My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive. 6 months ago, I was falsely accused of murdering Clifford Devoe a.k.a. The Thinker. Baring Oliver, everyone believes I killed him. I am inmate 121984

I walked back and forward in my cell, upset that everyone including Iris believed that I had killed Devoe. I ran right into his plans. I could still see their faces as I was convicted of murder. None of them tried to help, none visited. Iris slapped me, asking for a divorce. Joe...Joe told me my mother would be rolling in her grave.

I watched the news a few days ago, watching Vibe and Kid Flash fight a meta.

It took them 3 hours and 6 blocks worth of damage before the meta they fought was defeated. I watched the news report afterward. "Vibe, Kid Flash. Where was the Flash? We haven't seen him in over 6 months?" The news reporter said. I watched as Wally and Cisco turned towards each other. "Yea, Flash is on sabbatical. Even if he was here, Kid Flash is even faster than he is." Cisco told the lady. though she looked skeptical and responded with,"Isn't 6 months long enough?" Cisco's response to that was to just portal away.

I sat in my cell, thinking about everything. As a kid, my mother was killed and nobody believed me. When I became the Flash, the man who made me told me I would never be happy. Zoom said under different circumstances, I could've been just like him. Even Savitar, who is future me, told me that life sucks.

After creating Flashpoint I thought my hardest problems were behind me. I guess not.

I continued my thought when a guard came to my cell. "Inmate 121984. You have a visitor." She said. I looked up. Maybe Patty came back, or even Oliver for another visit. Imagine my surprise when I see someone I've never met. It was a woman. She saw me and smiled. I sat down and grabbed the phone. "Who are you?" I asked. She had a country feel around her.

"Dear Mr. Allen. Have you forgotten me already?" She asked. I was stunned. "What do you want, Devoe?" I growled out. She/he smiled. "Just checking in on you Mr. Allen. You see, I told you. I have thought out every plan you could've ever dreamt of to defeat me. And now, here we are." She said.

I sighed and just looked down. "So you just came to taunt me?" I asked. The smile on her face got even wider. "Oh, no. I came to give you a fighting chance. I have given the CCPD evidence that you were innocent. I can't wait to see you on the outside Mr. Allen. I'll want you after the enlightenment." She informed me, getting up. She looked down at me. "And by the way, I only need 4 more of the meta's. Goodbye Mr. Allen." and with that, she walked away.

As I was walked back to my cell, I thought about it. I should be happy. I really should, but it wasn't my family who got me. It wasn't even my friends. It was my enemy who has threatened to devolve everyone's minds.

Time skip

It was morning time when I was woken up. "Inmate 121984, you're being released." A guard told me. For the first time that I can remember since being here, I actually smiled. As I was walked out the front gate, I took a long breath of fresh air. Then...I ran.

I pasted over the ocean, through Europe, through Asia, then to Starling City. I thought about what I should do. After the Dominators came, the Legends were fine with me. No, no I won't go to them. They were very hypocritical. How can they get mad at me for messing with time, trying to save my mom yet they literally do it everyday from what Oliver told me.

I looked at myself in the reflection in the water of the bay. I am no longer the Flash. First, I need a new base and suit. I downplayed how smart I was so that the team felt wanted or even needed. After all the crap Cisco has pulled, I don't know that I want him as a friend anymore. I laughed to myself as I already decided no to have any contact with them unless they called me first.

I found an old lab on the out skirts of Central City. I started making my suit. Instead of the red with yellow streaks. I'm making it fully white, with a gold outline.

Earth 1266 (Marvel/DCverse) Percy/The Creator pov

I sensed something wrong. I looked into a portal and watched as Earth 1's Barry Allen was betrayed by his friends. As he lost so much. In response to that, I gave him full access to the speed force. The ability to take and give away another speedsters speed.

Earth one

As I was working on my suit, I felt a change in me. I could feel it. All the knowledge of the Speed Force. I turned, and ran out of my secret lab. Running into the speed force, I felt I could reach light speed. As I entered it, I noticed it was easier. I just thought about it and ran into it. I feel the Speed Force surrounding me. I could become the fastest speedster ever.

I exited the Speed Force with knowledge of all the worlds. I knew about why Thawne hated me, the different Earth's, and how to move Earth's like Zolomon did.

I continued to work on my suit, but I also started working on Gideon. She would be a great help. 2 weeks later I finished my suit. I hacked into multiple satellites and installed them into my lab which lets me know on my hud screen i my mask. My suit resistant to fire,water, tears, and bullets. I went on a test run. I heard about a group of people who wanted an Argus transport.

I have been watching Star Labs. They think they can handle this, but they have another thing coming. I guess it's time to make my debut.

After I was falsely imprisoned, my friends left me. Betraying my trust, and leaving me in jail has made me feel nothing towards them. After being freed, I decided to continue being a hero, but under a new name. The name of the man who has tormented Barry Allen's on multiple Earths. I am...Godspeed