After Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko woke up in the morning all November long, They shocked as the snow comes down really hard and made them blush. So they ran out and heading home but was caught by the freezing storm came. They freeze until the storm stops. The girls went to see Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko getting stuck by the icy cold iceberg like freeze.

The girls got the hammer and they are free to go. Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko ran to Harekaze II and the Harekaze II girls are freezing to death. As they close by the bedroom, Maron Yanagiwara was freezing and made her iceberg caught her. Rin Shiretoko cries for her tears came down filled with flodd of her eyes.

Akeno Misaki wears her scarf on and Rin Shiretoko wears her scarf on too. They all sat down to the pile of snow in the ground. "Hey. Rin?" "Yes?" "How come we got cold in the winter?" "I don't know. The Harekaze II froze and them all freezing." "Yeah. I Know." "Those are our girls." "poor you." As they talk about what happened in Harekaze II, they all went to sleep.

In the morning, the snow is falling very softly, Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko woke up and saw a cute flurry on Rin Shiretoko nose. They got up and see all flurries coming down softly. "Aww. How cute." And so they start to get their love tunnel to make for their kiss and eating noodles. "All done." She said.

"Wow. That is so lovely." Rin Shiretoko said. And so they took off their coats and scarf and tights and shirts and skirts and bras and panties so they can feel warm. "Wait. What happened to our clothes?" "Oops." So they took the clothes back on. Rin Shiretoko starts to put the noddles into her mouth and Akeno Misaki puts her noodles into her mouth as well as Rin Shiretoko's. As they slurp into their mouths, they finally kissed.

Akeno Misaki lays down on her ground and Rin Shiretoko is on top of Akeno Misaki body and Akeno Misaki takes off her tights and panties and Rin Shiretoko does it too. Not only the way off all the clothes. Akeno Misaki pushes up towards Rin Shiretoko's Vagina and Akeno Misaki pounce up against her tummy.

Rin Shiretoko made her last pounce and her cum is all over her Vagina and Akeno Misaki's Vagina. So they take on her panties and tights so they can feel warm again. They are waiting for their new baby comes out and made them a little noodles left. And so they went to sleep and made her blush as Rin Shiretoko was red.

The End. Hope you enjoy the story. Yeah so. I will probably delete all my doc managers so I can Make a new story by next year. See ya in Next Year.