Author's Note: Inspired by my first Snape fanfic 'Blacker than Black, Whiter than White', I started on a novel-length fanfic. It is a WIP, but determination to finish it will prevail! Severus Snape will be the main protagonist, but the fanfic contains snippets of many other characters from the beloved Harry Potter world so vividly realised by J.K. Rowling. It also contains a few new characters by me, one of whom has been introduced in the first fanfic.

The title, 'Make Love, or Make a Revolution' is a variation of one line uttered by Alan Rickman in 'The Preacher'.

You have the power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength. ~ Marcus Aurelius


"It's gone. . . I can't find it! I can't lose it. It's mine! You won't take it from me! I will remember. . . Sweet heavens, c'est Lenfer de Dante!"

Severus Snape jerked forward in his bed and cried out so unexpectedly, he frightened all around him. 'Oh, merciful fires, deep, so bright. . .' he trailed off and began at turns to giggle and sob, but the giggle is far sadder than the sob. He fell back onto his soft mattress and slipped in and out of consciousness.

The lines were etched onto Albus Dumbledore's face. 'It's worse than I feared.'

Minerva McGonagall threw Snape a furtive glance. 'What is it? What can it be?'

'I see the destinies in my soul, beauty twisted, twisted beauty, not beauty, never beauty. . .'

Albus frowned, 'When I want to hear his thoughts, he won't tell. Now I am getting an, what's that Muggle word? An overdose.'

'Is it. . . is it a side-effect to Crucio Albus?'

Albus turned to Poppy Pomfrey, 'Well?'

'I. . . all I can deduce is that he's sufferring from high fever Headmaster.' Poppy received an incredulous look from both the Master and Mistress of Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 'That's it! That's all I know.'

'Black mountains. . . and white lava. . . They sear, they burn. . . Black and white. . . Always looming. . . I reach for the nothingness. . .'

'How do you explain this delirium? Even if it is a consequence of a normal disease, how do you explain that the medication, which apparently lowered his body temperature, has not eased his mental state?'

'I cannot.'

As the anxiety of the staff mounted in his rooms, Severus continued to mutter to himself. There was a dream-like quality to his present situation. Although his thoughts made sense to him, whatever he said seemed beyond his control and ridiculously whimsical. Since he could not yet offer an explanation to Albus about his predicament, he drove all his strength and will to retain what precious memory he had.

"Away, you who take my rights, my freedom, and destroy them with a swipe of hand. You who make me loath and hate and long. . . You shall not take my mind!"

'Away, all that which belongs, belongs no more, lost! Lost!'

'Tell him to stop Albus!' Minerva pleaded.

Albus obeyed. 'Severus, stop.'

Severus disobeyed.

'Albus, that wasn't amusing.'

'It wasn't meant to be. But it is all I can do, before I find out more of his condition.'

'Then what do we suggest we do?'

Albus pinched his nose and said grimly, 'As what we have always been doing, Minerva. Wait.'