Red lightning ran all throughout the city, skies darkening turning red as if the Sun its self went dark. Godspeed tried to catch up, but the lightning was getting faster and faster. Superwoman trying to catch him, but she isn't as fast as Godspeed so she's isn't doing any better.

Suddenly, it stopped showing the Reverse Flash in all his glory. He sat by the edge of the city, a place where nobody could get in the way of the fight. Godspeed and Superwoman arrived not long after he stopped. Godspeed and Reverse Flash stared at each other, Godspeed glaring at Reverse Flash even though he couldn't see it.

"You're new, yet so predictable. You just can't follow the timeline, can you. YOU'VE TAKEN MY HOME TWICE NOW." Reverse Flash yelled out, trembling with rage. Godspeed just continued to glare. "This all started with you, Thawne. You killed my mother, erasing your timeline. You engineered events that messed with your timeline. I bet you even gave me a team so that I would have to rely on them, always needing a second opinion on what I do. Well, I see that I was fine on my own. Even made a new team. You won't ruin my life anymore. I'm not Flash. I'm not Savitar, God of Speed." Godspeed finished while charging at Reverse Flash.

They ran at each other so fast that all that Superwoman was able to see was the red, white, and yellow colors of their lightning. Godspeed punched Reverse Flash in the stomach, knocking him back. He got up and grabbed his red lightning throwing it at Godspeed only for him to catch it and throw it right back.

Godspeed raced around the plains chasing Reverse Flash. It was like he was playing with him. Reverse Flash turned and ran back at Godspeed, splitting into two different people. One ran at Superwoman while the other stayed with Godspeed. As they collided, lightning struck ten feet out leaving charred grass and trees.

Reverse Flash picked Godspeed up by his throat. "Your mother raised you well, so well. Too bad she was taken from you." He muttered in Godspeed's ear. Lightning raced over Godspeed's body as he punched Reverse Flash into the air. He grabbed his leg once he was high enough then slammed him onto the ground. "You will never touch anyone else!" He shouted angrily.

-Line Break-

Superwoman dashed forward while Reverse Flash was away from Godspeed, not knowing this was a time remnant, trying to slam him to the ground but he side stepped it letting her fly into the ground. "You know," He started."I fought Superman, in the future. I beat him." He told her before taking off into the city with Superwoman following.

She followed the red lightning to a base that said A.R.G.U.S.. She followed Reverse Flash past the A.R.G.U.S. base, watching a battle take place. It seemed to be a one sided fight with one man taking on multiple people.

When Superwoman looked forward, she saw too late a fist going towards her face. Reverse Flash had ran a mile away then ran back at her, charging up the power of an infinite mass punch, hitting her with the power of a dwarf star. She flew through three buildings before hitting the street five blocks away from where she originally was.

Superwoman wiped the blood away from her face, trying to stand up as she saw Reverse Flash coming closer. Just as he was about to get to her, he was hit from the side.

Killer Frost stepped into the light and blasted him again and again with blades of ice. Reverse Flash tried to run only for more ice to get shot into his leg. "I killed the Black Flash. You think you'll get away from me that easily?" She asked him with a small smirk on her face.

He looked at her. "Caitlin...or is it Killer Frost. Do you actually live up to the name? I mean after losing Ronnie then with Zolomon, I have to wonder how this didn't happen earlier. Or is that really why you went to Savitar. You wanted Flash." Reverse Flash was stalling for time. He knew he needed to stall for his plan to work, but it all counted on his partner doing his job.

Growing more angry at his words, unaware of any ulterior motives, Killer Frost made a sword of ice and stalked towards him. "Don't do it, Frost. He is stalling for time. We need him alive if we want to find out what's going on. Doesn't it seem too coincidental that him and Devoe attack at the same time?" Superwoman asked her, still trying to stand up showing that she was hurt more than she wanted to let on.

Reverse Flash just smiled as he vibrated himself to heal just a bit faster, not that they were able to see. He then got up and ran at Superwoman, but before he could get to her...he was stabbed in the heart. He turned and saw that Killer Frost never really turned from him and was ready the second he moved.

He fell to the ground, coughing up blood. "World's will live, world's will die and this universe...will never be the same." Reverse Flash told them as he faded away.

Standing up Superwoman glared at Killer Frost. "What have you done?" She asked angrily. Killer Frost turned away from her and walked away. She stopped a few feet away. "I've dealt with enough speedsters to know when we are dealing with a time remnant. Where is Barry, Superwoman?" Killer Frost finished before walking away.

-Line Break-

Barry stood over Reverse Flash, lightning coursing all over his body. "You will pay for everything you have done." Barry whispered, knowing the man on the ground could hear him. Chuckling, Reverse Flash sat up trying to lean against a tree.

The red in his mask died down so that Barry could see his eye's. "Do you know why I hate you?" Eobard started as he took off his mask. "Not the crap I fed you last time, but the real reason? I hate you, because I looked up to you. I wanted to be a part of your flash family. Hell, I wanted to be you. You never noticed me. You treated me like I was just like everyone else. Like a bystander. You should've loved me, yet you rejected me. Then you went and got yourself killed. I saw an opportunity. I took your place. I took your family, and your wife." Eobard finished looking at Barry.

Barry dashed at Eobard, only for him to dodge at the last second. "Everyone thought I was you and oh, how i took advantage of that. I destroyed your legacy. I took your family. It was bliss...until Wally West showed up, tricking me back to my time. Wally may have defeated me and stopped what I was doing, but I realized I was your reverse. For every person you saved, I would kill 10 more and after I killed Iris then you showed how ruthless you could be." Eobard told Barry as he continued as he tried to dodge every punch and kick that Barry sent at him, getting closer every time.

The two speedsters continued to run around the city until they were on top of Mercury Labs. "Then I came here, after I found out what time you were from. I found your name. I finally got rid of the Flash, only to be stuck in this primitive time for over 15 years. I finally had a chance to go home and you ruined that, making me hate you more and more. Next came Flashpoint where you LOCKED ME IN A CAGE LIKE AN ANIMAL. Who was then villain then, Flash?" Eobard asked Barry. Eobard couldn't see his face due to the mask, but he knew that Barry was glaring at him.

"Now here we are," He continued,"My timeline is ruined again, leaving me with no option but to come here to the source. Only to find the center of my problem is Central City. I'm going to kill you, Flash. Once and for all. It may not be today, but I will kill you." Reverse Flash finished.

Godspeed and Reverse Flash ran at eachother, both with their fists raised. When they connected, you could see the energy released from miles away. Reverse Flash turned and ran down the building with Godspeed trying to tackle him from the side.

Godspeed caught up to Reverse Flash and punched him in the back of his head, sending him flying into a car. Reverse Flash raced towards Godspeed, charging the super sonic punch. Godspeed rolled to the side, trying to hit Reverse Flash from the side after he missed only for him to lean back sending Godspeed flying over him before running off.

Godspeed threw bolt after bolt of lightning at Reverse Flash for blocks until one managed to finally hit him, knocking him forward. Godspeed continued running at him, ready to deliver the final blow only for Reverse Flash to jump up and trip Godspeed. He zoomed over and grabbed Godspeed by his throat. "You know, a version of you was Savitar and yet you hate me more than him. Well, let me tell you something that will make this worse." Reverse Flash started, "Of all the people you have faced, you've always had trouble against family. Well I'm going to let you in on a little secret. WE. ARE. FAMILY." He finished, staring up at Godspeed who stopped struggling in shock.

"Yes, you're my uncle. Eddie Malcolm Thawne was really your twin." Eobard told him laughing. "Now, it doesn't even matter. It's time to finish this." He said as he started vibrating his hand. Right as he was about to shove his hand in Godspeed's chest, he was hit from the side by a woman. She stepped forward in what looked like Savitar's armor without a mask. She glared down at him and told him, "Step away from my father you futuristic piece of shit."