This is a compilation of all the questions I've gotten from you guys, as well as a few from my own friends in person. Several of these I've answered several times, so I figured I would post them for all to see.

How did you decide on the title Beyond the Dawn?

I took it from a line of a song titled Your Love by Amy Lee, the lead singer of the band Evanescence.

The lyric is: Holding onto whispers of your love / all we are is a dream beyond the dawn.

This isn't a well known song, because it was never released; only a short clip of a live performance exists. So I thought this was perfect since it wouldn't really be familiar to anyone. It also has the same feel and tone as the original book, Breaking Dawn.

In both books, 'dawn' refers to the beginning of the new life as a vampire. This story was about what comes after Life and Death, which essentially ends with the 'dawn' of Beau's new life. Hence, 'beyond' the 'dawn'.

What made you want to write this?

First of all, like many of you, I wasn't satisfied with the seemingly abrupt ending of Life and Death. And really, how is it fair that Bella and Edward get four books?

Then I got the idea from Stephenie Meyer's afterword at the end of her book:

"You are free to imagine the rest - when, where, and how they get married... what Victor might try in order to get revenge... what Beau and Jules will say to each other when they meet again... if Beau and Royal ever become friends... whether the Volturi led by Sulpicia are a more benign, less corrupt organization..."

I think I took it as a challenge. So I started by covering all of those points, and then it turned into much, much more. At first, I did think Stephenie was right about that last part, but I soon found it she was so very wrong. Sulpicia will be Sulpicia, and I wasn't going to change her mind.

Don't you think the preface is a bit of a spoiler? It gives away where the antagonism will come from on the first page.

This was something that was very classic Stephenie Meyer. She always began each book with a preface taken from the most climactic part of the plot. I've heard about people who will read a page from the end of a book before starting to give themselves a sense of anticipation of where the story will head. I've sort of done that for you (because I totally think you're breaking the unspoken writer/reader contract by skipping ahead!)

What's with the drastically different ending? Don't you think some people might be a bit disappointed?

I wanted to maintain the precedent of the alternate ending featured in Life and Death that is so different from Twilight. If you change one tiny detail, like the fact that there is no evidence to prove anything about Luca, the whole aftermath changes. There were a lot of criticisms with Breaking Dawn being considered too anti-climactic. I don't think this ending is any better, but the point was to show that no matter how it ends, someone isn't going to like it. Some have thought it was wonderful, some thought it was horrible. The same is true no matter which way you end it.

Why is it so rare for these vampires to live the way the Cullens do? What makes it so difficult for them to respect human life?

Do you feel remorse whenever you consume meat? Most people don't. And most ask why should we? Compared to us, chickens and cattle and fish are short-lived, weak, unintelligent animals that are going to die soon anyway, right? We are predators; they are prey. It's just the natural order of things. That's the pervasive argument. Similarly, we have a small subset of vegetarians and vegans who make a great sacrifice to avoid what everyone else sees as normal.

Most vampires see humans the same way. We are killed so easily in a multitude of ways every single day. In comparison, we have very brief lifespans as opposed to vampires, who live centuries or millennia. Vampires are the pinnacle of the food chain just like we tend to think we are. Are they not just following the dictates of nature?

The bigger issue is actually weakness. One of the more unique things about these vampires is that they don't just get pleasure from drinking blood; they are in physical pain every time they are thirsty. They literally go insane seeking the relief, and will act upon it without even giving it a conscious decision. If your hand was on fire, and there was a bucket of water in front of you, would you resist that relief? Even if it meant someone would die? Would you be able to even think clearly through the pain to be able to stop yourself? Probably not. The sensation vampires get in their throat and stomach is comparable to being lit on fire, and there is only one thing that will put that fire out – blood.

Let's just say the Cullens are doing something that is a lot harder than we give them credit for. I can't even comprehend how they're able to withstand it.

What does Beau look like? Do you have a dream cast?

Beau is 6'2". He is fairly thin and lanky in proportions, but he is very lean, so he appears somewhat muscular. (Reference from Life and Death: "You have very nice arms, Beau. This includes your shoulders and hands.") He has medium-length dark brown, somewhat wavy hair that he either pushes up messy (sort of movie Edward style) or straight back. His face is very chiseled in terms of his jaw/cheekbones, and his chin is very sharp and pointy. (Reference: "Or maybe it was your chin [I noticed] second.")

The best real-life representation of this is actor Colin Ford (Under the Dome, Supernatural, Captain Marvel) photo. This would be closest to what human Beau looks like. There's a great fan-made trailer featuring Colin as well as my pick for Edythe, Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) you can watch here.

The problem is appearance changes quite significantly after the transformation into a vampire. For vampire Beau, you have to imagine the same person but with more perfected, unrealistically flawless features. (Reference: "They were the faces you never saw in real life, just airbrushed in magazines and on billboards.") Take for example, french model Maxence Danet-Fauvel (Skam France), who is the actual face featured alongside Holland Roden on the book's cover art - photo

Morph those two people's features into one face, and bam - vampire Beau.

The rest of my dream cast is:

Charlize Theron - Carine

Michiel Huisman - Earnest

Christopher Mason - Royal

Alexandra Daddario - Eleanor

Nicholas Hoult - Archie

Amber Heard - Jessamine

Luca Fersko - Luca (appearance at maturity)

Do the wolves not imprint in your version?

We learned in Breaking Dawn the reason Jacob was always so attracted/connected to Bella was because her future biological daughter would be the object of his imprinting. Julie did have feelings for Beau, but since Luca has no genetic relation to him, this factor is absent.

Stephenie never mentions whether the predominately female wolf pack imprints or not. She also never gave any clue in the main series as to whether Leah would one day imprint on a mortal male. Furthermore, the wolves themselves don't even understand the basis of why imprinting happens to begin with. This doesn't leave me much to work with.

I didn't want to modify any of the existing mythology, and since all of this was ambiguous, I didn't decide anything with it. I just left it as is, where no wolf seems to have imprinted on anyone. If anything ever comes up where Stephenie reveals her secrets, I will modify the story accordingly.

What's with the whole baby thing in this version? Was it really necessary if Beau and Edythe can't have their own child?

The biggest challenge in adapting the rest of Bella and Edward's story into this version was the domino effect Stephenie created by sealing Beau's fate at the end of Life and Death. This removed the possibility of their separation as in New Moon and the entire development of Beau's relationship with Julie and just her character in general. Besides that, I have no female human character to work with, so no baby. And what does all of this mean? There wasn't much left for me to work with, because I needed a source of conflict to throw adversity at them. Can't have a plot without conflict. That leaves just one thing at my disposal: Victor.

Funny story... The first version I wrote of this fanfiction had no baby in it at all. But I had to get the Volturi involved in some way, because they're just too cool to leave out as villains. So what I'd tried was using Victor to get the Volturi upset with the Cullens in some way. But everything I came up with just felt too contrived. Any lie Victor told would be found out, and the Cullens are very clean. The Volturi have nothing on them that can't be proven to be a false allegation. The only way that Breaking Dawn scenario with the Volturi works is because the half-vampire baby thing is a gray area. She appears to be a violation of the law, though she isn't. And still, the Volturi can justify killing her anyway because there's no precedent for what she is. "Only the known is safe. Only the known is tolerable."

So the short answer is, I tested it without the child to begin with, but the story was just too flimsy and forced without this element (not to mention short). And I really missed having the pregnancy/birth/child part of the story. So I threw two thirds of my work out and started again. I'm much more satisfied with this version.

Is this really the end of the story? What about Luca?

This is the end of Beyond the Dawn and the end of Beau's narrative. However, I will eventually continue with a new story that's the aftermath revolving around Luca. I hinted at this in the epilogue, about how there's one remaining unresolved character. I'd also like to point to Chapter 25: Declarations for more clues. ;)

I'm going to take a bit of a break; this was a long year of work (I was writing this well before I ever posted any chapters here), and I need to not think about it for a while so I don't burn myself out on it.

I'll come back soon with a sequel, so be sure to follow! I'm not sure how long it will take... since I will no longer just be 'reimagining' source material from Stephenie. There are a lot of decisions to be made, (who dies? who lives?) and I'm not sure how to work it all out. I have a point A and a point Z, but I still haven't figured out everything that comes in between. I have a rough outline of what to do next. I just need to figure out how to make all those pieces fit together. So stay tuned. I'm just as eager for it as you are.