Chapter 9

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The sun was setting over Capeside emitting an orange glow over the waterfront. Joey Potter sat on the dock outside the bed and breakfast thinking about the past few weeks. Her life finally seemed to be making sense. She was finally happy. Things were so simple now. In the past her feelings for Pacey had left her scared. She had run away from what she really wanted in case she left someone else hurt. That had always been her problem. She cared too much about what other people thought about her.

Joey heard footsteps behind her. She turned around to see Pacey Witter, her one true love. He sat down next to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. "What you up to, out here all alone?"

"I was just thinking how great my life has just become"

He smiled at her, "I think I can relate"

She was quiet for a moment then said, "For years I have felt all alone. I think I distanced myself from possible happiness in case I ended up getting hurt. The only bit of sunshine in my life came when I had Aaron. That was because of you Pace. You are my sunshine. I love you". She was looking down into the water but as she said her last words she looked into his eyes and saw tears there.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to here you say that. I love you too Joey."

They kissed and moved closer together. They stayed locked in each other's arms and watched darkness fall over the water.


"Pace?! You here?!" Bessie shouted from the kitchen as she lay what appeared to be a suit on the worktop.

Two months had passed since Joey and Pacey had got back together and the two of them had been staying at the Potter B&B for the past week. Pacey had immediately asked Joey and Aaron to move in with him in Boston and though she had some reservations about going too fast in their relationship she agreed. Joey wanted everything to be right with her and Pacey and was still scared that he felt obligated to be in a relationship with her because of Aaron. Pacey was continually telling her this was not the case and finally convinced her that she should move in with him asking her how they could be moving too fast when they had known each other since they were kids.

It was easy to see that Pacey's flat would not be big enough for all three of them so they made the decision to move to a bigger place. This was quite a commitment for the two of them and it took a lot of discussion to agree that they were ready for this. They wanted to be a family. They had found a house just outside of Capeside that was within their price range and were confident that it would be a great home for them in the future. The house was nearly ready to move into but whilst everything was finished, they were staying at the Bed and Breakfast.

It was almost time for them to move in but Pacey didn't think that Joey realized just how much he loved her, so he was about to prove it.

"Yeah I'm here Bess, did you get everything?" Pacey said walking into the kitchen.

"Sure did, it's all set, when is she due home?"

"At seven, she's supposed to be picking Aaron up from the Leery's on her way back but Gail's going to arrange for him to spend the night so that might delay her a bit."

"Good. Bodie's got everything sorted out down at the bay, I'm going to call him on his cell when you leave here so that he can make himself scarce."

"Thank you so much Bess. I really appreciate your help, I'd have been lost without you."

"It's fine, this is for the happiness of my sister and nephew after all. Your suit is here have you arranged things upstairs?"

"Yup, the dress is hanging on the wardrobe with the note and the flower."

"Well, it's six-thirty, you'd better head over to the restaurant to get ready - we don't want you running into each other do we?"

Pacey looked panicked as he made to leave.

"Bess, wh-what if ...?"

"That won't happen Pace, don't worry"

He gave her a small smile and a peck on the cheek.

"Good luck."

"Thanks" he gulped, "I hope I'm not going to mess this up."

"You won't, now move your arse Witter, you've got a job to do"

Joey entered the house and looked around suspiciously. There was no sign of anyone. The house was silent. Aaron had been asleep by the time that Joey had arrived at the Leery's and Gail had insisted that he stay the night so as not to disturb him. No matter how much Joey protested, Gail wouldn't let her win and told her to go and have a night alone with Pacey. Joey hated to admit it but the prospect of a night alone with Pacey sounded like bliss. But now as she looked around the house, she couldn't find a sign of anyone never mind her boyfriend.

"Is anyone here?" She called walking to her bedroom.

She stopped dead as she entered the room. A beautiful dress was hanging on the door of her wardrobe and a rose and note with her name on it was pinned onto the hanger.

"What's this all about?" She asked herself.

I Jo,
Meet me outside Leery's Fresh Fish at eight wearing this dress.
Don't ask questions all will be explained.
Love Pacey xxx /I

She was surprised and highly suspicious but as the note said 'don't ask any questions'. She looked over to the dress, it was absolutely gorgeous, just her style. When she tried it on she found that it was a perfect fit.

Joey arrived at the restaurant at exactly 8 o'clock and was surprised to find it closed, she had assumed that they were having dinner there, what else could they be doing?

She heard someone clear their throat behind her and turned to see Pacey watching her. He looked gorgeous in the suit he was wearing, the blue of his shirt made his eyes even more outstanding than usual.

"Miss Potter, may I lead the way?" he asked huskily, holding his arm out for her.

"You certainly may Mr. Witter." She said.

They walked together slowly. "Pacey what's going on?" She questioned him.

"I thought you read my note"

"Yeah but it didn't say what we were doing..."

"No, it said don't ask any questions, so don't, you'll find out soon enough."

She let out a squeal of frustration but didn't ask any more questions.

They continued walking until Pacey reached out to stop her next to a boat. She looked at him curiously. "Why have you stopped?"

"Well you wanted to know where we were going"


"Well here we are"

She looked around but couldn't see anything that Pacey could be referring to until she looked at the boat. She looked back up at him and pointed to the boat - "there?"

Pacey smiled back down at her, "Yes"

"Who's is it Pacey. Won't they mind us using it?"

"No the owner would be honored for you to go on board Jo"

"Who's is it"

Pacey smiled knowingly then took Joey's hand and led her to the side of the boat to indicate the name of the boat 'True Love'. Pacey was smiling as comprehension dawned on her face.

"Is-is this your boat Pacey?"

"Jo, this-" he indicated the boat, "is ours. She belongs to both of us"

"Oh my gosh. She is so beautiful," Joey breathed.

"Just like you." They smiled at each other. Pacey climbed onboard.

Joey attempted to follow him but he stopped her. "Wh-Oh. Permission to come aboard?"

"Permission granted"

They kissed.

A table was set out with a meal for two. It looked amazing.

"Wow." Joey breathed, "Pacey this is fabulous."

They ate a three-course meal, which was being heated, in a separate room. They had been talking all the way through the meal but Joey noticed that Pacey seemed to be getting more and more restless as though something was playing on his mind.

"What's the matter Pace, what's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong. In fact, everything is right, completely right."

He leant over the table and poured the champagne. Pacey then leant forward to take her hand in his.

"Jo, I've told you before but I'm going to tell you again. My life has been miserable without you. You are the light in my life and you make me whole. This boat is the new 'True Love' and it symbolizes us. You are my true love Jo, you always have been. These past two months have been the best months of my life. You have given me the most precious thing in Aaron and I love you for it. I want us to be a family Joey. I want us all to be together, you Aaron and me, properly. It feels so right being in your arms it feels like I'm home, Jo." Tears were in both of their eyes as he said this. Pacey took a deep breath and moved to the floor so that he was on one knee. He took her left hand in his as she gasped.

"It's because I love you so much that I'm telling you this Jo. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." his voice was shaking, "Josephine Potter, will you marry me?"

Tears were cascading down both of their faces. Pacey was waiting in anticipation he would feel as though his life was over if she said no. It seemed as if minutes were going by. Pacey looked up into her face to see her smiling.

"Of course I will marry you Pacey. I love you so much. You and Aaron are my world"

"Oh Joey" he muttered tracing her lips. He pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately.

They spent the night on that boat. Blissfully happy with each other. It felt as if they were made for each other. They were meant to be together. They were true love.

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