the time to make sure that Harry and Asia were alright. "Are you two unharmed back there?" She said turning around.

"Yeah," Harry said shortly, as Asia peaked out from behind his back. Raynare smiled softly, "Good." Unbeknownst to her however, Freed had recovered from his sling across the park and was rushing in to strike the distracted Fallen woman. Luckily for Raynare, Harry still had his seeker eyes and caught sight of this.

"Look out!" He shouted and Raynare whirled around. Freed's blade was going to hit her, she had no time to block, and at that speed and force, the crazed exorcist would end her life in one strike. Except that Freed had not calculated for one little important variable. Harry's usual response to people in trouble.

Harry reacted on an instinct and level that he had never before reacted. He moved. To a normal human, he appeared almost inhuman. His right hand reached for his left hip and grabbed something. As he brought it back to block Freed's attack, there was a hilt in his hand and a straight blade formed from it slowly, as if it were growing from the hilt, silvery bright from pommel to tip and encrusted with gems of deep ice blue. Harry's strike connected dead on with Freed's blade, and miraculously, shattered it into fine dust, the shockwave of which, sent the exorcist sliding back thirty feet.

"You heathen scum! Repent!" Freed screamed drawing his pistol again and taking aim. A deep draconic voice echoed in Harry's mind, "You are my successor, my heir. Defeat this fool and listen to the Concordant Dragon's successor. It is your destiny."

With this, Harry raised the longsword over his head as it began to glow platinum and, combining his voice with the one in his mind, brought it crashing down in Freed's direction, shouting, "BALANCER'S SHINING BLAST!" From the blade the platinum glow shot out streaked out, and into Freed, slamming into him with the force of a fully-loaded runaway half mile long freight train and then shooting up into the sky where it detonated in the shape of a sword balancing on the point of a needle. Needless to say, Freed was dead, his body collapsing to the ground.

Harry stood there, gasping for breath, as Asia and Raynare ran and flew up to him. "Mister, are you alright?!" Asia asked, immediately bringing out her Scared Gear, Twilight Healing. He replied to her, leaning on his new scimitar, "I'm fine, Asia, and please call me Harry." He turned and looked Raynare in the eye, as the Fallen had landed and folded away her wings, "And as for you, Stephen told me what was found out."

Raynare froze. "However, having put under the Imperious curse at school, I don't hold you responsible for your actions." Harry smiled, "Shall we put all that behind us?"

Raynare's eyes widened, "Yes. Let's do that, Harry." Then she quickly leaned in and pecked him on the cheek, smiling to herself. Harry blushed red as his mind went to a very happy place. Raynare giggled in amusement at this seen, causing Harry to quickly shake his head to clear it. Just then the three heard rocks crunch nearby.

Coming up the path in a rush was Tiamat and Stephen. The Dragon Queen came to a stop and immediately began questioning them as Stephen went over to investigate the body.

"What just happened? I saw that blast from the other side of the city and I know that symbol. Lendys was here wasn't he? And who's this?" She asked, the last in reference to Asia.

Raynare answered, "Freed Sellzen just happened. He's dead now. Harry killed him with that blast. I don't know who Lendys is." Then Asia shyly introduced herself, "I'm Asia, ma'am, Asia Argento."

Tiamat raised an eyebrow, "The Holy Maiden? I thought you were ensconced in some convent run by the Church."

The blonde-haired girl, stuttered, "I, well, I was sent here by the Church, but-," just then she was interrupted by Stephen. "It's Freed, alright. He's good and dead. I'll send the body to the Church." He extended a hand over the body and the body glowed and then vanished.

"Let them figure out how a dead body landed in the middle of their top-secret facilities." He chuckled grimly. "Send them into more of a panic. I should probably warn Grandfather that we may be getting visited by an angel soon enough."

"And what of the resident devils?" Tiamat sharply asked.

"As you know, Grandfather's still pissed at Sirzechs, so….," he trailed off as Tiamat smiled darkly.

The Dragon Queen turned to the three. "Alright, let's get you back to the school. Harry, do try to take a nap when we get there," she said, turning away. Harry looked at his uncle, who just quirked an eyebrow at him and followed Tiamat. Sighing, Harry followed, Raynare and Asia not far behind.

They made their way back to Kuoh Academy and Tiamat led them to the Old School Building. Stephen grumbled lowly, "Wonderful. We have been summoned by the Great Weeb." Heading up the stairs, they headed to where the O.R.C had its headquarters. Tiamat knocked and waited. After hearing a "Come in," they entered and found sitting in the club room were Akeno and Kiba.

The Dragon Queen lead the group in, Akeno quickly rushing to seat the guests, glaring though at Raynare as she entered, but stopped when Tiamat addressed her, "Miss Himejima, enough."

Stephen fixed Akeno with a looked, "Akeno, where is your manga loving mistress?"

Akeno giggled, "Stephen call her as she is, she's an otaku and you know it. She's in the shower."

"Hmmm, okay then. There were some events that happen today that she may want to hear."

"What events?" Kiba inquired quickly, hearing the shower shut off, hoping that this would speed Rias up. "In two words?" Stephen replied. Kiba gave a short nod. "Freed Sellzen." The Prince of the North Wind said this loud enough that even without Devil hearing, Rias would be able to hear it. Sure enough, there was a shriek of, "Freed Sellzen was in my territory?!" and rushing around. Not long afterwards, Rias came strolling out from her room, looking stunning as usual. Sitting behind her desk, she leaned forwards, and said, "Repeat that again, please."

Stephen couldn't resist the urge to needle Rias first. "I assume that my mother asked you to keep an eye on Harry while she was proctoring, and that is why my aunt here came to fetch me, Great Weeb." Rias froze at this, and then shouted, "I'm a manga enthusiast!" Akeno shook her head, "Rias, you are a weeb."

"I am not a weeb!" Rias shouted

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not!"

Both Rias and Akeno were really getting into this argument now when Stephen spoke up. "Hey, exhibitionists! Focus!" While Harry muttered, "Wow, and I though Lavender was a ditz." The two well-endowed girls froze and robotically turned their heads towards the Prince of the North Wind, and shouted, "We are not exhibitionists!"

Kiba couldn't let this fly however. "Rias, Akeno, your current state of attire says otherwise." The two looked down and promptly squealed and darted out of the room. Stephen and Harry were quietly grinning to themselves at the successful prank and Tiamat had dropped her Queen of all Dragons image and was quiet literally rolling on the floor laughing!

Five minutes later, once the boys and Tiamat had gotten rid of their giggles, Rias and Akeno returned, glaring at Stephen. He cut them off however, "I had nothing to do with that, girls. That was entirely on you. However, I believe that we should get down to business. Freed Sellzen was just here apparently threatening my nephew and this young nun, then Raynare here stepped in to defend them, at least, that is what I have gathered."

Raynare inclined her head, "Yes, that's what happened. Freed and I then fought, and after blasting him back several times, I check to make sure that Harry and Miss Argento here were alright. Unfortunately, I did not see Freed recover himself and that very nearly cost me as I was too late to do anything. Harry did see in time and somehow managed to draw and swing a blade in time to shatter Freed's exorcist blade and knocked him back a good distance. After that, I really don't understand what happen, Harry just brought the blade down and an energy blast slammed into that mad exorcist and into the sky and blew up."

Rias leaned in over her desk in curiosity, "Very interesting, do you still have the blade, Harry?" The wizard nodded and pulled it out of the sheath that had formed and placed it on the coffee table as the Gremory Princess moved to examine it. At first glance, it looked like a classic Late Medieval Longsword, albeit a very beautiful one, with silver all over the cross guard and through the hilt to the pommel and encrusted with deep frosty blue sapphires and an etching at the base of the blade in gold as well as strange runes running down the length of the blade on both sides as Harry flipped it over.

Rias looked closer and could sense power in this sword, the origin of which she couldn't pinpoint, but it had some sort of divine aspect to it that screamed JUDGEMENT. It also glowed softly with a silvery light and the Devil heiress dared not touch it. She peered closer to make out the etching. "There's an etching," she said. "Describe it to me," Stephen told her. "It looks like a sword that is balanced on the very point of a needle, and I mean point to point on the needle with a sun around that point. It is gilded and with the runes on it, I can tell this is a very important and very valuable weapon, but that is all."

Stephen and Tiamat shared a look and Bahamut's grandson bent down and picked up the blade. The corner of his mouth twitched a bit and he uttered slowly, with great weight in his voice as he read the runes, "Whomever wields this blade, is the right wise King of all mankind."

"WHAT!?" The Devils in the room yelled out, as did Harry. Raynare and Asia's eyes were wide. Tiamat was laughing, "You do realize that it doesn't actually say that? Although, in a way it does." All heads turned to look at her, except for Stephen who was grinning widely. The Dragon Queen became very serious, "The Iokharic runes on the blade read, Blade of the Balancer, Lendys. That this blade is in Harry's possession in a very telling thing for those who know of the old times, or were there in the case of a few. Especially after that blast, which I assume that you all felt, yes?" The blue haired woman raised an eyebrow and the Devils nodded.

Just then, the final bell rang and the students were dismissed for the day, though most were staying until the clubs were done for the day. Rias turned her thoughts to Freed Sellzen. "What did you do with the body, by the way. We do have to keep things hidden." Stephen shrugged, "It was dealt with. Sent off to the Church with a warning. Though I expect they'll be a little occupied with other things to be worrying about a dead rogue exorcist." "What things?" Harry asked as Rias stared at him with a look in her eyes.

His eye started to minutely twitch. "Really," Stephen said in a deadpan, "I know that Kuoh is a little insulated from the rest of the country, being a student town and all, but you haven't even seen what is going on around the world?" Just then there was a knock on the door. "Enter!" Rias called and the door opened to admit Sona and the rest of her Peerage, as the Student Council room had been taken over by graders for testing. Sona instantly saw the stare down going on and asked, "What's wrong now?" Stephen answered her, "Miss Gremory is a major weeb," which caused the red head to protest.

"I fail to see how Rias' obsession with anime and Japan in general is a major problem warranting a stare down." "Miss Sitri, you keep up to date with international news yes?" This question caused realization to dawn on Sona, "Ah, yes, I understand now. Rias?" Sona gestured to the television in the room. "Of course, Sona." Soon enough, the television was on and the news was playing.

"This is Amy Claire reporting from the Vatican City. Not five minutes ago, what appears to be massive red Dragon landed on top of St. Peter's Basilica. So far, the Holy See has not commented on the very large threat aside from sending representatives to attempt to speak with the massive beast. Citizens of Rome and much of Italy are in a state of watchful panic after several hundred of similar creatures of all colors tore through the skies around major cities. The government requests that everyone remain calm and to not attack the beasts until further notice. Over to you Tom."

"Thank you, Amy. Similar situations and sightings have occurred around the world in almost all major cities, but no one currently knows anything about them except that they started only one week ago, not three days after the leaders of every major country received a message from someone important and met at the White House. Who? We currently do not know. What we do know is that whoever sent the message wished for these creatures to live in peace with humanity, and that they appear to be exactly like creatures described in the popular RPG or Role-Playing Game known as Dungeons & Dragons."

Rias sat down stunned and turned the television off. "So that's what you meant by the Church being busy. I'd imagine that the exorcists must be going insane over all this." "Yes," Tiamat answered, "And with the information that young Lucifer gained last week, I'm quite certain that the Underworld is in a similar state." The Dragon Queen was darkly amused. "Well, then, I must get going. Things to do, Supernaturals to terrorize, ceremonies to prepare." With that, Tiamat disappeared. Stephen looked at his watch and his eyes widened, "Well, we need to be getting home. Harry, Asia, Raynare come on, it's time to go. We have business to do tonight." Much to the confusion of the Devils present.

Raynare quirked an eyebrow, but slipped into her Yuuma disguise and followed the two boys and the nun out where they met up with Morgan. The enchantress led them through the streets of Kuoh to Tiamat's townhouse. It was only a few blocks away in the wealthy residential district. Morgan fished out the key that Tiamat gave her and unlocked the door and led the group inside. It was furnished well enough, considering that Tiamat didn't use it all that much. Everyone collapsed, but both Morgan and Stephen knew that it would only be for a short while.

After an hour-long nap, and a quick dinner, Morgan ushered Harry off to a room with clear instructions to put on the clothes laid out and sent Raynare into another to put something more appropriate for the evening on. When Harry emerged, he was dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt and black, tight fitting pants with leather boots and greaves on his shins. Over the shirt was something very similar to a tabard of the Middle Ages, divided into quadrants of blue and pure white with a leather sword belt around his waist. Strapped to the belt in a sheath was the sword of Lendys. When Stephen joined them, he was dressed in a similar manner, but had armor on his shoulders and going down his arms and his tabard was golden and white and a multicolored circular amulet around his neck and no blade.

After fifteen more minutes, Raynare finally came out, dressed in a very flattering, but tasteful dress of deep black. Morgan, who was dressed akin to Raynare but in emerald green, stood. "Well then," She said, holding out a card with a fiery magic circle on it, "grab hold." When they did, the circle flashed and the colors around the flashed into flame red and they landed elsewhere. In the middle of a forest, on a path that led straight in one direction. Taking the path as it was lit with orbs of light, they followed it through the forest, eventually emerging into a massive clearing at the foot of an active volcano.

Lava flowed around the edges of the clearing and yet there was in areas piles of snow, warm sand and other strange environmental factors that should not exist together and the air was alive with static-electricity and lightning as the volcano belched black clouds into the sky. This wasn't any place on Earth. Also, in the clearing, all around the edges were Dragons.

From the wildest of Whites to the glitteriest of Golds, all were represented and in great multitude. And they all were huge. Full grown adults to gigantic ancients, they all sat there regally, though expectantly. In the center of the clearing was an altar, made of a flat, mossy boulder and on that boulder sat two eggs.

These eggs were the largest that Harry and, indeed, Raynare had ever seen. Almost three feet tall and a foot wide, they were about the size of a US half-barrel beer keg. The first was of shining silver, and gleamed. On the boys' right, facing the altar, the second egg sat. This one was of deepest blue and while it wasn't reflective, it had a luster to it that seemed to surpass most jewels. Just then, the sound of wingbeats filled the air. It sounded like thunder. Swooping down from the sky were three Titanic Dragons. They were easy to identify as they were so unique.

One of them was Tiamat, the five heads of Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White making it easy to identify the Dragon Queen. The second was Bahamut, as no other Dragon had such platinum scales. The third one, seemed to be a void almost, and screamed Finality with the capital F. Morgan's growl as she caught sight of this one made it rather obvious who this was.

This was Null. The Dragon god of Death and Undeath, and unbeknownst to everyone present, the creator of the Deathly Hallows. The three landed, the ground quaking as they did. Tiamat stood behind the blue egg, and after Null had placed something on the altar, Bahamut behind the silver egg. Morgan quickly realized that Raynare too was being given an egg. And quickly hissed in her ear to stand with the boys. Null stood behind the egg that he had placed. This egg was green, so green that it would blend in with the shadows had it not been so lustrous in the candlelight that illuminated the altar.

"Step forwards," Bahamut commanded and the three slowly approached and ended up in front of the altar, Stephen in front of the blue egg, Harry before the silver, and Raynare gazed upon the green egg. The boys' armor gleamed, Harry's a shining silver, and Stephen's seemed to be different colors depending on the angle.

Null spoke first, his voice a barely audible whisper, "The three of you were chosen for this, though two of you did not know. One of you lost your way long ago, but has found that path again." Tiamat then picked up, speaking with five voices, "Two of you have already begun your journey to your ultimate destiny, while one has barely even started, but yet, you must work together to see it through to the end." Bahamut ended, "The eggs in front of you are not mere pets nor are they just familiars, they are your companions for life. Take them, and place them into the nests beside you and observe."

The three lifted the eggs as from behind Morgan, Asia watched with wide eyes. Slowly, for the eggs were of a decent heft, the three turned. Raynare found a nest that contained a solution of acid and wet leaves and carefully place the unexpected egg down into it. Harry found a pile of snow that, when he placed his egg in it, nestled it gently. Stephen knew what to expect, a pile of warm sand that he partially buried the blue egg in. Everyone watched with baited breath as squeaking could be heard from all three eggs.

Suddenly, there was a cracking of shells, that distinctive sound of cracking eggs. Soon enough, each egg split open and the wyrmling Dragons emerged. Raynare's was such a deep green it was nearly black and with its long neck, flowing sail down from its head to the base of its tail, red eyes and front limbs longer than the back ones, made it rather striking as it shook itself free from the egg, and at a mental explanation from Tiamat, launched itself into the Fallen's arms. The Green spoke, his voice, for it was a male, a bewitching purr, "So, you are the one to be my companion, or I yours, or perhaps both. What will my name be, I wonder?" Raynare thought for a moment, "Aconite is your name, a beautiful but deadly plant. I am Raynare." The Green purred in happiness.

Harry's egg had the top of it blown off in an icy cone blast, causing a localized flurry. The wizard reached down and extended his hands to the wyrmling who squeezed out of the egg and, some how having been informed even though still in its egg, the Silver greeted his companion. "Greetings, heir of Lendys," the young silver spoke, sounding very wise even though he had just hatched, "I am honored to be your companion." As he scrambled up into Harry's arms, the wizard responded, "And I am honored to be your companion, Silvermist." The now named Silvermist gave Harry a smile and clambered up to perch on his left shoulder with his tail coiled around Harry's right arm to help balance the wizard. Harry reached up and gently scratched the wyrmling, causing Silvermist to lean into it more and coo happily.

Stephen waited for his Dragon to hatch. Soon enough, it did. The exposed part of the egg was lifted up and the hatchling ever so gently tipped it off. One look was all that was needed. Clytemorrenestrix would be her name, Nestrix for short. The Blue wyrmling was a beautiful thing. Most of it was the deepest ultramarine, except for the underside of its wings and underbelly which were a pale sandy yellow. Just a nub of the distinctive horn that would later grow in was there. The Blue spoke, her voice calm and level, but with a hint of pride, "Greetings Concordant one. It is a pleasure to meet you." Stephen smiled, "And you as well, Clytemorrenestrix. I name you after a distant ancestor of mine, long since gathered to her forefathers. Please accept this." Clytemorrenestrix gave a smile, "I do accept this honor, though perhaps on a daily basis you just call me Nestrix?" "Of course, Nestrix." Stephen extended an arm, dispelling his armor so Nestrix would not hurt herself, but the young she dragon flared her wings and, miraculously, managed to take off for the short distance to end up around and on Stephen's shoulders, where she lay like a cat.

Morgan and Asia rejoined the three as the two male wyrmlings eyed each other and mentally agreed that yes, they would be friends. The group of eight looked up as Bahamut spoke again, "Congratulations, to all of you. I eagerly await your futures' when you take your proper places." A subtle tail twitch from Tiamat had all of the Dragons in the clearing raising their heads and as one, letting their elemental breaths fly high into the sky where, after colliding, exploded into the greatest fireworks show ever. When the lightshow had ended, Bahamut spoke again, "Now, it is time for you go head home. It is getting late and all of you, including the hatchlings, need sleep." A bright flash of light blinded them for a moment and then all eight found themselves back in Tiamat's townhouse.

Exhaustion then caught up to all of them, including the wyrmlings and they all staggered off the get changed and go to bed. The lights had barely been turned off before they all were fast asleep.