No two writers ever go about things in exactly the same way. As much as I might like to be as good as Stephenie Meyer, and as much as I might love her work, I am not her. My writing will never live up to that. As Beau would say, we're "not even in the same stratosphere."

We all have our own inspirations and intentions. We all have our reasons why some characters really stay with us. Honestly, I've never truly figured out why the characters and story of Life and Death became my obsession; all I know is that one day I was reading a book that had me so entranced that I couldn't accept the fact that it came to an end. I was like a vampire trying animal blood in place of a human's. I was not fully satisfied.

The story had to go on. Stephenie Meyer created a world I wanted to live in. I wanted to crawl inside this book and live it. I wanted to be this character.

And that, my friends, is why this miracle is sitting in your hands right now, despite my seriously woeful lack of imagination. I never would have dreamed I'd actually finish something like this, a book. (It sounds so weird to me to apply that word to something I created.)

Luckily, I already had the backbone for this story because I knew Bella's story so well. I knew what should happen after because of what happened to the main-series counterparts. The next step was to step away from Bella and see how the story should flow with the necessary changes that were made to Life and Death.

Here's how it worked: I outlined a basic synopsis of everything that happens to Bella. Then I thought of the way Beau understands his world and took into account the differences in his experiences. I started to entertain the ideas of what would play out differently for Beau. I also thought about what side stories and mythology I could dig deeper into.

I first worked out the major events and then pieced them together in a way that felt very natural. I'm beyond pleased with how it all seemed to fit together so well. All that was left was for me to just fill in the gaps and connect the pieces.

Okay, not just fill in the gaps. This was more of an undertaking that had me slaving away over computer off and on for what you could say was an EXCESSIVE amount of time, to say the least. Microsoft Word and I got into many brawls along the way. She and I have a love-hate partnership.

The end product you're now holding came after I wrote, then edited, then wrote some more, then re-wrote, revised... and revised some more... ran it through the Grammarly editing program... and revised AGAIN AND AGAIN...

(If you've read some iteration of my earlier drafts you'll be surprised how much has changed after all this time.)

Seriously, do you know how hard it is to arrive at a stopping point with something like this? I thought I would never be content with it. But that day has finally come, a little over two years after the inception of this thing.

The result is what I like to think of as a conglomerate of various scenarios and plotlines from Breaking Dawn, as well as a few things from New Moon and Eclipse. These are woven together into the story that became Beau's version, all in a standalone sequel. And that, hopefully, will feel as seamless as possible for you.

If you've read the main series, this will likely be quite familiar to you, and my intention is that you will find a refreshing take on that story.

If you're a newcomer, I'm excited that my version will be your first chance to experience the epic conclusion to Stephenie's saga that ended ten years ago. I can only pray that I've done it justice!

Keep in mind there are some key differences necessary in this version because:

- Beau and Edythe can't conceive a child, as this scenario requires that the female be human

- Beau is believed to be dead by his family and friends

- Beau and Julie Black are not as close without having had the bonding and relationship development that occurs in New Moon and Eclipse

- The werewolf pack is only slightly developed, though it still exists in the same dynamic

- Due to the above, the point-of-view shift that helps the story along occurs through Branden (Bree Tanner) rather than Julie

- Without the respective events of New Moon, Lauren remains alive and can side with the Cullens. Likewise, Ivan does not have the hard feelings towards the Cullens that Irina had

- Victor has also not been killed

- There is a small change in how one major character's special abilities work, and I have various complicated reasons for this

- Some minor characters introduced in Breaking Dawn who do no not play a major role in advancing the plot are excluded for the sake of pacing. This also accommodated space for details and events incorporated from the other books. (Sorry, I tried my best to keep all your favorites!)

- Sulpicia and Athenodora have slightly different personalities than Aro and Caius, and the dynamic they bring as leaders of the Volturi is altered to some degree

- As with Life and Death, there is an alternate ending that explores another possible outcome

My wish is that the changes won't distract or deter you too much from the story, and that you'll enjoy the rest of Beau's journey as much as I did. If I can successfully make any of you laugh or cry with this thing then I will feel accomplished.

And without further ado, I'll stop talking and let you get on with reading. Thanks for sticking with me!

Ladies and gents, I present to you...

Beyond the Dawn

(Breaking Dawn Reimagined)

based on the classic novel by Stephenie Meyer