Anyway after words our parents went on a few more dates and so did we. However, after our parents were engaged our love for each other did not stop. We both new we would be brother and sister, well step any way, but we did really love each other. One day we both went to our favorite place to talk you know the tree house, and we decided that we could still date until our parents, my mom and his dad got married. So to make a long story short we did, but we both new down in our hearts that after our parents got married we would not be able to stop loving each other. As we dated the dates got increasingly romantic. And one day he popped the question!!! I didn't know what to say, besides yes of course. However, after I didn't know if I should have because our parents didn't seam to like our idea very much but we are both 18 so they can not stop us. We didn't have a very long engagement we decided to get married the same day as our parents, in Los Vegas. We liked our idea a lot but it turns out so did our parents, they had booked the last opening for that day. Can you believe it our spot being took by our own parents??! We ended up having to have our wedding be a private wedding at the church down the road. It was still really nice though we both invited three friends. The 6 people there as guests wondered where our parent were we told them that we had bought them tickets for a cruise, we were not in the mood to say that they were getting married in Los Vegas not to mention no one knew there were ever engaged. Every thing ended well and the best thing is I am pregnant for twins they are due next week Tuesday!