Mesmerize Me

By: Napea/Meamiko

Disclaimer: Inuyasha-tachi belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. I'm just borrowing them for a little fun.

Pairings: This is a Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing. cheers!

Summary: AU:Two months ago, an enchantress cursed Sesshoumaru. Now Kagome's the only one who can break the spell by the end of the year. The question is…will she do it? I got this idea while I was watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast®. It doesn't follow the movie very much though. It does take place in the Sengoku Jidai but it doesn't follow the original Inuyasha story line.

A/N: Sesshoumaru and all his little minions are youkai as usual. Everyone pretty much is what he or she is in the show. Pretty much…


Ningen: Human

Taiyoukai: great/powerful demon

Youkai: demon

Miko: priestess

Baba: old woman

"Who is it?" Sesshoumaru's cold indifferent voice echoed through the great halls. Jaken bowed deeply to his lord in fright. Behind the annoying toad man was an old woman, ugly and wrinkled.

"An old woman, Sesshoumaru-sama. She is asking for a room to stay in for the night." Sesshoumaru gave the haggard old woman a quick once over then turned away.

"This is a castle not an inn and I do not like the company of humans." He started to walk away.

"Yes, Lord Sesshoumaru, you're right." The old woman's rough voice said quietly. "However all I ask is for one night. For the one night I will give you this sword…the Tensaiga." Sesshoumaru turned back halfway and looked at the sword the old woman held out to him. It looked like any other sword. There was nothing exceptional about it.

"I have no use for such mundane objects. I have hundreds of swords in this castle more exquisite than a human could ever offer me."

"Ah but that is where you are wrong. This sword may look ordinary but it is not. It is made from the fang on an Inu-youkai and in it contains the power to heal…even those who are dead." She stared deeply into the taiyoukai's eyes trying to get her point across.

"As I said, human, this is not an Inn and I have no use for the sword." The old woman sighed at his words.

"And that is your final choice? You will not give me shelter from this cold night?" Sesshoumaru gave a quick nod to confirm her statement. The old woman shook her head as a blue light started to devour her.

"Your choice was a bad one, Sesshoumaru-sama. I wish you had made a better one." The light faded away to reveal a miko with long black hair and brown eyes wearing the usual miko garb. "For your cold, unkind heart Sesshoumaru-sama I wish to punish you so that one day you may learn compassion. You will learn love for humans. I curse you Sesshoumaru that you may know love for a human one day. If within one year you do not learn to love and be loved in return, you will be what you despise the most. Human." With a final woe-full sigh the miko disappeared in another blinding flash of blue light, leaving the healing sword.

Jaken picked up the sword and laughed. "Crazy miko. Like Sesshoumaru-sama would ever lower himself as to love a human." The toad man turned to his lord and gasped. His youkai lord didn't look like he usually did. Sesshoumaru's gorgeous silver hair had turned black and his pointed ears, short and human like. The stripes on his face were gone and the only thing that told Jaken that it was still his lord was the piercing golden eyes and cold impassive face.

"Ses-Sesshoumaru-sama! The miko has turned my Sesshoumaru-sama human!" Sesshoumaru glared down at the short man, who had dropped the sword.

"As she has you." Jaken glanced down at his now human hands and squawked, running to find a mirror. Sesshoumaru kneeled down in front of the sword and stared at it, his fingers lightly grazing the blade.

"Human?" He was disgusted to say the least but you couldn't see it on his face. "Love? I will break the spell without falling in love. I will not stay human for this year or any year to come."

Sesshoumaru stood and tossed the sword to the nearest servant. "Take that to my quarters and call Jaken. I will be in my study." The servant bowed and ran off.

As Sesshoumaru made his way to his study he thought about the miko. He would surely track her down and kill her. That would break the spell. No miko, no spell. He could find other miko's to reverse the spell in the meantime. The bitch had changed his entire castle human…all his servants. He was pissed and she was going to pay.

Sesshoumaru threw the sword across the room with a mighty roar, reminiscent of his youkai days then fell back against the wall.

Two months…two damn months and he was still human. No sign of the miko who cursed him and no one willing to help him, youkai or human. He didn't blame them…hated them but didn't blame them. He wouldn't have helped a youkai turned human either. He would have just turned the other way saying if he was too weak to be cursed by a miko then he deserved to be human. And that's exactly what they did.

The castle was darker now, more frightening than it had ever been. That's what saved Sesshoumaru and his castle from being overthrown. Land hungry invaders were afraid that if they took over the castle the curse would flow to them. It kept them safe.

And terribly lonely…

(A/N: Translations from here down will be at the bottom of this chapter.)

"Ji-chan, Mama! We're off!" Kagome's cheerful voice filled the house with her energy. "C'mon Souta!"

"K! Nee-chan!" Kagome waited as the little black haired boy ran up to her and took her hand then started walking toward the village. "Nee-chan?"

"Yes, Souta?"

"Why do all those people come to see you at the shrine?" Kagome smiled at her little brother.

"Because I'm in training to take Kaede-obasan's place as miko of the village." Souta turned big eyes up to his sister.

"Really?" He asked, amazed. Kagome gave him a small nod and a sweet smile. "Wow!" Kagome continued to smile. She loved her brother, her mother and Ji-chan. She loved them all. Even the people in the village.


All save one.

Kagome groaned at the familiar voice and decided to keep walking but Souta stopped. "Kouga-san! Kagome-neechan it's Kouga-san." Kagome frowned inwardly. 'I know that's why I didn't want to stop walking.' She sighed and turned toward the wolf-youkai with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Good Morning Kouga-kun. How are you?" She tried to use her most cordial voice possible…sad thing was…it worked. Kouga grinned and put his arm around her.

"Fine, fine! How's my woman?" Kagome pried herself away from his arm.

"I'm not your woman Kouga and I was fine till you came." She continued walking, taking Souta's hand in the process.

"Good! So where you off to? I'll walk you there." Kagome frowned.

"I'm going to get some things for Ji-chan's trip." She bit out through clenched teeth.

"Where's the crazy old bat going?" Now usually Kagome was pretty good-natured but this man brought out the worst in her.

"Far, far away from you and I wish it was me that was going."

"But you're not cuz you wanna stay here with me right?"

Thick-headed son of a…

"Kagome-sama, Kaede-obaba's calling for you." She sighed happily at the new voice.

"Thanks Mizuno!" She called back and smiled at the frowning Kouga. "Gotta go, duty calls." With that last thought she scooped Souta up in her arms and ran toward Kaede's hut. Once inside she looked at the face of a grinning Sango.

"You're welcome, Kagome-chan." She said slyly. A small smile crept up Kagome's face.

"Kaede-san wasn't calling me was she?" Sango shook her head. "You had Mizuno tell me that she was to get me away from Kouga?" Sango nodded this time as both of their smiles grew and Souta looked from one to the other. Kagome was the first to laugh and shortly Sango joined her until they were crying.

"Thank you Sango-chan. I really needed that."

"Anytime Kagome-chan."

"Another successful Kouga-dodge!" The girls looked at each other again and continued giggling.

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Ji-chan Grandpa

Nee-chan Sister