Chapter 15: Luigi's True Courage

Dimentio- Oh yes. Well done Mr. L. You've managed to remove every single one of Infinite's ghost out of all the other heroes. Very impressive for a bunch of sidekicks.

Luigi- Don't call me Mr. L, Dimentio! I've told you how much I hate that nickname!

Dimentio- Not like Pit listens to Dark Pit when he tells him about what he thinks of the nickname Pittoo.

Infinite- It took a lot of energy out of the Phantom Ruby to make all those ghosts you know!

Tails- What are you even doing here, jerks?!

Dimentio- Haven't you figured it out? We're the one who made this haunted house. You might've defeated all of our ghosts, but we can still finish what we've started and do to you what we did to the others!

Tails- Should've known these ghosts were your creations, Infinite!

Luigi- Or those painting Mario and the others were trapped in were a pocket dimension created by you, Dimentio! Was this Tabuu's plot?

Dimentio- Sadly, no. This was my plot, but Master Tabuu refused to listen to what I had to say before I could speak one word. Matter of fact, Master Tabuu has been acting weird lately. Ever since "Attack of Tabowser" he's been acting like he's shifting his focus from getting his revenge on the Mario's to looking for someone else. But anyway, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see the entire Super Mario Brothers' Team hanging in his gallery in his palace. Despite the fact we left Subspace without permission.

Luigi- Tails, the red star you sucked up earlier…pass it to me!

Tails shot out the red star from his Poltergust, but it vanished before Luigi could grab it.

Infinite- You ****ing fool! Those powerup items Mario's body was using were simply made by the Phantom Ruby. And like how I can create them, I can also make them vanish. How else could Mario have gotten a red stat without visiting the Commit Observatory and speaking to Rosalina? But if you really want a powerup item, how about these?

Infinite snapped his finger and a bunch of poison mushrooms appeared surrounding Luigi and Tails.

Luigi- Not poison mushroom!

Luigi jumped on Tails' back and shook in fear.

Tails- Luigi, can you please get off before you throw out my back?

Luigi jumped off of Tails' back.

Tails- Is there something wrong with these powerup items?

Luigi- Yeah, the poison mushrooms actually hurt us…literally. Haven't you ever played "Super Mario Brothers: Lost Levels", because if we grab a poison mushroom, it will be like taking damage.

Unfortunately for Tails, a poison mushroom touched him from behind and Tails shrunk to a 1/3 of his size.

Tails (in a more high-pitched voice)- What's happened to me?!

Infinite- Looks like someone let a bug into room. And bugs need to be squashed!

A giant boot appeared above Tails, but before it could drop on Tails while he was still tiny, Luigi grabbed Tails and pulled him away just in time. Then Dimentio fired a magic beam similar to a Magikoopa's attack, and aimed for Luigi. Luckily, Tails regained his original size, grabbed Luigi, and flew off to dodge that magic attack.

Dimentio- What's wrong, Mr. L? You and Tails can't figure out what to do without your brother, Sonic, or the rest of the team to back you up?

Infinite- Let's end this little game.

Infinite snapped his fingers and a large gong appeared right in front of where Tails was flying. Then Luigi and Tails crashed into the gong and fell to the ground. While Luigi and Tails were a little disoriented, Infinite created a bunch more ghosts with the Phantom Ruby and sent them after Luigi and Tails. But before they reach the two, a sparkling blue powder was sprinkled from above. As the powder got to the ghosts, they all fell asleep.

Infinite- Hey! What's going on here?!

Dimentio and Infinite looked up and saw a Poke'mon called a Butterfree using sleep powder on Infinite's ghosts. The Butterfree quickly flew out an open window before Dimentio or Infinite could grab it.

Infinite- What was that?

Dimentio- I believe it's a Poke'mon called a Butterfree, but where did it come from?

Infinite- Doesn't that Poke'mon Trainer own a Butterfree?

Dimentio- He used to, but he released that Butterfree so it could make out with a pink female Butterfree. Also, the six Poke'mon Ash was equipped with were Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, Torracat, Lycanroc, and Sceptile.

That little distraction not only gave Luigi and Tails time to get back up, but get up close to them. Luigi hit Dimentio with a perfectly timed super jump punch and hit Infinite with the tails spin attack from Sonic Adventure and knocked them against a wall.

Infinite- Enough fooling around!

Infinite reached down and looked as through his hand reached right through the floor. Suddenly, Tail's legs were grabbed by a pair of hands reaching from the floor and pulled Tails' body halfway through the stone floor.

Tails- Luigi, I'm stuck! You go to do something about this!

Before Luigi could, Dimentio appeared right behind Luigi and covered Luigi's eyes with his hands.

Dimentio- Guess who!

Then Dimentio and Luigi flipped similar to flipping in Super Paper Mario. Then they reappeared close to the ceiling of the room and Dimentio let go of Luigi and caused him to fall and hit his head on the floor.

Luigi- Mama mia…

After tweetie birds were finished circling around Luigi's head, Luigi collapsed to the ground.

Dimentio- I see Mr. L didn't last long.

Infinite- Now to our cornered fox.

Tails struggled as much as he could to pull himself out of the floor, but he wasn't having much luck as Dimentio and Infinite were closing in on him. Luigi managed to open his eyes, but his vision was still a little blurry and his head was spinning. But Luigi thought he saw a mysterious figure in a black cloak place a red star right in front of him.

Mysterious figure- Here, you might be needing this.

Luigi rubbed his eyes and shook his head. They mysterious figure was nowhere to be seen, but the red star was still right in front of Luigi.

Luigi- Was I just hallucinating just now?! Never mind! I gotta save Tails!

Tails kept trying to pull himself out of the floor, but then we saw Dimentio and Infinite standing directly above him.

Tails- Oh shit!

Infinite- Don't worry, Tails. I'll make sure you're hanging right next to Sonic after we've given you all to Master Tabuu!

Dimentio- Time to say goodnight!

Suddenly, a fist punches Infinite in the face and knocks him through a wall.

Ultra Luigi- Goodnight!

Once Infinite was knocked out, his illusion over Tails was broken and Tails was no longer stuck in the floor.

Tails- Yay! I'm free!

Dimentio- This can't be! There weren't supposed to be any real red stars around here!

Ultra Luigi- Well, I guess you were wrong, Dimentio!

Tails- Luigi, where did you find that red star to turn into Ultra Luigi?

Ultra Luigi- Not sure really. I thought I saw someone place it right in front of me, but Dimentio did drop me on my head earlier and I'm not sure if what I saw was real. Speaking of Dimentio, maybe I should drop him on his head like he did with me earlier!

Dimentio- Don't think you've won yet, Mr. L! I'll used all of Master Tabuu's power to…

Dimentio was suddenly cut off as an anvil was dropped on his head.

Dimentio (in a goofy cartoony tone)- Dahhhh…where's the leak ma'am…

Then Dimentio fainted and dropped to the ground. Ultra Luigi and Tails looked up and to their surprise, they saw Fang sitting on the rafters of the room while dusting off his paws.

Ultra Luigi- Is that Ty's son, Fang? How did he get all the way up there?

Tails- I'm more curious as to how a baby Tasmanian tiger managed to carry a two-ton anvil all the way up there to drop on Dimentio without injuring himself.

Fang looked like he was about to jump, but Ultra Luigi and Tails shouted at Fang not to.

Ultra Luigi- Hold it, Fang! You might injure yourself if you jump!

Tails- Just stay there and I'll fly up and get you down!

Tails flew up to the rafters and grabbed Fang before placing back on the ground.

Palutena (telepathically to Ultra Luigi and Tails)- Well done, you two! Now that Dimentio and Infinite are knocked out, I can finally free everyone from their paintings!

Ultra Luigi- Really?!

Mario vanished from his painting and the painting became blank. Then Mario's body opened his eyes and stood up.

Mario- Mama mia…I've got a splitting headache.

Ultra Mario- MARIO!

Ultra Luigi rushed over and gave Mario a big hug.

Tails- What about Sonic and the others?

Palutena (telepathically to Tails)- Don't worry. The others are returning to their bodies as we speak.

Mario- Hold on…where did Dimentio and Infinite go?

Ultra Luigi and Tails looked and saw Dimentio and Infinite were gone.

(The next day at Peach's castle)

Luigi and Tails were sleeping on a couch in the foyer of the castle while Mario and the others were cleaning up the mess that was made. Luigi and Tails happen to have been covered in bandages. Tails even had a bandage wrapped around his forehead.

Donkey Kong- Do they really have to sleep while we have to clean up all this?

Mario- They did just save us last night. I think they deserve the rest they're getting.

Sonic- Agreed. Luigi and Tails have been through a lot. Not to mention they sort of got attacked by us…or ghosts using our bodies to be more accurate. To be honest, I never would've imagined Tails would be rescuing me for a change.

Ty- I can't believe Fang did what he did to knock out Dimentio. How could Fang lift an anvil?

Ash- Maybe he takes after his father.

Ty- Ash, even I can't lift an anvil without me Shadow Bunyip.

Shantae- I'm also surprised the real us didn't suffer any damage when they were battling our possessed bodies.

Pit- I think Lady Palutena used the power of healing after they got the ghost out of our bodies.

Kirby- Say, what do you suppose happened to Dimentio and Infinite?

Link- Who cares, honestly.

(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Dimentio and Infinite were trying their hardest to try and sneak back into the palace without anyone seeing them.

Infinite- This is the last time I agree to work with you on any of your ****ing ideas!

Dimentio- Keep your voice down! We need to get back to our rooms before Master Tabuu wakes up and we might manage to avoid Tabuu realizing we left last night…

Suddenly, the lights were turned on in the room. Dimentio and Infinite slowly looked behind them and saw Fawful with his finger on the light switch.


Standing behind Fawful was Tabuu. Tabuu was wearing pink pajamas, fuzzy slippers, and holding a coffee mug that said "World's Greatest God."

Tabuu- And where have you two been?!

Dimentio and Infinite stood there and cowered in fear as Tabuu was glared at them. Infinite's left eye even twitched a bit.

Infinite- Seriously, Dimentio…this is the last time I'm ever working with you…

Tabuu walked right up to Dimentio and Infinite with an unhappy look on his face.

Dimentio and Infinite at the same time- (gulp)…

The End