Sorry for the bit of the break but I got a little disinterested in the story but now I'm rehyped for it, I hope you enjoy this chapter, I just came up with it and I can't wait to write it. You will have had to catch up on my other story, Young Flash, to get some references.

Dick woke abruptly. He felt a knee on his chest and a hand coving his eyes. He tried throwing the person on him of but they were very strong. He threw his hand to the side, reaching for the shuriken he kept there. He felt the pressure ease up on his chest, allowing him to breathe ever so slightly, before he passed out. His eyes were uncovered and he saw brown hair framing a beautiful face that he had secretly admired for years.

"Donna. I thought Bruce was testing me again." He chocked a little but pushed her knee the rest of the way off him. He sat up, looking over at her as she walked over to her suitcase she had positioned at his door.

"I called your name but you weren't waking up so I decided to have some fun with it." She giggled.

"Why such a big case? We'll be there for a couple days at most. I am the worlds best detective's sidekick." He said sidekick through clenched teeth.

"You never know. I was just excited for our first solo mission and the first mission we go on together." She looked away as Dick got changed from what he was wearing into a pair of black jeans, black converse and a white shirt with a black leather jacket. He finished packing his stuff into a duffel bag while also picking up his suit in it's metal case. He walked over to Donna.

"It's just recon. We won't actually be doing much. Got your suit?" Dick walked past her, looking for Bruce or Diana.

"They left this morning, Justice League stuff but Bruce said he left the Wayne Jet keys on the table in the dining room." She sped off for a second before returning with a metal case of her own. "And now I do." Dick smiled and shook his head at her forgetfulness. Bruce had trained him to fly the jet, in case of an emergency situation. He supposed Bruce wanted him to land in his private air field in Central City. He walked down the stairs, grabbing Donna's suitcase as well, holding his case and bag in one hand.

A few hours later

Dick was busy at the controls of the plane when Donna walked in. She sat in the co-pilot seat looking in awe at how Dick was messing with the switches. They were just about to take off. "I wish Diana would teach me to pilot the invisible jet." Dick just laughed and kept working.

"I'll teach you if you want." Dick said, looking over and stopping his progress.

"Really? Are you sure?" Dick just rolled his eyes.

"Press that switch over there, the red one, between the two white ones." She reached up and pressed it and her side of the jet lit up to go from single piloted, to dual piloted. She pulled on a headset the same as dick had on and awaited further instructions.

A few more hours later

They were cruising in the air, around 36,000 foot up. The plane suddenly shook as Donna attempted to flip the wings on the plane wings to attempt their descent. "Donna! You're supposed to ease into that!" Dick was shouting but he knew they would be fine. He was doing it mainly to scare Donna. Central City was seen in the distance. They sat in silence for 5 minutes. It wasn't an awkward silence, more like a silence of peacefulness. That was until there was an explosion at the back of the jet. Dick immediately unbuckled himself and put the plane onto auto pilot and Donna wondered why he hadn't done that during the whole flight. Dick walked quickly grabbing his bo staff.

"Donna, stay back and pilot the jet, flick that switch again and it will make it single piloted. She nodded and ran back as Dick moved forward slowly. He felt the plane shudder as she took control again. He felt the air being pulled out of the back compartment. Of course Bruce being Bruce, the plane was almost impenetrable with any normal bomb, so for one to have even made a hole must have been big. He opened the door to the back compartment and saw the hole was at least the size of a person. Dick saw fuel flying out into the air behind him and knew that they wouldn't make it to the air field. He closed the steel door, running towards the cockpit, falling as one of the engines blew up. Someone had sabotaged the jet. He got back up and jumping into his seat, forgoing the buckling and putting the headset back on.

"Donna, you can fly, get out of here. I'm going to try and land this thing." Donna didn't move so Dick tried again. "Donna, go!" She still didn't move and he knew she wouldn't. Dick turned the plane onto co piloted again, he held onto the stick in front of him and pointed it down so they started nose diving. Donna saw this and did the same, trusting him. He watched the altitude meter drop and was waiting for the perfect height to pull up. They were nearing Central City docks and knew they would have to land in the water. He started to pull up as they got to 5,000 ft. The water seemed to rush towards them and he knew he would get knocked conscious the second they hit the water, even though they were horizontal at that point. He just hoped Donna wouldn't. They hit the water before he could think any more. He heard Donna shout something but then everything went black.

He loved hearing the crowd. They made him feel happy, knowing people loved their act. The flying Graysons were known all across America and Europe. He stood waiting for his parents to swing back over to him so he could join onto their current trapeze chain. But the rope snapped and they dropped. Dick just watched as people rushed over to their bodies. He just stood there. A dark figure stood on the opposing trapeze pole. He was dark and menacing. He was Dick. Or what Dick would become.

Dick heard beeping far away, like a heart monitor. He felt a hand on his and a head on his leg. The bed he was in was comfortable but uncomfortable at the same time. He heard a girl talking to someone. She sounded quite cheery and happy. At this point he was more concious but kept his eyes shut to keep his cover. Another voice was heard. A male's voice that was similar to the girls. Another girl's voice was heard she seemed to have a deeper voice and her voice was accompanied by another males that was very similar to the 2nd woman. He figured he must be in a hospital and the person by his bedside was Donna. He opened his eyes slowly, squeezing Donna's hand. Dick was greeted by a bunch of kids around his age in what seemed like a lab. Not what he was expecting. All of the people but one were in casual clothes. The one that wasn't was wearing a green hood and had a bow in hand. He pulled the electrodes off his body and pulled the cover off of him. The people had caught onto the fact he had just woken up. Donna had also woken and was stood, looking shocked and happy he was awake. He placed his feet on the ground and his knees quickly failed him.

One of the boys with dark brown hair, ran over to him, catching him. He ran fast, very fast. Dick made a note of it, to find out who he was to find out who the Flash was. The first girl he had heard also ran over, just less fast, perhaps the Supergirl. He also supposed the hooded one was The Arrow which left the last girl as Black Canary. They must have brought them back to their base of operations. He was being held up by the girl and the boy until he regained his footing. They let go tentatively, but he didn't fall this time. Dick eyed them all individually, before laying his eyes on Donna who looked happy but also worried about what Dick would do.

"What happened?" Everyone was silent. Another guy walked in who was much older than the other kids.

"For some reason you kids were able to pilot a jet on your own and you crash landed in a Wayne Tech jet with 2 almost impenetrable cases that she won't let anyone near." He pointed at Donna. Dick looked over and nodded letting her know she made the right call not to tell them everything.

"I meant what happened after I was knocked out? And for how long?"

"The girl dragged you and your stuff out of the wreckage and our Supergirl here got you guys back to shore. You have 4 broken ribs and a dislocated arm, you got off easy. You were out for 3 days." The man explained, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Why didn't Bruce come to see if we were okay?" Dick assumed he hadn't, because now he didn't even have to assume, he just knew it was a fact that if Bruce knew he would recover then he wouldn't see if he was okay.

"Diana said he was the one who put the bomb on the jet. He sabotaged it." She looked sad and walked round the bed and hugged Dick carefully. "You were right… He doesn't care about us sidekicks." Dick hugged her back but had a blank expression on. He wasn't even surprised. He nodded at The Flash before grabbing his case, opening it. He looked at his suit and grimaced he walked over to a nearby metal trash can. He picked up his suit and dropped it in. He then set off the self destruct option in the suit and it erupted in flames. Donna understood. Bruce had betrayed him, for a test.

"I'm leaving. Thank you for the help." He looked at all of Team Flash before grabbing the duffel bag he had filled with the now dried clothes. He pulled on his other clothes out of view from the others and walked out of the building. He hadn't even gotten to the gate before he heard feet landing beside him.

"If you're running away, then I am too." She walked ahead while Dick had stopped. He sighed but kept walking behind her knowing he couldn't change her mind.

They kept walking until they got into the centre of Central City. Dick noted she was carrying both their cases, even if his was empty. She had emptied her suitcase into a big backpack that he was carrying for her, even if she was stronger than him and had less broken bones. They bought 2 bus tickets to Detroit. Dick didn't sleep the whole ride to Detroit but Donna slept on his shoulder.

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