"You should probably just give it up."

The All Might action figure fell from grace, onto the floor. Inko Midoriya gasped, but quickly composed herself for the sake of her son, wishing to scramble whatever was left of the crumbling situation. Was the doctor implying that her little hero simply...did not have a quirk? No need to jump to such assumptions over an admittedly vague statement right? She had heard of quirkless children and had even seen a few in her youth, but that didn't happen nowadays, right? Quirkless. The concept seemed almost alien.

The doctor gave a resigned sigh, while it didn't happen often, he has given the news before, and the children always seemed to be cut from the same cloth, excitable, kind, bright, and always aspiring to be heroes. Why couldn't he break the news to some little brat instead? He decided this was no time for emotion and carried on his duties.

"Your child...is extremely unlikely to be a late bloomer. I've shown you the picture of his foot, the 2 pinky toe joints indicating a lack of quirk. The only thing out of the ordinary about this child is a slightly higher bone density. I...I am sorry, Midoriya-san."

The ride home was painfully quiet and uneventful.


Despite the misfortune previously handed to him in this life, Izuku Midoriya would never give up his greatest quality. The trait of generosity. A simple desire to help others. It was ingrained in his body, the milk of human kindness simply being another term for his blood. He was idealistic about it, willingly choosing to believe that anyone, quirkless or not, could make great change in the world and those who are evil may one day find their way back to the light.

"I-I wont let you hurt him, Kacchan!"

It's a shame these admirable qualities don't usually do anything for him personally. His ex best friend often put a wrench in these machinations.

"HAH, and what are YOU going to do about it, Deku? You're never gonna hit back anyways, even if you did have a quirk!"

The bully flashed a wicked grin full of malice and swung at Izuku, who couldn't react in time and took the blow in all its glory. As much glory that could be mustered by a 5 year old, anyways. He fell limp to the ground, his head colliding against it. His conciousness was on the brink of the abyss, but he could only feel rage. Against Kacchan and himself, for being the same old useless Deku who couldn't save anyone. He watched as the next victim could only sputter and freeze in fear, as most did when directly under the tyrant's gaze.

A voice spoke, and a preternatural calm descended on him. He didn't hear it directly, but he certainly understood it, almost as if he was imagining it. An electric shiver coursed through his veins. He could feel his entire body...change.


Augmantations: Active

Situation Assessment Completed

Suddenly, the pain was gone.

The fear was gone.

The haze was gone.

In their place, Izuku Midoriya was reborn.

I have to protect that kid.

The young hero stood up, with newfound righteous determination radiating off him. Kacchan heard the sound of metal scraping behind him, and hesitated. Its not like the kid was going anywhere. He turned around and was met with a fearsome, but admittedly cool sight.

Deku was glaring at him, his arms and legs covered in a silver black metallic texture, some muscle apparent, his face etched with thin, barely noticeable lines, as if every piece of skin was carefully manufactured to fit his skull's frame. His eyes, once with green irisis and white sclera, now gold and black. His stance was solid and his fists were clenched, he looked ready to defeat some bigshot villain. Katsuki Bakugou refused to be unnerved by the icy glare.

Threat Analysis Concluded

Threat: High

"Deku...you said you didn't have a quirk. Were you lying to me? This whole time? And your actual quirk, was being a fucking robot?"

He was met with silence, the nerd was probably calculating some shit in his robo-brain or whatever. The kid behind him ran away, but that weakling was of no concern compared to what was infront of him, although Deku seemed to relax a little. Goddamn Deku. A robot? This entire time? When his awe faded at the realization of it all, a single, primal thought remained. Violence.

"Deku...that's honestly the COOLEST SHIT."

Did...did Kacchan just call me COOL Still a threat? What does he mean by ro-


Izuku regained his focus just in time, and time slowed down compared to before. Katsuki ran and threw a punch in his most reckless fashion, and Izuku saw every step, every muscle in his arm contracting, it was absolutely surreal to see his fist gradually sliding past where his jaw used to be. He felt as though, it he really wanted too, he could grab his wrist before he pulled his arm back.

Everything looks so slow...is this my quirk? I HAVE A QUIRK?!?

On the other hand, Katsuki was furious. How the fuck did he dodge that? He looked like he didn't even try! He wasn't even paying attention to him, like the bastard had something better to be doing, he was mumbling to himself IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT FOR FUCKS SAKE! Sparks were seen and crackles were heard. He felt a smile rise to his lips, this was gonna be a strong one.


Izuku realized what was going on too late to dodge, and put both his arms infront him to protect his face. King Explosion Murder brought both his hands infront of him, the artillery focused right on Deku's center mass, and fucking fired that shit. He immediately felt a numbed pain in his arms, he would definitely be sore, but it would be worth it.

When the smoke cleared, he saw a standing up mass of crystalline black infront of him, vaguely in the shape of a person. The inky crystal black unraveled, gradually disappearing, starting at...his fucking, unscathed face. Deku looked like he hadn't taken a goddamn scratch. Even his arms looked untouched, protected by whatever that crystal shit was. What the fuck?

What the f--heck? I don't feel anything! He didn't miss or anything. He never misses...maybe..

Katsuki roared in little 5 year old fury, absolutely pissed that his best blast to date did NOTHING against this useless pebble in the road. Izuku was still lost in thought, as if he didn't even fucking notice what just happened. His mind was completely overruled by his emotions and he tried to punch Deku again, but this time, he didn't dodge.

Deku felt something collide against his face and heard a scream, spooking him out of his train of thought. He looked up to see a crying, screaming, and cursing Bakugou holding his right hand in his left arm, cradling the injured instrument of pain. Panic overtook him when he realized what just happened.

Kacchan punched me and hurt his hand! Oh FUCK.

The aspiring hero freaked out worse than the aspiring number 1 did, frantically claiming everything would be ok and dragged Katsuki home to get help, the former not taking a single second to take account of his new body and the latter swearing up a storm of pain and threats the entire way.

Authors Notes: So, this is my first fanfic. Writing is hard. Ever played Deus Ex Human Revolution? That's where I got the inspiration for this story and it seems an idea available for the taking, so to speak. I really want to put my all into this story, but while giving criticism (which I DO encourage), please be aware that I am somewhat new to the mechanics of this site, I use the mobile app version and it seems to work fine, thankfully. Also I don't own My Hero Academia, nor have I ever owned My Hero Academia, I probably never WILL own My Hero Academia, yadda yadda please dont take my fic down.