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Jaune had a feeling the universe was out to get him, or at the very least Glynda or the combat class rng selector was out to get him. Seriously, why did anyone think Cardin was a good and even matched opponent for him to fight? He never managed to beat him once yet.

To his credit, he wasn't entirely helpless. Jaune had mastered the art of not getting hit but widely jumping, ducking, and sidestepping his opponent and getting those quick jabs in whenever he could. However, the taller mace wielder was still the stronger opponent.

Cardin eventually got one good swing and Jaune fell on his back, his weapons thrown to the side.

"Lost again Jauney boy," Cardin taunted as he raised his mace up for the finishing blow, but stopped. Jaune was confused to why when he realized Cardin was looking to his side.


Jaune looked over and saw one of the baby chicks hope up to him.

"Nora! You were supposed to be watching them!" Jaune shouted

"Oops, sorry," she called back, "It's hard to do a proper head count when they're constantly hopping around!"

Jaune didn't stay annoyed for long. It was hard to when the chick jumped on and sat on him. It was too cute.

"Yo chicken, can you move out of the way?" Cardin asked. The chick looked up at him. "Yeah, can you move please?" He motioned for it to shoo away but the chick just tilted its head. "Can you please move, I need to kill your daddy now."

The chick let out a startled chirp as its head shot up, eyes wide and full of surprise and fear as it looked at Cardin. The other 11 chicks with (J)NPR did a similar action.

Cardin facepalmed. "No, I'm not actually going to kill him. Just… move out of the way so I can clobber him and win the match already."

The chick hopped on Jaune's chest and sat down, staring definitely at Cardin as it did so.

Cardin blinked. "Ok, if you're on the chest then I'll aim for…." he moved his mace to attack Jaune's legs instead, only for the chick to hop there and sit on his knees, still staring definitely at Cardin. He then changed to his arms, but the chick hopped there as well. Cardin then aimed for Jaune's head only to find another chick sitting on his head, much to both boy's confusion.

To the side, the other chicks hopped up on top of Jaune, glaring at Cardin as they did.

"Yes, go! Defend your daddy!"

"Dang it, Nora," Jaune sighed. "You're not allowed to watch them by yourself for a week."

"*sad Auntie Nora noises*"

Cardin still had his mace in hand, ready to strike, but he was frozen, unable to bring his mace down upon them. He let out a frustrated groan.

"Come on, get out of here." He started to gently nudge them away with the handle of his mace. "Get out of here, shoo." The handle lightly bumped into one of the chicks, which caused them all to jump off of Jaune and attack Cardin's feet.

The chicks pecked and kicked as hard and fast as their little bodies would allow. While they honestly couldn't do anything against boots made to fight Grimm, they tried their hardest to fight the beast that attacked their daddy!

"Miss Goodwitch, this is cheating," Cardin called out, doing his best to remain still lest he accidentally steps on one of the chicks.

"Cardin is right," Glynda said. " Jaune, get them out of the ring please."

Jaune tried, but it was hard to gather them all when they kept jumping out of his arm to attack Cardin's feet. It took several minutes and reinforcements from RWBY from the rest of JNPR to finally contain them all.

Jaune suddenly felt he had an understanding of what his mom and dad went through with him and his sisters. He he felt the need to call and apologize to them for putting them through this.

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