Rilla is 10 and Rilme is 8. Obi-Wan will not be appearing much in this chapter.

This is about when Rilla and Rilme first find the secret tunnel from Play Ball: The Continuation.


Chapter 5... Secret Tunnel

Rilla and Rilme Kenobi were walking down the temple halls to one of the Archive entrances.

There were several entrances to both the Archives and the Library even though they were both connected inside, but the entrance they were heading to was closest to the back of the Archives which would have the most info on what they were researching.

"How do you think Obi and Garen, and Bant and Reeft are doing on their researches?" Rilme asked, moving some of her hair out of her face.

Rilla glaced over at her before speaking. "Who knows. It mainly depends on what they can find on their topics."

"What are they researching?" Rilme asked after a moment.

Rilla was slightly surprised that she didn't have any idea as to what the others were researching. "I think Obi-Wan and Garen are researching the history of the Jedi Code, while Bant and Reeft are researching the history of the Jedi Council."

"So, how come we have to look harder for the history of lightsabers?" Rilme asked, confused as to why the others had gone to the front entrance of Archives instead of the the entrance the two of them were going to.

Rilla looked at her before saying, "I have no idea."

Rilla and Rilme were pulling down and putting back up datapads on all of the selves in the back of the Archives. So for they had only found three datapads with info on the history of the lightsabers.

"This is annoying!" Rilme said exasperated.

Rilla looked over at her "We haven't tried that shelf over there yet," she said pointing to a shelf at the very back of the Archives. "Maybe it'll have something."

Shrugging, Rilme made her way over to the shelf with Rilla. The two started taking off datapads and looking through them to see if there was anything on lightsaber history.

On the top middle shelf, Rilla found a datapad that would not come out, "Rilme, come help me get this datapad out."

Sighing, Rilme got up to help her sister. The two pulled and pulled, before it finally came out... Or so they thought.

It appeared the datapad was now only slightly tilted, so, getting up, Rilme pulled on it one more time.

It went down some more and then the two girls heard a slight groaning sound before the shelf moved to the side revealing stairs leading down.

"Cool," both girls said in unison. They then proceeded to go down the stairs, completely forgetting what they had been doing.

When they got to the bottom it was dark, but, thanks to their enhanced abilities from the Force and the fact that Livians could see in the dark, they were able to see to turn the lights on.

The room they were in had shelves lining the walls except at the entrance and another doorway that led to a second room. What surprised them the most was the fact that the selves were full of books that were made from real paper! The few books that were in the Archives were not even made out of paper, rather they were made out of flimsi.

"Wow. I think we might have just hit the jackpot," Rilme said, coming out of the shock of finding so many paper books in one area had put her in. She looked over at Rilla who was also coming out of her own shock, "How about you go see what's in the other room?"

"You can," Rilla said looking at her as well.

"Why me?"

"Because you suggest it, so that means you should be the one to check it out." Rilme just glared at her before crossing her arms in front of her and went to look in the other room.

More shelves lined the walls in the second room as well, so she turned around and walked back in to the first room.

Rilla was looking at the books on one of the shelves when she turned back into the first room. "There are more shelves in there. And what are you doing?"

"I'm looking to see if there is anything on the history of the lightsabers in any of these books," Rilla answered her as she pulled other book of the shelf, "Come help me."

"You know, Master Nu is not going to be happy that we're looking through these without gloves," Rilme said as she joinied her sister in looking through the books.

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her," Rilla said smirking.

"So, I take it we're not telling anyone about the rooms?"

"Master Yoda probably already knows. Plus we can come here to get away from the others," Rilla answer Rilme's question.

"Good point," and with that the two got to work.

After they had finished their research, they left the rooms turning the light off behind them.

Making sure no one saw them, they exited the secret passage.

Then the two girls started for the Temple Refectory, where they found the others waiting for them.

Garen looked at the two approaching girls. "Where have you been!" he all but shouted, "We've been waiting for forever!"

Rilla and Rilme just stared at him for a moment before walking by him into the Refectory. "We've been researching. What have been you been doing?" Rilla asked.

Garen opened his mouth to speak before deciding against it. He jogged to catch up with the others.

The next day during History, they gave their report to Master Te Haen, their history teacher.

"Thank you, girls." he said when they gave him the report. "Now, go take your seats."

"Yes, Master Haen," they replied in unison.

"Now, class…"

After History class the day after that Master Haen gave everyone their reports.

Garen Muln and Bant Eerin A

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Reft A- (Your datapad is sticky and their is mention of food where there shouldn't be)

"What did you guys get?" Garen asked after Obi-Wan (who was now glaring at Reft) finished reading his and Reeft's grade.

"Rilla and Rilme Kenobi A (Good job girls)." Rilla read.

"Where did you find everything?" Obi-Wan, who had stopped glaring at Reft when his twin had started reading, asked.

"In the Archives. Where else?" Rilme answered.

Everyone just stared at the two girls. And no one ever learned about the secret tunnel.

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