Hi everyone, nightmare here. This sort of came to me in the middle of a hectic week and at first I was going to put it in my one-shot series but then something in the back of my mind screamed chapter story. This is AU so no Quirks, there will be bashing of all kinds, mainly targeting four or five characters…haven't decided on the actual number yet…rated for reasons…enjoy the first chapter.

Rays from the sun peered through the curtains as the sound of two people moaning filled the air. A dark green-haired woman opened her eyes and she looked up and her eyes locked on with a pair of green ones. The two jumped in a panic and landed on the title floor, "Who are you!" the woman snapped before looking around in confusion, "And…and where am I? this isn't my room and-"

"And I'm suffering in hangover hell," the man groaned and rubbed his head, "Damn it," he looked around and groaned again, "This isn't my room either," he looked at the woman and shook his head, "Uh…m…my name is Izuku Midoriya,"

"Tsuyu Asui," the woman groaned and held her head, "Hangover," the two struggled to stand before the door opened and two people around their ages, a woman with black hair and a man with red and white hair, walked into the room, "Momo?"

"Shoto?" Izuku groaned and rubbed his head, "Where the hell are we…and who is that woman next to you?"

"She's my friend, Momo Yaoyorozu," Tsuyu groaned and looked at the green-haired man, "And the other guy is your friend?"

"Shoto Todoroki," Izuku groaned before looking up at his friend, "What the hell happened last night? Where are we?"

"Well…you were pissed off at Uraraka and whoever that raven-haired bastard was, you asked me, Katsuki and Eijiro to help you forget about her but Tweedledum and Tweedleidiot canceled last second, and we came to the Tokyo Racecourse where we met Yaoyorozu and then Asui at the-"

"Then? I'm still here…and I'm sure we met you two at the same time," Tsuyu groaned as she sat down on the bed and hung her head, "Damn this hangover…damn that Tokoyami…damn that slut he was with…why me?"

Izuku looked at the green-haired woman and frowned before looking back at his bicolor friend and took a deep breath, "What do you mean by that? Asui is right. We've met her and Yaoyorozu around the same time last night…I mean yeah, we were all drunk as hell at the time, but I can remember bits and pieces from last night and-"

"And you don't recall some of the important stuff?" Momo questioned, her hands on her hips as she arched a brow, "You and Tsuyu were really getting along, playing the slots, laughing and drinking. You two wondered out of the casino and we followed you. We came across a building and you two laughed as you drunkenly stumbled in and-"

Tsuyu moaned and looked up, "And that's how we ended up in bed? Naked…that doesn't make any sense,"

"We're getting to that," Shoto explained to the other woman, "The building you two wondered into was a…well it was-"

"Look down at your left hands, both of you," the green-haired individuals did and their eyes widened when they spotted a golden band dawning on their left ring finger, "It was a chapel, and even though we tried to talk you two out of this, you," she pointed towards Izuku with a stern look crossing her face, "threatened to give your friend a black eye if we tried to stop you and you," she pointed towards Tsuyu, "threatened me a few times, but we still tried to convince you two otherwise.

Obviously it failed and you two were married within an hour and you two invited us to stay in the honeymoon suite with you guys…not in the same room of course, I slept on the couch and Todoroki slept on the floor in the other room." The room fell silent for a few moments before Momo spoke again, "Why don't you two get dressed? We'll go out for some breakfast and then we'll get this mess sorted out," the two slowly nodded before Momo and Shoto turned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

The two looked at each other in an awkward silence before Izuku broke it by breathing heavily, "Look…Asu-"

"You might as well call me Tsu until we get this marriage annulled," Tsuyu frowned and rubbed her head, "Damn…I'm going to be feeling this all fucking day,"

"Heh…you and me both," Izuku gave a pity laugh and shook his head before frowning, "Anyway…I'm sorry your…boyfriend?"

"Ex," Tsuyu took a deep breath and shook her head, "He…he was running with some brunette with short hair…I asked Momo to bring me here to help me get over it…didn't think I was going to get married last night," she looked at him and tilted her head to the side in confusion, "And…your…what was-"

"Ex-girlfriend," Izuku frowned and shook his head, "Similar story. She was cheating on me with some guy with black, spiked up hair and…I asked three of my friends to bring me out here to have some fun, get drunk and possibly win some money…two of my friends canceled at the last second and so it was just me and Shoto…like you, I didn't plan on getting married last night,"

The room fell silent again before Izuku groaned and stood up, "Listen…even though we…technically just met today…I don't think we can count last night seeing as we both were drunk…that ex-boyfriend of yours…he was wrong for doing that to you…no one deserves that,"

Tsuyu slightly smiled as she groaned and held her head, "Thanks…you too," Izuku looked back in confusion, "Your girlfriend didn't have to do that to you," Izuku hummed and slightly nodded, "Well…we should get dressed before Momo and Todoroki come in here again wondering what the hell we're doing." Izuku nodded again and the two of them slowly began getting dressed.

Okay…so as I said, this came to me and I decided to make it into a chaptered story, and of course, expect character bashing. As always enjoy everyone and please let me know what you all think.