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Troubles at Privet Drive

"Boy, get out here and cook breakfast now!" roared a beefy man with a mustache. Harry Potter, also known as 'boy' at Privet Drive among his Uncle, Aunt, and cousin, Dudley, rolled out of bed, easily finding his glasses. He walked into the kitchen, tired though alert due to his fear of his uncle's fowl mood. Harry Potter was a wizard who was sent to live with his mother's family after the darkest wizard of all days had killed his parents. He had been abused as long as he could remember, but when he got to Hogwarts things had seemed to improve for him. But now they believed him powerless, he had gotten beaten with a belt for lying about a godfather, so, to them, he no longer had protectors. On top of that, his friends were not allowed to send him letters for fear of them being intercepted by Voldemort. Harry always made up Divination, but he could definitely predict that this was not going to be a good summer.

"Coming, Uncle Vernon," Harry said, getting out the bacon and frying pan. "Dudley, are you still on your diet?" Harry asked, wincing as his uncle slapped him across the face.

"Don't you ask things like that. Cook breakfast!" Uncle Vernon returned to his paper, muttering something along the lines of 'rude scoundrel'.

"And if you even think about eating today, you better get your chores done right!" Vernon said, handing him a page-long list. "What the—" Harry trailed off, thinking that to himself. He turned to the frying pan and rolled his eyes, knowing better than to do so in front of the Dursleys.

"Hurry up!" Dudley whined. "I'm starving."

"With a belly that big, I don't think you'd ever be considered starving," Harry thought to himself. "I'm hurrying, you don't want it undercooked do you?" Harry was hit hard in the back, forcing his hand to make contact with the frying pan in front of him. He bit his lip to keep from swearing.

"Don't you ever talk to my Dudley like that, boy!" Uncle Vernon roared.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry whined obediently.

"Get to work. Remember no meals until you're done."

Harry started outside since it was still an almost cool morning. He mowed the lawn, weeded the garden and organised the shed before noon. He came in and was able to vacuum the floors, dust, sweep, and mop before dinner time. He cooked dinner and then he had to dust the attic, and get started on cleaning Dudley's room before he went to sleep. He went to sleep dreaming of the Halloween Feast.

Harry woke up before everyone else this time. He just lay in bed, knowing the Dursleys would think him up to something if they saw him awake before them. Eventually, he heard Uncle Vernon stumbling around. "Only a few minutes until Aunt Petunia knocks on my door to 'wake me up'," Harry thought to himself. As if on cue, Harry heard a sharp knock with the shrill cry of, "Get up, boy, you've got chores to do!"

Harry followed her instructions, looking at the five items left from yesterday's list—

Reorganise the cupboards

Sort Dudley's Laundry

Change sheets in Petunia/Vernon's and Dudley's beds

Clean the toilet

Clean Dudley's room

"Just making breakfast, doing the list of chores and I may get a good dinner," Harry thought to himself.

"We're going out for breakfast. Here's a list of chores, if we find one little bit of food missing, you shouldn't expect any meals or freedom for a week. I'm expecting a call, write a message on the notepad if anyone calls," ordered the large Uncle Vernon, shoving him another piece of paper. He looked over it. Wash the car—how was he supposed to wash it if they took it out to breakfast?! Organise the garage—organise it? It was all labelled boxes and Dudley's old broken bicycles! The list went on, those two being the most absurd of the demands.

Harry was working on the bathroom when he heard the telephone ring. "Hullo, Dursley residence"

"Hullo, is Vernon Dursley available?"

"I'm afraid not," Harry answered, "may I take a message?"

"Yes, this is John Carlson, your father's boss, please tell him he is fired and may contact me for further details. Thank you, good afternoon." The man hung up, and Harry wrote the note.

He was wading through Dudley's room when he heard Uncle Vernon's roar. "Get down here, boy!!!!" His knees shook as he dashed down the stairs. "What kind of a joke is this???"

"What?" Harry noticed the notepad. "It's not a joke, I swear."

"You will pay for your insolence!" and Vernon began to hit Harry repeatedly with all his might. Harry tasted blood before passing out.


Arabella Figg looked through her bag, making sure she had everything she would need before she left. She glanced over to the next house, 4 Privet Drive. She saw Harry's Uncle enter, trailed by his Aunt and Cousin. As she was in the chimney she heard him roar "Get down, boy!!!!" She hung back a few minutes before hearing "You will pay for your insolence!"

She flooed to Hogwarts, needing to get started on her secret mission from Dumbledore, only to stumble upon Severus Snape. He seemed to be the only one there. "Severus, I'm afraid Harry may be in trouble, I heard his uncle…it didn't sound good. I have to get going, please go check on him, I haven't the time. You know."

"Fine, Arabella, I will check on him," Severus grumbled.


Severus Snape took his time, "He probably just did something to his cousin…it could have even been his cousin," he thought, "and now I have to check on him all because he got in trouble and grounded for a week or something." He got there about a quarter of an hour later and knocked on the door of 4 Privet Drive thinking, "Why me. Why do I have to check on the cheeky, trouble-making boy?" There was no answer, but he heard a crash inside. "Someone probably just knocked something over while coming to the door," Severus's mind justified, but after a few moments and two more crashes, he decided that was not the case, "Alohamora!" he whispered, waving his wand. The door unlocked and he was free to enter and did.

To say that the sight that greeted him was shocking was a serious understatement. On the floor lay the Boy-Who-Lived, covered in blood, weak and fragile, arms and legs twisted in the wrong direction. About a metre away stood his Uncle, an obese, ugly man. His face was purple with anger, and an expression of shock and disgust filled every part of his fat face.

"What in heaven's name did you do to the poor boy?!" Snape hissed.

"I…I don't know…I came home…and saw the note. I yelled at him and punished him…then I rang him up…and this happened,"

Questions ran through Severus's mind, such as What note? Rang up who? and most of all Why? Severus looked over the boy, checked his pulse and made sure he was breathing, though his breath was shallow. "You," he turned to the dark-haired, long-necked so-called sister of Lily's, Harry's Aunt, "what happpened?"

"I don't know. Potter did something he wasn't supposed to and he was punished," the woman answered, as if it were something that could just happen any day, though she seemed intimidated by him. He levitated Harry's body and pulled out an emergency portkey to his auxiliary and secret Snape Mansion. In America. He hated Yankees, but his great grandmother had been one, so his great grandfather built a Snape Mansion a few miles from Derry, Maine. He touched Harry's unconscious body and felt the familiar tug around his navel.

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