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"Grams, please," Bonnie said, looking at Sheila. She did her best to ignore the vampires that were stalking around them in circles. Well actually only one of them was doing that. The tall, dark, handsome one. She got the feeling from his smirk that he was also the dangerous one. "We can't leave Stefan in there."

"Please, I love him," Elena said.

"I'm sorry, honey," Sheila said to both girls. "It's too dangerous."

"She's right you know," the man said. "If you cast this spell, your grandmother here will die."

"How do you know?" Sheila said with a steely-eyed stare.

"I know a witch, she tells me the most interesting things," he replied with a cheery smile and a wink.

If there hadn't been something malicious in his energy, Bonnie might of thought he was cute. The kind of guy she would sneak glances at when she passed him in the hallways at school. But he was giving off all kinds of bad vibes, maybe even more than Damon did.

"And we need you Bennett witches alive," the female with the blonde hair said. She was looking at Elena in a way that was almost pity. "Honestly, Stefan I thought you had better taste."

"Oh, I don't know, Rebekah, Elijah likes the whole doppelganger thing as well," the tall man said, smirking at Elena.
Bonnie felt suddenly overcome with exasperation. When would all this badness end?

"Who are you?" she demanded, raising her chin stubbornly.

"I'm Kol Mikaelson," he flashed a smile. "And you're a tasty little thing," he said moving closer.

"Leave her be, brother," the second man said.

"You listen to Elijah, boy," Sheila said, and pushed Bonnie behind her.

Bonnie stared at her grandmother for a second. She knew this man?

"Grams!" Bonnie grabbed her arm, trying and failing to pull her behind her. For a woman of her age, Sheila was strong.

"What about Stefan?" Elena cried.

"What about him?" Rebekah spat. "He looks perfectly comfortable to me," she tossed a smirk at Stefan.

"Elena, get out of here. I'll be fine."

"Oh, Stefan," Rebekah rolled her eyes. "Always so noble."

"Yes, Elena, run," Damon said rolling his eyes. "Hey, witchy!" he said to Bonnie. "If you and your grandmother don't release me right this second I am going to kill you. Both of you. Slowly."

"Impotent threats are always so amusing, wouldn't you agree, ladies?" Elijah said to Bonnie and Sheila.

"I would," Sheila said. "You're where you belong, bloodsucker."

"No! Stefan!"

Elena's cries were pitiful and Bonnie ached to help her. But right now, they had more pressing concerns than Stefan. Especially, if it kept his psycho brother at bay. At least temporarily. But any break from Damon was a relief to Bonnie.

"Shut up or I'll gag you," Rebekah said to her. "Really Stefan? You love this hysterical little child?"

"Do I know you?" Stefan said, looking at the woman in confusion.

"Right, Nik stole your memories, I always forget," she said, looking sulky.

Bonnie froze. How could a vampire have their memories stolen? They couldn't be compelled.

"We're leaving now," Sheila told Bonnie and Elena.

"No! Stefan I'll bring you blood."

"Don't," Stefan said, looking pained. "Anything you bring me, I'll just have to share," he glared at Damon.

"Bring it anyway," Damon said, smirking.

"Would you mind joining us for dinner?" Elijah asked politely. "We have much to discuss."

"Certainly, I haven't seen you in decades. It's always nice to catch up with old acquaintances, in a public location," Sheila answered.

"What about Stefan –" Elena persisted, she would have said more, but she was interrupted.

"Shut up, doppelbitch or I'll knock your teeth out," Rebekah sneered.

Elena whimpered.

"Nice threat, sister," Kol said, winking at the blonde.

"Thank you, Kol," she said, obviously pleased with herself.

Bonnie shivered as she looked between the siblings. There was something horrifyingly unsettling about all of them.


Kai was sitting on the outskirts of the bonfire party. He was a senior, almost eighteen and had long since grown tired of these stupid parties. He only went back his twin, Josette – her name was almost as bad as his. Jo as she preferred to be called, had begged him. She said she wouldn't go without Kai, what would she do if something happened? He would remind her she was a witch with actual magic, something he would never stop envying her. Besides, he would tell her with a sneer, what did he care if something happened to her? He was the family sociopath, incapable of feeling anything. The abomination. To which Jo would roll her eyes and pout. Eventually he caved. He always did. He was never sure why. Maybe because there wasn't much else to do in Portland, and it got him away from his father.

Cassie Blake was one of the drunk girls dancing by the bonfire, she caught his eye and smiled. Then he thought; these parties weren't all bad as he returned the smile. Cassie was a petite brunette with big blue eyes. She was cute in that doe-eyed way. Kai liked girls, he really did, not all sociopaths do, and sometimes he especially liked the ones like Cassie. The ones that looked like prey. Kai returned the smile, using the one that was filled with boyish charm and danger. It was perfectly practiced.

Being out of touch with emotions meant Kai didn't often feel things himself. He had however, learned how to read the emotions of others very well. It was a special skill he possessed and was quite proud of. It was something that allowed him to carve out his own niche at school, as a dangerous bad boy, but not so dangerous that girls were afraid of him. Well some were, like Cassie, but they couldn't help being intrigued by him all the same. It made it easy to meet girls because no matter how many times he played the routine, each one became convinced they and they alone could reform him. Kai usually went along with it until he got what he wanted. Then he was done playing nice. He would watch the light die from their eyes as he burst their bubble, and see the heartbreak begin to set in. That was one of his favorite moments of his act.

Kai was watching Cassie dance, noticing how she kept looking at him shyly, never smiling after that first time, but shooting him stolen glances out of the corner of her eye, and when she caught him looking, she would blush and look away.

Images of tearing across the clearing, throwing her to the ground and taking her in front of everyone flashed across his mind. They mingled with images of tying her up, thrashing into her while she screamed, caught somewhere between pleasure and pain. That wasn't how the game was played though, so he shook those thoughts off.

He knew the longer he waited, the more desperate Cassie would get. The more pleased she would be when he finally did approach her, but he couldn't wait too long either. He'd perfected the waiting time. Just as he was about to stand up and make his move, Bryan, the world's most annoying quarterback, grabbed Cassie and started grinding down on her. Cassie looked uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough, Kai noticed with rage to push him away. Instead, she let him dance with her.

Growling, Kai scanned the crowd looking for Jo. She was on the other side, talking to their younger brother, Kyle. He was younger by four years and shouldn't have been here, but here he was. Of course, he was. Idiot that he was, he loved parties.

Kai stalked over and sat down next to Jo.

"Josette, sissy," Kai crooned, doing his best to charm her. "Can I borrow some of your magic?"

"What for?" Jo asked, looking startled.

He didn't answer, he simply glowered at Bryan who was still manhandling Cassie. Dammit, she was his! Not that Kai was emotionally attached, but he didn't like others playing with his things, whether or not they knew they were his.

Sociopaths and jealousy didn't mix. It tended to make him cranky.

"Oh," Jo said. "Kai, don't you'll get in trouble with dad –"

"You're not going to tell on me, are you, sissy?"

"You know I wouldn't," Jo said sighing. "But it isn't right."

"Josette," he pleaded. He was about two seconds away from grabbing her and stealing her magic without permission. Something of his thoughts must have shown on his face because Jo sighed again, this time in surrender.

"Here," she said, holding out her arm to him. "Try not to hurt me too much, 'kay?"

"Jo!" Kyle said, angry. "You can't just –"

"Kyle, stay out of it," Jo told him firmly.

"Thank you, sissy," Kai said.

He reached out, and touched the top of her hand. As always all it took was one thought and he could feel Jo's magic flowing into him, electrifying and exhilarating. It was a rush he would never tire of. Jo gasped, whimpering in pain. Kai let go and Jo sighed in relief. Kyle growled, annoyed at Kai's manipulation tactics.

Smirking Kai cast a simple incantation, one that sent Bryan stumbling into the dirt. Cassie looked concerned, but then Kai sent another nearby girl, Faye crashing into Cassie. They stumbled and fell together. He was on his feet in seconds, moving towards them. He glanced over his shoulder at Jo and winked at her. Jo rolled her eyes at him.

Kai stepped up next to Cassie, steadying her.

"You alright there, Cass?" he asked, turning on the charm.

Cassie looked up at him and her doe eyes widened in surprise at who had caught her.

"Kai," she gasped, pleased to see him and a little intimidated.

His smirk broadened.

"Me," he grinned.

Cassie had never been very bright and after a few drinks, she was even less so, Kai thought. Pleased when she didn't see the menace lurking just underneath the surface and returned his smile with a dazzling one of her own.


Bonnie sat down in the booth at the Grill next to her Grams. She did hesitantly, and she kept shooting glances at the exit. She would love nothing more than to run out of here, but she had the feeling these vampires wouldn't like that, and they were outnumbered.

Elena had been sent home with a stern admonishment from Sheila to stay the hell out of vampire business. Advice it seemed they themselves were not going to take.

"Who are you guys?" Bonnie said, watching the three vampires.

They were sitting around the table, on the other side that wasn't a booth. Kol had sat down directly opposite her and was watching her with a curious look. The blonde appeared bored and pouty as she played the menu. The other one, the quiet man, Elijah seemed to be the one running the show. He was composed and watching them with a calm sort of detachment.

"We're the Original vampires," Kol replied, cracking a smile.

"The what?" Bonnie said, confused.

"Oh dear," Sheila said. "I hoped you weren't his siblings…" she murmured.

"You've heard about them?" Bonnie asked, turning to her grandmother and ignoring the intense look Kol was sending her.

"Once or twice from the stories. Until I met Elijah back in the 70's I half thought them to be legends," Sheila replied. "From what I hear, they bring nothing but trouble."

"Ugh, Nik brings nothing but trouble, you mean," Rebekah said, tossing the menu carelessly back on the table. "What on earth sort of backwater little town has Mystic Falls become?"

"I think you mean, has always been, sister," Kol replied.

"Who's Nik?" Bonnie demanded.

"Our brother, Niklaus," Elijah answered.

"Or Klaus as he prefers," Kol rolled his eyes. "He's an ass."

"He's the Original hybrid," Elijah said, with a sideways look at the other man.

"The abomination," Sheila said. "Is the word I think you are looking for."

Bonnie was completely confused. Were Original vampires like the first vampires? Did that make them different from other ones? She knew the older a vampire was, the more powerful it was. Did that mean they were the strongest vampires out there? Something about the dark intensity in Kol's eyes made her hope that wasn't the case.

"That's the one," Kol agreed, dark eyes dancing with amusement as he glanced at Sheila quickly, before refocusing his attention on Bonnie.

His staring was making her uncomfortable. Damon would do that too. She was beginning to think it was a vampire thing, like drinking blood and lurking.

"He's part werewolf, part vampire," Elijah said to Bonnie, speaking not unkindly. "He wants to break the curse that holds his werewolf side dormant. We cannot allow that."

"He's too powerful as it is," Rebekah said, with obvious disdain.

"And you want us to do what exactly?"

"We want you to help us put him down," Elijah replied. "Kol here was near perfecting a dagger that would work on Niklaus."

"Then he stabbed me and stole it," Kol grumbled.

"I'm not making any promises," Sheila answered coldly.

"I'm not even sure I want to help," Bonnie added, trying and failing to ignore Kol's scrutiny.

It didn't seem to matter where she looked she could feel his eyes on her. In answer, she would look up and catch his eye before avoiding them again. It was both uncomfortable and infuriating.

Who did he think he was?

"Who says you have a choice?" Rebekah drawled with a look that was ice cold.

Bonnie shuddered underneath her blue green eyes.

"Rebekah, please, try to be civil," Elijah chastised.

"Elijah," Rebekah pouted.

"There is one more thing, but we must speak privately in regards to this, Sheila," Elijah said, ignoring the other girl.

"Very well," Sheila said before Bonnie could argue.

"Kol and Rebekah will take Bonnie home. She'll be safe with them; I give you my word," Elijah said.

"If she isn't, Klaus won't be the only Original I'm after."

"Grams," Bonnie hissed. She didn't want to go with any of the Originals, least of all Kol, who either couldn't or wouldn't stop staring at her.

"Go with them Bonnie," Sheila ordered.

Bonnie had barely stood before Rebekah was striding toward the exit. Kol stood, waiting for her. While she walked toward the exit, Kol adjusted his long stride to keep pace with her.

"How old are you, Bonnie?" he asked, looking at her curiously.

"Sixteen, why?" she answered, giving him a skeptical look.

"No reason really," he grinned. "It's young for this time."

"I guess," she said hesitantly. She was half tempted to ask how old he really was, but decided it against it. There was something about how old he might be that was a little creepy and a lot unsettling. Then again everything about Kol was unsettling from his good looks to his scrutiny.

Rebekah had already gotten in a car. Kol held the door to the backseat open for her and he got in the driver's seat. Rebekah was in the passenger's seat, primping her makeup and hair. Kol flashed her a smile before turning the key in the ignition.

The drive to her house was silent and Bonnie got out of the car.

"Thanks," she muttered and started walking to her front door.

To her annoyance, Kol came out the car and loped up beside her. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from groaning. Whatever she did, she had the feeling it would be stupid to insult Kol, he wasn't Damon. There was the very real chance she couldn't handle him.

At the door, Bonnie didn't stop to say goodnight, she just started unlocking the door, but Kol didn't leave or say anything. Finally, feeling like she might be overwhelmed by the tension she spoke.

"What do you want?"

"Be careful, Bonnie," he said.

"Are you threatening me?" she gasped.

"No," he said, cocking his head to the side and watching her with those too dark and too intense eyes of his. "I'm warning you. This doppelganger business always gets messy. Be careful."

"I can take care of myself," Bonnie said, raising her chin defiantly. Her voice and eyes were harder, more confident than she felt. Something was very wrong about these Original vampires, but she wouldn't let them know how much they frightened her.


"But what do you care?" she asked, not quite challenging, but not far from it.

"I happen to hold witches in rather high esteem."

"Uh-huh," Bonnie said, staring at him blankly. "And?"

"And I happen to have known my share of Bennett witches over the years. Did you know your family has a history of untimely and gruesome deaths?"

"No, I didn't," she shuddered. "I'm not even sure I needed to know."

"Consider yourself forewarned, little witch," Kol said. "Goodnight, Bonnie."

"Goodnight," she echoed, scrambling inside.

Kol had spooked her even more than she already was. She'd thought there wasn't anything else he could say to frighten her further, but hearing about her family's morbid tradition of dying unnatural deaths had done it. Short of attacking her, it was the worst thing he could do.


Elijah studied the older woman, well older looking, he thought wryly. The only person older than he still alive was his older brother, Finn.

It was good to see Sheila again. The last time he had seen her, she had been trying to find a school in need of a Profess in the Occult. She was travelling the country taking odd jobs as a witch, both for humans and supernaturals. He had run across her in a bar playing pool and hustling every man there. She had never been one to brook fools and back then that was how she viewed most men.

Judging by the look she was giving him now, she still thought the same.

"What do you want, Elijah?" Sheila said, voice as sharp as her gaze, and her mind as well he had no doubt.

He knew from experience nothing except for the whole truth would satisfy her.

"We need help putting Niklaus down, it was as I said," he told her.

"Then why the need for privacy or should I say secrecy from my granddaughter?"

"Quite right you are," Elijah said, chuckling softly. "It's about Bonnie."

"Bonnie?" Sheila asked, immediately alarmed.

"Yes, we have – our whole family does as I am sure you know, has a history with witches," Elijah began. "None as powerful as your family of course," he was rambling. He cleared his throat and started again. "My point is, Kol has an acquaintance, a seer in the French courts in Europe."

"A seer?" Sheila asked, eyebrows raised. "Those are rare."

"They are," Elijah agreed. "But trust my brother to know the only one alive."

"So what does this seer know about my granddaughter?"

"Death," Elijah said, frankly. "Unless she leaves Mystic Falls."

"Vampire business," the woman hissed.

"Precisely," he replied. "She saw two futures for Bonnie. One, she stays here and dies trying to protect her friends, absurdly enough she dies more than once."

"No," Sheila hissed.

"My sentiments precisely," Elijah agreed. "In exchange for your assured help and that of your granddaughter, I will tell you how to save her."

"You have a deal," Sheila said. "Reluctantly so, but I want assurances of her safety."

"That I can guarantee, if I personally have to kill every single person that as much as looks at her funny," Elijah said, quirking his lips upward into a wry smile. He wondered what Sheila would make of that statement.

"Good," she said, returning the smile. Elijah had to admit, almost forty years later and she could still surprise him. What a rare find she was. "How do I begin to protect Bonnie?"

"Have you ever been to Portland, Sheila? Quaint place really," he said, straightening his cuffs.

"Portland?" she said in a low whisper. "The Geminis."

"The Geminis," he agreed.

"Oh, dear," Sheila groaned.

And he could tell by her tone that she understood very well what he meant by the Geminis and Portland.

"My sentiments precisely. They are an unpleasant lot."

"They are," Sheila agreed. "I'd hoped to never have to deal with Joshua Parker again."

Elijah chuckled. "I confess, I haven't seen Joshua since he was a boy, but I knew his father."

"Joshua is worse," she told him, face grim. "And he controls the coven with an iron fist, at least he did last time I met him."

"When was that?"

"Bonnie must have been about two years old," she said, pausing to think. "I was invited out to a gathering for the North American witches and covens. He introduced me to his two twins, they couldn't have been more than a year or so older than Bonnie at the time. It was the last time I attended one of his gatherings."

"Do you mind if I ask why?"

"If you want me to send Bonnie to Portland, I imagine you already know why," she said, expression grave. "Are you certain this is the only way? I'm taking a lot on faith here, Elijah."

"The only way Kol's seer could find that involved both of you surviving this," he said, gravely. "Would you like to see the vision for yourself? The witch she showed it to Kol."

"If I touch him, I can see it," she agreed.

"I'm back," Rebekah announced, sitting down with them. "And I want a drink. No offense Sheila, but that granddaughter of yours is really quite dull."

"Where is Kol?" Elijah said, exasperated and wanting to know why she was alone.

"Oh, he's hanging around outside the witch's house," Rebekah said, waving the waiter over.

"What?" Sheila growled.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Rebekah said, rolling her eyes.

Elijah groaned. His baby sister really was impossible.

"Kol doesn't harm witches," Elijah said. "But I'll deal with him."

"You'd better or I'll deal with him," Sheila answered. "You took her to my house?"

"I think so," Rebekah answered. Then she turned to the waiter that was on his way over, and ordered a cocktail.

"I'll need that vision, old friend."

"Of course," Elijah nodded.

"And I'll need for Bonnie's father to see it as well or he won't agree."

"We can arrange that," Elijah agreed. "As for Kol, I'll speak with him. He won't bother Bonnie."

"Bother her?" Rebekah answered. "Is that what you call it? He's stalking her, like the lunatic he is, but I doubt she knows it."

"Keep him away from her," Sheila said in a low, dangerous voice.


Sheila stood in the driveway to her home with Elijah. It wasn't long before Kol flashed in front of them. She fought not to flinch, she hated it when vampires used vampire speed. Just as she hated everyone thing about them. They were unnatural and they set off literally every magic alarm bell she had.

"Stay away from the girl, Kol," Elijah said in a voice that was almost weary. "She isn't for you, and you know it as well as I."

"Please, let's not get into that," Sheila answered, feeling faintly sick. The only thing keeping her going at this point was determination to protect Bonnie. She didn't want to do this, she had never wanted to, but the alternative seemed unthinkable. This was the only way Bonnie could be safe, would be able to grow old.

"But I like her," Kol said, pouting. "She's pretty and she's more dangerous than she looks, I can tell."

"Stay away from my granddaughter," Sheila hissed at him.

"Kol," Elijah said in a warning voice.

"As you wish," Kol replied. "Besides, I don't think she likes me much anyway. She's got this look in her eye, like she might set me on fire."

"You almost sound like you want her to," Elijah remarked.

"What can I say, brother? It would be hot," Kol said, smirking with a manic light in his eyes.

This time, Sheila did flinch. She couldn't help herself.

"Definitely stay away from my granddaughter," Sheila answered. "We'll talk in the morning once I've spoken to Joshua. And I'll want to see that vision. But for now it's late. Good night."

Then she went inside.


Bonnie went to the guest room she used in her grandmother's house. In spite of the lack of decorating she'd done, it felt more like home than her real room. The reason she didn't put up a more permanent base here, was because her dad wouldn't let her. He didn't want Bonnie spending too much time with Sheila, and getting ideas about witchy juju and nonsense. Some days she wondered if her dad really believed and if that was why he was so afraid of witchcraft, or if he really thought it was all nonsense. She'd never asked him.

She took out her laptop and tried to watch Netflix, except she couldn't find anything that appealed to her state of mind. Nothing seemed right, she felt wired and exhausted at once. She thought about calling Elena and checking on her, but couldn't bring herself to do it. She couldn't bear to listen to Elena plead with her to rescue Stefan. She didn't want to see Stefan suffer, but she also didn't want to let Damon out. Besides, her Grams was against doing the spell, and Bonnie couldn't do it on her own.

She felt wired, there was a sort of shift in the air. There was that another feeling too, the one that said she was being watched. Feeling a shiver of paranoia run down her spine, Bonnie got up and closed the blinds before getting back on the bed. It made her feel better, even if it was just in her mind.

Bonnie wound up pacing her room until her Grams returned. When she heard the front door being unlocked she rushed downstairs to greet Sheila.

"Grams!" Bonnie said, relief flooding her when she was unharmed.

"I'm fine, Bonnie," Sheila said. "I was more concerned about you with that Kol vampire hanging around."

"Kol's been hanging around?" she gaped, realizing it hadn't been paranoia and stress. It was her psychic powers alerting her to the danger.

"Yes, he has," she sighed. "Elijah's promised to handle him however, so let's not worry too much about him."

"Yeah, well that's not exactly reassuring," Bonnie snapped. "I don't trust any of them. Why can't we just tell them to get lost?"

"They're not the Salvatores," Sheila said giving her a hard look. "They're the Original family, and something tells me they won't take no for an answer. So I suggest we don't make them our enemies unless we have to."

"Great," Bonnie muttered. "What did Elijah want?"

"He had an offer for me," Sheila said. "But we can discuss it in the morning, Bonnie honey. I'm tired."
"Grams, I'm worried. Please, just tell me what happened."

"I think it's best if you go stay with some friends of mine in Portland for a while."

"Portland?" Bonnie sputtered. "Is it family? Why?"

"Because it isn't safe here," Sheila said. "It's for your own good, I'm sorry Bonnie."

"Not safe? But why? What about you?"

"Bonnie, please just trust me on this."

Her Grams looked wearier than Bonnie had seen her in a long time. She felt a stab of compassion for the older woman. She knew she never would have suggested it if it wasn't for good reason, if she wasn't genuinely trying to protect her.

"Okay, Grams," Bonnie said. "But I don't trust them."

"I don't either, child. But I am going to protect you. I'll speak to your father and arrange everything in the morning."

"Alright," she agreed, but it was hesitant and panicked feeling. "Goodnight Grams."

"Night, child."


The next morning Bonnie was feeling considerably worse. She found herself walking to Elena's house. Ordinarily she would have driven, but she didn't feel up to it. She rang the doorbell and Jeremy opened the door.

"Hey, Bon," he said grinning happily at her.

Jeremy was struggling she knew that, but he was always happy to see her. They'd always gotten along and she wasn't sure when he'd gotten taller than her. Bonnie didn't think she would ever get used to looking up at him.

"Hey," she said. "Is Elena in?"

"Yeah, yeah, she is. Come on in," Jeremy said, stepping aside.

Bonnie walked through the door, but she had to brush past Jeremy to get inside because he didn't move aside enough.

"'Kay, is she upstairs?" she asked, already on her way up the staircase.

"Yeah, she is," Jeremy said. "But I've got to ask, is everything alright? She's been acting weird since she got home last night."

"Oh yeah, she's fine. Don't worry about it, Jer," Bonnie said, lingering at the bottom of the stairs. One foot on the first step.

"Alright, but did you guys fight or something?" he still looked worried.

"No, not a fight," she chewed on her bottom lip, trying to think of an excuse. "More like she has a problem that I want to help her with, but I can't."

"Girl stuff?" this time Jeremy made a face.

"Yeah, you could say that," Bonnie said, thinking that technically it was vampire business. Even Elena's relationship with Stefan was more vampire business than girl stuff, but there was no point in telling Jeremy.

"Alright," Jeremy said, still grinning at her for a beat too long.

Uncomfortable with the tension that was building, Bonnie hurried upstairs. She stopped outside of Elena's door and knocked.

"Come in," Elena said. She sounded strange, Jeremy was right.

"Hey," Bonnie said, coming in.

"Oh hey, Bonnie," Elena said, looking completely surprised. She was sitting at the window seat curled up with her journal.

"Are you mad at me?"

"Of course not!" Elena exclaimed horrified. "Why would you say that?"

"Because I just left Stefan there. And then Grams sent you home and – and – and –" she could have gone on, complaining about the Originals, but fortunately Elena interrupted.

"Bonnie, no! That isn't your fault," Elena said, sitting up. "C'mon," she patted the spot next to me. "Tell me what happened."

"I – oh, Elena," she said, sitting down next to her and burying her face in her hands. "I can't tell you everything, but Elena they're the first vampires."

"The first vampires?" she exclaimed.

"The first," she confirmed. "It's totally freaky."

"No kidding."

"I'm sorry about, Stefan."

"It's alright, Bon. It isn't your fault, but are you sure there's no way?" she looked at her sideways with tears in her eyes. It was a look that broke Bonnie's heart.

"I can't do it alone, Elena. I'm not strong enough," she whispered, unable to meet her eye.

"It's alright Bonnie. I just – it's my fault, you know? If Damon hadn't taken me or if I hadn't screamed, Stefan wouldn't be stuck there."

"It isn't your fault, Elena!" Bonnie said. "It's Damon's fault. Everything is always Damon's fault. He had to get Katherine out. She sounds like a manipulative piece of work to me anyway. Of course, only a real bitch could put up with him."

"Bonnie!" Elena exclaimed then she broke into fits of giggles.

"What? It's true!" Bonnie said, then grimacing she amended. "Well probably. Anyway, I've got some news for you."

"What kind?" Elena said, looking like she was hoping for good news.

Bonnie felt bad, because she was about to disappoint her friend.

"I might be going away, at least for a while, but it's not permanent, at least I don't think it is," Bonnie answered slowly. Unsure how much she trusted Elena with. This was witch business.

"Bonnie, what's going on? You're scaring me."

"I have to go to Portland. I'm not really – I can't say anything, not really. It's witch stuff."

"In Portland?" Elena said, unable to hide her shock. "Portland, Oregon?"

"Yeah, I know. It's weird," she sighed. "But it's not forever, 'Lena."

"It better not be!" Elena said and hugging her. "I need my best friend."

"Oh God, how am I going to get by in Portland without you and Caroline?"

"Well it'll be quiet," Elena laughed. "Because Caroline and I won't be there to fight."

That made Bonnie laugh too.


Kai still had some of Josette's magic left. It let him cloak himself and creep around his father's study. Joshua was so arrogant that it never occurred to him that one of his own children might be spying on him, especially not the abomination.

He saw his father answer the phone and then he listened in on the conversation. It didn't make much sense to him. It was a woman's voice and she was talking about an arrangement Joshua had suggested between their families. Joshua's brisk tones quickly cut her off.

"I remember the pact, Sheila," Joshua said, voice all business. "After all, I was the one to suggest it, but things are different now."

He could hear the woman, Sheila on the other end, talking. Saying that she needed this, that her Bonnie needed this. Or maybe it was Bunny. Kai wasn't sure. Either way, it seemed his family wasn't the only one with the tendency to give their children unfortunate names.

He wondered what was going on, when he heard Joshua telling them to come up at the end of the week. Assuring her that Kai would be a good match for her Bunny, Bonnie, Buffy maybe.

Buffy that would be hot, he thought to himself.

Then what Joshua was really saying sunk in and Kai gaped at him. Why was the leader of the Gemini coven acting as a dating service? And more importantly, why did he want to set up Kai? He hated Kai. He was the abomination. There was no doubt something very strange was going on. Especially since he now had his twin replacements making Kai disposable as coven leader. Wait till his father found out how Kai was going to solve that particular problem.


Sheila went to find Rudy along with Elijah. They were on their way to his office. Kol had let her touch him, and Sheila saw the vision. It was horrible. Bonnie sacrificing herself and everything that made her happy for her friends, Elena in particular until it killed her. Again and again, she died for those ungrateful kids! And Jeremy Gilbert. Sheila couldn't stand it.

The second vision was better, Bonnie happy and alive. It showed Bonnie in Portland. There was no denying it. The vision showed Bonnie among the Gemini coven in Portland with a permanent place among them. It was the only way she survived.

Sheila understood this, she only hoped she could make Rudy see reason.

"You might have to compel him," she told Elijah.

"You would be alright with that?" he sounded faintly surprised.

"I think you would be surprised what I am willing to do to protect my granddaughter."

"Oh, I don't know. I think perhaps I have a good idea," Elijah replied softly, glancing at her sideways. "It's a remarkable woman that will give her granddaughter to another coven to save her."

"You sound as if I have a choice in the matter. It's the only way she gets to finish growing up."

"The Geminis are a cruel and cold lot," Elijah said slowly. "I think you'll find she'll grow up in record time with them."

"Sadly, I know all too well what you mean. They are unyielding," Sheila agreed. "But I suppose anything is better than her dying on the day of her high school graduation," that image in particular bothered Sheila.

"Did you know, if we hadn't intervened, you would have died last night?" Elijah remarked.

"I saw that as well," Sheila closed her eyes, seeming to collect herself. "I owe you and your family a thank you, for protecting my granddaughter where I failed."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Elijah said, parking the car. "From what I can tell, Bonnie is a rather determined young lady. As is Elena. I can understand your desire to help them."

"But it's foolish," Sheila answered. "Witches we used to only care for our own. It seems we are forgetting that."

"Might not be a bad idea to remember that."

Sheila got out of the car and waited for him to pay the meter.

"I suppose not," she answered when she looked over. "But I do wish there was another option for Bonnie other than Portland."

"Is there another coven you can send her to?"

"No," she sighed. "And even if there was, only a man like Joshua Parker could keep Bonnie from running home to Mystic Falls at the first sign the people she cares about are in danger."

"Even tyrants have their uses, I suppose," Elijah hummed.

He held the door open to the office building for her.

"Don't you be telling Joshua that," she warned. "Besides, the sad fact is, there aren't many left of the old powerful families. In this modern age, our covens and lineages have begun to dwindle. Other than the Bennetts, the Geminis are the last truly powerful family in North-America."

"That's what Kol says."

Sheila nodded to the receptionist. The woman knew her on sight from years of Sheila storming into Rudy's office to yell at him about Bonnie. She usually didn't agree with Rudy's idea of parenting and she was never afraid to tell him.

"I've heard the European witch families have fared better though."

"Yes, and no. They are still in existence, but few in number and absurdly paranoid courtesy of the witch hunts."

"Paranoid you say?"

"To the point that they hardly dare practice their craft. Say what you will about the new world, but at least here the few witches in existence practice magic in style," he said with approval.

"That is surprisingly comforting," Sheila said with a sly smile.

She didn't bother knocking outside of Rudy's office. She walked straight in and was not surprised that Elijah followed her inside easily. He shut the door behind him.

"Sheila?" Rudy asked, looking surprised. "What's going on? Who's this? Is Bonnie alright?"

"Bonnie is fine," Sheila answered dismissively. "At least, she will be."

"I'm Elijah Mikaelson," Elijah answered holding his hand out.

"Rudy Hopkins," the other man replied shaking Elijah's hand.

"He's one of the first vampires," Sheila told him, ignoring Rudy's stunned expression and soundless sputtering. "And I have some very bad news about Bonnie."

Without waiting for an answer, Sheila grabbed Rudy's hand and passed the vision on along to him. He groaned and rubbed his head when the image disappeared from his mind.

"What was that?"

"Bonnie's two futures," Sheila told him.

"How do we save her?" Rudy answered, gesturing for them to sit down.

"Trust me, I don't like this any better than you do," Sheila told him. "But there is no other choice, so please bear with me, and keep in mind, no matter how bad you think this is, the alternative is Bonnie's life being miserable."

"And dying on numerous occasions," Elijah added helpfully.

"I'm listening," Rudy answered, visibly steeling himself for the bad news.

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