Tails was normally a pretty shy fox furry thing; usually too shy and unmotivated enough to tell his thoughts and feels to others. Somehow, this put Tails in a situation where everyone would walk over him and abuse him senselessly. And I do mean EVERYONE. Most notably though, Tails was a slave to Sonic's aimless ambitions. After all these years, Tails was sick of it and finally broke from all the abuse he had taken. Now he simply wanted him dead... ALL OF THEM DEAD!

It was morning in Tails' Workshop, just about the time Sonic where come over to MAKE him build a stupid machine probably designed to force himself onto another unsuspecting women because Sonic was just that kind of person. Tails didn't really care about that though, just the fact that he was going to make HIM built his disgusting fantasies. What about HIS disgusting fantasies...? This is it, the final straw. Oh he was going to build something alright. Something he should have built a long time ago...

Sonic was a life-form built from high performance drugs and poor life choices, as least, that was what his mother told him. Unbeknownst to him, this paired rather nicely with a set of unexpected stairs beyond Tails front door.

"Listen Tails. I want you to bui-"

Sonic enters Tails house uninvited as well as fell down his new set of stairs uninvited. He hit his head on every step, squealing like a dumb pig did entering the slaughter house, until all that was left of him was his mangled remains and a rather happy human fox.

"Oh wow..." Tails remarked sarcastically. "How DID you miss those stairs, were they too fast for your naked eye?" Tails put on sunglasses, did a justified laugh, and simply walked out of that place happy knowing one less problem existed in this world