Title: Rekindled Passions

Chapter Seven

Author: KissThis

Disclaimer: Once again, I don't own anything...except the plot, of course.

Summary: AU. Even after Usagi left her two years ago Haruka is still passionately in love with her. Will their relationship be rekindled when Usagi returns to Tokyo as a famous model?

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Usagi's eyes had just fluttered closed when she heard footsteps approaching. She opened them and looked up at the person who had just walked into the room.


Usagi smiled tiredly and put a finger to her lips. Haruka looked down at Setsuna who was lying in peaceful slumber beside Usagi. The green-haired woman looked so serene in slumber Haruka understood why Usagi was loath to wake her.

Haruka tried not to let her nervousness show as she pulled a chair up on Usagi's other side and sat down in it. "You look pretty tired, yourself." She pointed out with a small smirk.

Usagi shook her head lightly in denial, "No. Now that you're here with me..." She yawned quietly.

Haruka gave a slow chuckle and brushed her bangs from her face. "You never were a good liar, Koneko." She reached up and caressed Usagi's cheek.

"No..." Usagi whispered struggling to keep her eyes open, "I still have to explain..."

"There's time for that later."

Usagi laughed, "Who knows when I might have another near death experience." She cracked one eye open and gave Haruka a lazy smile. She closed her eyes again and didn't say anything more. Her body relaxed and her breathing steadied. She was asleep.

Haruka sat there watching her for a minute. The years melted away and she found herself staring at the girl she had fallen in love with. She did still love her -- that hadn't changed over the years like she had. It was rooted deep inside her soul and she doubted that it would ever go away.

"I did it for you..."

Haruka looked up in shock to find that Usagi hadn't really fallen asleep. Her eyes were still closed, but Haruka could see her body shifting beneath the sheets. Usagi ran a tongue across her lips, and started again.

"I only received my acceptance letter that morning. It hurt leaving you...Oh, Kami how it hurt." She swallowed slowly, "I lived with that pain in my heart for two years." Her voice was so soft as she tried to hold back her emotions.

"But I did what I thought was right. You were just starting to become a big time racer. It would be selfish of me to tell you because I knew you'd insist on coming with me. So I left...without a word, and there hasn't been a day since then that I haven't thought about you or my decision. I thought what I was doing was for the best."

Something inside her broke and she started to cry. Crystalline tears brimmed beneath her ebony lashes and rolled down her face. Haruka leaned forward and cupped Usagi's tearstained face in her hands. She wiped the tears away with her thumbs and Usagi's eyes opened.

"I did it for you." She cried as more tears rolled down her pale cheeks, "I wanted your dreams to come true. I didn't mean to hurt you 'Ruka." Usagi paid no mind to the tears that clouded her vision, "And now you hate me..."

"Oh, Usagi...don't cry," Haruka whispered. Her own sight was watery with unshed tears. She looked down at the smaller woman and watched her cerulean eyes flutter open. Lowering her head, Haruka pressed her lips to Usagi's cheeks and kissed away the tears and the salty trails the left on her cheeks. "I don't hate you, pet...I never could."

"Please forgive me...? I just want us to start over..."

Haruka looked down in begging sapphire eyes and lost all rational thought, "Anything for you."

The tears stopped and Usagi looked up at her former lover in earnest, "...Kiss me..."

Haruka didn't have time to protest because Usagi wrapped an arm about her neck and pulled her face to hers. Their lips met in a fiery kiss filled with years of withheld and yearning passion. It was Usagi's prodding tongue that sought to deepen the kiss, but Haruka beat her to it.

She'd forgotten how good she tasted...

Setsuna shifted in her sleep and they pulled away, "Starting over means we just made-out with total strangers..."

Despite everything Usagi laughed, "Maybe we could skip ahead. Just a bit, of course..."

"I can't argue with that." Haruka grinned wolfishly.

Usagi smiled and closed her eyes, "Maybe we can finish this later...because I'm seriously about to pass out..." She murmured stretching her arms over her head.

"Tomorrow I'm stealing you away from this awful hospital." Haruka stated firmly.


"Sweet dreams, Koneko." Haruka whispered, but the petite blonde was already asleep. Haruka kissed Usagi's forehead softly and drew back. She watched her sleep contentedly before sleeps jaws closed around her as well.


"Come on Usagi! We'll miss our lunch reservation." Setsuna exclaimed. She was stretched out trying to make the best of the uncomfortable hospital chairs while she waited for Usagi to finish up in the bathroom. "What's taking so long?"

"I've been in a hospital for four days. I have......bed hair."

Setsuna groaned and let her head fall dramatically over the back of her chair. "Not even Mina takes this long." She muttered.

"Minako!" Usagi exclaimed. She stuck her head out the bathroom door and grabbed the startled blonde who had been standing beside the door. "Minako, I need you."

"Now we're definitely going to be late." Haruka mused to her emerald-haired friend. She began to sort through the newspapers scattered over Usagi's bed, and with nothing better to do, Setsuna followed her example. A triumphant cry left her lips as Haruka found the desired Sports section near the bottom.

She had just started to scan the track schedule when Setsuna touched her arm. She gave a mumbled sound of acknowledgment and lowered the paper slightly so Setsuna knew she had Haruka's attention.

"Look." Setsuna instructed and dropped something in the blonde's lap. It was a magazine. Haruka raised an inquiring eyebrow, but when she flipped it over the newspaper she had been reading became suddenly insignificant.


Beneath the blaring headline a collage of pictures form Usagi's various shoots spiraled around a single picture in the center. It had been taken when Haruka had brought Usagi to the hospital. Usagi's frozen, blue-tinted body was cradled in Haruka's arms as the soaked woman struggled through ankle-deep waters to the front entrance. Setsuna was running beside the couple. Her hands were on Usagi's wrist -- checking her pulse. Behind them, Minako was in the process of getting out of the yellow sports car; her face lined with fear and apprehension.

"Fuck..." Haruka breathed.

"It was to be expected." Setsuna countered logically. "The same thing would have happened if it had been us instead."

Haruka was about to grudgingly agree when her eye caught something. She shook her head and held up the magazine so Setsuna could see it, "But I doubt you or I would have gotten on the cover of another country's magazine."

Setsuna's mouth dropped open and Haruka allowed her to snatch it from her hand.

"I'm pretty sure People isn't a Japanese publication. Usagi just landed the cover spot on an American magazine."

"Holy shit..." It took Setsuna a moment to get over her shock, "Well it makes sense. She is an international model. The Americans must have printed billions of copies; it's probably made it halfway around the world by now."

"What's halfway around the world?"

Haruka jumped in surprise and she watched out of the corner of her eye as Setsuna slid the magazine into her coat pocket. She looked up at Usagi, but her guilty expression quickly melted into awe. "Usagi..."

If only they hadn't agreed to start over...

Haruka didn't know how she managed to keep herself from ripping her Kitten's dress off and ravaging her in front of everyone. The slinky lavender number tied behind her neck and swept down low over the swell of her breasts. But as alluring as that detail was it wasn't what was making her mouth water and her body burn. Straight down the center from breast to waist was a sexy strip of exposed skin covered only by fragile, silver, criss-cross ties. The glittering dress fell to rippling waves above her knees.

A feral growl rose from Haruka's throat that made Usagi's eyes dance. "Was it worth the wait?" She asked twirling around.

Haruka, on her feet by this time, grabbed her by the waist and pulled Usagi's scantily clad body against her own.

"Oh yeah..." Haruka growled down at her.

Setsuna smiled smoothly as she felt Minako wrap her arms about her waist from behind. Twisting her face slightly she pressed her full lips to Mina's cheek as it rested upon her shoulder. "I'm glad they made up."

"They do compliment each other well." Minako conceded. "Yeah yeah - enough about the latest model fashions. What do you think of my masterpiece?"

Haruka held Usagi out at armslength to survey Minako's handiwork. The silky golden locks were pulled into a single odango. The remaining streamer of hair was curled into perfect, precise ringlets.

"I like to think of it as sexy...yet sophisticated." Minako piped up cheerily.

"Simple and elegant." Setsuna drawled fingering a blonde curl before grabbing her purse by the door.

Haruka smirked and offered Usagi her arm, "Maybe I'll let you do my hair sometime..."

Usagi giggled and Setsuna chuckled as well. Haruka planted a feathery kiss on the soft skin of Usagi's shoulder and led her to the door.

"Lunch?" She inquired huskily.



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