Lady Lucks Favor

Happy Halloween Night P-2

No One's P.O.V

Jack yawned while rubbing his eyes as he sat in front of a computer. For the past two days Jack has been working tirelessly trying to figure out why ghost activity has been at an all-time low on Halloween, when ghosts should out and about like crazy.

Looking over his shoulder to the Fenton portal, Jack grows a pout.

He had a plan to lure out some ghosts from the Ghost Zone, a truly brilliant plan.

Jack built himself a dummy that was dressed like a human with a sign around its neck that said, 'come and get the tasty human'. The dummy was placed in front of the Fenton Portal for the past two days straight, and Jack expected dozens of ghosts to come flying out, after all his plan was full proof and brilliant.

"Jack, I'm going to go out for a bit to pick up my costume! I'll be back in a few!" Maddie called from upstairs.

Jack blinked and glanced at the time. "Wow, I've been up for a while." Jack said while rubbing his head as he realized what day it was.

It was Halloween, the night where ghost should be running through the world causing terror and mayhem.

"I should catch some shut eye." Jack yawned while stretching his arms. "Got to be well rested for the ghost tonight."

Jack made his way upstairs, planning to get some sleep. However, as Jack left, he failed to turn off the Fenton Portal, leaving the portal on for any ghost to come through.

"Yes! I feel it!"

"All Hallows Eve!"

"My power grows every second!"

"Soon I shall rise again!"

"I shall spread terror and chaos!"

"And that wretched woman shall never trap me away again!"

With every second that passed the purple pumpkin shook and grow cracks that pulsed with power.

"Alright, a perfect fit!"

Danny grinned as he finished putting the final touches on his costume, ready for the Haunted House Party tonight.

Thanks to Desiree Danny's haunted house was now in perfect condition, all he had to do was scare Lancer a few times and he had the competition in the bag.

"Too bad there isn't a costume contest, because I would so have it in the bag." Danny said as he looked himself in the mirror.

Danny had a long red trench coat on with a plain black shirt underneath, black pants, black boots, and black gloves. His hair was dyed white, and he had a large broadsword strapped to his back.

Danny was dressed as 'Dante' from 'Devil May Cry'.

While Danny wasn't a huge fan of the game series, he did recognize that the game was cool. Plus, he could relate to Dante a bit, since both of them were Halfas who fought their kind to keep people safe.

"Huh, I wonder if I should invest in getting my own weapon." Danny muttered with a thoughtful look.

Some if not most ghosts use weapons to fight to make things easier for them or give them an edge. Ember had her gaiter, Skulker had his robot body, and Technus had his electric rod.


"Come on Danny, we're going to be late." Jazz called from the hallway.

Glancing out the window Danny saw it was already dark, making the Halfa quickly exit his room.

Opening the door Danny was greeted to the pleasant of his sister's costume.

Jazz was in a baby blue body suit with white lines and a blue helmet with a black vise under her arm.

"A Blue Power Ranger?" Danny asked with a grin.

"Pink isn't my color." Jazz smirked while putting her hand on her hip.

"Pink, blue, red, either way it's all the same." Danny said as he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Jazz, his hands going straight to her ass. "Your ass looking amazing in latex." Danny said with a playful growl, making Jazz moan as she felt him get hard.

Jazz grinned at Danny and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Save it for later Lover Boy, don't want to start what you can't finish." Jazz said while pulling away, making Danny groan in protest. "Anyway, we better get moving, we have to get they're before the party starts. Plus, the after party at Paulina's place."

Danny groaned while following his sister, keeping his eyes on her ass as they made their way downstairs. Danny and his friends were informed just yesterday that Paulina's party would take place right after the party at the Towson place. Apparently, Paulina's parents were coming home early, and the Latina girl already bought the party supplies and set everything up.

Once at the bottom, both Jazz and Danny were surprised at what they saw in the living room.

Maddie Fenton, mother of both, was in her own costume.

Her costume was simple yet elegant. With a small purple, pointy hat, fishnet stockings with thigh high boots, a short skirt, black shoulder length gloves, and dark red lipstick.

Maddie Fenton was dressed like a Sexy Witch.

"M-mom! Y-you're wearing a costume?" Danny asked in shock while Jazz's jaw dropped.

In all their years both Fenton siblings barely saw their mother out of her latex jumpsuit, and never before have they seen her in a costume of all things. Maddie would be with Jack patrolling for ghosts or working on an invention. So, seeing their mom in a costume, and a revealing one at that, was truly shocking for both of them.

"You like?" Maddie asked while giving a small twirl. "With ghost activity so low and your father sleeping, I thought I go out with some girls and have some fun."

That made the Fenton siblings stumble again. While Maddie was lovable and sweet, she honestly didn't have many friends. She focused on three things, her family, ghosts, and inventing.

"Yup, it'd be a nice change of scene." Maddie said with a smile.


"Oh, that's them!" Maddie said with a smile as she practically bounced to the door, making both Danny and Jazz notice her ass and tits jiggle as they bit their lips.

When the door open both Danny and Jazz were surprised at who they saw.

Desiree and Spectra, both in their costumes.

Desiree was dressed up as a Sexy Cowgirl with two fake guns on her wide hips, a black Cow-Boy hat, and a bandana around her neck.

Spectra was dressed as a Slutty-Cop with aviators, a police baton, handcuffs on her hips, and a short blue skirt that hugged her wide hips.

"Desiree and Penelope?" Danny said in confusion.

Maddie looked to Danny with a raised brow and Desiree quickly elaborated. "We asked Danny to call us by our first names when we're not at school, since we know him so well." She said, making Maddie smile as she turned to her kids.

"I met these two a few days ago and we really hit it off. They offered to take me out and I honestly couldn't refuse." Maddie smiled before a look of realization crossed her face. "Oh, almost forgot about my wand." She said before walking away into the living room to find her wand.

Once Maddie was far enough away Danny and Jazz confronted the two women.

"Alright, what's going on?" Danny asked while he and Jazz gave the two a stern look.

"What, nothing?" Desiree said as she and Spectra raise a brow.

"Really, so you didn't seek my mom out to play some kind of joke or prank or something on her?" Danny asked while crossing his arms.

Desiree looked a little hurt by the accusation. "Danny, do you really think I would take advantage of your mother like that?"

Hearing Desiree's tone Danny winced, and his face soften. "Desiree... I'm sorry." Danny said with a sigh as he hugged Desiree while she hugged back. "It's just... this is my mom, and I don't want to see her get hurt."

"I know Danny, and that's why I forgive you." Desiree said while giving Danny a loving smile.

Spectra smirked at her friend while rolling her eyes. "She has it bad, like really bad." Spectra said with a snort.

Jazz however felt a twinge of jealousy at the affection between Desiree and Danny. She knows that he slept with other girls, and she really was fine with that, but see her bother be so affectionate left a bad taste in her mouth.

When Danny pulled away, he looked to the two with raised brows. "So how did this happen?"

"Like she said," Spectra said while jerking her chin to the Fenton woman, who was still searching for her wand. "We met a few days ago and really hit it off, your mother is a smart and beautiful woman. We didn't find out she was your mom until after we invited her to go out with us to a costume party. And sorry, but no teens." Spectra said with a smirk.

"Found it!"

Every turned and what they saw made all their jaws drop.

Maddie, still in her Sexy Witch costume, was bent over while on the floor, reaching under the low table trying to grab her fake wand. What grabbed everyone's attention however was the fact everyone could see Maddie Fenton's large ass, clear as day thanks to her short skirt being pulled up.

The sight of the MILF's large, round ass in tight fishnet stockings and apparently a red thong got a reaction from everyone.

Desiree and Spectra were definitely caught off guard yet smiled eagerly as they knew they would have a fun night tonight. Maybe introduce Maddie to some of the pleasurable things in life.

Danny and Jazz had similar reactions to one another as they stared at their mother's round ass. Their eyes widen and both teens instantly started to feel horny, imagining doing the taboo right their while staring at their mother's fat ass.

Once Maddie grabbed her wand, she was up in a second. "Alright, now let's go!" Maddie said in a happy tone as she started to make her way out. "I expect you kids home by 12." Maddie said while giving her kids a stern look.

Spectra gave a chuckle as she placed a hand over Maddie's shoulder. "Maddie, please, it's Halloween Night and they are looking for fun. Your daughter is a young woman and Danny's a very handsome young man. Maybe you should give them a little more freedom, if just for tonight."

Maddie gave a small frown before looking to her kids, and seeing what Spectra meant. No longer could Maddie see her kids as the babies she raised, but now the young adults they were.

Jazz had a figure that resembled her own while in college, with elegant skin, a beautiful face, and long red hair that reminded Maddie of her mother.

Danny, Maddie could see the difference like night and day. No longer did her son have any baby-fat, but had a strong jaw, a strong chest with muscles, and strong eyes that held conviction.

Seeing that Spectra is right, that her kids have grown up, Maddie couldn't help but sigh. "I guess... I can allow you two to come home whenever you want since tomorrow is Saturday." She said before giving the two a sharp glare. "However, I expect you two also act like adults if I'm giving you your freed to be like ones. No drinking too much alcohol, the last thing I want is to find you two puking your guts out in the bathroom with a hangover. Second, if you two desired to become... intimate with anyone,"

"She means fuck like horny rabbits." Spectra said while giving the teens a wicked grin.

Maddie glared at Spectra before turning to her kids with a sigh. "Yes, that, anyway, please be responsible and use protection."

Jazz snorted and waved her hands. "Don't worry mom, I don't plan to have kids until I have at least two doctorates."

"And I don't plan to have kids until I'm married." Danny said, getting a surprised look from Jazz and Desiree.

Both girls imagined a big wedding, both wearing wedding dresses as they both showed obvious sighs of pregnancy under said wedding dresses. With an older Danny carrying them off to their honeymoon for more amazing sex.

The two were knocked out of their thoughts as Maddie grabbed her purse. "Have fun at the party, I'll be home late tonight." She said before rushing out with Spectra and Desiree in tow.

When the door closed both Fenton siblings were left with confused looks on their faces.

"Well... that just happen-AH!"

Jazz was cut off with her own moan as Danny came up from behind her and grabbed her tits in his hands while rubbing his hard on against her ass.

"D-Danny~" Jazz moaned as she wiggled in her brother's grip. "Not now."

"I can't help it, Jazz." Danny growled while kissing her neck, making Jazz moan and quiver. "Your costume, Desiree and Spectra's costume, now Mom's costume. I'm so fucking hard after seeing her bend over and showing off her big ass to us." Danny groaned into Jazz's ear. "Can you feel how hard I am Jazz?"

Jazz bit her lip to stop herself from crying out in pleasure. She could feel how hard Danny was with his cock pressing up against her ass. Jazz wanted nothing more than to rip off both costumes and spend the day fuckin her brother. Yet she knew she couldn't without destroying the costume she bought, which would end up being a cum soaked mess in the end.

Much to Jazz's dismay she pulled away from Danny, who moaned in protest but didn't hold on.

"Danny, I know how bad you want me." Jazz said as she saw then tent in Danny's tight pants, making her feel a twinge of pride. "But if we start by the time we finish the party would be over and you would have to carry me around after I lost feeling in my legs."

Danny groaned but nodded at Jazz's logic. "Not even a quickie?"'

Jazz was very tempted to say yes. "No." She said while shaking her head, making Danny sigh. "Sorry Danny, but I'm putting my foot down here." She said before a sexy smile crossed her face. "However, I will promise you this. After the parties over I'll let you ruin this costume if you like." She said before sliding her helmet on and making her way out.

Before Danny could say anything, his phone vibrated.

Pulling it out Danny was surprised to see a message from Ember.

"Happy Halloween Babypop, I'm still thinking about you. Here's a little treat for you for the night."

Danny was then treated to the sight of Ember's costume.

Her hair was it two long twin-tails that reached down to her waist, a microphone in hand, and most shocking was the Japanese schoolgirl uniform she wore with a long blue tie hanging around her neck and a black mini-skirt.

Danny recognized Ember's costume as Hatsune Miku, a Japanese Vocaloid software voicebank. The only reason Danny knew about this was his old friend Tucker was obsessed with Miku, constantly wishing she was real and was his girlfriend.

Danny continued to receive pictures of Ember posing in her costume, each one getting more and more erotic. Danny's favorite was Ember dancing around a pole and grinding her ass against it while looking into the camera.

The Halfa sighed and put his phone away as he saw Jazz siting on his bike, her cheeks fitting perfectly on the seat.

"It's going to be a long day."


"Holy shit!"

"No! No! No!"

"Ah! Fuck!"

Danny, along with Sam, Jazz, and Valerie laughed as teens ran out of their haunted house. Despite the scared looks and shouts the group could tell people were having fun.

"Man! That was awesome!"

"Like, super amazing!"

"Hey, let's go again!"

"Don't forget to vote for Danny having the best haunted house!" Sam called as a group of students left there.

Danny smiled before looking two Sam and Valerie, admiring their costumes.

Sam was dressed in jean short-shorts with fishnet stockings, a black leather jacket, and a black corset wrapped around her chest. The scary part about her costume was the fake glass and blood all over her shoulders and face along with the fake piercings and how messy her black hair was. Sam was dressed up as Julia from 'Return of the Living Dead 3'. Sam explained the movie was a B-Movie at best and wasn't that scary, the one thing she loved about the movie was how cool Julia looked.

Valerie's costume was not scary looking but fun. She had a red bandana around her head, she wore a lose white blouse, brown boots, dark rings around her eyes, and her hair was done in long breads. Valerie was dressed up as a female Jack Sparrow. Valerie loved how goofy, yet confident Jack always was despite all the bad situations he was in.

Danny admired both their costumes, thinking they look sexy.

"Hahaha! That was great!" A group of freshmen shouted as they exited Danny's haunted house. "Dash's haunted house just made me scared of school and athletes' foot."

"And what was with that pedestal of those undies? Weird." Another teen said with a shutter.

That also made the group shutter. Dash has been trying to add to the bet that once he wins Dash's first order would be to eat his undies. Obviously, Danny was in no way going to do such a thing, he would much rather fight and get suspended then do such a thing.

"I'd say we got this in the bag." Jazz said while looking at a clipboard. "From the amount of positive feedback and multiple people returning, I'd say we're sure to win."

"And who wants to bet Dash will try to cheat again." Valerie said with a snort.

When Dash and Lancer saw Danny's haunted house was put back together, they were shocked to say the least. Lancer thought Danny got his parents to help and called them to ask if they helped Danny with his haunted house. Both Jack and Maddie said no since they were working the past week and couldn't have helped Danny. Seeing as Danny hadn't broken Lancer's rule the teacher allowed Danny back into the competition.

Dash however was pissed off and accused Danny of cheating. Danny then smugly replied to 'prove it' shutting Dash up as he stormed out of the building. Dash tried to come back with the football crew and trash Danny's haunted house again, only to stop as the housekeeper was patrolling to stop anyone from doing that again.

Danny turned to the girls and gave them a grin. "Don't worry, I had Desiree grant me a wish were Dash and his crew can't mess with the voting box. Plus, if it does look like Dash is going to win, I honestly wouldn't feel bad for cheating a bit." Danny said with a shrug. Dash was a bully and a cheater who needed his ass kicked, so Danny felt zero guilt pulling the rug out from under him.

"So, want to go to the party in the main lobby?" Sam asked while giving a shrug. "Things seem to be going smoothly here."

Danny looked to the other girls, and they gave a shrug. "Alright, let's have some fun."

Deep in the Ghost Zone the sword in the purple pumpkin shook to the point it was vibrating. The cracks along pulsed with power with each passing second.

Without warning purple fire erupted from the sword, consuming the pumpkin as an evil laugh was heard.


Without warning the pumpkin exploded, engulfing the room in fire

"Finally! I am free!"

Standing in the center of the room was a large figurer.

The figure stood at 7 feet tall, with black armor, with dark gray gauntlets that seemed to warp like it was on fire, a skull on its belt, and purple fire on its head like hair that reached down to the floor.

The intimidating figure was the Spirit of Halloween: The Fright Knight!

Rising his hand, the green sword that was once in the purple pumpkin flew into the Fight Knight's hands.

"Ah, Soul Shredder, my old friend." The Fright Knight said before raising his free hand into the air. "But not my only one, come to me, Nightmare!"

In a tornado of purple fire, a black Alicorn appeared. It had massive bat wings, sharp teeth, blood red eyes, and a razor-sharp horn.

The Alicorn clopped over to the Fright Knight and bowed its head. The Fright Knight wasted no time mounting his steed while rising his sword into the air. Bringing the sword down swiftly The Fright Knight cut a hole out of the Ghost Zone and into the human world.

"Yes, I can feel the power." Fright Knight said as he basked in the power of Halloween. "I will cause true terror and mayhem. Then, once I end that cursed woman, I will free my king! Then we will take over both the Ghost Zone and the Human World!"

With that the Fright Knight flew into the Human world, a little town called Amity Park.

"Oh~ I sense a strong power within this city. A worthy challenge perhaps?" The Knight said before descending into the city.



"Mistress! Mistress, what is wrong!?"

A figure as kneeling down to the floor with a smashed vase scattered across the ground. The lone figure had a look of shock and horror on her face as her body shook.

"He's free..." The figure said in a hush tone as she shook. "The Fright Knight is free."

That caused a wave of fear to wash over the two before the figure on the floor stood up.

"M-mistress! What are you planning?" The figure asked as she saw her mistress march off, a fire in her eyes.

"What I did in the first place! I must defeat the Fright Knight!"

"Alright! Alright! Settle down children!"

In the main lobby of the Towson Mansion was the main party with most of the Casper High Students. Students ranging from Freshmen to Seniors were all dressed up in their costumes along with a few teachers.

Lancer, who was dressed up as an old-school vampire, stood on top of a podium with a microphone in front of him.

"Now it's time to announce the winner of the Haunted House Competition!" Lancer announced getting some cheers from the crowed.

Danny, Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all stood close to the back of the large crowed, all with confident looks on their faces. They saw some of Dash's boys try to open the voting box and switch out the votes, but couldn't get in. Even after that Dash still held a confident grin on his face as he stood in his zombie costume. Before the party started Dash and several of the football players threaten some nerds into voting for his Haunted House or else get bullied even harder. Danny intercepted them and told the nerds his bet and pointed out Dash won't keep his end of the threat and bully the nerds anyway. So, Danny convinced the nerds to vote for him, and maybe help get payback on Dash during his punishment.

"And the winner of the Haunted House Competition is... Danny Fenton!"



Danny and his friends cheered while the crowd applauded. Dash, however, was swearing up a storm with his face turning red under his makeup. The other football players just looked confused but overall, they didn't really care.

"Be sure to keep your end of the deal Dashy!" Sam called out while Jazz and Valerie laughed. "Don't want to be known as a back-out bitch!

Dash growled like an animal before storming out of the party, some of the football players following.

"Oh man, I am so looking forward to Monday!" Valerie laughed as the party started to go into full swing, Lancer even doing a happy dance at one upping the gym teacher.

"So, what do we do now?" Jazz asked as the music started to kick off.

"We party Jazz, we party." Sam grinned before grabbing Danny's hand and pulling him to the dance floor. "Come on Danny, let's dance!"

Jazz blinked in shock before she glared at Sam. "That cheeky bitch." Jazz said as she was the two dancing very sexually.

Valerie snorted before grabbing Jazz's hand and pulling her to the dance floor, much to the redhead's surprise. "Come on red! I want to see you shake that ass!"

The party went off without a hitch. Teens were dancing and having a good time, thankfully the teachers were doing their own thing and ignoring the make-outs and over-the-cloths action.

Danny was currently dancing between Sam and Valerie, who were both rubbing their bodies on Danny's side. Jazz looked on with jealousy but knew she couldn't expose her secret relationship with her brother without someone at the party noticing. She still had fun dancing with Sam and Valerie, so it wasn't a total loss.

Star and Paulina were also at the party, with Star wearing her Kill Bill costume and Paulina wearing a red dress while her face was panted as a skeleton.

Soon when the clock reached 11 the party quickly started to die down. There were only a handful of people left in the Towson mansion including Danny and his friends.

"That was surprisingly fun." Sam said as she sat down on a chair next to Danny, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I think what helped was the spiked punch and the teachers not giving a fuck." Valerie chuckled as she saw only Lancer was the only teacher left, who still had a smug grin on his face.

"Is that why the room is spinning?" Jazz asked while rubbing her eyes.

Danny snorted as he leaned back into his seat. "You know, this is shaping up to be the best week I have ever gotten since I got my ghost powers-Gasp!"

Everyone froze as a blue mist escaped Danny's mouth. No one moved as they prepared for the worst, but nothing happened.

"...Maybe it's Poindexter?" Sam said slowly.

"When are we ever that lucky?" Valerie growled as she slowly pulled out her blaster.


Without warning, the roof to the Towson mansion exploded, making whatever students were left scream before rushing out of the building along with Lancer. Soon Danny, Sam, Valerie and Jazz were the only ones left, with Danny transforming into Phantom and Valerie changing into Red Huntress. Sam pulled out a wrist blaster while Jazz pulled out the Fenton Thermos.

"This one's knew." Danny said as he saw the figurer descend into the room, only to get a gasp of shock.

"D-Danny, that's not a random ghost, that's the Fright Knight!" Sam said with a hint of fear, making the other teen's eyes widen.

As the Fright Knight landed his eyes turned to Danny, who instantly stiffened.

Danny has felt power before from ghosts, ghost like Skulker, Technus, Walker, and Plasmius were all powerful in their own right, but Danny had always managed against them.

The Fright Knight's power, however, was monsters. It easily surprised Skulker, Technus, Walker, and Plasmius power easily, making their power seem miniscule by comparison. This made Danny compare his own power to the Spirit of Halloween, and he was not liking his odds.

The Fright Knight jumped off of the large back horse before it disappeared in a tornado of purple fire. The Knight then turned his gaze on Danny, who pushed Sam and Jazz behind him while Valerie aimed her blaster at her.

"So, you are the one I sensed." The Fright Knight stated as he fully turned to Danny. "A ghost willing to wander on my day, along with a few others." Suddenly purple fire erupted around the Fright Knight. "ALL THOSE FOOLS WILL PAY FOR THEIR INSOLENTS! STARTING WITH YOU!"

"Scatter!" Danny yelled as he charged at the Fright Knight at full speed.

The Fright Knight reacted fast and created a green shield to easily block Danny's punch. He then grabbed the sword on his hip before slashing it at Danny. However, the Halfa reacted just as fast and shifted his body to avoid the cut.

"Danny! That's Soul Shredder!" Sam called out while strapping her wrist blaster on. "One cut will be enough to send you to a dimension to face your worst fear!"

"AND YOU WILL BECOME MY PRISONER!" The Fright Knight shouted while swinging his sword at Danny again, who was forced to dodge.

"Danny, catch!" Valerie called as she tossed an Ecto-Staff.

The Halfa caught it used it to block the Fright Knight's strike just in time. Valerie flew around the room and started taking potshots at the Fright Knight along with Sam.

"Sam, where's that book you had on the Fright Knight?" Jazz called as she looked to Danny in worry.

"At home! I didn't think I need it!" Sam shouted before firing some more while Jazz cursed. "It wouldn't matter anyway, there was nothing that said how to defeat the Fright Knight!"

The Fright Knight, who was still swinging his sword at Danny, gave an annoyed growl as he felt another shot from Valerie and Sam.

"ENOUGH!" The Fright Knight shouted as he sent a wave of ectoplasm, pushing everyone back. "I WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME WITH WORMS LIKE YOU!"

Stabbing his sword into the ground Team Phantom was shocked to see the ground shake before several holes opened up before skeletons rose from the ground. The skeletons were all bone and green with red eyes, and there were a good number of them in the room.

"TAKE CARE OF THE HUMANS MY MINIONS!" The Fright Knight shouted before charging at Danny once again.

"Oh, come on!" Danny growled before blocking another strike. "Eat this!"

Danny's eyes glowed green and he shot twin beams at the Fright Knight. However, the Fright Knight quickly did the same a second later and shot two jets of purple fire out of his eyes. The two attacks hit one another, creating a small explosion, knocking Danny back.

When Danny hit the ground the Fright Knight was on him in a second and tried to stab the Halfa. Luckily Danny acted fast and fazed through the floor at the last second, just as Soul Shedder stabbed the ground. Danny then flew out of the ground and slammed an ecto-enhanced fist into the Fright Knight's chest, sending him flying back. However, the Fright Knight quickly recovered and backhanded Danny with a fist coated in purple fire.

Danny gave a cry of pain as he felt his cheek burn from the blow as he slammed into a wall. The halfa growled as he whipped a trail of ecto-blood from the corner of his mouth while pushing himself up.

The Fright Knight slowly landed on the ground while looking to Danny with amusement.

"A fighter, but not quite a warrior." The Fright Knight said while looking down at Danny. "Raw, self-taught, though trial and error. Entertaining," The Fright Knight said before a menacing aura making Danny go pale as his heart froze and his gripped tighten until his knuckles turned white. "BUT FUTILE!" The Fright Knight roared before charging at Danny once again, forcing the Halfa to dodge out the way and bring up his staff.

"You want entertainment? Then your love this!" Danny said with a grin before he split into two.

The copy charged at the Fright Knight and grabbed the arm that held Soul Shredder, bear-hugging it with all its strength as the Fright Knight tried to rip the copy off.

Danny charged at full speed once again and slammed both echo-enhanced fists into the Fright Knight's helmet, sending the knight skidding back.

However, Danny's victory was short lived as the Fright Knight skid to a stop and showed no serious damage, only annoyance. Coating his body in purple fire the copy screamed in shock before it was destroyed, making Danny wince as he got some of his power back, but not all of it.

"A clever trick, but only useful for the weak." The Fright Knight said as he held his sword in both hands. "Now, HAVE AT THEE!" He shouted before charging at Danny.

Back with the girls Sam was protecting Jazz and picking off the skeletons while Valerie flew above.

"Jazz, catch!" Valerie shouted as she throws a Ecto-Pistol to the redhead.

The redhead jumped and caught the pistol before turning it on to the skeletons. The girls blasted the skeletons, knocking them down only for them to get back up in seconds.

"Fuck, they just keep getting up!" Valerie cursed as she blasted more skeletons from above. "We need more firepower-SHIT!"

Valerie was cut off as a group of Skeletons throw a table, knocking her off her hoverboard. Valerie crashed into the ground with a loud thud and before she could even get up was swarmed by the skeletons.


Sam and Jazz cried out in worry over their friend but were quickly overwhelmed by the skeletons before the girls could even react. The skeletons knocked their weapons way before bringing the girls down.


Before Danny could do anything, the Fright Knight grabbed Danny by his neck and slammed him to the floor. The Halfa tried to faze out of the Fright Knight's grip but couldn't focus due to the pain.

"It's always the same." The Fright Knight said in an amused tone as he stood up before slamming his foot into Danny's chest, knocking the wind out of the poor halfa as the wooden floor bent under him. "The weak worrying about those weaker when they don't have the strength to stand on their own." The Fright Knight then held his blade high in the air while aiming for Danny's chest, making the Halfa freeze in fear. "And like all the weak, you will PARISH!"

Everything started to move in slow motion. The girls watched helplessly as Soul Shredder moved closer and closer to Danny's chest, Danny himself could only watch in horror.

His mind started to race faster than ever. What would happen to him, would he see as his biggest fear, would he go insane, would the Fright Knight just kill him, and Danny's biggest fear was the loudest in his head.

What would happen to the girls?

The girls, Sam, Jazz, and Valerie were the some of the most important people in Danny's life. If he was gone, would the Fright Knight kill them too, make them experience their worst fears for his own amusements. The girls looked to Danny with tears in their eyes as fear was clearly shown on their faces.

Something seemed to snap in Danny, the thought of the Fright Knight hurting them, hurting the people close to Danny, was something he rather die for the let happen.


Without warning Danny practically exploded, sending a wave of blue ectoplasm that knocked everything back.

"AH!" The Fright Knight screamed as he was flung across the room and smashed into the main stairs.

The skeletons on top of the girls were blown away and shattered, leaving the girls shocked beyond belief as they felt a wave of cold wash over them.

"Danny?" Sam asked as she looked to the Halfa, her eyes wide in shock.

Danny was currently kneeling on the floor, shaking as blue waves of ecto-energy pulsed around him. The Halfa growled before opening his eyes, shocking everyone as they saw they were glowing bright blue.

The Fright Knight rose from the broken stares and growled as he looked to his arm but found it too stiff. Looking to his arm the Fright Knight was shocked to see it encased in ice. Giving a deeper growl purple fire swirled around the ice before the Fright Knight jerked his arm and shattered the ice in a second.

"An ice core, of course." The Fright Knight said with an annoyed down as Danny continued to growl.

"Rawer!" Danny growled before charging at the Fright Knight with reckless abandonment.

To the surprise of the girls the Fright Knight sheathed Soul Shredder and he faced Danny.

Danny throws his hand forward and sent a blue ecto-blast right at the Fright Knight. However, the Fright Knight sidestepped the attack with ease before backhanding Danny, sending the halfa flying to the floor with enough force to create a small crater.

"Did you really think a simple ice core would be enough to stop me?" The Fright Knight asked as Danny stood up and charged at the Fright Knight again. "I have faced hundreds of ghosts with powers you cannot even fathom."

The Fright Knight coated his fist in purple fire before raising it high into the air. The Fright Knight then brought his fist down just as Danny came in reach.


Danny cried out in pain as the Fright Knight's fire fist slammed into his back and pushed him into the ground with enough force to break the wood. Danny tried to push himself up only for the Fright Knight to yank him up and slam his fist into his gut, knocking the wind out of the Halfa.

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie could only watch in horror as Danny was beaten right before their eyes.

"Stop! Stop! You're killing him!" Sam wailed with tears running down her face.

Valerie growled as she tried to reach for her blaster, but her body was damaged by the skeletons beating on her, making everything hurt.

Jazz cried as she tried to search for something to help her brother but found nothing.

The Fright Knight punched Danny in the face hard enough to whip the Halfa's head back before stopping as he held Danny by his jumpsuit.

Danny mind was swimming in pain as he struggled to stay in his ghost form. His eye was bruised shut and his lip was busted, ecto-blood running down his chin.

"Pitiful," The Fright Knight said while pulling Soul Shredder out. "I will give you a quick end, then I will free my master-"

Before the Fright Knight could finish his sentence a pink ecto-blast went off to the side and came right at the Fright Knight, forcing the knight to drop Danny and dodge.

"WHO DARES-" The Fright Knight cut himself off as he saw who exactly had attacked him. "You..." The Fright Knight said slowly

Everyone turned to where the blast came from and were surprised to see a ghost woman, one they didn't recognize.

The woman stood an impressive 8 to 9 feet tall, dressed in golden armor. Her skin was blue, her eyes were pure red, and she had pink hair that moved like fire. What drew the attention to the teens the most was the fact the ghost had four arms, and she was using two of them to hold onto a large golden spear.

"Hello old friend." The Ghost woman said in a calm tone while glaring at the Fright Knight. "It seems you've finally escape.

"PANDORA!" The Fright Knight roared, purple flame exploding around the knight. "I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!"

Fright Knight charged at the now named Pandora and full speeds, while the female warrior met the knight halfway with her own battle cry.

While the two started to battle Jazz and Sam rushed over to Danny and quickly pulled him to safety while Valerie limped after them.

"Danny, Danny can you hear me?" Jazz asked frantically as the girls tried to keep their cool, but fear gripped all their hearts.

Danny groaned and coughed as he pushed himself up. His eyes were still glowing pure blue but would flash to green before going back. Danny was shivering bad, for the first time in a while he felt beyond cold.

"I... I'm good..." Danny groaned as he pushed himself while turning to the fight between Fright Knight and the ghostly woman Pandora. "What did I miss?"

"Ghost babe showed up and saved our asses." Valerie said while nursing her arm.

Looking to the side the four teens saw the battle between the Fright Knight and the warrior woman. The woman was clearly skilled, going on the defensive and making sure Soul Shredder didn't get a single cut. However, the Fright Knight was relentless, ruthless, going for the killing blow whenever he had a chance.

"So, anyone know who saved us?" Danny asked while holding his side and keeping his eyes on the strange woman.

"The Fright Knight called her Pandora." Jazz said while looking over Danny, making sure he was in one piece.

"Pandora, as in Pandora's box?" Sam said with a shocked look on her face.

"Wasn't she mention in Greek mythology?" Danny said before everyone ducked under an ecto-blast.

"Yeah, she was created by the Greek Gods from clay and given a box that contained all the worlds evils. She was also cursed to open the box to set the evils on the world." Sam said before looking to the woman who claimed to be Pandora gave a warrior cry and blasted the Fright Knight in the chest, sending the spirit of Halloween skidding back but seemed to take little damage. "But nowhere is she depicted as... as this!" Sam said with shock and amazement.

"You will not win Knight!" Pandora yelled while slashing her spear through the air, creating an arc of ecto-energy. "I will defeat you again!"

"NO, YOU WON'T, YOU VILE WOMAN!" The Fright Knight roared as he swung his sword, stopping the ecto-attack. "I WILL NOT BE IMPRISSONED AGAIN!"

Team Phantom watched in awe of the battle between the two powerful ghosts. Sure, they had seen other fights in the past, but nothing with the current level of power and skill.

Danny narrowed his eyes at the fight before they widen in shock. "She's losing." Danny growled as he pushed himself up, the girls looking at him in shock. "She's getting pushed back."

The girls looked to the fight and to their shock Danny was right. It was subtle, but Pandora was clearly taking more damage than the Fright Knight.

"I have to help." Danny hissed as he pushed himself up, his legs nearly buckling under his weight.

"Danny, your too hurt." Jazz said in worry while Sam and Valerie nodded in agreement.

"If she loses, we're dead." Danny said in a serious tone that startled the girls. Gone was the playful teen they have come to care about.

All they saw now was Danny Phantom.

Danny closed his eyes while holding up his hands. His body gave a blue glow as his shook and shivered. When Danny opened his eyes, they were a glowing blue.

"HA!" Danny yelled before charging into the fight and thrusting his hand out.

The blast hit home and nailed the in the back, making the knight scream in pain.

Pandora looked surprised but didn't waist the opportunity. Whipping her pink fire hair around Pandora whipped Fright Knight in the chest with enough force to send him flying and crashing into a wall.

With the Fright Knight out of the way Pandora looked to Danny.

"So, you have an Ice Core young one." Pandora stated while looking at Danny.

"I-I guess." Danny stuttered while his body shook back, he was feeling beyond cold. "I... I just found out today." He said, surprising Pandora.

A moment later the far wall of the mansion exploded in purple fire, and the Fright Knight immerged looking furious. Purple fire blazed around his body and practically shooting out of his eyes.

"YOU! WILL DIE!" The Fright Knight said before moving at blinding speeds.

Pandora couldn't react fast enough and was slammed to the ground by the knight before said knight grabbed her by her head and throw her across the room. Danny tried to fire another ice beam, but the Fright Knight got in close before Danny could react and punched him in the gut with enough force to send the Halfa flying right next to Pandora.

"I AM THE FRIGHT KNIGHT! SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" The Fright Knight roared before charging at the two once again.

Pandora acted fast and slammed her staff on the ground, creating a pink dome around herself and Danny.

"I cannot hold this for long." Pandora panted hard while sweat dripped down her face.

"How do we beat him? Does he have any weaknesses?" Danny asked while holding his side, the Fright Knight continuing to pound and slash as the shield protecting them.

"I placed a curse on Soul Shredder long ago." Pandora said softly while panting for breath. "Should Soul Shredder ever be sheathed in a pumpkin, the Fright Knight will be locked away in his own sword."

Danny paused at the strange curse before shaking his head, he could worry about the strange later.

"Alright." Danny said as both his hands glowed blue. "When I say drop the shield, drop it."

Pandora looked to Danny before nodding.

"Drop it!"

Pandora dropped the shield and Danny let lose a twin ice blast, slamming into the Fright Knight's chest and sending him flying back.

"Girls, we need a pumpkin!" Danny yelled to the girls, getting confused looks form them faces. "Don't ask, just grab a pumpkin so we can beat the Fright Knight!"

With that the girls ran off while Danny and Pandora faced the Fright Knight, who seemed to be in an unstoppable rage.

"We must hold them off until your allies return." Pandora said while dripping her spear with all four hands.

Danny sighed before calling on his new ice power, his body shivering but he held it back. "Alright, let's do this."

"I! WILL! END YOU!" The spirit of Halloween called out before charging at the two.

"Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin... Why the fuck are their no pumpkins!?"

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie were frantically looking in the next room over while they heard the fight continue on.

The girls searched and searched but were shocked to find no pumpkins in the area. The ones they did find were broken, clearly stomped in by some teens.

"I am going to kill whoever stomped these pumpkins for shits and giggles." Valerie growled as she searched for anything.

As the girls searched the fight in the next room grow louder and louder, making the girls search more frantically.

"Hey, what about this?" Jazz asked as she brought something up.

Sam and Valerie looked to Jazz before doing a double take at what they saw in the redhead's hands.

"Will... will that work?" Sam said slowly before flinching at the sound of an explosion.

"It'll have to do." Jazz said before the girls rushed back into the battle room.

"Fuck!" Danny cried out before his face smashed through a window, glass cutting his cheek as he quickly pulled himself out before looking back into the fight.

Despite only a few minutes passing Danny and Pandora looked beyond ragged. Danny's jumpsuit has several cuts, his body was bruised all over, and he had a large cut on his forehead that was leaking ecto-blood into his eyes.

Pandora was in a similar state but was less bad. Her golden armor was dirty and showing large dents, her golden helmet had a large creak, and ecto-blood was dripping down the corner of her mouth. Yet Pandora continued to fight the Fright Knight head on, never faltering for a second.

By some miracle neither Danny nor Pandora was ever cut with Soul Shredder. They avoided the sword with all the skill they had, only attacking when they saw an opening.

However, the Fright Knight was no worse for wears. Compared to the two the Fright Knight could fight all night, which was bad for them.

Pandora hissed as she skidded back next to Danny. "He is dragging this fight out, trying to weaken us." Pandora panted hard.

"Well, it's working," Danny groaned as he held his side where the Fright Knight punched him. Whenever Danny or Pandora dodged the Fright Knight's sword the knight would use the opportunity to strike with his free hand or with fire. "Where are the girls-"

"Danny, we got it!"

Danny and Pandora turned to see the girls come rushing in, something in Jazz's hands.

Danny blinked at what he saw in his sister's hands.

A pumpkin candy basket filled with melted candy.

"Will something like that work?" Danny asked Pandora with worry.

"Yes." The ghost woman said simply as she gripped her spear in two hands. "Now we must sheath the sword in the pumpkin."

Their conversation didn't go unnoticed, as the Fright Knight whipped his head to the girls, making them flinch. When the Fright Knight saw the pumpkin, his eyes blazed.

"I WILL NOT BE SEALED AGAIN!" He shouted before rocketing over to the girl, making them scream.

Danny acted fast and got to the girls first before throwing up an ecto-shield, stopping the attack just in time.

Valerie recovered from her fear and brought up a massive blaster, aimed right at the enraged Fright Knight.

"Drop the shields Phantom!" Valerie called as she charged the weapon.

Danny did as the girl said and dropped the shield and a moment later Valerie blasted the knight in the chest, sending him flying back.

Pandora used this opportunity to attack the Fright Knight, only to be blocked as the Fright Knight turned his fury on her.

"IF I END YOU THE CURSE WILL BE BROKEN!" The Fright Knight roared as he started to attack Pandora with fury and rage, forcing the woman to go on the defensive.

"I'll get the sword away from him, you girls make sure to put in that pumpkin!" Danny said before flying off to help Pandora.

The Fright Knight was so focused on ending Pandora he paid no attention to Danny, giving the Halfa a massive opening.

"I only have one shot to end this now!" Danny thought before his eyes glowed blue, and he thrust down his hand.

The Fright raised his sword once again, ready to strike Pandora, to end her, only for his entire arm to be incase in ice.


Pandora's eyes blazed before pink fire coated her spear. The ghost woman gave a battle cry before slamming the fire spear into the Fright Knight's ice-covered arm.

The Fright Knight cried out in pain as Soul Shredder was ripped from his grip.

"NO! I WILL NOT BE SEALED AWAY AGAIN!" The Fright Knight said as he before exploding in purple fire, sending both Pandora and Danny flying back. Danny crashing into a wall with enough force to break it down while Pandora was sent flying out of a window.

The Fright Knight lunged for Soul Shredder with a desperate look in his eyes. However, Danny reacted first before the knight could reach the sword.

Pointing his finger at the sword, Danny sent a small ecto-blast that hit the sword, sending it flying through the air and away from the Fright Knight.

"It's up to you girls." Danny grunted before his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell unconscious while turning back into Danny Fenton.

The sword flew across the room before smacking the ground and sliding right in front of the girls.

Sam didn't hesitate to grab the sword in her hands while the Fright Knight flew at them.

"YOU INSOLENT MORTAL, YOU WILL NOT-AH!" The Fright Knight was cut off as he was stopped in his tracks.

Whipping his head back, the Fright Knight was shocked to see Pandora, holding the knight in place by using her pink hair.

"It's. Over." The ghost woman said simply, yet her voice was hard.

"HAAA!" Sam yelled before thrusting the sword into the pumpkin.

Silence filed the room for an intense second, before the sword exploded.

Sam and the girls were knocked down as the sword started to swirl with ecto-energy.

"NO! NO! NO!" The Fright Knight cried out as he tried to pull the sword out of the pumpkin but found it wouldn't budge. Slowly the Fright Knight's body started to break down and was sucked into the sword. "MARK MY WORDS! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ON YOU PANDORA, AND THE BOY TOOOOOOO~" The Fright Knight cried out before his body was sucked into Soul Shredder.

Once the Fright Knight was gone the sword stopped glowing while giving off a faint trail of smoke.

No one moved for a solid minute, all tense and staying in place. When nothing happened, everyone let out a sigh of relief before falling to the ground.

"It's... it's over..." Jazz sighed in relief, her entire body shaking still.

"And I'm feeling it..." Valerie groaned as she grabbed her sides.

"Danny!" Sam yelled as she rushed over to the unconscious Halfa, snapping the girls out of their stupor and rushed to the Halfa's side.

The girls pulled Danny out of the fall to find him beaten, bruised, and unconscious. Blood was running down his face as he had a massive black eye along with other cuts.

Jazz put an ear to Danny's chest before sighing in relief. "He's alive." She said, making the other girls sigh in relief.

"We-we need to get him to a hospital." Sam said while trying to stop the tear running down her face.

"And what will we say, he fell down some stairs?" Valerie asked while shaking her head. "We bring him to a hospital they'll ask questions we can't answer, and if they take his blood-"

"His secret is out." Jazz said in a grim tone.

"Then what do we do, he needs help." Sam asked desperately.

"Perhaps I can be of some assistance."

The girls whipped their heads around to see Pandora standing a few feet away. Soul Shredder and the pumpkin basket floating close by.

"Y-you?" Jazz said with some hesitation.

"Yes, in my Domain I have the means to heal the young man." Pandora said before giving a small bow. "It is the least I can do after he helped with defeating the Fright Knight."

The girls looked to one another, worry in their eyes.

"We... we don't have much choice." Jazz said slowly.

"But we're coming to." Valerie said, standing tall and looking Pandora in the eyes.

"So, if you think about trying anything..." Sam said in a low tone while glaring up at the tall ghost.

Pandora looked between the two girls and gave a smile. "Oh, I like them." She thought before placing a hand over her chest. "I swear on my core that no harm shall come to you or your friend." She said in a firm tone.

The girls still looked uncertain, but they reluctantly agreed.

With a wave of her hand, Pandora lifted Danny up gently with a pink glow.

"Stay close." Pandora said to the girls.

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all stepped close to Pandora. The woman raised her staff high into the air before bringing it down. In a swirl of pink fire, the group was gone.

Danny groaned his eyes blinked open.

"Wh-what?" Danny muttered as he glanced around.

Danny found himself in an elegant room, lying on a silk bed. Glancing down at his body Danny found himself bandaged up as his body felt a little numb.


Danny whipped his head to the side to see same, out of her costume with bandages on her right arm and hands. The goth girl practically lunged at Danny and brought him into a tight hug.

"Thank god you're okay!" Sam said with a massive smile of relief before she started kissing Danny's cheek.

"W-what happened Sam?" Danny asked in a frantic tone as he rubbed his eyes. "Last thing I remember- the Fright Knight- are the others-"

"Danny! Danny, it's okay." Sam said quickly as she saw the teen start to relax. "Everyone's fine, we're all okay."

"You were the only one with any serious injuries."

Danny and Sam turned to the and Danny was surprised to see Pandora, only she was wearing a long white Greek toga that hugged her form.

"I am glad to see you are awake Phantom." Pandora said before giving a small bow. "I am Pandora, and you are in my domain."

Danny blinked in confusion before Sam elaborated.

"After the fight, you were hurt bad." Sam said with a small shutter, making Danny grab her hand to comfort her. "We didn't know what to do, so Pandora suggested to bring you to her home to get some healing. They also patched us up."

Danny sighed in relief as his body sagged. "Thank you, you really saved us." Danny said, getting a smile from the blue woman.

"Of course, now," Pandora said while clapping her four hands. "I imagine you have questions."

"A few hundred." Danny said with a small chuckle.

Pandora smile and nodded to the Halfa. "And I myself have a few questions. So, we shall eat in 10 minutes. That should give you enough time to see your friend and sister." She said before walking away.

"Jazz and Valerie are here?" Danny asked with a look of worry.

Sam nodded while biting her lip. "Yeah, they didn't want to leave you either. Jazz has a hew cuts and bruises, Valerie has it worse with a cracked rib, and a bruised shoulder."

Danny nodded grimly before his eyes widen. "Wait, how long have I been out?"

"It's Saturday." Sam said, making Danny's eyes widen in shock. "Don't worry, we all came up with cover stories and I even had Desiree make a few wishes. We're good until Monday." Sam said quickly, making Danny sigh in relief.

Throwing the covers off his body Danny found himself in nothing but a pair of black boxers and bandages all over his body.

"Here," Sam said as she pulled a backpack from the side. "I got you a change of clothes."

Opening the bag Danny quickly slipped into a plain black shirt, jeans, and some sneakers. He changed slowly as his body still felt spikes of pain when he moved.

"Come on, I'll take you to the others." Sam said as she grabbed Danny's hand.

Sam led Danny through Pandora's domain and the Halfa couldn't help but look around in amazement. He'd seen images of Greek buildings and structures, but those were ancient. The pillars and walls looked brand new; it honestly amazed the Halfa.


Danny coughed as he felt two bodies crash into his. Looking down Danny saw the relief faces of both Jazz and Valerie.

"Thank god you're okay." Jazz said in relief while pushing her face into Danny's chest.

"Yeah, we were worried about you." Valerie said while punching Danny's shoulder. "You gave us a bit of a scare at the end of that fight."

"You were scared? I was scared shitless." Danny said with a chuckle. "I'm just glad you girls are okay." He said while kissing Jazz on top of her head while kissing Valerie on the cheek.

Sam smiled before glancing at her watch. "Come on, Pandora's expecting us."

"Yeah, I could eat." Danny said while holding his stomach. "I'm starving." He said, making the girls giggle before they started to move.

"Please, eat to your hearts content."

Danny and the girls looked around the round table they sat at with amazement. There was food all over, and from the looks of it, it was clear it came from the human world. They started to eat slowly, letting an almost uncomfortable silence filled the air.

"So," Pandora said, grabbing the teens attention. "You have questions, and I too have questions. So, I have a proposal." Pandora said as she held up her finger. "We each ask one question each, and the other will answer. If there are no Immedient questions, the other can pass until they think of something. Does that sound fair?"

The teens looked to one another and nodded slowly.

"If you don't mind, I like to go first." Sam said while rising her hand, and Pandora nodded. "I know this might sound personal, but I have to ask. Are you really the same Pandora from Greek mythology? Created from clay and given a box that contained most of the world's evils?"

Pandora was silent for a long moment and the teens felt nervous waiting for a response.

"Yes," Pandora said simply, making the teens gulp. "I was created by the gods and given to a man as a gift, along with a box that contained the evils of the world. I was also cursed to feel a never-ending urge to open the box by the gods as well, as the gods wanted to prove humans were weak willed creatures that would lead them to their own destruction." Pandora said in a neutral tone as the teens paid rapid attention. "When I opened the box, I died and found myself as a ghost. I then detected my afterlife correcting the mistake of the gods and made a new box to trap the evils of the world."

The teens looked to Pandora with shock and awe. To think the Greek gods were real was mindboggling.

"Now I have a question." Pandora said as she turned to Danny. "If you don't mind me asking this, but what are you?" Pandora asked with a tilt of her head. "You are human, but I saw you as a ghost."

"I'm what's called A Halfa, half human half ghost." Danny said, making Pandora's eyes widen.

"I have heard of the rumors in recent years, but I had only thought it was just a rumor." Pandora muttered. "If you don't mind me asking another question, how did you come to be? Were your parents..."

"They are both human," Danny said while waving his hand. "To make a long story short, a few months back I was exposed to a massive amount of ectoplasm all over my body while getting electrocuted while inside a ghost portal. The event should have killed me, but instead turned me into a Halfa, with ectoplasm being a part of my very DNA. At the moment there is only two of use, me and a fruteloop obsessed with me mom."

"Amazing," Pandora said while rubbing her chin. "You are truly lucky to have survived." Pandora said as she noticed Sam shiver while a look of shame crossed her face. "She must have been there to see it."

Valerie cleared her throat, grabbing everyone's attention. "If you don't mind, I have a question." Valerie said while looking to Pandora.

"Ask away, that was the only question I currently had." Pandora said with nod.

"Cool," Valerie said as she took a ship from her drink. "So, from what I saw and heard it sounded like you knew the Fright Knight."

Pandora nodded while taking a long sip of her wine before letting out a small sigh. "That is a long history, and a bloody one too." Pandora said, making the teens feel uncomfortable. "But you have a right to know."

Pandora started to build up ecto-energy in her hands before slowly thrusting them out. To the amazement of the teens, Pandora had used her ecto-energy to create miniature pink figurers and they started to move slowly as if to put on a show.

"Long ago there was a tyrant, a ghost the Ghost Zone has never seen before." Pandora said as she created an intimidating figure out of her ecto-energy. "This tyrant conquered more and more of the Ghost Zone then any ghost in the past, to the point he gained the Title of The Ghost King." The teens couldn't help but gulp at that, a ghost powerful enough to conquer most of the Ghost Zone should be insanely powerful. "But the Ghost King wasn't alone in his conquest, as he gained a powerful right hand to lead his army."

"The Fright Knight." Danny muttered while narrowing his eyes.

Pandora nodded as the figure appeared above the table. "Yes, the Fright Knight was the Ghost Kings right hand, as it's in the Fright Knight's nature to follow anyone who he deems powerful enough." Pandora showed the teens the Fright Knight leading an army of skeletons to attack ghosts Domains. "After the Ghost King conquered most of the Ghost Zone, he set his sights on a new conquest, Earth." Pandora said with a small shutter, remembering some of the past. "If the Ghost King were to conquer Earth, he would become unstoppable. To prevent this, six powerful ghosts banded together and faced the Ghost King and his army. The battle was long, and brutal, but in the end the six ghosts had won, defeating both the Ghost King and the Fright Knight." Pandora said with a long sigh.

Pandora then showed six figures pushing the ghost king into a sarcophagus.

"To prevent the Ghost King and the Fright Knight from ever returning they were locked away. The Fright Knight trapped in his sword in a pumpkin, and The Ghost King in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. With that, the rest is history." With a wave of her hand the ecto-energy returned to her.

"You were one of the six ghosts." Jazz said as a fact as everyone staired at Pandora with shock. "And you were the one who trapped the Fright Knight and the Ghost King."

"I was," Pandora said with a nod as she ate her food. "Though for creating the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep, I needed help with that one since the Ghost King was so powerful. A ghost who specializes in dreams and sleep."

"So, what? You and five others just decided that you would take on the Ghost King and save everyone, like a group of heroes?" Sam said with a raised brow, finding the situation hard to believe.

Pandora gave a small laugh while shaking her head. "Oh, we were far from heroes Sam. In fact, before the Ghost King's rise, we all might have ended each other without a moment's thought." She said while giving Sam an amused smile. "We were all simply a group of ghosts with a much stronger enemy to face. None of us were strong enough to face the Ghost King on our own, our only hope was to band together and face a common enemy."

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Valerie said slowly.

"Exactly." Pandora nodded to the huntresses' words.

"So that's what Fright Knight meant by freeing his master." Danny said while folding his arms. "But why did he come to Earth, why didn't he try to free the Ghost King as soon as he was free?"

"I can only assume he was too weak." Pandora said, getting looks of disbelief.

"Weak, he was kicking my ass like I was a ragdoll, and you call that weak." Danny said in disbelief.

Pandora nodded with an amused look. "Yes, but remember it was Halloween." Pandora said making everyone give her a questioning look. "Halloween is the day the Fright Knight is strongest. His power on Halloween triples and returns to him much faster, almost instantly. It was why he was so strong despite being locked away for so many years. If it were on any other day, the Fright Knight would be too weak to resist even a common ghost."

"So, it was just my Fenton luck at play that the spirit of Halloween would be released on Halloween." Danny said, making all the girls chuckle.

"So how did Fright Knight get free anyway?" Jazz asked while she ate a grape. "By the way you describe it, the Fright Knight is too weak on any other day other than Halloween, and if he wasn't freed in the past what made this Halloween different."

Pandora sighed and gained a thoughtful look. "I can only speculate, but there may have been multiple natural portals open on that day." Pandora said as everyone paid close attention. "Halloween is an Earth holiday, and as such the Fright Knight's power only increases a little while in the Ghost Zone on Halloween while on Earth it is much more significant. My guess is there may have been a number of natural portals to Earth and the Fright Knight was able to slowly draw strength from them."

Everyone looked skeptical at that, even Pandora.

"Still, I find it hard to believe that a portal could stay open that-" Jazz cut herself off as her eyes widen in pure shock. "The Fenton Portal." She said making everyone's eyes widen while Pandora looked confused.

Danny slammed his head into the table hard, making Pandora look at him in surprise.

"Fucking. Jack. Fenton." Danny slowly growled out while his eyes flashed green. The girls looked equally pissed off, all shaking with rage.

"Jack... Fenton?" Pandora said slowly, looking at all the teens questioningly.

"Unfortunately, our father." Jazz sighed slowly while pinching the bridge of his nose. "Remember the portal Danny mention that turned him into a Halfa?" Jazz asked the Greek ghost, getting a slow nod from her. "Well, it works and our father, being the brilliant man he is," Jazz said slowly, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Always has in on and open." She said making Pandora's eyes widen.

"He's been bummed that there was preictally no ghost activity the past week, so he's been keeping the Fenton Portal open the past few days and staking it out." Danny said while massaging his temples. "That must have allowed the Fright Knight to escape."

Pandora looked to the siblings with wide eyes. "That is extremely foolish and dangerous."

"We know." Everyone said with a long sigh.

Pandora looked around the table, seeing the stressed faces of the teens before she clapped her hands. "Let us not worry about that." She said, grabbing the teens attention. "The Fright Knight is defeated, and the world is safe. Let us rejoice and feast."

That seemed to pick the teens spirits up as they started to eat and drink.

"Pandora, I've been wondering." Danny said, grabbing the Ghost woman's attention. "What was the name of the Ghost King."

Pandora paused before looking off to the distance, a grim look on the woman's face as she remembered the past.

"Pariah Dark."

Danny tossed and turned in his bed before he sighed and opened his eyes.

He was still in Pandora's Domain. His body was still too damage to return home, so Danny and the girls agreed they would rest for another day.

Danny got up from his bed and quickly put his clothes on. He then started to make his way out before going for a walk. Danny eventually found his way outside, overlooking the beautiful Greek garden in the dimly lit light.

The Halfa sighed as he brought up his hand before closing his eyes. When they snapped open his eyes were icy blue just before his hand glowed blue.

"F-fuck, that's cold," Danny stuttered as his body started to shiver bad just as he turned his power off.

"It's all in your mind."

Danny whipped his head around before he sighed at the sight of Pandora, still in her white toga.

"Apologies," Pandora said in a friendly tone. "I often come here to help me relax, and it looks like you could use the same." She said while standing next to him.

Danny sighed and nodded his head while looking to the garden. "My mind is just in overdrive right now." Danny said while rubbing his hair.

"If you need an ear, I am more than willing to listen." Pandora said kindly while putting a hand on Danny's shoulder.

Danny felt calmer with Pandora holding his shoulder, and before he knew it, he started to talk.

"I've been a Halfa for a few months now, and in those months, I've fought and captured probably over a hundred different ghosts." Danny said before he chuckled. "I got my ass kicked a few times by some of the newer ones show up." Danny said as he remembered Ember, Skulker, the Lunch Lady, Walker, and Vlad. "But... I've never been beaten that bad before." Danny said in a dark tone as he remembered his 'fight' with the Fright Knight.

"Danny, you must remember that the Fright Knight's power increased dramatically on Halloween." Pandora said while looking to the Halfa. "Not to mention the centuries of experience he has. To beat him when you are so young is asking for the impossible."

"Well, I am the impossible." Danny snapped a bit as he glared forward, putting his hands on the stone railing. "By all accounts I should have died that day, but I live. So now it's my job to take care of the bad ghosts and stop them from killing people, or from some trigger-happy ghost hunter from capturing them and treating them like a lab rat." Danny ranted as his fist tighten into a ball. "And I need to do this with no formal training, practically every other ghost and person hating me, and with the public making me Public Enemy 1#!"

Danny started to pant for breath as he let out everything, and not for a single second did Pandora shield away from in. In fact, the ghost woman kept her hand on his shoulder, and looked at him not with pity, but with compassion. It was refreshing to say the least.

Danny looked down over the garden while his hand went limp. "What if someone like that shows up, some ghost who's just as strong or stronger then the Fright Knight." Danny then looked to Pandora, determination in his eyes. "I need to be stronger."

Pandora was caught off by the determination in Phantom's eyes. She had seen many ghosts over the years and most of them only had obsession in their eyes, only a handful showing the level of conviction Danny currently had. Pandora slowly started to form an idea that made her pause.

"Danny," Pandora said slowly, grabbing Danny's attention. "I have a proposition for you."

"Man, I am going to miss this place." Valerie sighed while laying back in the elegant chair. "It's like a five-star resort."

Valerie, along with Sam and Jazz were all resting by an elegant pool with crystal blue water. Servants were waiting for the girls hand and foot with trays of food and fine wine.

"I do admit, the atmosphere is relaxing." Jazz said as she started to read a book. "But I wish they had better swim wear."

The girls were all wearing white silk wrapping around their breasts and thong like bottoms.

"If it makes you feel better, I think you girls look sexy."

The girl all turned and were pleased to see Danny in nothing but a white loincloth and nothing else.

"And glad to see you out of those bandages." Sam said as she walked up to Danny and kissed him on the lips.

Danny kissed back and smiled at the girls. "You can thank those healing oils Pandora used on me, what should have taken a few weeks got taken care of in a few hours."

"And I'm sure getting rubbed down by these sexy servants also helped you recovered." Valerie said while looking to a blond ghost servant while licking her lips, making the servant blush and gave a light giggle. "Hi cutie."

"That too." Danny agreeing as he gave a light chuckle.

"Well, this has been a nice vacation, but I can't wait to get back home." Sam sighed while stretching her arms. "I'm into the darker side of things." Sam said getting a laugh from the girls.

"Well, I think your ass looks good in white girl." Valerie said while smacking Sam's ass, getting a yelp from the Goth before she glared at the huntress.

Danny smiled at the playfulness before a more somber look crossed the Halfa's face.

"Hey, can you give us a minute." Danny said while looking to the servants, who nodded and made their way out of the pool. Once they were gone Danny looked to the girls. "We need to talk."

Hearing the serious tone, the girls all turned to Danny with worrying expressions.

"Is something wrong?" Jazz asked what they were all thinking.

Danny gave the girls a small smile before sighing. "I had a talk with Pandora last night, and she gave me an offer I couldn't refuse." Danny said before looking to the three girls. "She offered to train me."

The girls blinked while looking confused.

"Well, that's a good thing, right?" Valerie asked while raising a brow at Danny.

"It's good, but Pandora warned me that in order to seriously train me... I would have to stay here." Danny said slowly while looking to the ground.

The girls were instantly hit with a wave of worry.

"F-for how long?" Sam asked in a low tone, not trusting her voice.

"...A few months."

"A FEW MONTHS!" The girls shouted in shock.

"STOP!" Danny shouted in a louder tone, making the girls jump a bit. "Let me explain before you jump down my throat."

The girls still looked worried but nodded their heads.

Danny took a deep breath before he started to speak. "I thought about this long and hard." Danny said as he walked over to the pool. "The truth is I've been winning most of my hard fights on pure luck. Like with Walker or with Vlad. Normally they out do me in power and skill, but I won due to dumb luck, and I hate that." Danny said as he turned to the girls. "I mean, look at the fight with the Fright Knight. If Pandora hadn't shown up just in time, I would been killed along with you girls."

"But Danny, the Fright Knight is the only Spirit of Halloween." Sam said, her face still filled with worry. "Nothing like that will ever happen-"

"You don't know that Sam." Danny sighed while shaking his head. "There are literally billions of ghosts in the Ghost Zones if not trillions." Danny said with a chuckle of disbelief. "A good number of them have to be just as strong as the Fright Knight if not stronger, or with powers so unique and dangerous it puts them on the same level." Danny said before pointing to himself. "What chance do I, a teen with barely any combat training, has against ghost as strong as that."

The girls opened and closed their mouths, trying to come with some way counter to Danny's argument.

"But do you have to stay," Jazz asked desperately. "What if you just come here on the weekends?"

To the girls' dismay Danny shook his head. "I asked the same thing. Pandora said it was possible, but she said the training may take years instead of months." Danny said while shaking his head. "She said this was the fastest way for me to get stronger, strong enough that I can protect you girls." Danny said before he looked to the girls with a smile. "I love you girls, and if anything happened to you... it would kill me."

The girls blushed at the words, feeling Danny poor his heart out to them. Yet they also felt sadness as Danny was getting his point across.

"So... you're just going to stay here while we go home?" Sam asked while whipping away her tears.

Danny sighed and walked to Sam while grabbing her cheeks in his hands, whipping away her tears with his thumbs.

"I told Pandora I would need a week or two to get everything in order. A cover story, maybe call in a few favors to help keep the town safe." Danny said, thinking about calling Poindexter and Wulf to back up the girls.

The girls were quiet, all looking down with glum look on their faces.

"I hate it." Sam said as she hugged down and pushed her face into his bare chest. "I don't want to see you go... but I get it."

Danny smiled as he hugged Sam and kissed the top of her head. Valerie and Jazz smiled before they joined the hug.

Once they pulled back the mood was better, but still somber.

"So, what's the plan?" Valerie asked while putting her hands on her hips.

"I plan to have Spectra's servant Bertrand shapeshift into a businessman who's offering me an exclusive exchange program that will take me away from Amity for several months." Danny said with a shrug. "I might also have Desiree make a few wishes if necessary."

The girls sighed at that as Danny seemed to have a full plan in motion.

"Alright, if you're splitting on us, I guess we'll have to make the most of the time we have." Valerie said before she grows a sinister smile. "Come on red!"

Jazz gave a shriek as Valerie easily picked her up and throw her on her shoulder. "Val! Stop! I don't want my hair-"


Valerie cut Jazz off as she jumped into the pull. The redhead came up a second later while glaring at the laughing huntress. "Wet." Jazz said before she splashed Valerie in the face, which started a playful splashing game.

Sam smiled and grabbed Danny's hand. "Come on, let's join them." Sam said with a smile as they rushed into the pool.

As Danny splashed the girls, he suddenly remembered something very important.

"Oh yeah, I have that to look forward too on Monday." Danny thought with a sinister smile as he started to splash harder.

"Alright, is everything set Mikey?"

Danny was currently in Casper high early in the morning with a group of nerds. Danny was currently talking to the leader of the nerds, Mikey.

Mikey was a short freshman that looked like a ginger Poindexter.

"Everything is set Danny." Mikey said with a smile before looking nervous. "This won't come back to us, right?" Mikey asked, making the other nerd nervous.

"No way, I'm taking the heat." Danny said while waving his hand. "Though you can use this to up your cred in the school. I mean humiliating the main A-Lister man should take a lot of heat off you guys."

The group looked tempted but shook their heads.

"Thanks for the offer, but we rather play it safe." Mikey said making Danny nod.

"Okay, just get everything ready for when I give you the signal." Danny said before he walked away.

As Danny walked away the school bell range and students started to go in. As Danny walked to the front of the school, he saw the girls waiting for him.

"So, where did you run off to?" Sam asked while sitting on a stone bench.

"Just getting everything ready." Danny said as he pulled out a tablet, making the girls raise a brow. "And here comes the man of the hour."

The girls turned to see Dash and his crew of Jocks walk up to the school. Dash had a pissed off look while glaring at Danny.

"Piss of Fenton." Dash said as he tried to walk past Danny.

Danny, however, wasn't going to give up that easy.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Dashy! We had a deal!" Danny said in a loud tone, grabbing a few looks from the other students. "The deal was that if I lost the Halloween Competition, I would be your bitch for a month, but I won so you have to keep your end of the deal."

Dash grits his teeth while glaring at Danny with pure rage. He was about to curse out the teen before he was cut off by an unexpected source.

"He's right."

Everyone turned to Kwan with a surprised look on their faces.

"What? Dude, you're supposed to back me up!" Dash yelled at his 'best friend'.

"Hey, you're the one who always goes on that a man keeps his word." Kwan said with a raise brow. "Remember when I lost that bet at summer camp, I had to eat all those hot-wings? I was shitting red for days!"

This causes the other jocks to jump in, apparently Dash made them do a lot of shit when they lost a bet.

"You made me do your homework for a week."

"I had to wear those nerdy clothes for my last three dates!"

"You fucked my sister!"

"I got punched in the nuts and you put it on the internet!"

"I couldn't walk right for a week after that skateboard stunt."

As all the jocks jumped in Dash started to sweat badly.

Danny, however, was ginning up a storm. "Looks like you have nowhere to run Dashy-boy." Danny said with a cheeky grin.

Dash gritted his teeth and turned to one of the jocks. "Dale, let me change in your pickup."

Dale, a dark skin teen, laughed and pressed a button on his keys to unlock his pickup as Dash stormed away.

Five minutes later Dash came back, and everyone was laughing up a storm.

Dash was in nothing but a pair of raggedy tighty-whities with the name Dash on the front, and a pair of running shoes.

"Alright Dash, all you have to do is run through the school and run back outside." Danny said with a big grin on his face while Dash was going red with anger. "And if you try to chicken out and hid in a bathroom, everyone will know your just a cheating bitch!" Danny said out loud.

Dash was growling like an animal and wanted nothing more than to make Danny's face black and blue.

"Okay Dash, let's see you put those football skills to use." Danny said as he raised his hands. "On your mark, get set, GO!"

Dash bolted forward and impressive speeds, he was the quarterback for a reason.


"Go! Go! Go!" Danny laughed out as three drones zoomed into the school and after Dash.

The girls blinked in confusion as Danny brought up his tablet.

"What the hall were those?" Valerie asked as the jocks ran inside to try and catch up to Dash, laughing up a storm.

"Well, I want this moment to be remembered so I had Mikey and his friends use their drones to record the whole thing." Danny said as he showed the shocked girls the tablet.

The recording showed Dash running through the halls in nothing but his underwear, pushing students to the side like he was playing a football game. He even throws a teacher's coffee into the air just to get ahead. Once Dash reached the end of the school he runs back, only this time everyone is recording him with their phones while laughing up a storm.

"What is going on?"

Danny and the girls turned to see Lancer, standing on the stares while looking down at Danny with a glare.

"Is there a problem Mr. Lancer?" Danny asked while putting his tablet away.

"You should be in class." Lancer said in a firm tone while folding his arms under his man-boobs.

"But we still got 15 minutes before classes start." Jazz said, really wanting to see the end of Dash's humiliation.

"The late never prosper Jasmin." Lancer said with a smile to Jazz. "You should help your brother not become a slacker." He spoke making Jazz glare at the teacher.


Without warning three drones zoomed out of the school and flew high in the air, making everyone look up.

"What in the-"

"Look out!"

Everything happened in an instant.

Dash came bolting out of the front doors of the school with a crowed of students behind him. Dash instantly saw Lancer and tried to stop, but the jock had built up too much speed and couldn't stop as Lancer whipped around and looked at Dash with shock. The two crashed and did a quick tumble down the stairs together.

Everyone quickly rushed over to the two... and what they saw made everyone in the area laugh up a storm.


"Oh my god that's fucking funny!"

"Where's my phone! Where's my phone!"

"Eat that Lancer, you might like it!"

Everyone was laughing at the sight of Dash and Lancer in their unique position. Dash and Lancer were in a 69 position with both of their faces pushed into the other's crotchets.

"Great Caeser's Ghost! What is that horrid smell!" Lancer cried out as he tried to push Dash off him, but the jock was still in a daze from the short tumble.

"Why do I smell asparagus?" Dash said in a daze while groaning into Lancer's crotch, which made the teacher twitch and yell into Dash's crotch.

Danny and the girls were on the floor laughing their asses off, tears running down his face.

"Oh-Oh-Oh my god!" Jazz laughed while she started to hyperventilate. "D-did you plan this, Danny?"

"I wish!" Danny laughed while whipping the tears out of his eyes. "This was just the best fucking accident in the world!"

After five minutes of everyone in the area laughing Lancer and Dash get up. Lancer looked furious as he grabbed Dash by his arm, who looked deadly pale and sickly green.

"All of you! Get to class!" Lancer yelled making the closest students run away. "And as for you Mr. Baxter, you have detention not just this week, but for the rest of the month!" Lancer yelled in the jock's face as he pulled him into school.

Danny and his girls managed to collect themselves, still chuckling and giggling to themselves. Danny pulled out his tablet from his bag and tapped it a few times as a grin grow on his face.

"And... done!" Danny said as he turned the tablet to the girls. "Guess what's the new hot video online?" Danny said as the girls' jaw dropped.

Danny showed the girls the recording of Dash running through the school in nothing but his underwear before landing on Lancer.

"Oh, Dash is finished!" Sam said with a look of glee in her eyes. "He's done, there is no way he can bounce back from this!"

"Oh, no doute." Valerie said with a nod. "But he's still the 'best' quarterback in the school. Dash might stay in the A-Listers, but he's not going to be the leader after this."

"How far down will he fall? And who will become the next leader of the A-Lister?" Jazz asked. She didn't like the A-Listers and how they manipulated the system to suit their needs, she was just glad there were not too many Juniors or Seniors in the group to make things more complicated. She did however find it interesting how a couple of rich teens were able to put together a group together in less than a few years.

"Dash will fall under the same level as the soccer players, maybe the team captain if he plays it smart. As for the next leader, it's a tie between Kwan and Dale. Both are top football players, which is the biggest sport in the school, so it depends on them." Valerie said while giving a shrug. "If I wanted I can talk to Paulina and have her chose, since she has so much pull with the group. Dale is an ass but not as bad as Dash, but still bad. Kwan is much nicer and only fight's back when someone messes with him."

The group was cut off when the school bell range, making them make their way into the school.

"Well, I have to get to my AP class." Jazz said as she still had a massive smile on her face. "Thanks for the laughs, Danny."

"Yeah, glad to see Dash get taken down a few pegs." Valerie grinned before the two walked away, leaving Sam and Danny together.

With Sam and Danny left in the hallway they started to make their way to class, a somber air around them.

"So... when do you leave?" Sam asked while looking down.

Danny sighed and pust his hands into his jacket. "Next Saturday, I already talked to Desiree and told her the plan, she was pretty sad about."

"No shit, she's going to miss you... I'm going to miss you." Sam said with a sigh.

Danny took a breath and grabbed Sam's hand with his own. "Me too, but I'll only be gone until spring, and I'll come visit whenever I can."

Sam squeezed Danny's hand before she yanked the Halfa into the girls' bathroom, catching the Halfa off guard.


Sam cut Danny off by sticking her tongue down his throat and pushing him into a stall. Danny slammed down into the toilet and Sam straddle his lap, never once breaking the kiss.

Danny managed to pull back from the kiss and looked to Sam. "Sam, what are you-"

"Shh~" Sam once again cut Danny off and placed a finger on his lips. "You're going to be gone for a long while, and I'm going to miss you, and so is my body." Sam said as she slowly trailed her hand down and grabbed Danny's crotch. "So, you're going to fuck me Danny, and fuck me so hard I remember the feeling for the months to cum." She said before kissing Danny on the lips again.

Danny groaned into the kiss as Sam rubbed his cock. With him leaving soon Danny could see the girls would be looking to get some last-minute action before he left.

"Fuck, this might leave me more ragged than Pandora's training." Danny thought as he grabbed Sam's ass under her skirt, making the Goth groan in his mouth. "And I'm going to love every second of it."

"Welcome, Danny Phantom."

Danny, in his Phantom form, stood at the entrance of Pandora's Domain, greeted be two servants. The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. Danny had to convince Desiree to help him while the ghost woman was very reluctant to say the least, not wanting to see Danny go. But in the end Desiree agreed and with a few wishes Danny was able to come up with the story that he had won an exchange program that would take him to Grease for Winter. Danny's mom was very reluctant to see Danny go for so many months, but in the end, she caved in, allowing Danny to go.

"We will take your bag to your room." One of the servers said as two grabbed his suitcase and quickly flew away.

"And I will lead you to Pandora." The last servant said before leading Danny deeper into the Domain.

Danny followed the ghost servant into the Domain before Danny found himself in a large library. Danny couldn't help but blink as he looked around to see hundreds and hundreds of books, more than he ever seen before.

"Books I've collected over the years. Though an old friend of mine has more books than you can ever imagine."

Danny turned to see to the side to see Pandora sitting by herself while looking through a very old book. Closing the book Pandora stood up before turning to Danny and her servant.

"That will be all."

"Call if you need anything mistress." Pandora's servant said before leaving Danny and the warrior woman alone.

Danny looked to Pandora and couldn't help but fidget under the woman's stair.

"So... where do we start?" Danny asked, having no clue where to begin.

"We talk first." Pandora said as she pointed to the large table in the center of the library. "Have a seat."

Danny did as the ghost woman asked and sat across from her.

"The next few months will not be easy Danny." Pandora said in a serious tone. "I plan to not only how to teach you how to fight, but how to become a warrior, everything you need to know about the art of combat, and the Ghost Zone." Pandora said while looking into Danny's eyes. "If you want to turn away, their will be no shame in doing so."

Danny sighed before taking a deep breath. "If there is even a chance that a ghost just as powerful as the Fright Knight or even stronger shows up... I need to be ready." Danny said while looking Pandora into her eyes. "Do your worst Pandora."

Pandora grows a large smile on her face as she stood up from her seat. "Your lessons start tomorrow. Get some rest." Pandora said before leaving the room.

Once the woman was gone Danny gave a sigh, he would be ready for anything.

Ghost Cores

"Your first lesson is on what every ghost in the Ghost Zone has, a Ghost Core."

Pandora was standing in front of a black board with Danny sitting at a desk. The Halfa would admit he felt a little underwhelmed that his first lesson would make him feel like he was back in school, but at least he was learning something useful.

"Tell me, what do you know about Ghost Cores so far?" Pandora asked.

Danny looked thoughtful before answering. "A Ghost Core is like a human heart, it keeps a ghost 'alive', and gives them power."

Pandora nodded with a smile. "Correct, now what do you know about types of cores?"

"Types?" Danny said, vagally remembering the Fright Knight and Pandora saying Danny had an ice core, or other ghosts having a fire core.

"Now I know where to starts." Pandora said as she started to draw on the black board. "There are several types of cores that can be broken down into 9 categories. Earth, wind, water, fire, light, dark, space, time, neutral. Let's start with the Elemental Cores." Pandora said as she started to draw.

"Elemental Cores are ghost cores that are connected to the four elements in some way, allowing the ghost power to manipulate the element they have. As you can tell from my appearance, I have a Fire Core." Pandora explained while pointing to her fire hair.

Danny nodded slowly before blinking in confusion. "Wait, but you said I have an Ice Core, but you didn't mention that on your list."

"Because an Ice Core is known as a Sub-Core, a core that falls under the Elemental Cores." Pandora said while pointing to the board. "Such as an Ice Core falling under water."

Danny nodded slowly as he started to get a clearer picture. "So, you could say that electricity and plasma fall under fire." Danny said, thinking about Technus and Vlad. "Now I know why Vlad's attacks were so strong, he was coating them in plasma to give them an extra kick for half the cost."

"Exactually." Pandora said with a nod. "Sometimes Elemental Cores categories can overlap such as a Lava-Core or a Mist-Core. The key thing to remember is that elemental cores will fall under one of these four categories." Pandora said as she pointed to the next core. "The next cores are light and dark cores. These cores are based more around emotions of the ghosts effecting their powers or self. As such Light-Cores are very rare in the Ghost Zone while Dark-Cores are a bit more common."

Danny had a thoughtful look on his face and realized that Spectra may herself have A Dark-Core given her ability to feed off negativity. Johnny 13 also might have a Dark-Core given his Shadow and bad luck ability.

"Light and Dark-Cores don't have sub cores but have a wider range of powers available to them. For example, a ghost with a Dark-Core could manipulate shadows, or they could have the power to enter dreams."

Danny wrote everything down; he was surprised so many ghosts had such vast number of powers.

"Next are Space and Time cores, some of the rarest cores a ghost can possess." Pandora said with a serious tone. "As the name implies, a ghost with these cores can manipulate either space or time to various degrees. A ghost with a Space-Core can manipulate reality such as turning a rock into gold or turn water into wine. They can also have the power to open portals and teleport on a whim."

Danny instantly thought of Desiree, she must have had a Space-Core given her wishes could make anything out of nothing.

"And time, a very dangerous core to have." Pandora said in a serious tone. "Time-Cores work in various ways, such as allowing a ghost to see into the future, to stop time itself, or to travel through time. As you can guess, all powers have dangerous outcomes." She said making Danny nod in agreement. "The last core type is a Neutral-Core. To put it simply, a Neutral-Core is a core that doesn't fall under the eight categories. Despite not having a unique core they are more likely to have more ecto-energy overall."

Danny started to think who would have a Neutral-Core, and quite a few of them did to Danny's knowledge. Poindexter, Wulf, Cujo, Walker, Box Ghost, Lunch Lady, and the Dairy King. There was possible more that Danny couldn't think of at the moment.

"Question." Danny said while rising his hand. "What can you tell me about my core?"

Pandora opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by someone knocking, making her smile.

"Not much," Pandora said as she made her way over door. "But I found someone who can, a very old friend."

Opening the door Pandora revealed a ghost Danny had never seen before.

The ghost looked like a yeti, with white fur, blue ice horns, an arm made of ice, and he wore a blue cape.

"Hello young one," The Ghost said with a wide smile. "I will be training you on how to use your Ice Core. You may call me Frostbite."


"Using a weapon will help you conserve your energy, and you will become more deadly in combat." Pandora said while standing behind Danny.

Danny looked around with wide eyes at Pandora's weapon vault. Pandora said that Danny needed a weapon of some kind. While fighting with your fists were good, it was better to fight with a weapon and not waste energy or risk getting too close to the enemy unless it was necessary. Danny remembered how much tougher certain enemies were when they had some kind of weapon in hand

"Are you a master of all these weapons?" Danny asked while looking at some nunchucks.

"I am adept, but my weapon of chose is my spear." Pandora said as she gave a wave of her hand and her golden spear appeared. "Made from my very being, it is a weapon connected to me, the same way Soul Shrader is connected to Fright Knight." Pandora said as her spear disappeared again. "I can teach you the basics of every weapon but mastering it will be up to you, through trial and experience."

Danny slowly walked through the weapons vault while glancing at the many weapons.

"There are so many, how can I choose?" Danny asked while looking at a great sword.

"Which ever ones call to you. We will try them out and if they fit with you, we continue, if not we look for something else. This may be a trial and error, so don't get discourage if your first chose doesn't fit."

Danny nodded while tilting his head at a sword and shield before moving on.

For almost half an hour Danny looked at dozens of different weapons from different points of time, from knives, to swords, to whips, Pandora had a little of everything. He held most of them in his hands to see if they felt right, and while most he could see himself using, they didn't really click with him.

"Maybe I'm being too picky."

As Danny looked around, he stopped at a particularly strange weapon mounted on a wall.

"A scythe?" Danny asked with a raised brow. "Isn't that a farm tool?"

Danny remembers seeing a good number of Anime using a scythe was a weapon with Sam in the past, but never before has he heard a scythe being used as a weapon in real life.

"Ah, indeed it is." Pandora said with a smile. "Humans have tried to use this tool as a weapon in the past but lacked the strength to wield it. Ghost however have more than the strength to easily use such a tool and turn it into a deadly weapon."

Danny looked at the scythe for a long moment before slowly taking it off the mantel. "Well, I got to start somewhere." Danny said as he looked to Pandora, who was smiling.

Power Control

"Control is everything for a ghost." Pandora said as she held her hands out. "A ghost who lacks control will only waste energy, leading to their defeat."

Using her ectoplasm Pandora created a flower before the flower shifted into a bird that flew around like a real one.

"With control, you will be able to do more with less and not waste energy when you attack." Pandora said as she returned their ectoplasm to herself.

Danny looked to his hands before slowly holding them out and tried to create a rocket out of his ectoplasm.

What came out was a rocket, but a poorly made one. Danny tried to make it fly around but was having some difficulty.

"The more you do this, the greater your control will be." Pandora said as she folded her arms. "Make a star."

Danny looked to his teacher before doing what she said, making a green star out of the rocket.

"Now make a sword."

Danny did as she said.

"We will start off with simple objects and as you become better with your control, we will move on to more complex objects." Pandora said as she grows a smile on her face. "Now make me a rose."

Danny scrunched up his face as he tried to make a rose but was having surprising difficulty.

"Well, she said it wouldn't be easy or fun."

Physical Training

"I imagine that your ghost half is connected to your human half, and vice versa. If your human half becomes stronger and more skilled, I believe your ghost half will become even stronger."

Danny panted softly as he was doing several pushups with rocks balanced on his back. He was in his human form in nothing but a pair of shorts.

"Slower!" Pandora shouted in a firm tone, making Danny jerk slightly but kept the slabs of stone on his back. "This is more than just doing a certain amount in a short span of time, this is about control, endurance, destroying your muscles now so you may become stronger."

"Well, I'm feeling the destroyed part." Danny panted with his face turning red as he continued to push himself.

Pandora had a stern look on her face, however she was very pleased on the inside. Danny has been pushing himself harder than anyone Pandora has ever trained in the past.

Oh, a good number of ghosts have come to her in the past, seeking training or wisdom or something on their own personal quest. Pandora turned most of them down since most ghosts were selfish and only cared about themselves. Pandora has trained a few ghosts that did meet her standards, however, none of those ghosts had the potential she saw in Danny.

The young Halfa was learning at an alarming rate, already he was becoming accustomed to Pandora's training and his scythe.

"At the rate he's going he may become closer to my level of power, only lacking in experience." Pandora thought with a pleased smile.

"Oh my."

Hearing the faint sound of giggling Pandora glanced to the side to see some of her female servants in the distance, five of them to be exact. All five servants were looking to Danny with giggles and blushes on their faces, clearly attracted to the young man. They whispered to one another while giggling before going back to work.

Pandora gave a soft laugh as she looked back to her student, who was now soaked in sweat. She could definitely see the attraction her servants saw, and if her hunch was right Danny was no stranger to the feelings of flesh, especially from how affectionate the three young girls were with the Halfa while they stayed here.

"His best friend, his comrade, and his own sister." Pandora's smile turned seductive as she saw her students arms ripple as sweat glistened his body. "He would have fit right at home in ancient Grease."

"199... 200!" Danny said as he throws the slab of rock off his body and looked to Pandora. "Okay... what's next?" Danny asked while panting deeply.

Pandora's smile turned proud now as she pointed to the dirt path not too far. "Now you will run five laps around my Domain, then you will get a small break."

Danny gave a single nod before he started to run, taking deep steady breaths as he did so.

New Costume

"I believe you are in need of a new costume."

"What's wrong with my old one?"

Danny was currently standing on a pedestal while a servant measured Danny's body.

"While it is practical and offers no resistance, it also provides no protection." Pandora said as she examined Danny's skintight hazmat suit. "While ghosts are naturally resistant to most damage, it doesn't hurt to have extra protection."

Danny nodded at that. Truthfully Danny was thinking about upgrading his costume for a while now. It was comfortable and it didn't hold him back, but like Pandora said there was zero protection to it. Danny might as well be fighting naked.

"So, got any ideas?" Danny asked as the servant measured Danny's arm length.

"Several," Pandora said as she brought up a small stack of papers. "I had my seamstress come up with some modern designs that would fit you. Simply chose the one that seems the most appealing."

Pandora handed Danny the stack of paper and the Halfa started to look through them. Danny was surprised by the drawings of himself in various costumes based on his own hazmat suit, they were all well drawn and looked to have more protection than his tissue thin suit.

A few costume ideas showed Danny in Greek armor that looked very similar to Pandora's armor. A couple showed Danny in armored version of his hazmat suit, and few showed Danny in what he could only guess was an edgy costume.

"No, no, no, n-hello." Danny blinked as he looked at the picture in his hands.

The design showed Danny in with a black and white jumpsuit with whiter then black, armored, with white gloves and boots, a long white cape held together by a green gem, and a green visor over Danny's eyes.

(21 Note: For those wondering I am basing Danny's new costume on 'Danny Phantom Rebirth'.)

"This one," Danny said with a grin as he looked at the costume design. "I like this one."

Pandora looked at the design and nodded her head slowly. "It is very distinctive, any reason to choose this one?"

Danny gave a shrug. "Honestly, I just like how it looks. Plus, I'm supposed to be the hero of Amity Park, I might as well dress the part." Danny said with a cheeky grin.

Pandora smiled and handed the design to the nearest servant. "Please take this to the seamstress." Pandora said as the servant nodded before walking away. "With that out of the way, let's move on." Pandora said as she started to make her way out with Danny right behind her.

"Where are we heading?" Danny asked the tall ghost woman.

Pandora smiled as she continued to walk ahead. "To visit an old friend."

The Library

Danny and Pandora flew through the Ghost Zone together.

"So, where are we going exactually?" Danny asked while flying next to Pandora. His teacher didn't tell him much about where they wear heading, only answering vaguely.

"A place that will be invaluable to you Danny." Pandora said with a smile as she pointed ahead. "And their it is."

Danny looked ahead and was surprised to see a massive floating library building in the distance. The building wasn't that extravagant or strange compared to the rest of the Ghost Zone Layers, but even from the distance Danny could feel a strong power from within.

The two continued to fly until they landed in front of the steps.

"A library?" Danny asked with a raised brow.

"Not just any library, but the library." Pandora said as she opened the massive wooden doors. "There are thousands of libraries in the Ghost Zone, but this one is different from them all. For this library-" Pandora opened the doors and what Danny saw inside was jaw dropping. "Is something special."

Like all Ghost Layers this library was bigger on the inside, but the inside was massive.

Danny looked up, and up, and up some more to try to see the ceiling in the far distance, but even his advance sight was having trouble. Looking around the large room Danny saw shelves build into the walls and filled to the brim with books.

"There... there has to be millions of books." Danny said with shock and awe.

"A little close to a billion," A voice said from above, making Danny's head whip up. "But I do contribute my fair share."

Danny whipped his head up to see a figure descends from a shelf, a few books in hand.

The figure was surprisingly human like with only gray skin, pointy teeth and ears, black hair and a soul patch. He was wearing lose purple cloths with a gray scarf wrapped around his neck.

"Now this is interesting." The figure said as it landed before Danny and Pandora with a toothy smile. "The great Pandora bringing in a young man to my library, could he be a new student or a new lover?" The ghost said getting an eye roll from Pandora.

"Danny, I like you to meet an old ally of mine, Ghost Writer." Pandora said while gesturing to the Ghost, who gave a small bow.

"Whoa..." Danny said dumbly as he gave a small wave. "It's... good to meet you..."

Danny was stunned shock, the figure before him was on a whole other level. Thanks to Frostbite and Pandora's training Danny could now get a feeling of the power level of ghosts with his ghost sense. Pandora and Frostbite were both an 8 out of 10 when it came to power alone, their skills and experience easily made them the strongest ghost Danny has ever met.

However, this figure before Danny, The Ghost Writer, was an easy 9 out of 10, maybe even a 9.5 in terms of power alone. Not even Fright Knight, powered by Halloween itself, had the level of power Danny was feeling at this moment.

"So, I'm just going to take a long shot and guess you were one of the Six ancients?" Danny asked while gulping slightly.

Ghost Writer gave a friendly laugh. "Oh, I was, but I'm no fighter," The ghost said as he flew to the desk in the center of the massive room and placed his books down. "I am a writer, a philosopher, an explorer, but not really a fighter."

"Really, but your so..."

"Powerful?" Ghost Writer asked Danny as the young Halfa trailed off. "I might be powerful, but we don't always have to use these our powers to fight. Sometimes we can use power to protect, to teach others, or to lead." Ghost Writer said with a smile before looking to Pandora. "So, what brings you here old friend? I doubt it's to discuss philosophy?"

Pandora sighed as she looked to Ghost Writer. "The Fright Knight was released from his prison a few weeks ago." Pandora said, making the Ghost Writer go stiff. "Fortunately, me and Phantom here along with his comrades were able to seal the Fright Knight away again. I have taken him as my student."

The Ghost Writer slouched over and gave a shaky breath. "We seriously dodged a bullet." The Ghost Writer said while whipping the sweat from his face before looking to Danny. "I thank you for helping Pandora with that monster. If you ever need a book, my library is open to you."

"That is why I have brought Danny." Pandora said as she looked to the Halfa. "Ghost Writer's library is unlike anything you have ever seen. Nearly every book that has ever been written is here somewhere." She said, making Danny's eyes widen.

"It's my obsession." The Ghost Writer said with a very wide smile. "I love collecting books or writing my own. There are even books on the history of the Ghost Zone, even with how chaotic it is." He said while waving his arms around the library. "Since you are Pandora's student and help defeat the Fright Knight, I give you full access to my library should you ever need knowledge."

"T-Thank you." Danny said with a massive smile on his face while looking around. "Sam and Jazz would probably cum their brains out if they saw this place. I'll have to bring them here when my training his complete." Danny thought as his smile became more somber. "I miss the girls."

Danny missed his friends and lovers, not just physically but emotionally as well. He missed Sam's confidence, Jazz's little lectures, Desiree's loving smile, Star's cute giggles, Valerie's dirty jokes, Spectra's playfulness, Pam's stern personality, Danny even missed the girls he couldn't see as often, such as Dora and Ember, which were doing their own things.

"I need to focus." Danny thought while shaking his head. "This isn't a vacation, I need to get stronger, for them and for myself."

Unknown to Danny Pandora saw the internal struggle the Halfa was having.

"Maybe I should give him a few days to rest. The last thing I want is to push him so hard he burns out." Pandora thought as they made their way deeper into the library.

"Ah~ I need this."

Danny was currently naked while bathing in a large bath filled with steaming water and filled with flower petals. Glancing around Danny couldn't help but snort as the bathROOM looked more like a bathPOOL, with an elegant fountain in the center shooting out fresh water.

"If this is how it always is in Grease I might have to visit." Danny said while feeling the tension leave his muscles.

Danny had just been informed by Pandora that after a month of constant training he would now get a week off to rest. She stressed that too much training would leave Danny's mind exhausted even if his body was rested. Danny considered using his week to visit home, to see his girls and spend some time with them.

"But... If I see them now, I might not want to come back." Danny sighed as he sank deeper into the water until it was up to his neck.

Already a month in and the training Danny was doing was doing wonders for him. Not to mention he could now freely control his Ice-Core thanks to Frostbite, so Danny no longer felt any chills or resistant. He felt stronger, more powerful, surer of himself than ever before.

"There is a difference between confidence and cocky. Confidence is being sure of your own skill and knowing you can tackle a problem, but also knowing when to ask for help. Cocky is tackling every problem as if you will have no problem, which is the same as going in blind. It's never wrong to feel confident, but you should always know the difference between the two."

Danny remembered Pandora's words after he reached a certain level of power and skill. Danny knew he couldn't be cocky, not if he wanted to be the hero Amity Park needed, but he also had to be confident, to tackle any problem head on.

"Great, even in my day off I can't help think about training." Danny snorted as he slowly started to look down. "What I wouldn't give to get my mind off training."

Danny was currently staring at his raging hardon poking out of the water. It's been a month since Danny has had sex and he was FEELING it. Danny tried to jerk off at the end of the day but most days Danny was too tired to move his arms.

"Well, I got a whole week of jerking off and resting my muscles." Danny thought as he stood up in the pool and sat on the cool stone edge. "It's best to start now." Danny muttered as he reached down.


Danny hissed softly as he wrapped his hand around his hard cock and started to stroke.

"Fuck~ I needed this." Danny moaned as he started to feel some relief instantly.

The Halfa then started to use his imagination to satisfy himself. He thought of Sam, Jazz, and Valerie, all on their knees worshiping his cock until he blasted each of their faces with a nice cumshot.


"Oh my~"

"He's so big~"

"And do you see those balls~"

Unknown to Danny the young Halfa was being watched. In the open doorway four female servants stood watching Danny while the young Halfa pleased himself.

For the past month the female servants have been taking an interest in Pandora's new apprentice. It's been a long while since their mistress has taken on a student and the female servants were liking the eye candy during their work.

"We should join him." A blond servant with green skin said while licking her lips. "He looks like he needs the relief."

"Bu-but we shouldn't be here." A servant with black hair and gray skin said while looking at the other servants with a nervous look. "We should give him some privacy."

"I think he wants some company." A servant with gray skin and pure white hair said while giving a small giggle. "He's been working so hard lately."

"He looks like he's working hard right now." The last servant, a ghost with red hair and pale green skin, said while laughing behind her hand.

"I'm sure he won't mind-"

"What is going on here?"

The servants jumped in fright as they whipped around to see Pandora behind them in nothing but robes, looking at the four with raised brows.

"M-Mistress!" The four servants cried out before bowing to her.

"W-we were just checking on your students, t-to see if he needed anything." The blond said while trying to keep a straight face, hoping their mistress wouldn't look inside the room.

The servants' hopes were dashed as Pandora leaned around and looked inside the bathpool, making her eyes widen.

The servants shook like leaf's as they prepared for their mistress wrath or ire. But to their shock, instead of yelling or cold fury, Pandora grew a smile on her face. In fact, to the servants' shock, it looked lustful.

"It appears I've put my apprentice through too much stress. As his teacher, I should look to... relieving him." Pandora said with a smile as she made her way inside the bath.

The servants went bug-eyed as they watched their mistress enter the bath, unknown to the Halfa.

Inside the bath Danny continued to stroke himself and he could feel his balls tighten, seconds away from cumming. However, just as Danny was about to reach his peek, his body chilled as he felt his Ghost Sense go off.

Freezing for a split-second Danny slipped into the water and looked around frantically.

"H-hello?" Danny called out while looking around.

"I see your skills are still sharp, I even surprised my core to an extent."

Danny turned and was shocked to see Pandora in nothing but a bath robe.

"P-Pandora?" Danny asked as he took in Pandora's body in the tight robes. "W-what are you doing here?"

"Why a bath of course." Pandora said with an airy laugh that made Danny gulp. "You aren't the only one who needs to relax."

Danny gave a shaky nod. "Ah, o-okay, then let me just leave you to it then." Danny said while searching for his towel. "Where is it, where is it..."

"Oh, there is no need for that Danny." Pandora said with a smile as she slowly unwrapped the rope around her waist, making Danny's eyes go wide. "I believe we've become close enough to have a simple bath together."

Before Danny could say anything, Pandora's robes dropped, along with Danny's jaw.

Danny knew Pandora was beautiful. Yes, she was 8 feet tall and had four arms, but Danny could easily tell Pandora was a beautiful warrior woman with an amazing body under that armor.

Now the Halfa was seeing just how right he was.

Pandora was a muscular woman, but far from a body builder. She had elegant muscles that showed and held power but looked sexy on her form with a faint six-back on her stomach, strong legs, and thick thighs that could crush a watermelon in seconds. Danny's eyes then trailed to other noticeable parts of Pandora's body, making him gulp.

Pandora had wide hips with a large ass attached to it, something that also held a lot of strength and power thanks to her training. Next was possible the first thing Danny noticed about Pandora when they first met, her breasts.

Danny has seen his share of big breasts, Desiree and Spectra were at the top of his list, but Pandora blows those two out the water.

Thanks to her somewhat large size Pandora had equally large tits. If Danny had to guess, by normal human standards Pandora's breast size must be at least J-Cup, a ridicules size only used in anime or when some crazy chick wants massive implants. Yet thanks to Pandora's large body they fit perfectly on her form.

Her body was a light shade of blue with her nipples, which Danny noticed were hard, were a dark shade of blue. The Halfa's eyes trailed down to see a batch of pink hair right between Pandora's legs, Pandora had a pink bush.

Noticing Danny's eyes on her form Pandora smiled as she slowly stepped into the water. The warrior woman gave a soft hum as she walked through the water, which beardly reached past her knees, as she made her way over to Danny before sitting down, right next to him without a care in the world.

"The water is lovely tonight." Pandora said as she gently rubbed the water on her arms and breast, not even looking at Danny as she did so. "I remember some servants saying they put a splash of scented oils in to give the water this lovely smell." She said while taking a deep breath with a smile.

"R-right..." Danny said as he kept his hardon between his legs so Pandora wouldn't see. "What the hell is going on?"

Danny remembered from history class that the in ancient Grease things were much more open sexually with kings, lords, and ladies having mistresses and orgies regularly. And since Pandora lived in that time it was safe to say she was more accustomed to that time, meaning she had no problems showing off her body.

"I guess I don't mind the extra masturbation material." Danny thought as he watched Pandora's massive breasts jiggle and sway with the smallest movements. "Seriously, what is it with ghost woman having such massive tits." Danny thought while biting his lip hard. "But fuck, I'm not complaining."

First there was Desiree and Spectra, with bodies that would make a top Porn star jealous. Now Pandora who might make those two jealous along with most woman on the planet.

"Now it's really hard not to jerk off right now." Danny thought with grit teeth, very tempted to freeze the water just to cool himself off.

Unknown to Danny Pandora noticed the Halfa's reaction and grow a small smile.

Pandora has had a long life, both when she was human and when she became a ghost. In the time she traveled and explored many cultures of both the Ghost Zone and the Human World, making Pandora very opened minded.

So opened minded in fact that she had no trouble sleeping with her apprentice.

Pandora has existed for a long time, and in that time, she had a lot of sex. Men, woman, young, old, ghosts that were more beast then human, so sleeping with her apprentice was no skin off her nose.

"Plus, I think he needs the relief." Pandora thought with amusement as she saw her student fidget next to her, taking glances at her sizable breasts and hiding his hard cock under the water. "How cute~ Maybe I'll tease him some more."

"I always feel free when I take my armor off." Pandora said with a sigh as she stretched her four arms.

"Huh?" Danny said a little dumbly as he tore his eyes way from her jiggling breasts to look her in her red eyes.

"Well, my armor is very form fitting," Pandora said before putting two of her hands under her breasts, picking them up in her hands. "But even than I still feel it press against my breasts since their so sensitive." She said with a small huff as she bounced said breasts in her hands. "It's why I wear silk so often; it feels amazing against my skin."

"Right..." Danny said as his hands shot down to stop his cock from jumping out of the water.

"Sometimes I don't even bother wearing cloths and I just spend the day in my domain completely naked." Pandora said with a thoughtful look on her face. "Perhaps I should start again to avoid discomfort."

Danny gulped loudly as he tried to keep his eyes on Her's. "W-wouldn't that shock the servants?" Danny tried to reason, only for Pandora to wave her hand.

"Oh no, I am their mistress, and they have all seen me naked hundred if not a thousand times." Pandora said with a smile. "There is a certain freeness when training completely naked." The warrior woman hummed.

Danny couldn't help but imagine Pandora training in the nude, her tits and ass bouncing like a free show for Danny.

Danny looked up at Pandora and saw the amused look on her face, confirming Danny's feeling Pandora teasing him, but also wanting something from Danny as her eyes glanced at his lap.

Having been in similar situations in the past Danny removed his hands from his lap, and his cock sprang free.

Pandora's eyes widen a fraction as her smile turned lustful. "I see someone is looking forward to training next week." Pandora said as one of her hands gently gripped Danny's cock, making the Halfa jump a bit in shock at the boldness. "Tell me Danny, do you find me attractive?"

Danny looked his hips as he felt Pandora's velvet like hands simple hold his cock under the water. "I-I think your beautiful Pandora."

"Oh~" Pandora said with a smile as she gently squeezed Danny's cock in her hand. "Tell me what you find attractive. Don't be shy, I've heard it all and then some."

Taking a shaky breath Danny started to let his mouth run. "W-well I like the pink hair; I've never seen that before if I'm honest. Also, you have an amazing body." Danny said before hissing as Pandora gave him a soft stroke. "Your ass looks amazing, strong enough where I could bounce a quarter off it yet soft enough to let my hands sink in, I could watch it bounce all day. And your tits," Danny groaned as he looked at Pandora's tits with no shame, amusing the warrior woman. "I have seen some big tits, but these have to be the biggest tits I have ever laid my eyes on, yet they don't sag a single inch. Not to mention the elegant muscles on your body, which you somehow make sexy. You're like an Amazon, a sex-bomb Amazon."

"Well, aren't you sweet." Pandora said with amusement as she started jerk Danny off a little harder. "I should apologize Danny. As your teacher it is my job to look out for my apprentice and take notice when he is feeling frustrated."

Pandora continued to jerk Danny off while one of her free hands grabbed the Halfa by the back of his head and shoved his face into the side of her tits, making Danny groan softly.

"But I am still your teacher, and Thuse, I simply cannot give you what you want." Pandora said as she grabbed Danny's chin and lifted it up so they could see eye to eye. "Not without you proving how much you want me."

Without another word Pandora stood up from the water, revealing her wet, naked form to Danny. The amazon like woman trailed her hand down her toned stomach before cupping her sex and spreading her pussy open with her fingers.

"Please, serves your teacher Danny." Pandora said while looking down at the Halfa.

Danny himself felt his mouth start to water. Danny stared at his first pussy after a month of constant training, Danny had to hold himself back from simply going wild on his teacher.

Moving forward Danny grabbed Pandora's thick thighs in each of his hands, amazed by the strong muscles and soft skin. His hands ghost the strong legs before coming around and cupping Pandora's amazing ass. Feeling the ecto-flesh under his fingers Danny couldn't help but push his face between Pandora's legs.

"Ah~" Pandora moaned softly as she felt Danny's mouth on her pussy as he started to eat her out. "Oh, you are licking me with such a hunger. It feels amazing." Pandora said while humming softly as one of her hands grabs the back of Danny's head, another rest on her hip, and the least two hands playing with her tits, grabbing the soft breasts and pinching her harden nipples.

Danny could only groan as he tasted Pandora's sweet pussy, the taste alone making him nearly cum after going so long without one. Danny wanted nothing more than to simple bend over his teacher and fuck Pandora with all his sexual frustration but considering she could easily overpower him with little effort Danny was going to have to play the long game.

Sticking his tongue deep into Pandora's Danny was amazed at how hot she felt around his tongue as his nose brushed against her erect clit.

"Fuck she tastes amazing, and she's so fucking hot inside." Danny thought with a groan, making Pandora give a pleasant gasp. "And this ass, by the end of this night I am going to fuck it no matter what." Danny thought as he gripped Pandora's voluptuous cheeks as he pulled his tongue back and licked her pussy from top to bottom before nibbling on her clit.

"A-Ah! You are quite skilled Danny but still have some things to learn." Pandora moaned softly as she pinched her right nipple hard while pulling it out. "We will have to make this a part of your training, when you go back home you will be a warrior on the battlefield and a champion in the bedroom." Pandora said as she grows a smile while looking down at Danny's face as he continued to eat her out. "Yes, I want you to not only conquered your enemies but also conquer your women. Your friends and even your sister. Tell me Danny, do you have any other attractive relatives?"

Danny felt his cock twitch hard as he pulled his face away from Pandora's wet pussy. "My... my mom is very attractive."

Danny had already crossed the point of no return with Jazz and Danny had no regrets. After crossing the line Danny was more than comfortable crossing other lines, namely the line between mother and son.

The Halfa still had the memory of fucking his sister in the shower while the two watched their mother's naked body soap itself right behind her back. The only thing that would have made the memory sweeter is if Danny pinned his mom down, lifted her fat ass into the air, and gave it the much needed pounding it deserved.

"Oh~ So not only has my apprentice conquered his sister, but now he wants to conquer his own mother." Pandora said with a soft laugh as she pushed Danny's face deeper into her pussy. "Then I will teach you my apprentice in the ways of sex, so when you do finally conquer your mother, she will not be able to resist your cock." Pandora said with a lustful smile. "And maybe when you do conquer her, I may join you two."

That was it for Danny as the Halfa reached his breaking point. The Halfa shoved his tongue as far as possible into Pandora's pussy while playing with her ass. There is a savage hunger in Danny's actions that makes Pandora start to moan louder.

"Yes, yes my apprentice! Keep eating your teacher's cunt! Make me cum so I may reward you!" Pandora moaned breathlessly as she started grinding her hips onto Danny's face. "It has been a while; I wish to taste my student's cum!"

The thought of Pandora bringing her student to cum for her finally pushed Pandora over the edge.

The woman gave a low moan as she squeezed Danny's head between her thighs before she cums. her juices fill Danny's mouth as the Halfa continues to lap at her core, prolonging her orgasm.

After a near minute Pandora pulls away, smiling down at Danny as his face was sticky with her juices.

"Excellent work my student." Pandora said while panting softly. "Now I think it's time for your own release."

Danny soon found himself sitting on the edge of the bath with Pandora kneeling before him, even then she was still taller than Danny.

Pandora's hand glowed blue and a glass bottle with a cork flew from a shelf and into her hand. The ghostly woman uncorked the bottle and took a sniff, bringing a pleasant smile to her lips.

"What is that?" Danny asked as his cock stood up straight, twitching with anticipation as he stared at Pandora's large breasts.

"Bath oils made here in my Domain. They rejuvenate the skin, but they have other uses." Pandora said with an almost cheeky smile on her face.

Without another word Pandora poured the oil all over her breasts until the bottle was empty before putting it off to the side. She then used her four hands to spread the oil all over her breasts and stomach until they were gleaming in the dimly lit room.

"Now then," Pandora said with a satisfied smile as she picked up her breasts in each of her hands. "It's time for your reward."

Before Danny could even speak Pandora wrapped her breasts around Danny's cock, and to the Halfa's shock they completely envelop him to the point that not even the tip was poking out.

"Oh... Fuck!" Danny moaned out while his eyes rolled into the back of his head. "They feel amazing Pandora!"

"Why thank you." Pandora said with some amusement as she started to rock her chest, making Danny shutter. "But I haven't even started moving yet Danny." She said just before she started to move her tits at a steady pace.

"Can't help it, too backed up." Danny growled as he could already feel his balls start to tighten but he held back, wanting to enjoy the feeling of Pandora's tits around his cock.

Pandora however noticed Danny's reaction was she grow a wicked smile. "Oh my, you are quite backed up, I can already feel your pre-cum pooling between my tits."

"I haven't jerked off in weeks, cut me some slack." Danny groaned with a chuckle as his hips jerked softly against Pandora's tits.

"Oh, I am not complaining, simply observing." Pandora said as she pushed her breasts down until the tip of Danny's cock was poking out of the top of her tits. "I should have notice this and taken care of you sooner. After all, it's bad to train when your balls are full." She said before giving the tip a soft kiss. "So, cum whenever you want, however you want, we have time."

Having Pandora give Danny permission the Halfa got to work.

Standing up from the edge of the bath Danny grabbed Pandora's tits with his hand by the sides before he started to thrust like a madman. Pandora, for part, just smiled while helping Danny keep her breasts tight around his cock, all the while telling him sweet nothings.

"I am looking forward to feeling your cum between my breasts Danny, will it be thick and milky as I hope it will be?" Pandora's hand when down and gently cupped Danny's balls. "From how bloated your balls are I sure I will be pleasantly surprised."

"F-Fuck~" Danny groaned loudly as sweat started to form on his body. "I-I am going to fuck you, Pandora! I'm going to fuck all of your holes by the end of this night!"

Hearing her students promise, Pandora grows a smile while looking up at Danny as the Halfa continued to fuck her breasts.

"My, my, aren't you vocal about your desires. Wanting to fuck your teacher, your mistress, with this virile cock like I'm a common whore." Pandora said with an amused smile as the sound of Danny's hips slapping against her tits filled the room. "I am quite powerful Danny, and skilled. What hope do you have to conquer me?"

"Who said anything about conquering?" Danny said in a gruff tone as his fingers pinched both of her nipples hard, bringing a pleasant gasp from Pandora. "I'm going to use you the same way you want to use me. You want this cock as bad as I want you, Pandora."

As Danny let of Pandora's nipples, he went back to fucking her tits with his cock, which was now gleaming from the oils Pandora used.

Pandora still had her sharp smile on her face. "As equals, that is still a stretch given the level of difference between use." She said just before tightening her tits around Danny's cock like a vice. "But you are right that I want this cock. So, for tonight, Danny, we will be equals, and fuck each other like a couple of horny teens." Pandora said while looking up at Danny.

"She is very caught up on modern times." Danny thought as Pandora spoke like a modern woman. "And fuck me if I don't love it."

Danny felt his balls tighten once again as they slapped against Pandora's pillow like breasts.

"I-I'm cumming Pandora!" Danny said through grit teeth as he fucked Pandora's tits with no mercy.

"Cum however you want Danny, I am more than ready." Pandora said in a soothing voice as if a mother was reshoring her child.

"P-Pandora!" Danny called out just before he cums.

Danny cums between Pandora's breasts with no hesitation. Unlike all the other times Danny titty fucked a woman and cums on their face and tits, this didn't happen this time. Instead, Danny's cum shot right between her tits and instead of flying out it stayed between her tits.

"Fu-fuck~" Danny moaned as he continued to shoot shot after shot into Pandora's breasts until a small pool of cum formed right at the top of her cleavage.

Danny's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt lightheaded as he fell back onto the edge of the bath.

Pandora smiled at her student's state as she looked down at her breasts with a gleam in her eyes. "Oh, you do not disappoint Danny." Pandora said as she felt her apprentice's cum drip down her stomach and into the water below. Pandora dips a finger between her tits and scoops up some cum. "So thick, like pudding." She breathed before putting the finger in her mouth and moaned at the taste. "And it tastes just as lovely, all thanks to your special diet." She moaned as she took another scoop.

Seeing his teacher eat his cum off her massive tits brought Danny back to life and his cock stood erect once again.

"I want more."

Danny blinked as he realized the words that fell out of his mouth.

"Oh, I am sure you do." Pandora said as she slowly stood up in the bath. "But seeing as we are equals, you must be willing to give as much as you want to take." The warrior woman said as she stood naked in front of Danny while giving the Halfa a knowing look.

Danny understood and was more than happy to give as much as he wanted. Pushing his head forward Danny grabbed Pandora by her thick thighs before giving her pussy a big lick from top to bottom.

As Danny started to eat out his teacher Pandora gave a hum of approval as she felt her student start to lap at her pussy with youthful enthusiasm.

"Mmm~ You are a natural at eating a woman, Danny." Pandora hummed in a pleased tone as she felt Danny's tongue. "There is still much to teach you, but for now you will work on relieving one another."

Danny just continued to eat Pandora out, his tongue going into her got pussy making him groan. Thanks to his Ice-core training Danny was a bit more sensitive to the heat, and thanks to Pandora having a Fire-Core her pussy felt like an oven for his cook tongue.

"You taste so sweet." Danny said with some amazement as he kissed her clit hard before shoving his tongue back into her.

"A proper diet does wonders on the body." Pandora said while panting softly. She raised a finger to her breasts and picked up some of Danny's cum before sucking on it with a hum. "You yourself taste wonderful thanks to the food you've been." Suddenly Pandora grabbed Danny by his hear and started to shove his face between her legs more aggressively. "Now enough talk, your mistress is horny and wishes for her student to make her cum."

Hearing Pandora's tone made Danny's eyes narrow. He might be horny, but he still had his pride.

Focusing a small part of his ice powers into his tongue Danny swirled it all around inside Pandora's pussy. At the same time Danny's hand reached up and pinched Pandora's clit hard between his fingers.

"A-AH!" Pandora moaned in surprise before a sharp smile grow on her perfect lips. "Oh, you are a clever one." Pandora moaned as she started to play with her tits with two of her hands while the other two grabbed Danny by his black hair and gave it a playful tug. "Yes, making your mistress cum my students. For every successful task completed you will be rewarded to eat me out and drink my sweet nectar."

"I think I rather fuck you in the middle of the courtyard for all your servants to see while you scream in pleasure." Danny thought to himself as he focused on the task at hand, making his teacher cum around his tongue.

"Yes, yes, I'm almost there." Pandora hummed while baiting her lip, tugging on her harden nipples while grinding her pelvis on to Danny's face. "I'm cumming Danny! I'm cumming!"

Danny learned something new about Pandora that he didn't know before. The ghostly warrior woman was a squirter.

Pandora's pussy exploded with juices, wetting Danny's face. Danny eagerly drank her juices and was surprised at how sweet she tasted. Danny couldn't put his finger on the exact taste, only that it was sweet.

Danny continued to lap at Pandora's juices as she came, prolonging her orgasm a few seconds longer.

Pandora panted softly as looked down at Danny with a pleased smile. "I believe that deserves a reward." Pandora said as Danny gulped down her juices.

Danny soon found himself laying down in the cool tile floor with Pandora standing above him. The warrior woman bent he knees until her slick pussy was hovering over Danny's erect cock. She grabbed the member with one of her hands before aiming it at her entrance.

Without saying a word Pandora slowly dropped her hips, taking Danny inside of her.

"Mmm~" Pandora moaned softly with a pleased expression on her face. "It has been a while since I've tasted a good cock." She said before rising her hips up and quickly bringing it down, making Danny moan. "I'm going to enjoy you my cute apprentice."

Pandora started to bounce her hips at a steady pace, never taking Danny fully into herself since she wanted to enjoy the feeling of a cock inside of her.

"Oh fuck, how are you so tight?" Danny moaned while his hands dig into the tile floor.

Danny has felt the tightness of a virgin multiple times, yet with Pandora he felt a tightness that riveled them.

"Would you like me to explain?" Pandora asked as she bounced a little harder, making her large tits jump. "Or would you like to just focus on the pleasure?"

"Pleasure, definitely pleasure." Danny moaned as his hips bucked.

"Right answer." Pandora said with a smile before she started to go harder on Danny.

Pandora now brought her hips down hard, slapping her ass against Danny's thighs. Danny's eyes were watching Pandora's massive tits bounce before his eyes in a hypnotic fashion.

Two of Pandora's arms grabbed her massive tits in her hands while the other two held her thighs to steady herself as she continued to bounce on Danny's cock.

"Are you mesmerized by my breasts Danny?" Pandora asked as she started to play with her nipples while looking down at the young Halfa.

Danny nodded while biting his lip, trying not to move. "I want to bury my face between them and fuck them all the time, they are so big and soft it's crazy."

Pandora licked her lips and bent down, letting her breasts hang in Danny's face in a teasing manor. "How would you like to make a deal Danny?" Pandora asked while gently swinging her tits side to side, Danny's eyes following the entire time. "If you continue to train hard, we will have sex again. However, if you really push yourself, I promise you can have your way with my body however you want." She moaned while slamming her ass down hard, making Danny hiss as he felt Pandora's tight, hot pussy wrapped around his cock. "I'm willing to submit if it means my student will become stronger."

Danny couldn't help but imagine what he would do to Pandora if he was given full control. Make her suck his cock until he went limp, dance around a pole like a stripper, have her dress up as a French made while titty fucking him, maybe next time Danny would bring her back to the bathroom and have her use those tits to clean his sweaty body before they fucked.

"Now I have an even bigger reason to train harder." Danny groaned as his hips struggled to stay still.

The thought of having that level of control over his mentor, someone who was more powerful than him, made Danny want to do even dirty things they he would normally do.

Pandora saw Danny's reaction before bringing her breasts down and shoving them into Danny's face making him quickly grab them.

"Are you having impure thoughts about fucking your mentor?" Pandora asked as she heard a muffled 'yes' from between her tits as Danny started to lick and suck. "Well now, you haven't earned that right yet. So, until then we do this my way."

Without warning Pandora started to slam her ass down hard on Danny's cock, making the Halfa moan in shock between Pandora's tits.

"Yes, Yes, Yes!" Pandora moaned as she felt Danny's cock touch her deeply as it started to twitch lively. "Fuck your mentors pussy my student, fuck it and let out all your cum!"

Hearing Pandora's need for his cum in her tight pussy Danny started to match Pandora's bounces with his own thrusts while his hands whipped down to grab her sizable ass cheeks. At the same time Danny pulls away from Pandora's cleavage to take one of Pandora's puffy nipples into his mouth before sucking hard.


The sound of erotic slapping filled the room as the two fucked harder and harder with each passing second, to the point it almost looked violent.


Danny and Pandora were both going as hard as they could with one another. Pandora was gritting her teeth while using her powerful legs to bounce her ass on Danny's cock as hard as she could. Danny meanwhile was sucking and biting Pandora's nipples while gripping her ass in his strong grip while pushing his cock as deep into her as he could.

Their mixed juices pool on the tile floor as they both quickly approach their climax.

"So close! So close!" Pandora moaned as her eyes started to roll back as she felt her orgasm slowly approach at an agenizing base. "FUCK ME DANNY! FUCK ME HARD! PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE!"

Feeling his own dick pulsing with need Danny did what his mentor send.

Slapping his hands down on her voluptuous ass Danny gripped the ass as hard as he could before thrusting his hips up with all his strength.

The force of the thrust was so sudden and strong that Danny lifted Pandora off the ground with his back bending while slamming his dick into her womb like a battering ram. Not even a second later Danny starts cumming, which pushes Pandora over the edge.

"YESSSS~" Pandora screams while throwing her head back, her fingernails clawing into Danny's chest as her juices flow like a river down his cock while it fills her womb with thick cum.

The two were locked in place as their orgasm shook their bodies to their cores. Danny hips shook as he continued to cum for what felt like hours, in fact he had cum so much that Danny's cum spilled out of Pandora's pussy before falling onto the floor, mixing with her honey.

Meanwhile, Pandora was in heaven as her body shook from the intense orgasm as she continued to mike Danny's cock even after her pussy started to overflow. The Greek ghost blinked owlishly as she looked down with surprise as Danny was still holding Pandora in the air with nothing but the strength of his hips.

"He... caught me off guard. No student has ever made me cum like that... thought it has been a while." Pandora thought with a blush as Danny slowly lowered his hips. "And there's so much, we might have to do this regularly just so he doesn't become too backed up."

Glancing back Pandora couldn't help but let a cunning smile cross her lips as she still saw the group of servants still watcher her and her student from the doorway.

"Or maybe I can get some help... another day." Pandora thought as she slowly pulled off of Danny's cock, letting the semi-hard member flip onto her student's stomach. "Tonight, I plan to enjoy."

Danny meanwhile was gasping for breath heavily while he had a big smile on his face. To cum after so long, after weeks of training, and to cum in his mentor no less, Danny just continued to lay on the cool as he basked in the after feeling of his own orgasm.


"F-Fuck!" Danny yelped in surprised as he jerked his hips only to find himself held down.

Whipping his head down Danny was shocked to see Pandora deep throating him with zero problems, taking him to the base as she rested her chin on top of his balls. Pandora didn't struggle for a second taking Danny's cock into her throat before pulling of very slowly, making sure to slurp up all the juices into her mouth.

As Pandora brought her mouth down to the base of Danny's cock she didn't pull up. Instead, Pandora kept her mouth right around the base while flexing her throat around Danny's cock, all the while looking at the Halfa right in his eyes.

"P-Pandora! I-I'm still sensitive!" Danny stuttered while gritting his teeth, the pleasure sending shocks through his body.

Pandora pulled off the now hard cock with a wet pop as she slowly jerked it off with one of her hands.

"You haven't had time to give yourself release since we started training Danny and judging from how bloated your balls are you can still cum a few more times." Pandora said while cupping said balls in another one of her hands. "You may not get any proper release for days, so it's best to drain your balls now and focus on your training tomorrow." Pandora said as a wicked grin crossed her face making Danny gulp loudly. "Don't worry my cute apprentice, your mistress will take care of you."

"Mmm~ You have quite the talented tongue Danny."

Pandora was currently on all fours, her breasts pressed up against the floor with her ass high up in the air. Behind her stood her apprentice Danny, currently tonguing her asshole while gripping her ass cheeks.

"I think that's enough Danny." Pandora hummed as she glanced back to see Danny's raging hard-on. "Fourplay is always wanted, but sometimes you just have to take what you want. So go ahead and fuck the ass you want so badly."

Danny pulled his face away from Pandora's ass and stands straight up, his cock easily slipping between Pandora's voluptuous ass cheeks. Even standing straight up Pandora's ass leveled perfectly to his waist with ease. Felling his hard cock between her cheeks Pandora flexed her ass around the hard member as Danny slowly started to thrust.

Slapping his hands on both of Pandora's massive cheeks Danny spread them apart to reveal her back door to him. Danny aimed his cock and rested the tip at the hole before he throws his weight forward and is slick cock right into Pandora's asshole.

"F-Fuck! You are tight!" Danny his as his hands gripped Pandora's ass hard as he felt her asshole hold him like a vice. "I-It feels like you're sucking me in!" Danny said as he continues to push forward.

Pandora moaned softly as she felt Danny's cock go balls deep, sending a nice wave of pleasure throughout her body.

"Because I want to feel good my apprentice." Pandora hummed as she glanced back with a gleam in her eyes. "Now why don't you cut lose and give my ass the pounding you want to give it. Don't hold back Danny, anything you throw at me I can take easily."

That made Danny's eye twitch as he glared down at his mentor. She was underestimating him, and while Pandora did have years and years of experience in both combat and sex, that didn't mean it didn't piss Danny off a bit.

"She wants me to go hard? Fine, I'll go as hard as I can." Danny thought with a growl as he pulled his cock out until the tip was left before slamming back in.


Danny continued to give Pandora's asshole long hard strokes. Pulling his cock out almost all the way before slamming back in with all his strength, his hips slapping her ass making it jiggle, her body jerking forward as he put most of his strength into each thrust. Pandora gave a small ground but still kept her cocky grin on her face even as Danny started to give her a pounding.

"Better, but you still have a lot to learn." Pandora said with a soft moan. "Maybe you should stay for an extra month, and I can show you how to really pound a woman's holes."

That made Danny growl louder as he felt his pride take a hit. He remembered all the girls he made cum on his dick in the past such as Sam, Dora, Star, Ember, Desiree, Spectra, Valerie, Harriet, and even his own sister Jazz. If he can make all those girls cum then he wouldn't stop fucking his mentor until she screamed while cumming on his dick.

Deciding Pandora could take anything Danny throw at her the Halfa chose to not old back anymore as he raised his hand into the air.


"Hmm!" Pandora moans softly as she bites her lips, feeling Danny's hand smack her ass hard. "Someone's feeling angry." Pandora said in a teasing tone, getting another smack on her ass.

"More peeved if anything." Danny said in a low tone that made Pandora lick her lips. "I guess I should have known that a strong woman like you can take any kind of punishment." He said before smacking as hard as he could, leaving a red handprint on her dark blue ass as it jiggled for a good few seconds. At the same time Danny felt Pandora tighten up, making him groan. "And also enjoy it."

Without another word Danny reached down and grabbed two of Pandora's arms by her elbows before lifting her upper body from the ground easily until she was going at a 90-degree angle. Not saying anything else Danny started to fuck Pandora again, slamming his hips back and forth as hard as he could.

Pandora gasped as her body jerked with every thrust, making her large tits bound wildly as she felt Danny's cock go deeper into her ass.

Hearing the gasp Danny grow a grin of victory but didn't stop for a moment. "You like this, Pandora? You like having your apprentice fuck you in the ass with his cock? You're a very slutty mentor, moaning like a bitch in heat."

Danny felt the words leave his mouth as his eyes slowly widen in worry. He might have gone a bit too far with the dirty talk, and the last thing he wanted was to piss off the powerful Greek ghost woman.

"Really, because it seems to me, I'm doing a service, letting my horny little student use my ass so we can focus on training." Pandora said in a superior tone and not like someone who was getting her ass plowed. She glanced back at Danny with a glint in her eyes as she thrust her hips back, making Danny stagger a bit.

Danny looked to Pandora with wide eyes before a massive grin crossed his face. He thinks he finally understands Pandora a bit, at least sex wise. Pandora is a warrior and like on the battlefield Pandora like a challenge in bed. Pandora wanted Danny to test her, to push her just so she can push back because this way, win or lose, Pandora wins in the end.

Now knowing how to push a few of Pandora's buttons Danny starts thrusting his hips rapidly as he continued to talk.

"Please, you practically jumped on my cock. I'm surprised you didn't walk in her naked." Danny said as he bit into Pandora's shoulder softly.

"If I walked around naked apprentice, you would be humping the air with your hard cock. I can't let something like that interfere with your training." Pandora throws back.

"You keep telling yourself that, but you're gushing like a waterfall." Danny's hand slipped between Pandora's legs before cupping her pussy, feeling hot and wet it was. "Admit it Pandora, you might be a powerful warrior, but you're also a horny slut of a mentor."

Pandora opened her mouth to throw back another comment, only to be cut off as Danny slammed his cock all the way into Pandora's asshole while also pinching her clit hard between his fingers. At the same time Danny used a bit of his ice powers to make his fingers cold as he pinched Pandora's clit.

This made the Greek woman's eyes widen as she gave a moan of shock at the sudden wave of pleasure. Realizing what she did Pandora throw a hand over her mouth at the slip-up she just did. Danny, however, heard the moan and would make sure Pandora knew he knew.

"See, a powerful warrior, but a horny slut in the end." Danny said with a toothy grin as went balls deep in Pandora's ass before pulling out. "And a horny slut like you needs something special."

Danny then pulled back and aimed his cock at Pandora's pussy, resting the tip right on the entrance.

Pandora smirked as she gave a huff. "Well, I don't mind another creampie if that's what you're offering."

Danny, however, despite the tone in Pandora's voice, smile grow even bigger as he started to use his powers.

"Oh, you're going to get that creampie, and more." Danny said in a low tone before he thrusted forward.

Pandora's eyes nearly pop out of her head as she felt Danny enter both her pussy and ass at the same time. The feeling caught her so off guard that she couldn't help but moan out loud at the double penetration.


"A little trick I learned before I met you." Danny said as he shuttered, feeling both a tight ass and hot pussy wrapped around his cock. "I can't use it for long since the pleasure practically doubles, so I'm going to fuck you fast and hard, my mentor."

With that Danny grabbed Pandora by her elbows once again before he started to fuck large woman with all his strength.


"F-Fuck!" Pandora couldn't help but moan as she felt both her holes getting filled up by her apprentice.

"That's its Pandora, feel my cocks in your tight wholes." Danny panted as he didn't stop thrusting. "Maybe you can teach me how to fight and I can show you how to fuck."

Pandora grits her teeth to stop herself from moaning out in pleasure.

"I... I will not lose!" Pandora thought as she started to find her resolve. "I am Pandora, I have beaten the Fright Knight, faced Pariah Dark, I will not lose- AH~... lose to a big cock to easily."

Without warning Pandora tighten both her asshole and pussy around Danny's cocks, but that wasn't all she did.

"H-Holy Hell!" Danny stuttered as he looked at Pandora with wide eyes.

Not only was Pandora getting tighter, but her holes were getting hotter, a lot hotter.

"Sh-She's using her core to try and make me cum first." Danny thought as he righten his hands around Pandora's arms before pushing her to the ground, and once again she was face down and ass up for Danny to fuck her. "But I'll be damned if I don't make her cum first."

Mewling Pandora's sizable ass Danny once again started to jackhammer both of Pandora's whole with his cocks, the sound of their flesh slapping against one another filling the room.


"D-Damn it! I'm not going to make it!" Danny thought as sweat ran down his body. He felt like his dicks were on fire as his balls were tightening, he was seconds away from cumming. At the same time Pandora wasn't that fare behind as she was gushing up a waterfall while freely moaning. "She is going to cum first!" Danny thought with grit teeth before he acted.

Danny raised his hand as high as he could in the air but didn't bring it down quite yet. Instead, Danny's eyes glow blue for a split second before his hand glows an ice blue.

Then the Halfa brings his hand down, hard.



Pandora screamed, an honest to God scream while throwing her head back as Danny smacked her ass while using his ice core. The chilled strike on her hot ass while getting fucked in both wholes was too much for even Pandora, so without any say Pandora cums, practically squirting all over Danny's cock as he continues to jackhammer her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Feeling Pandora cum Danny let's out a roar as he cums himself.

Both of Pandora's ass and pussy are filled to the brim to the point that both holes are overflowing with spunk to the point it makes a small puddle on the floor.


Danny and Pandora pant for air deeply as they stayed looked in place before slowly falling to the ground. The two rolled to their backs until they were both looking up at the ceiling together.

Now the only sound in the room was their heavy panting as they basked in the afterglow of the intense sex they just had.

"So..." Danny said with a winded chuckle. "Has the student become the master?"

Pandora gave a soft laugh. "Oh, I haven't pulled out my best moves yet Daniel." Pandora still said with complete confidence as she huffed in puffed next to Danny. "You caught me off guard a few times, but next time I will be the one in charge." She said as she grows a lustful smile again. "And I will have you cum and cum into the palm of my hand."

Danny gave a nervous chuckle as he looked at Pandora. "You know, it freaks me out a bit that you have this side of you."

"Oh, don't worry, this won't affect your training." Now Pandora's smile turned sharp as he eyes narrowed at the Halfa next to her, despite his cum dripping out of her lower holes. "I'm playful while in bed, but don't think for a second you can boss me around on the battlefield. You have a long way to go before you can even think about seriously dominating me in both. So, until then you listen to me, got it?"

Danny nodded with another nervous chuckle. "Yes ma'am."

"Good." Pandora said with a look of victory. She was worried that after making her scream and cum first Danny would get a big head and think he could boss Pandora around, that he was just as good if not better than the Greek Warrior. She had seen it a few times when her past apprentices and lovers thought they could dominate her after getting a few moans out of her, only for Pandora to beat them into submission.

With a huff Pandora stood up before making her way into the large bath. "Let's clean ourselves up and rest, you still have training tomorrow." She said, making Danny groaned as he dragged himself into the water, making Pandora smile.

Turning her eyes to the side Pandora saw her four servants still in the doorway, staring at Pandora and Danny with their jaws dropped. Their robes were a mess, and a few were spotting large wet marks on said robes from around their legs. The servants caught Pandora's stair and all grow blushes before scurrying away.

Pandora gave a small laugh at that before slipping into the warm water with her apprentice right next to her. "I am glad I took on a new apprentice." Pandora thought as she hummed softly. "I wonder what other activities we can get to together." She thought while thinking what kinky play she and Danny could do for the next few months.

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