AN: Okay summary is Kagome is a half breed mix of youkai and kami and has a horrible past that eats at the back of her mind. However, an old evil has returned and the kami are soon to be in another civil war and are in need of Kagome's aid and the aid of some youkai. Among the youkai lords asked to help are Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha. Will Kagome find love with another halfbreed who knows the pain that life is or with the cool and mysterious youkai lord? And will she be able to survive the upcoming battle?

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Love, Revenge, and War


"This can't be happening. We don't have strong enough forces to stop him." One figure at a table stated. Though everyone at the table was worried everyone's voices were calm as if they were just having a normal conversation.

"Now that we've lost Ryuuichi, not all those who defeated this creature last time will be here." Another figure spoke.

"We have to fight. I refuse to let my brother's death be in vain." One figure stood obviously agitated and showing the first amount of emotion at the gathering.

"Calm down Kamui. We do not even know how your brother was killed."

"You can't honestly tell me that some of you doubt that bastard killed him. It's all about revenge since we were the one's to destroy him last time."

"Yes and a wonderful job at that you did." One of those at the table snidely remarked. "Besides if this is about revenge then I would watch my back if I were you Kamui."

"Is that a threat? I did hear that there were traitors in or midst."

"Back down you two. We both know that with or diminished numbers from the last war we hardly have the forces to stop him, especially if he is manipulating some of us to his side. We need help."

"Please don't be suggesting what I think you're suggesting."

"Do you have a better idea? We need to get the youkai to help us."

"Youkai are weak compared to us. How could they possibly help us?"

"No, he's right. There are too few of us left to put up a good fight." Then there was a long silence. Everyone knew that he was not finished yet. "I know everyone will not like this but I believe there is one other person we should be asking for aide."

"Absolutely not!" Kamui slammed his fist on the table.

"We do not need that lowly halfbreed. She is a disgrace."

"I know you all believe that, but she is also the one that aided in this creatures destruction the first time. And as much as I hate pulling rank I am the elder here and I say we request her help."

"And who here is willing to go get her?" At this question everyone turned their eyes to Kamui.

"I will have nothing to do with her."

"She is of your blood Kamui. You are chosen to retrieve her."

"No." Kamui said in a slow and deadly voice to get it across top everyone that he was not going.

"Then we shall vote. All those in favor of Kamui going and retrieving her say aye." A chorus of agreement was heard and Kamui growled.

"Then it is agreed." The eldest said. "Kamui you will also go and request the help of the youkai and then retrieve the aide of Kagome."

"And if she refuses to help? We have not been the most accepting of her in the past."

"True. You are her friend though Eiri. One of the few here. You will accompany Kamui."

Mumbles could be heard of how they had fallen and how disgraceful it was to have to ask a lowly halfbreed and youkai for help.

"This discussion is over." The elder stood and turned to Eiri and Kamui. "I wish the two of you luck. Remember all or live may rest with you." 'I hope you are well Kagome and that you have had time to calm yourself and be willing to help us in our fight.'


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