Title: Rekindled Passions

Chapter One

Author: KissThis

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Dedication: I dedicate this ficcy to my friend Meg, 'cuz she loves Haruka/Usagi fics. I also know she's having a hard time with her beau leaving so I thought this would help brighten her life. Love ya, girl!

Summary: AU. Even after Usagi left her two years ago Haruka is still passionately in love with her. Will their relationship be rekindled when Usagi returns to Tokyo as a famous model?

A/N: Yup, I don't know how long I'm going to take in updating this, but I shall do my best if it attracts popularity. And keep in mind this is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fic.


Ikuko opened the front door and beamed at Haruka Ten'ou. But the kind woman's smile faltered as her wizened eyes took in Haruka's pressed blue dress shirt and black slacks.

"Hello Haruka-san, can I help you?"

"I'm here to see Usagi," The blonde haired woman drew from behind her back a bouquet of pristine, white roses.

Ikuko paled, "S-she didn't tell you?"

Haruka's own smile fell, "Tell me what?"

"She's gone." The confusion on Haruka's face and in her eyes pulled at Ikuko's heartstrings. She was torn between anger at her daughter's stupidity and sympathy for her daughter's lover. "She was accepted to London's University of Modeling. She left this morning."

Haruka's mouth fell open and she had to grab the doorframe in order for support. Her sea-green eyes blinked rapidly, and Ikuko watched in amazement as the strongest woman she had ever met struggled to hold back tears.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Tsukino-san..." She struggled to keep her voice normal, but found it difficult to form her words around the lump that had formed in her throat and the dryness in her mouth.

Choking back a sob, Haruka whirled away from the door and the bouquet of roses fell from her hands. The plastic wrapped flowers hit the cement patio littering it with their white petals.

Haruka Ten'ou sat bolt upright beneath her navy, silk covers. It still surprised her that even after two years she couldn't forget the first person she ever loved - Usagi Tsukino.

Pushing back the sweat-soaked sheets she climbed shakily from her king-sized bed and into the shower. The cold water washed away the perspiration on her skin and "jolted" her into wakefulness. Lifting her face to the jets of water spraying form the showerhead she let the sharp beams beat into her skin and her mind wander.

She could still feel her soft fingers on her bare skin leaving burning trails wherever they grazed. Teasing and stroking with gentle precision and confidence. Haruka's body quivered and shook as her imagination became so detailed and vivid it began to effect her physical senses.

She braced her arms on either side of the showerhead and her breathing became heavy. She could still taste her kisses - passionate and soul-igniting - that made Haruka's blood boil and her body turn hot and wet; and even thinking about them made her body react much like it was doing now.

"Fuck..." She cursed and banged her fists against the walls of her shower. The feelings faded away until they became just a warm throbbing deep in her stomach. She hurried through the motions of washing her short crop of hair and then turned off the shower.

She hurried to dry herself off as her phone began to ring in the other room. Still rubbing the white towel through her dripping hair she walked into her bedroom and lifted the phone off its cradle and onto her ear.


"Hey, Haruka-chan!"


Haruka gave a small smile


"Michiru-chan...what's up?"

"I need a ride to the airport."

"Going somewhere, cousin?" Haruka laughed and she could hear Michiru chuckling on the other line.

"No. I have to pick up Setsuna's friend. They're coming in from London and Sets couldn't be there to meet them."

"What am I? Your chauffeur?" Haruka asked her voice laced with sarcasm. Digging though her bureau she grabbed a shirt and held it against her chest.

Catching sight of her reflection she made a face and threw the offensive article off to the side. Despite her attempts to distract herself Haruka couldn't help the feelings that resurfaced at the mention of London.

"Please Haruka? Setsuna was going on and on about how positively gorgeous her friend was..."


Haruka switched the phone to her other ear.


"So what you're saying is you need my help to pick up a hot guy..." She snorted and held up another shirt.

"I'll owe you one..."

"Fine, I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Arigatou Cuz!"

Haruka shook her head and hung up the phone with a smile. At least this ridiculous fiasco would keep her mind off of Usagi.


Michiru Kaiou was a knockout and everybody knew it. Her wavy aquamarine tresses fell in silky waves past her shoulders and never had a single strand out of place. Her matching oval eyes and full lips accented her rounded face and sculpted features.

And it was Michiru Kaiou who drew the attention of the airport's passerby as she waited for the passengers to step off the plane. Haruka leaned against a pay phone and watched with nonchalant amusement that her cousin was completely oblivious to the fact that her elegant beauty radiated off her in waves and captivated everyone around her.

"Flight #219 from London is now deboarding."

The crackling of the intercom faded away and Haruka watched her cousin turn in excitement towards the gate exit. Haruka gave a groan eliciting a sharp look from Michiru. With a role of her eyes she had dutifully started to raise the sign when a hand stopped her.

"Setsuna?! I thought you couldn't make it..."

Setsuna Meioh, world-renowned fashion designer smiled and tucked a lock of evergreen hair behind her ear with olive toned fingers.

"I couldn't, but I rearranged my schedule."

A sudden uproar started at the gate exit and piqued to trio's interest. Haruka and Michiru started forward, but a crowd had formed an impenetrable circle around a single passenger. They pushed their way to the front in time to hear the woman laugh.

She knelt facing a small girl with her back towards them. Her golden hair tumbled down her back in blinding waves and pooled around her kneeling form. Haruka's face scrunched up when she saw the woman was wearing the latest fashions from Tokyo's crazy world of designers.

Her shoes were white ankle breakers with ribbon ties that wrapped up her leg in criss-cross patterns ending at her knees. She wore latest in mini-skirts that was gathered up so that the pink strings of her underwear were visible above the low v-cut waistline of the gold cloth. A loose fitting gauzy mesh, long sleeved shirt, covered her simple top of a black spaghetti strap tank.

"Who gave you dat?" The tiny girl pointed one of her chubby fingers at the woman's chest, and watched in fascination as she drew forth a small pendant.

The blonde studied it for a moment and then turned to the small girl who tugged shyly on her red braids, "Can you keep a secret?"

The girl nodded emphatically.

The blonde leaned in and smiled a slow, sweet smile. Holding the pendant cupped in her tanned palms so the girl could see it she started to whisper. The entire gate was eerily silent as the crowd strained to hear the words being spoken.

"It was a gift from my girlfriend...my lover..."

The girls eyes were as wide as tennis balls. "Wow, pretty lady! You must be in vury much love."

The woman laughed and nodded. She turned her head to one side and smiled sadly, "Yes...we were..."

Haruka groaned earning herself looks of annoyance. Aw...the celebrity was going to recount her sad tales of romance ...boo...frickin'...hoo. Pushing her way back out of the circle she turned to say something about it to Michiru but found her cousin to be still standing within in the crowd and listening with rapt interest. Intent on "rescuing" her hopeless romantic-of-a-cousin she waded back in.

"Wot happened?"

"I had to go away. Leave Tokyo." With gentle fingers she brushed red hair from the tiny girls eyes.

The cherubic face became scrunched with confusion, "Didn't you love 'er anymore?"

"Oh yes, I did love her...very much." The woman's eyes were shining with emotion, but she gave the tiny girl a smile nonetheless.

"But now dat you're back...you'll be together 'gain, wight?" She was so earnest and hopeful that the woman felt bad about having to tell her that not everything was magic and fairy-tales with "happily ever afters".

Rubbing her lips together she shook her head, "No...I don't think so, little one."

The petite red-head refused to believe her, "And why not?" She demanded stubbornly resting her grubby fists upon her bony hips.

The woman sighed, "I'm afraid she's forgotten all about me." Wiping at her eyes she pulled her purse onto her lap. Digging through it she pulled out a bulging envelope and handed it kindly to the girl. "These are backstage passes to my next show. You'll come and visit me, won't you?"

The little redhead beamed and jumped onto the woman and wrapped her tiny arms around her neck. The woman fell backwards with a laugh and the girl buried her face in the crook of her neck, "I won't ferget you, pwety lady."

"Another celebrity," Haruka muttered with a role of her eyes.

Michiru 'tsked' her; "She was sweet..."

The woman handed the girl back to her mother and stood up. She was immediately enveloped in Setsuna's sisterly embrace. "Setsuna!" She exclaimed returning the hug with fervor, "Kami, I've missed you!"

Michiru's mouth dropped open as her turquoise eyes refused to take in the scene in front of her, "T-that's your friend?!" She sputtered.

Setsuna nodded.

"You said she was a guy!" Michiru exclaimed becoming increasingly flustered.

Setsuna snorted, "I said no such thing," She insisted truthfully, but her eyes twinkled mischievously.

When Setsuna's friend turned to face her, Michiru's mouth snapped shut and she felt herself melt. When the blonde smiled innocently at her she finally knew the reaction she gave to so many others.

The woman's tan face was angelic and heart-shaped with soft curves. Her large, wide eyes were the deepest blue that seemed to go on forever. And when she smiled her sugar-pink lips parted revealing dazzling white teeth.

She was perfect...

"You're just embarrassed you want to jump her in the middle of the terminal..." Setsuna teased, but her voice faded away when she saw Haruka...

Haruka was equally shocked. Her eyes raked the woman's body taking in the curves of her breasts beneath the gauze and her hourglass form ending in toned legs that went all the way down to the floor. But when those blue eyes were turned on her she recognized what Michiru hadn't.

She didn't even know she had spoken until the woman whirled around in surprise.



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