Prince Rama, Kingdoms of India and Bangladesh

[by The Pocketwatch Ripper]

1 Day After Chapter 39

Rama looked at the two tickets he had bought for the Angeles County Fair. He figured he'd give them to someone else. The Indian Prince would be gone before everyone else woke up and he preferred it that way. The room he had stayed was left completely tidy, with only a lotus flower bobbing lightly in a bowl of water on a scratched-up nightstand indicating he was ever there.

Rama had sent messages to Sita and Meera, but then they were somewhere in Dominica for the week. They offered support and asked Rama if he wanted to come. He peacefully declined to say that too much sun and travel would be bad for his health. Rama then got a message from Ali saying that he sent his own personal plane to come to get Rama.

"How... generous of him," Rama said as he rode a motorcycle, he bought to the airport. Off handing it to some teenager when he got to the airport. He gave the tickets to a couple whose names he never got settling on naming them Honey and Darling. Once at the airport he was immediately taken to a section of the airport reserved for private planes. Inside were several businessmen and multimillionaires. The only one that stuck out was an old man wearing and oversize robe with a watch on his hip. His face was obscured by the hood of the robe. He faced Rama then turned away, Rama shrugged and looked around finding a pudgy Indian man with a thick mustache.

"Kabir, I assume you are here to take me home?" Rama said. The man nodded with a jolly smile. Rama didn't like Kabir, he was Ali's pilot and while a jolly man with a near perfect family he shared Arjun's ideals. It's a wonder how Ali kept him.

"I apologize for losing your contest, Prince Rama. You'll find that Mrs. Eddowes has completed your work while you were gone." Rama forced a smile. Kabir was definitely not the face he wanted to see.

"Thank you, Kabir. If you don't mind can you take me straight to Kolkata? I want to see Mrs. Eddowes and Brahmastra." Kabir nodded and escorted Rama to the rather large plane. Once seated Rama fell into a deep sleep. Vasavi hopping up onto his lap and purring gently against his master.


Some Hours Later

When Rama woke up, he looked out to the window to see India below. They had passed Bengal and were now descending to New Delhi.

"I knew it." Rama said, calling Kabir. "Kabir, I order you to fly me to Bengal," Rama said, his voice stern but slurred due to the jet lag.

"Apologies Rama but this was a direct order from Krishna himself," Kabir said. Rama smacked his head. Of course, it was. Meera must've told him about the elimination. Rama didn't want to leave the plane, fearing his father's wrath. King Krishna wouldn't take kindly to him being taken out. Eventually, Rama left the plane. He was met with Karna who told him all about his training as a prince and the friends he's made while Rama was gone. Vasavi was the only one interested as Rama was escorted to the palace by several guards of the royal palace.

The streets of New Delhi hadn't changed. The driving was erratic as always, the people still meandered about. It was all the same, Rama half-expected Ali to drive by – as expected, he didn't. The Grand Palace of New Delhi was the same, immaculate and white. It looked like a mausoleum to Rama now.

When Rama was escorted in, he was led to the conference hall, the very same one he was in when he was chosen. In the very same seat except for this time, the chairs beside him were empty, no Sita grading papers, no Karna playing cards, no Ali asleep. Rama sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity despite the clock telling him that 40 minutes had passed. A door opened and Rama looked to see... Arjun.

"Father I..." Arjun said before seeing Rama.

"Oh... Rama back so soon?" He crooned. Rama grumbled

"Look Arjun, say anything and I'll make sure they never find your body," Rama said pointing a finger.

"Oh no, I won't say anything, Rammy. I was just turning in my reports for Sri Lanka. You know as a prince should do instead of chasing after fruitless pursuits." Rama bit his tongue, this wasn't his day. Krishna entered soon afterward. There were no servants this time, Krishna sat down, ignoring Arjun.

"Rama, my son. I apologize for forcing you to go to Illea." Krishna said. Rama raised an eyebrow, was he apologizing? Rama was certain he was going to be exiled or worse. "You were there to strengthen our delicate relations with Illea. However, I see that it was a mistake. Not only a mistake to participate but a mistake to send you." Rama winced. "Not only that, but King Oliver has also sold his daughter to an enemy, Iran. This will not go unpunished, I won't cut off spices and gems. But the agreement will tighten and tighten until..."

"Father... don't," Rama said, Krishna looked up surprised.

"What?" Krishna said.

"I said don't, father, if you do that we'll be bombarded on both sides," Rama said, and Krishna growled.

"I don't think you understand, child-" Rama cut off the king again.

"I understand full well father, you feel insulted. You wanted to grip Illea by the throat and slam them down, but it won't work father. It won't consult with your advisors and Ali." Rama said standing up.

"I think he's been radicalized by Illéa, father." Arjun said walking up to Rama. Rama looked at Arjun. Rama's brother grinned, his perfect white teeth showing, a malicious look in his eyes.

"You can't even last in some stupid contest." Arjun cooed, placing his hand on Rama's shoulder then pushing him, sending the prince stumbling back. Arjun walked closer.

"What did I tell you, Rama? Illéan women would never be interested in you. I heard through the grapevine that those first two were technicalities. Who else was eliminated? South American princes? African Princes? Go on, as the Illéans say, spill the fucking tea." Arjun shouted pushing Rama harder. Rama balled his hands and refused to speak.

"Or is it just because of you?" Arjun whispered.

"Sloppy... Underdressed... Immature... Clumsy..." Arjun spat with harder pushes. "You were never worth her time. She never even considered you. You wasted your time with a woman who only ever cared about Euro-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Rama said as he swung and punched Arjun clean across the jaw, Arjun staggered back, falling grabbing his jaw. Rama placed his shoe on Arjun's chest, grinding the heel of it into his chest.

"Was I worth her time? Probably not, but you know what? At least I had a good time, I made friends and at least I gave it a chance instead of having my head up my ass with assumptions about countries you know don't know anything about." Krishna slammed his hand on the table.

"Rama, that's enough. Arjun you too; both of you are dismissed." Krishna said leaving.

Rama huffed and quickly left. Kabir stood by the door. Rama didn't want to stay in New Delhi, he wanted to go back to Kolkata.

"Kabir, take me to Kolkata, now." The Indian Prince all but growled. Kabir nodded and escorted him to Ali's plane.

"Oh and one more thing... send an invitation to the prince of Monaco and the Prince of Greece. I want to show my friends the beauty of Bengal." Rama said. Kabir blinked but said he'd pass along the memo. Rama smiled and walked alongside Kabir. He had yet processed everything but in a way, he was glad to be gone. Bengal was his home and it always would be, even if he never found love. Bengal would always be his. The people loved him. As he was boarding the plane, he got a message.

"You left so soon? I wanted to show my best friend for a good time! I understand though, make sure that palace is shiny when I go see you." Rama couldn't help but grin. Of course, there was Arash too.

Thank you, Pocket, for this bittersweet and final One-Shot of Rama! I'm glad he made some friends during the Selection ;) Adrien, Xander, and Arash will have lots of fun in Bangladesh with him ;)

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