A single water-drop had descended to an unknown spot on the ground.


All she saw was pitch black darkness, with no indication of where she could be.


The drops followed an exact, rhythmic pattern.

She tried to get up, only to fall back over. It was during this that she realized how different her body felt.

"Hello?" she asked. But there was no reply in this mysterious, cold area.

'What happened to my voice?' she pondered. Maybe she was just imagining it, but her voice definitely sounded different.

She was trying to piece together exactly what was going on. But a conclusion eluded her.

"Where am I?" Again, no response. "Help me, please! I don't know where I am!"

She was alone. Her form felt different and she hadn't the slightest clue where or what this place was.

She panicked as the paranoia weighed down upon her. "Please! Help me! HELP ME!"

"Hey, did you hear that?"

It was then that the stomachache she had gotten from worrying suddenly dissipated with hope. "I'm over here!" she called, in reply to the male voice.

"Hear what?" asked another male but somewhat deeper voice.

"It sounded like it came from over that way," replied the previous voice.

The sound of steps drew closer. "Are you in here?" asked the deeper voice.

"Yes!" she called, her head whipping around to face the direction the voice had come from.

"We're gonna get you out," said the voice.

"You will? Thank you, THANK YOU!" she cried in sheer joy.

"But first, we need you to stand back as far away as possible."

"Got it!" She still hadn't figured out what was going on with her body… maybe she was just imagining it felt different because of the complete absence of light to the degree that having her eyes open or closed made no discernible difference. Nonetheless, she crawled across the floor until she felt a wall, and then touched it to be sure it was the end. "Okay, ready!"

She heard a noise that sounded vaguely like an airplane landing, only this noise was increasing in pitch until it was finally cut off by a bang noise, followed by the sound of rocks crumbling and falling. She cringed as her dilated pupils were abruptly exposed to the light that suddenly shone through, revealing a pile of rocks beneath the open space, as well as lighting up the place to reveal that she was in some sort of cave, and that she had been stuck inside a secluded area, until the rocks sealing off the opening could be dislodged. There was another, albeit shorter, build-up noise to another, albeit less powerful, bang noise, before more of the rocks fell. The remainder of the now-smaller pile was pushed away to reveal two creatures she recognized as a Riolu and a Popplio, the former of which was holding a burning torch to illuminate the cave.

"Nice Focus Blast, Riolu!" remarked the Popplio, in the same higher-pitched voice from before their appearances had been revealed.

"Thanks," the Riolu acknowledged casually, in the deeper voice. He then turned his attention to the previously-trapped subject. "Are you okay?"

This only caused her to gasp in fright and jump back a bit. "You talked?!"

"Well… yes? What, did I offend you somehow?"

"Okay… talking Pokémon… now I know for sure none of this is real… this is just a REALLY bad hangover…" She put a hand to her head… except it wasn't a hand, as seeing it in front of her would reveal. It was a paw; the padding a fleshy pink color with the coating of brown fur around it. She looked at both of the new replacements for her hands, then felt two things on her head and pulled one of them down in front of her face to look at – it was a long, pointy ear that bore resemblance to two edges of a circle put together. She bowed her head down past the cream-colored collar on her chest and looked underneath her torso, then got back up and turned her head around to look at a teardrop-shaped tail, brown like the rest of her fur with a tip the same cream color as her collar.

"But… HOW?! Why am I an EEVEE?! I'm supposed to be a HUMAN!" she shrieked.

The Riolu folded his arms with a look of unprecedented resignation. "Wonderful… our first client turned out to be a lunatic."

The Eevee looked up in fury. "I am NOT crazy! I'm actually a human being! And my voice is supposed to sound different!" she protested, taking off the red bracelet that she didn't remember putting on her wrist.

"Right… come on, Eevee, let's get you back to–"

"I have a name! My name is Alesia!" Riolu clearly wasn't helping out with her mood.

"Well, Alesia, just because you have a different name doesn't mean–"

"I believe you!"

The Popplio had said that. Alesia paused as the rage subsided from her face. "You… you do?"


Riolu rolled his eyes. "Popplio, please…"

"What? Why would she lie? What's in it for her?"

Riolu knew better than to try and use conventional logic on his companion. "Let's just get you out," he told Alesia.

Popplio held out his fin for Alesia to hold. She accepted it and got up, then put her paw back down to the ground and placed one before the other. "I think I've gotten the hang of walking," she admitted.

"Great," said Riolu, although he didn't sound impressed, apparently feeling as though he didn't owe it to what he thought should have been a simple task for the Eevee.

"Great!" said Popplio, in a far more sincere and enthusiastic tone. "We'll have you out in no time!"

Riolu led them with his torch illuminating the way, as well as providing a source of heat, which the empty cave lacked. Popplio followed, and Alesia went after them, hoping they weren't all lost.