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Chapter 1

The airport was bustling with people as Josephine Potter made her way towards the luggage carousel. She was tired; she hadn't slept on the plane as she was dreading the third degree she was going to get once she returned to Capeside. Joey had been travelling for almost a day as she made her way from London to America. It hadn't exactly been comfortable journey especially considering she had a five-month-old baby to take care of.

Joey had given birth to Aaron Jacob Potter in London on the 17th July. He was the reason that she was so scared to face her family and friends because, the truth was, nobody from Capeside knew that he existed.

********************************************************************* Joey Potter's life had been like a roller coaster over the last year. After leaving Worthington, Joey accepted a job in one of the countries best publishing companies and was thoroughly enjoying her life as an independent woman. She was single, 22, and was satisfied at the direction that her life was heading in. Although Joey's love life had been very bumpy and seemed to centre around her 'supposed' soul mate Dawson Leery, she had finally come to see that her and Dawson were nothing more that childhood friends and could never be successfully romantically involved.

Joey had been working for FOX Publishing for three months when she was called into her boss Joanna's office.

"Joey, I have to tell you, I've been really impressed with your work here over these last months and I have a proposition for you." Joanna announced, leaning her elbows on the desk and sitting forward.

"As you know, the company has offices all over the World. The London office is looking for a bright young talent to come in and help with new and innovative ideas. I think you are that girl."

"Me? Are you serious, Joanna?"

"I sure am Joey, what do you say, do you like Europe?"

"Oh my gosh! I'd love to go" Joey exclaimed.

"Great. The office will need you for around a year and a half but that is open to negotiation once you get there, depending on your suitability to the situation."

"That sounds brilliant. When will I have to go?" Joey couldn't believe her luck. She'd thought she'd have to work at FOX Publishing for over a year before she ever got an opportunity like this. Joey had always wanted to go to England and now she had the opportunity to live there for over a year, there was no way that she'd turn down this job offer.

"The London branch need someone by next month which means that it would be best if you could leave within the next three weeks.. Is that too soon for you to tie things up here?"

"No, I can be ready for then Joanna - don't worry." It was two days before Joey was due to leave when she heard a knock at her door.

"Pace, what are you doing here?" Joey was staring in the face of her high school boyfriend, someone who still gave her butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

"Well Potter, me and the guys decided that we couldn't let you leave America for a year without us having one last knees up together, so I have been ordered to deliver you to Grams house by 9.00pm tonight."

"What Grams is going to arrange a 'knees up' with alcohol and loud music?" Joey teased.

"Yeah - she's getting down with her bad self," Pacey grinned, "Nah, Jen says we all have to set off together so we don't misplace anyone or something, she decided we all know where grams is so it's the easiest place to leave from."

"I suppose I had better get ready then had I?"

"You sure had - unless you plan on coming out in those shorts", he shouted as she ran up the stairs. "I wish", he muttered under his breath. *********************************************************************

Joey's last night was amazing. Jen, Jack, Dawson, Audrey and Pacey had planned a fabulous night. Joey hadn't stopped laughing all night and was sorry to see it end.

As Pacey walked Joey home he said, "I can't believe your leaving us Potter, I'm not going to see you for such a long time"

"I'll be home for holidays, Pace, you'll see me again soon'.

"Yeah, but it won't be the same though will it? Your gonna be in a whole other continent. I'm going to miss you so much." They'd reached Joey's apartment.

"Come on Pacey, we've been apart for a long time before. It wont be that bad. We'll still be great friends. I'll call you every week".

"Yeah I suppose so", he muttered, looking down. "I got you a leaving present" he smiled, looking into her eyes.

"Aaaaawwwwww, you didn't have to do that..Where is it?" She grinned.

"I left it in your apartment".

"Lets go see then shall we?"

Sitting on the sofa was a beautifully wrapped package. Pacey watched Joey's face as she opened the silver paper.

"The Little Mermaid?" Joey smiled, tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, I thought you might like it back. I think I've had my fair share of it. You've got custody of it for the next couple of years. I thought you might get bored on the airplane." He smiled sadly.

"Thank you Pacey" Joey lent over to kiss him thank you. As they came away from the kiss they looked into each other's eyes and lent back in for another kiss. This time the kiss deepened and they fell back onto the sofa together.


Joey had left for London soon after her night with Pacey, full of remorse for what might have been. They both knew that they couldn't be together, it was bad timing, and in all honesty, they were both too scared of revisiting old territory which had led to a lot of heartache for both of them. Both decided to put their night down to drunkenness mixed with fear of separation. They parted with a kiss and a cuddle, promising to call each other soon, as friends.


Joey had been in London for over a month when she noticed something was wrong. She'd missed her last period but put it down to the stressfulness of a moving and a new job, it was only later that she realised there was something else wrong. Sitting in her bathroom, Joey Potter discovered she was going to be a mother, and she knew there was only one option. Have this baby and become a single mum.
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