A/N: Written for Aiko Isari for the Holiday Party event through the Challenge Zone. And for once, there's no digimon in sight. Funny how that happened...

Also for the Mega Prompts Challenge, game prompts 201 - Snakes and Ladders

A Slytherin Without Ambition

Slytherin is the house for the ambitious.

Ruuko is sure the Sorting Had made a mistake in putting her there, and her classmates agree. Akira is particularly vocal in her wishes, but Iona is an amateur model in the muggle world and the daughter of two business entrepreneurs and the envy of most first year girls.

Except the pureblood elitists, of course. There are still a few of them, but much less than back when the Second Wizarding War was in full swing.

Then there's Yuzuki, whose aspirations are a lot closer to her heart but still the kind she'll give earth and limb for –

And Ruuko doesn't have that, doesn't have anything like that and why did the Sorting Hat place her in this proverbial nest of vipers?