~Deep Space~

Sora held his hand up to his face like a pretend telephone and spoke slowly and sporadically while ignoring the loud noises around him, "Highwind, Captain's Log, Stardate: 2013.7...or something. We...never fixed the clock since...the Macaroni and Cheese Incident. For awhile now we have been traversing...the large expansion that...is the universe. With...all of the passages between world gone..finding...the Olympus Coliseum is at crawl. We were taking shifts...flying...the Highwind as we usually do. Right now we are...in a crisis. We have flown far, far too...close to a Wormhole. We alway did our best to avoid those...Goofy fell asleep at the wheel. We are now...certainly doomed. Final Captain's Log, over and out."

The moment Sora used his free hand to 'hang up' the pretend phone, all the noise he was ignoring to this point came rushing back to him. The most prominent things bombarding his ears were the warning alarms and Donald and Goofy's screaming. He quickly joined in their screaming, "WHAT DO WE DO?! WHAT DO WE DO?!"

"I'm trying to find the Warp button! It'll takes us back, but we've got to press it before it's too late!" Donald yelled out.

"Gawrsh! But which button is it?! All of the controls have been rearranged since the last time we brought it into the garage!" Since the beginning of their new adventure, the trio have been flying a completely retrofitted Gummi Ship with all new feature, courtesy of Cid, Chip and Dale, and haven't quite learned all of the new features.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Donald screeched back.

Sora flopped forward and landed on the control console, "THEN LET'S PRESS ALL OF THE BUTTONS!"

"NOOO! DON'T!" Donald squacked at him, but Goofy was already joining him in panic, pressing every button he could reach. He blinked a couple of times at them before his temper got the better of him once again, "WHAAHAAAHAAA!" Donald jumped forward and charged at the two to push them away, only for his webbed feet to catch the control stick.

Immediately this sent the Gummi Ship into an uncontrollable spiral, and headed straight for the Wormhole they were trying so hard to escape from. The three heroes tried to hold on to each other for dear life, but were sent pinballing around the cockpit. The last thing they heard before losing consciousness were the blaring sirens and the tearing and breaking noise that followed when dismantling Gummi parts.

Adora was at a complete lost, she didn't know what she was suppose to be doing anymore. She was just trying to make things right when she first agreed to come to Bright Moon, her two new friends downplayed what the inhabitants reaction would be when a former Horde agent walked in on their kingdom. Then they hid her in a room, telling her to transform into She-Ra before the Queen Angella walked in, an ability she didn't quite understand how to use yet. They mentioned there would be 'torches and pitchforks if she were discovered before any formal introductions, which was understandable, but she was sure she could have been discreetful enough if she came outside. She was getting nowhere in that room, and she had hoped that some fresh air and more space would have been more progressive in her transformation. It was not.

Then in the midst of her attempts, she somehow transformed Horsey into a winged unicorn thing! How that was a thing, she had no idea. Then Horsey started freaking out at his transformation, really, who wouldn't? She sure did the first time! In his panic, Horsey flew into a nearby camp she didn't noticed on her way down and started wrecking the place. She only wanted to fix her mistake before someone got hurt, but then her disguise was blown and she was discovered. True to the words of Princess Glimmer and Bow, there were indeed torches and pitchforks as the entire encampment came after her, soldiers and civilians alike, driving her deep into the Whispering Forest. Now she was completely lost in more ways than one.

In her desperation, she begged for help from the first person she saw that didn't attack her on sight, a crazed old lady by the name of Madame Razz. She seemed to recognize her at first, but started referring to her as Mara. Razz then insisted that they had made plans to go berry picking together, and somehow drag or tricked her into following. It happened so fast she was barely able to keep up with her incoherent ramblings. Something about some made up imaginary friends?

That's when she saw it, a massive, but crumbling ruins of an old castle. It looked like something the First One's made if she was going by what she saw just and learned yesterday. "I've-I've seen something like this before. This is a First One's ruins, isn't it?" She spoke her mind without paying any attention. She was really becoming overwhelmed by everything.

"And the best place to pick berries!" Madame Razz called from the spire. How did that old lady get up there, and so fast too?!

Adora watched in amazement as she leapt and climbed the tall structure. Really, no elderly person should be able to do that. She flinched in worry, doubly so when it appeared she was triggering some sort of machinery as parts of the spire were lighting up.

"Wait! Get down from there, it isn't safe!" She tried to warn her. And true to her prediction, a defense mechanism shocked the elderly Razz and sent her tumbling down. Adora immediately dropped her magical sword to run up and catch her before she crashed into the ground. She let out a sigh when the old woman was safely in her arms before she carefully laid her down.

She didn't relax though, as the tip of the tall spire began to emit a bright, blue light that spread to the entire castle's remains. It seemed it was a hologram of some kind that showed the structure during its prime, and nothing else hopefully.

"Oh dear, that was an exciting tumble, eh?" A new purple light shown above their heads, hundreds and hundreds of small white dot filled about them. Just like a starry night. She's only heard of them, they haven't been seen in a long, long time.

"Stars…" was all she could utter.

"Oh, we used to come here to look at the stars all the time, don't you remember, Mara? They are all gone now. What happened to the stars?"

She was getting the unmistakable feeling of deja vu, like it was from a recent dream she forgot about. "I think I've seen them before. I know all of this somehow." Her eyes were glued to the sky above, this was so much for her to take, so beautiful too. She watched as one of the stars began to twinkle. It twinkled again, and again, and again, and it grew even bigger and brighter, before it looked like...it exploded? The light broke up into many pieces, each on becoming even bigger still. The 'sky' began to shake before disappearing with all of the stars, but the one she was watching remained still. That was impossible though. It was broad daylight still and actual stars haven't been seen in centuries. Wait...did it look like one the the chunks was heading straight for her? No, can't be...could it?

A terribly loud and explosive noise came from above! Adora's eye twitched, could the light from the First One's ruin be the reason for it to come this way like a beacon? Could the very machine that showed an inhabitant of a world that hasn't seen stars in forever be the reason for a shooting star to come crashing her direction?! Yes. Now it's time to "RUN!" She scoped Madame Razz over her shoulder, grabbed the Sword of Protection with her free hand, and ran back into the woods and away from the impending crash landing.

She dove behind a large, fallen column and yelled "Cover your ears!" Adora followed her own advice and covered her ears and close her eyes shut. Madame Razz did the same without question. Then it happened.


The explosive force of the impact made the two momentarily leave the ground before falling back down like ragdolls. Adora stood back up in a daze and with a loud ringing in her ears, taking a moment to look around. The main tower of the ruins still stood, but almost everything else had toppled and collapsed into further ruin. As for the shooting star that crash landed, well, she was not expecting this at all.

Bright orange and yellow chunks littered the ground around them. All the small pieces seem to be in some sort of standardized size, that is a cubic foot. The large chunk in the middle was hard to describe, whatever it originally object was, was long gone and broken. Adora looked one of the smaller chunks near her and decided to poke it with her sword. She touched the tip of the blade to feel any warmth and felt none. She took a deep gulp of air for picking it up. It turned out to not be too heavy, and whatever it was, it was very firm, yet at the same time very squishy. That didn't make any sense at all. She dropped the weird material before dropping down on her butt and hugging her knees to her chest. She didn't know how much more she could take. She just wished she never found that stupid sword that started all this.

Madame Razz walked up to her and looked at the large piece of the shooting star, "Wow, that was unbelievable. It was such a clear and sunny day today, I definitely didn't see the weather turning into this! Can't trust the forecast anymore, can you Broom?"

Adora let her head drop, "What am I supposed to do? What does all of this mean?" she muttered. 'I wish things could go back to the way things were before.'

She heard some shifting coming from straight ahead and looked up to see the large chuck fall apart even further. "Grr, ahhh." Was she hearing moaning? "Come on already!" The large chunk was moving, as though someone was trying to lift it. Was someone in there?! "Here we go, where we go!" Underneath a crevice, half of a body appeared, someone trying to squeeze their way out.

Adora leapt to her feet, "Hold on, I'm coming to help!" She grabbed the stranger's hand and pulled, but to no avail. "Hold still, I've got this!" She sat down next to his head and shoulder, propped her feet underneath the opening, got a good grip on his hand, and pushed with everything she's got while using the newfound leverage to start pulling stranger out. He was more than halfway out before he was able to crawl the rest of the way before collapsing on his back. Now that he was safe, she let go and fell backwards herself. Giving herself a momentarily breather she got back on her knees to look at the source of this new mystery.

He was a boy that looked like he could be her age. He was a little taller than her, had spiky, brown locks of hair that seemed to defy gravity, half opened ocean blue eyes, and interesting black clothes covered in yellow and red straps and pouches and an absurd amount of zippers. He wore an unique crown shaped necklace and rather large shoes, too. His face and exposed arms and legs were covered in nasty looking cuts and bruises.

"Hey, are you alright?" Adora asked carefully.

The boy looked up at her with unfocused eyes, "Hey, I'm cool. How are you doing today?! Did you do all of your homework last night?! 'Cause I sure didn't!" He yelled out incoherently before his head fell back as he passed out.

Adora could only rub the back of her neck as she looked down at him weirdly. What was she supposed to do now? Madame Razz approached from behind, chewing on some of the berries she's picked. "Oh dear, he doesn't look so good. What do you supposed happened to him?"

Her jaw dropped at that, "You've got to be kidding me?! We just watched him crash from the sky like a fiery ball of death. How could you not notice that?!"

The elderly woman took a moment to ponder, "Ah, I know why. It must be because I don't have my glasses on!"

Adora couldn't stop herself from face palming. "You're wearing them right now" she growled through gritted teeth.

Razz put a hand to her cheek in embarrassment, "Oh no, these are my reading glasses." She took her glasses off only to flip the upside down before placing them back on, "Ah, much better. Let's take a look here...oh dearie, what happened to him?!"

Both of Adora's hands smacked her in the face this time. "Are you serious?! Didn't you just hear what I just said?! He fell from space, like a shooting star!"

"Oh, I didn't have my glasses on at the time, couldn't hear a thing I'm afraid."

Her fears and uncertainty were quickly fleeing away to be replaced by frustration. She had to see if she could get this guy to come to, he must have a connection to her in all this. Why else would this happen along side all the rest of the crazy happenings to her. Plus someone hopefully more sane to talk to. 'Dear God, please let that weird rambling just be from the crash.'

Adora grabbed both of his hands before pulling him to a sitting position, she placed both her hands on his shoulder before gently shaking him. "Come on, please wake up! You've got to say something, and please let it make sense!" She watched as his eyes opened and blinked as they started wandering around, still unfocused.

"Hey, hey, hey. Right over here, looking me in the eye. My name is Adora, what's your name?" she asked him slowly.

He seemed to come to for real this time. He removed her hands before rubbing his face vigorously, "Adora? Ah man, what happened? My aching...uh, everything. Geez…"

Adora sighed a breath of relief, this could have been a lot worse. "Okay, where are you hurt exactly?"

The stranger was still rubbing at his eyes, "Uh, I wasn't kidding. The real good question I'm trying to figure out is what's not hurting?"

"Yeah, that's...one heck of a fall you took."

Madame Razz approached from the side and, slowly but surely, pushed a berry in the boy's mouth. He looked at her in bewilderment for a moment before she whispered loudly "Berrieeeesss."

He slowly chewed it before swallowing, "Um, thank you?"

Adora stayed at knee level before place a hand on his shoulder, "So who are you, what happened?"

"Huh?! You were yelling at me when I asked what happened to him!" Madame Razz screeched in the background.

Adora barely paid her a glance, "Quiet, I'm ignoring you now."

The stranger tried to push himself up, only to quickly fall back down. He let out a sigh, "I'm Sora, and this is Dona- *GASP!* DONALD! GOOFY!" With new found strength, Sora quick jumped back on his feet and ran back to the wreckage. He called out for his wayward companions "Donald! Goofy!"

Adora ran and joined him, "There are others in there still?!"

Sora's injuries seemed to have caught back up with him because after his first attempt to move the odd material, he fell back down. He slapped himself in the face, "Idiot!" He brought his hands together where a green energy glowed from before he threw his right hand up, "Cure!" The energy summoned a bell shaped flower over his head that showered him with a green glow, and just like that, his cuts and bruises disappeared in an instant.

Adora's eyes shot open so wide she thought they nearly popped out, "No way! You can do magic, too?!"

Sora didn't seem to pay her much mind, only stretching his neck and back before getting back at trying to find his friends. With strength that only she had seen when she herself became She-Ra, this boy was able to lift a huge section of the wreck as he looked underneath. "DONALD! GOOFY!" He searched around some more, but alas to no avail. His friends weren't here.

"Where did they go?" he wondered to himself. Sure they could take care of themselves for the most part, but that still doesn't stop him from worrying about his friends. And this was a really bad crash, worse than the time when the three first started traveling together and ended up in the Deep Jungles where they met Tarzan.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! How did you do that?!" Adora stepped forward and pointed a finger at him.

Sora looked around to make sure she wasn't talking to anyone else, "Um, what exactly?"

She looked absolutely frazzled, her hopes that he would be more sane the Madame Razz was slowly slipping. "Wha-WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'what exactly?!' The part where you lifted that giant thing!"

Sora pulled his sleeve back and little and flexed his bicep, there was barely any definition to it, "Training and exercise" he said with a smile.

Adora's eye twitched at that, and she deadpanned "And the magic?"

"A wizard taught me!" he answered as though it were so simple.


That was it, the final straw. She couldn't take anymore of this. Without saying another word, Adora turned around and walked away, didn't look back or anything until she reached the edge of the clearing and sat down on a fallen collum. She tucked her knees in, and let her head drop. She just gave up.

Sora watched her go curiously, not too sure what to make of all this. He turned to the older woman next to him, "What's with her? I'm pretty sure I'm the one that just walked away from a crash landing with my friends missing."

She shrugged her shoulder before eating another berry, "You got me."

"Well, I'm gonna go check on her."

Adora ignored the boy as he sat right next to her, "Hey, are you okay?"

She gritted through her teeth "Leave. Me. Alone."

"Hey, come on. I just want to help. You helped me a moment ago" he reasoned, "Thanks for that by the way."

Adora let out a sigh, "Yeah, you're welcome."

Sora put a comforting hand on her shoulder, "So come on, what's wrong?"

All of the feelings that she had decided to put a lid on fell off as quickly as she had put it on, "Okay! You wanna know?! You seemed like the first sane person I've seen in awhile, so why not?! My life, has fallen completely apart! The Horde, the people that raised me my whole life, ended up not being what I thought they were and I ended up betraying them by switching sides to the enemy. This is after the fact that I found a magical sword that has turned my life upside-down, that can transform me into some sort of sword wielding powerhouse that is suppose to have some sort of destiny to fulfill. Then when I reach the enemy's castle, who I was supposed to join and help, they ended up chasing me away after I made some dumb mistake. My new friends were supposed to help ease me in to all of this, but I blew that out of the water! Then I meet that bucket of crazy over there!" She pointed back at Madame Razz who waved back innocently. "Then the giant ancient castle there starts up a lightshow I'm sure the world hasn't seen in centuries. Now lastly, YOU come crashing down, you, you, and your crazy strength and your ability to use magic!" Adora let herself fall off her sitting spot and just laid out on the grass.

"Did I mention this all took place starting yesterday?"

Sora blinked twice. "Wow, that is A LOT to take in." He laid himself down next to her, they both spent a moment in silence, looking up at the blue sky and clouds.

"Maybe I should just turn myself in to the Horde? Take whatever punishment they have planned for me. Maybe they'll let be back in as a recruit again if I'm lucky. That way some bit of normality will come back, right? Salvage what's left of my life?"

"Yeah, I suppose you could do that. So, why did you really leave the Horde?" he asked, propping himself on his elbow and faced at her.

Adora did the same, "I guess it was because I found out that they were senselessly hurting and destroying everyone and everything they could."

"And you want to go back to them?"

Her eyes dropped for a moment, "No, I don't. I can't go back to them, not after what I saw."

"Why don't you try going back to your new friends and still see about helping them out then?"

Adora sat herself back up and pulled her knees in, "I tried that, and they ran me out!"

Sora sat up too, "Okay, so they chased you away. You said that they didn't know you yet, right? But do you really think you did try?"

She looked back down again, "No, I guess not. I guess I'm just really scared. Everything's happening just so fast."

Sora stood back up on his feet and dusted himself off. He held a hand out to her to pull her back up. She took it and Sora was looking her straight in the eyes. "So, feeling a little better now?"

Adora couldn't stop her blush, as weird as all of this has been for her, it had to be just as weird for him, too, if not weirder. He was almost too nice if that was a thing. "Yeah, thanks."

He put his hands at his waist, "Yu-huh, that's what friends are for."

She was surprised, she pointed at him and then herself, "You and me, we're friends?"

Sora smiled and nodded, "Yeah, we are now. Let's try this again, I'm Sora!" he held his hand out for a high five.

Adora couldn't wipe the smile from her face. "Oh-okay! I'm Adora, nice to meet you!" She wasn't too sure what gesture her new friend was trying to do, but she took a guess and poked his open hand with her finger. That made Sora break out in giggles.

A third hand joined in with the finger poking, "And I am Madame Razz!" the old lady joined in.

Adora frowned at that, she wasn't sure if she particularly liked this crazy, old woman. Sora didn't seem to mind as he laughed away still.

"Alrighty Adora, as your new friend, it's my duty to help push you in the right direction that both you and I agree is best for you. For starters, I think we should go back to that castle you were talking about and just explain what happened. I'm sure everything will turn out okay." Another idea popped in, "Who knows, maybe I can find Donald and Goofy there?!"

Adora nodded in agreement, "Yeah, maybe. They also have magic too, maybe they can help both of us figure this mess out."

"Wonderful, wonderful!" Madame Razz started cheering, "I am so glad that everyone is happy again. You were all becoming downers and I was debating whether or not I should find someone else more fun to hang out with."

Sora and Adora both looked at her strangely for a moment before Madame Razz continued, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding! It was either you two, or Broom. And I'll tell you Broom cannot hold a conversation."

Sora burst out laughing again, taking it as one big joke. Adora on the other hand was pretty sure she was serious, but found Sora's laughter to be very infectious, and found herself laughing too.

The elderly woman beckoned the two to follow, "Okay now, follow Madame Razz. There is still something else that needs to be done."

Adora let out a sigh, "Not more berry picking, is it?"

"No, no, no! We reschedule. Something more pressing." She passed by Adora's sword before picking it up and tossing it to her more expertly than one might expect from her frail form. "You need that."

Adora put a hand on her hip and looked sceptical, Sora gave her a pat on the shoulder as he passed her up, "Come on, no harm in seeing what she wants to show us."

"You say that, but she totally electrocuted herself a moment long ago" she mumbled under her breath, but followed nonetheless.

The three walked through the forest for almost a minute before the trees suddenly became more thin. "So what is it that you wanted to show us?"

"Just in case if you have any more doubt in mind, I hope this will give you the final resolution you'll need to finally clear your mind. Do some good while we're at it" she explained mysteriously.

All of the sudden, the terrain changed extremely drastically. Once where there was dense forest, there was a sudden line crossed and now surrounding them was nothing but ashes and tree stumps.

"Whoaaa" Sora did not see this coming, "What happened here?"

Madame Razz was quick to point the answer, "They happened."

Adora was shocked from it all, but when she followed her finger, she felt a piece of her die inside. "No." In front of them still working were soldiers and machines bearing the Horde symbol. They looked like they were about to resume their work on mass deforestation. "A part of me still hoped...no!" She fell on her knees and pounded the ground as hard as she could. "I thought what we were doing was for the good of the world. How could they do this. Is there any real good that they do?!"

Adora straightened herself up. "I can never go back to them. I won't ever go back to them. They're...monsters."

Madame Razz tried to put a comforting hand on her shoulder, "It's the same old story, dearie. Wicked and terrible people destroy what they cannot control."

Sora wouldn't have any of that, "But they can't just do this! Isn't there anyone around that would stop them?!"

Razz let out a sigh, "Once the Princesses would have protected us. Now though, they choose to stay in their own castles, protecting only their lands. Meanwhile these foul villains creep ever closer to our demise."

Sora tried to think of an answer, "Could the Princesses, I don't know, team up or something to take these guys on? It sounds like they did in the past."

Adora looked downcast, "They did once, I was told, but everything fell apart. Now no one wants to work together, it seems." Sora looked downcast at that, too.

Madame Razz took a moment to give her a soothing pat. "You're very much like my Mara. Brave, loyal, but afraid."

Adora removed her hand and stood back up. Looking determined, she exclaimed "I'm not afraid!"

Madame Razz burst out laughing, "Dearie, you ran away into the woods and asked the first random old lady you could find 'what should I do!' Don't you remember your total meltdown only a few minutes ago, too?"

Sora nodded, "Yeah, you know, there's nothing wrong with being afraid. In fact, that's how someone can be brave, by charging in and doing what's right despite being afraid. I mean, that's how heroes are made, and I can tell by looking at you that you've got what it takes to go the distance and become a true hero!" Sora thought back to some of his adventures and his time with Hercules, Simba, and the Beast. They were all terrified at one point, to the point where they almost gave up, but they made the distance. They proved that they were true heroes that followed their hearts!

"So come on, let's not wait for a hero to come along and save the day. We've got the power to make a difference, so let's follow our hearts and let's be those heroes!"

Madame Razz applauded exuberantly, "Yes! See, see?! This is a smart boy with a good noggin! So tell me, what does your heart say?"

She placed a hand over her heart and closed her eyes, "My heart is telling me...that this is all wrong and that I need to stop it!" She opened her determined eyes, filled with nothing but resolute.

The crying neighs of a horse filled the air and the three ran forward to see a squad of Horde soldiers down below capturing and tying down the majestic winged unicorn. The very one that she had transformed earlier. "Horsey!" She looked down at her blade, this was her fault. She had to make it right. "I'm going to fight Sora. What will you do?"

"What do you think?! I'm fighting, too!" Sora fist pumped.

She smirked at him, "Think you can keep up?"

He smirked back, "Thought my healing was cool? Check this out!" Sora held his hand out, and in a brilliant show of light, a strange sword was summoned to his hand. It was odd, looking like an old fashioned skeleton key with a gold hand guard and a silver blade. It had teeth as well, looking like the crown necklace he wore. "Keyblade."

Adora looked at it with shining eyes. "You have a magic sword, too? So cool!"


She looked down at her own sword again, this time feeling a familiar surge of power. "Alright, let me show you something even cooler." She held her mystical sword up, "For the honor of Grayskull!" In a blinding flash of rainbow lights, Adora began to transform. She had become taller than Sora by at least a foot, her hair became completely undone and grew much longer and wilder, her militant clothes were replaced by beautiful white clothing and a skirt, and gained some golden armor, a billowing red cape, and a winged tiara.

Sora watched as she glew with a warm and wonderful light, his jaw had nearly dropped at the suddenness of it all, but pulled himself back together. "Okay, that is SO cool!"

She looked back at him with glowing blue eyes, and she smirked as she mirrored him from a moment ago, "Right?" She returned her attention back down below towards the Horde and the captured winged unicorn. "I say it's also time to kick some butt."

Sora readied himself, "Oh yeah! Waiting on you!"

She nodded, "LET'S DO THIS!" she roared. She leapt forward and landed in the middle of the group with a three point landing, and swung her Sword of Protection and tore the net into pieces. Horsey, seeing his chance to escape, took it without a second to waste and flew off.

The large, burly and hairy of a commander was quick attack while the rest backed away. As his attack neared Adora, she held her brace up to deflect the attack, but it never reached her as Sora landed behind him and knocked him away with a swing of his sword. "You really should be careful. Those superhero landings are really bad for the knees!"

Adora opted to ignore him, "I am She-Ra, and I demand you all to stop what you are doing and leave this place!"

The Beastman yelled from where he landed, "Don't just stand there, shoot the Princess and her friend!"

His troops, with command reaserted, snapped back into formation with their weapons drawn. Before they could open fire on her, She-Ra performed a powerful horizontal swing so strong, the force force sent the men flying back and tore up the earth.

"Nice one!" Sora called out before jumping on a sawing vehicle and bisected the saw from the rest of the machine. With a spin, he threw it straight at another one of these terrible machines and watched it explode.

Quickly liking his idea, She-Ra did the same thing as she jumped on a tank, cutting through the barrel and using it to take down another unmanned vehicle. She eyed another one of the machines up on a hill looking down at them before she hurled her blade straight at it. The force of the impact was enough to explode in a ball of fire.

"More bad guys incoming!" Sora warned as more soldiers exited their tents and ran in their direction. "I'll take care of these guys!" Sora ran head first into the squad and headbutted the one in the lead. The hit was strong enough to make him fall back into his comrade. He didn't stay up for long before getting wacked in the side, courtesy of Sora's Keyblade. A trooper tried to zap him with his blaster baton, but Sora easily rolled away before casting "Fira!" A ball of fire was launched from the tip of his sword and impacted the most middle ground the soldier shared before exploding, sending them scattering.

Back with She-Ra, she was faced of with the Beastman commander and had him cornered. He looked panicked before another squad of Holde soldiers arrived to back him up, giving him a chance to put some distance from the warrior. It didn't take long for her to dispatch this new squad with well placed bare punches and even a headbutt as well.

From afar, Madame Razz cheered them on before swinging herself down the hill to grab She-Ra's sword before tossing it in its owner's direction. She-Ra had to jump to grab it, and used the opportunity to land atop another soldier before giving her blade a few swings, taking down a couple more soldiers by using the flat of her blade.

More soldiers were coming still, but now Razz was in their sights. One of the soldier ran up and grabbed her roughly by the arm, trying to push her down to the ground. She wasn't having any of this though and swung her broom uselessly in his face. "Back, back away you nasty!"

She-Ra's eyes widened, "Razz, no!"

That was when Horsey made his grand return by knocking the man down and gave him a few good stomps to keep him there. She gave a sigh of relief as she watched him fly majestically through the air, this was disturbed as a tank was sent flying dangerously close to Horsey and landed in the hillside.

"Sorry!" She heard Sora call out, but as she watched the heavily armed vehicle come crashing down, she saw the commander hop inside another one of those tanks and took aim at the winged unicorn.

"I won't let you!" she roared as she jumped in front of the barrel and sliced it off. She was sure that would have disabled the cannon, to her fear however, the cannon glew once more before firing point blank into her chest, knocking her far back and unconscious.

"Mara, NO!" Razz immediately rushed to her side. It was no use, she was out cold.

Sora ran back towards them with dozens more of Horde soldiers on his tail. "Guys, they got WAY more soldiers than I think we're ready for right now!" As he got closer, he saw his newest friend passed out on the ground with Razz and Horsey hovering over her. "Adora!" Sora ran up and threw She-Ra over his shoulders. "Razz, they're too many of them! Climb on, we need to get out of here now!"

She nodded, "Yes! It is time for us to go! Stay still now!" Holding a pallet in her hand, she called out "Razzle Dazzle!" before throwing it down and an explosion of pink smoke erupted. As the smoke disappeared, there was absolutely no sign of any of the attackers. Just an empty space where they once stood.

As the pink smoke lifted, Sora was left trying to hack up a lung with whatever it was he inhaled from Razz's smoke pallets. What was she trying to do, he couldn't see anything around him, let alone barely breathe. Blinking to clear his vision, Sora was not met a hundred Horde soldiers pointing their blasters at him, but instead some familiar woods and an unfamiliar house built into a tree.

"Huh?! How did we get here?"

Madame Razz let out a sigh, "*Phew* By using one of Madame Razz's teleporting smoke bombs. Very difficult to make, very valuable magic used, but worth it to save my precious Mara."

Sora dismissed the Keyblade and held She-Ra more comfortably in his arms, "Umm, pretty sure she introduced herself as Adora, not Mara. No, wait! What did she call herself after she transformed? Was it Mara? Thought it was like She-Ra or something?"

"To me, she is my Mara."

"Uh, sure, okay" he said with a nod, thinking better to not argue with her. There was a bright glow as the seven-foot tall girl in his arms transformed back into the five and a half foot Adora he first met. The sudden size change nearly made him drop her. He looked for a place to comfortably lay her down.

"Mmmhmm" Adora moaned in his arms, she was coming to.

Sora whispered loudly to her, "Psst. Adora, are you awake?" She opened one bloodshot eye at him and looked immediately scared. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't worry, we got away from the bad guys. Are you okay?"

She struggled in his arms for a moment before Sora set her down. She fell on all fours and held a hand to her throat, she her voice coughed and scratched out, "Water! Water! Need water!" The direct cannon blast had actually dried her throat, eyes and nose out something awful and she felt each breathe she took set her lungs on fire.

Razz ran inside her home right away, "I'm getting, I'm getting!"

Sora carefully rubbed her back as the elderly woman came running back with a bucket of water and a ladle. She set it down in front of her and scooped some water to drink, but Adora ignored it and instead dunked her entire head inside the bucket.

"Hey, easy there!" Sora pulled her head out to make sure she wouldn't start choking. He grabbed the ladle from Madame Razz and scooped up more water, "Drink from this before you hurt yourself."

Adora quickly grabbed it, gulped it down down before tossing it and went straight back to the bucket. She manage to cough out "Burns! Everything burns!" her head was resubmerged.

Sora let out a sigh before summoning his Keyblade to his hand. He used his free hand to pull Adora back up once more before he casted "Cure!" The bell shaped flower hovered her head for a bit as she was showered in green energy. Her struggling almost came to a complete stopped as she was able to relax.

Adora carefully sat on her bottom as she breathed carefully now. The burning of her face and chest was nearly all gone, what was left felt like a phantom pain at this point. "Wow, thanks for that."

He nodded, "Feeling better now?"

"Yeah, much." She tasted her mouth, it was still dry and there was a nasty taste in there now. "Think I could get that ladle back now?" The three looked to where the ladle landed, it was sticking straight down in the mud.

"Yeah, probably not."

"What?! Nonsense! Dirt and mud is good for you. Razz will fetch."

They both blinked at that before Sora turned to Adora and quickly and quietly chanted "Drink it, Drink it, Drink it, Drink it, Drink it, Drink it, Drink it!" She didn't need to be told the third time and after for her to start chugging down the bucket of water before Madame Razz returned with the disgusting ladle.

"Aha, Madame Razz is back, dearie. Now drink to your heart's fill" she innocently held the dripping ladle for her to use.

Panting, Adora held up the now empty bucket. "Sorry, was just so thirsty I couldn't wait another moment." She panted some more, now a bit of a water belly jiggling underneath her.

"Oh yeah" Sora nodded in agreement, "But I think she's good now. No need for a refill, right Adora?"

Her head bobbed back and forth, "Yup~"

Sora caught a glimpse of Adora's sword from where they appeared and went to go get it, passing Horsey as he trotted up to Madame Razz. He returned back with the sword, giving it an inspection. While he was an expert Keyblade Wielder at this point, he honestly still didn't much about swords or weapons in general. He still thought this magic sword looked awesome though. He handed it back back to its owner who took it gratefully.

"So what exactly happened when you used your sword and turned on the lightshow?"

Adora looked at herself using the sword's reflection, she smiled. She was able to transform on command for the second time, but this time she felt far more control then the first. Maybe she's getting the hang of this...or did it have something to do with what Sora and Razz had to say to her? "With this, I'm able to transform into a magical warrior called She-Ra. I'm not too sure what the purpose of it is, but I know what I'm going to do now. I'm going to fight the Horde" she declared.

"Oooooh, that's cool. So is it still you when you become seven feet tall, or is She-Ra in control?"

"Hmph, nope, it's still me."

Sora looked really excited, "Ah man, that is SO cool! You can become taller anytime you want, and wearing an awesome outfit to boot! I wish I could do that!" He paused for a moment to think, "Well, I suppose I could in fact transform my clothes like that already, but the taller part is cool!"

Adora crossed her arms, "I mean, yeah, there's all that, but the fact I get superhuman strength didn't cross your mind first?!"

Sora put a hand to his chin, "Hmmm, guess not. I thought you looked pretty strong already."

She threw both her hands up, "Hey don't get me wrong, I'm still real strong as I am now. Stronger than you, I bet!"

Sora held a hand up, "Wait, wait, wait" he started sniffing the air around her. He actually got closer more than she was comfortable with, "Is that *SNIFF* a challenge I smell?"

She blinked before smirking, now she had the idea, "Hmm, let me check. *SNIIIIIIIFF* No wait, that's a challenge I smell me winning!"

Sora ran and kneeled at a nearby tree stump, "Arm wrestle!"

She met him head on, "Bring it!" The two went at it for almost a whole minute. The two looked like they were struggling. "Okay, I admit it. You're pretty strong."

Through gritted teeth, he replied "Yeah, you too. But I got some bad news for you."

Adora managed to raise an eyebrow, "Oh yeah? What?"

"I don't know, think that this is really gonna piss you off."

"Grrr, come on, I can take it."

"Well okay...I'm totally faking it."

Adora almost felt herself falter, but pulled herself back together. She wasn't about to let him trick her. "Yeah right."

A chuckle escaped from Sora, "No really, I am. I'm guessing you didn't see me toss the tank through the air, did you?"

Her mind flashed back to that, it had almost hit Horsey. At the time, she had only briefly wondered what it was before she was pulled into another skirmish. "No way! That was you?!"

He nodded, "Yup." He immediately slammed her hand down and won. "But that was fun though. We should do that again with you as She-Ra though, see who would win then."

Adora shook her hand to get some feeling back, "Yikes, no kidding. Hey, you know you almost hit Horsey, right?"

Sora put his hands up in defense, "Hey, I said I was sorry at the time. I can go say sorry to Horsey again, though."

She nodded, "Yes, let's." The both got up and approached Horsey and Madame Razz. Oddly enough, it looked like winged creature was whispering in her ear. The moment the got closer, Horsey trotted and rubbed his long face into hers, showing his gratitude.

"Yes, yes. Swift Wind and I were talking and he wanted me to thank you two on his before for saving him." He came along and nuzzled with Sora as well.

"Wait, Swift Wind?" Adora asked curious.

"Why this one, of course." She indicated Horsey, or Swift Wind as he seem to prefer being called. "He also said that he thought Horsey was a stupid name for anyone to think of."

Swift Wind looked nervously back and forth. It seemed he didn't intend for Razz to share that bit.

"Sooo" Razz seemed to want to steer the conversation in her direction, "How do you feel?"

Adora felt her chest up a bit, Sora blushed as he politely looked away, and nodded, "Much better, thanks to Sora."

Razz waved it off nonchalantly, "Yes, yes, yes, but I'm talking more importantly up here" She pointed to her head.

She smiled and nodded at that, "I meant that, too. I think I know what I'm going to do now. If the Princesses won't defend Etheria, then I will. There's too much wrong that Bright Moon can't fix on their own, and they'll need all the help they can get. I have to get back to them."

"AHA! That's the spirit!" she cheered. She came up to Sora and took both his hands. "Thank you, young man. It is thanks to you and your words that you helped my dearie get out of her runt and get her head back on straight!"

Sora gave her a big smile, "Yeah, of course. I'm always happy to help a friend out!" He turned to Adora, "Hey, I don't suppose I can come with you to this Bright Moon place, can I? I'm really hoping to find Donald and Goofy there."

She looked really happy when he asked that, "Yeah, of course you can come. If...I'm a little honest, I was hoping you'd ask. You really helped me out a lot today, and I was hoping if I could count on you to help me a little more, if that's okay?"

He nodded, "Sure can! Like I said, that's what friends are for!" He turned back to the older lady, "If you see my friends come by, do you think you can tell them to head to Bright Moon Castle for me? Donald's short with white feathers, maybe a little greedy. And Goofy's pretty tall and super nice, and may try to give you a hug. You'll know them when you see them."

Madame Razz smiled, "Of course I can. Now you all get going now. Much work to be done" she said finally before turning around and went back into her home.

Adora nervously scratched the back of her head, "So, just in case you don't remember, they chased me off last time I was there. It might happen again, possibly."

Sora gave her a confident smile, "Don't worry, I'm sure everything will work out."

She nodded before turning to Swift Wind, "I don't suppose you could give the both of us a ride to the castle?"

He looked away for a moment. "Pleeeease?" the two pleaded together. He gave a playful huff before spreading his wings and bending down.

Sora and Adora looked at each other and smiled. "It might be a good idea if I suited up."

"If they chased you out from the way you looked before, probably."

She held the Sword of Protection up and called out "In the Honor of Grayskull!" In a flash of colorful lights, Adora had transformed into She-Ra. She climbed on Swift Wind and held a hand out for Sora to take. Taking her hand, Sora was pulled up and sat behind her. She-Ra pointed her sword forward, "To Bright Moon Castle!" she shouted before they took to the air.

"Hey, think they'll lend me a cart so I can grab what's left of my ship later?"

"Wow, that's a really pretty castle!" Sora commented as they flew within sights of Bright Moon Castle. Suspended in front of the main entrance was giant crystal that glew brilliantly.

"Yeah...it's something I'm certainly not used to yet" She-Ra let her uncomfortness show.

"Oh, what was it like where you grew up? With the Horde."

"Hmm, a lot more machines and metal, plenty of smog. No trees really."

Sora couldn't help but frown, he couldn't really imagine many people growing up happy there. "Wow, that's sounds really sad and depressing."

She-Ra let out a sigh, "Yeah, that's what Glimmer and Bow think, too." She took an extra moment to think on something. "Hey, you've gone to parties before, right?"

Sora nodded euthesticly at that, "Yeah I've gone to parties! So fun! Is there one now?"

She let out a moan and didn't answer. Sora thought better than ask, especially now with how nervous she is about walking into the castle. "Hey, cheer up. Everything will work out, you'll see. Here, let's try to get you in the right mind set and come up with a plan. What are we gonna do?"

"*Sigh*, Well discretion is not going to do me favors. Right now I think I'm going to have to be direct as possible."

He let out a fist pump, "Doing things head on, I like it! Ahem, 'I am She-Ra! I walk in here offering you,' no wait, 'I pledge myself to the Rebellion!' And then you go 'There is one catch however,' you turn off the She-Ra and show them your awesome self, 'I was once a Horde Soldier, not anymore though, so you better deal with it!'" He paused for a moment, "Feel free to not use that last part. That might not do you any favors."

She-Ra thought a bit on what he said, "No, no. I think I like it, not that last part like you said, but being so direct to walk in, announce myself, pledge my services to the cause, then reveal myself." She let out another sigh, "I really hope Glimmer and Bow would be there to help vouch for me."

"Hey, I'm here to help vouch for you, too!"

She-Ra smiled, "As nice a guy you are, I think the queen would take her daughter's word over yours."

"Wait, Glimmer or Bow is a princess?"

That incited a laugh from her, "Yeah, Princess Glimmer, and Bow's a boy."

"That's neat you're friends with a princess. I'm actually friends with a few myself" Sora admitted.

She-Ra looked back at him quizzically, "You're from space, they have Princesses out there, too?"

"Oh yeah. One of my best friends is actually a princess as well. Her name's Kairi." She-Ra felt a little relieved at that. If he's friends with Princesses, space or not, then he would have a little more insight on formal behavior to help her with. "I think I see where we need to go. Ready to go Adora, or should I say She-Ra?"

She went on and slapped her cheeks together, pumping herself up, "Yeah, I think so. Let's do this."

"Oh, wait, wait. Think you can turn the glow on from now?" he asked. "Flashy, godly entrance is sure to help." She-Ra looked down at her sword before closing her eyes and focused. "Nice effects, no way anyone could resist the mighty glow! I think we're ready!"

She opened her eyes and indeed she was glowing. Eyes, clothes, hair, everything was glowing pretty brightly with hardly any effort. She-Ra smirked, feeling even more confident, "Right, let's do this!" She steered Swift Wind to the main entrance before giving him a grateful pat. "This is our stop, thanks for everything Swift. I hope I get to see you soon!" She nuzzled the side of his face before jumping off, closely followed by Sora.

"I still think I like Horsey better!" he got one last bit in before Swift Wind flew out sight.

As they landed, the two heavily armed, female guards the door, started to lift their weapons in response to their sudden appearance, but quickly backed away from She-Ra's awing appearance. As they stepped through, they head some shouting from up ahead, what it was about they didn't know.

Approaching the throne, everyone's heads turned to look at them in amazement. The glowing effects was a fantastic idea. Standing at the throne was a finely dressed woman, tall with unusual purple tinted skin, long wavy pink hair, and translucent wings of all things on her back. Standing in front of her were a boy and girl, similarly aged as them. The girl bit on the shorter and thicker side, similarly dressed as the tall woman, and a boy with lightly gold plated armor with a quiver on his back, and showed a lot of midriff.

The boy and girl seemed to have recognized them, or at least She-Ra, right away. The queen seemed to be in awe for a moment before mumbling "It can't be…"

"Mom, this what what I was trying to tell you, this is-" the girl started, assumed Princess Glimmer, before she was interrupted.

"She-Ra" her mother finished. She seemed to be in a daze looking down at the blond woman that stepped forward. Sora was behind her with his arms behind his head.

"And Sora, hi there! I didn't think you two would know each other already. Could have mentioned that" he mumbled that last part.

She-Ra shot him a look, she was pretty sure this was not how someone behaved in a royal court. Anyone would know that much at least, wasn't he supposed to know this stuff already?! She cleared her throat, "Your Majesty, I've come to pledge myself to the Rebellion." All of her nervousness was coming back now.

"I don't mind helping, too!" Sora raised his hand and waved it a bit.

Her eye twitched a bit at that. Why was he treating this so simply? He patted her shoulder before giving her a thumbs up. Maybe it really was more simple than she thought it would be? She swallowed the lump in her throat and pushed on to the end, "But first, there's something you should know." The power of She-Ra that fully encompassed her, the feeling that made her feel mighty and powerful, she let it go and let herself become her regular true self again.

All around them, everyone was gasping and whispering to one another in worry. The words heard multiple times was Horde Soldier. Everyone looked fearful, except for the boy and girl next to them.

"Please wait mom, this is Adora." Princess Glimmer pushed her a little forward.

"And Sora" he waved again before stepping behind Adora and putting his hands on her shoulders, "And I'd like to vouch that she's a really nice person that wants to help people. Her path...just got away from her is all." He then added as a side note, "So now that they were just said side by side, our names sound incredibly alike. Kind of cool when you think about it, huh?"

"This is a royal court, I thought you knew what you were doing!" Adora loudly whispered.

Sora shrugged, "I said I'm friends with some princesses, I never said anything about knowing the royal duties or whatever."

She took in several deep breaths, trying not to panic. The queen didn't seem to give Sora much thought, and she still had Glimmer and Bow on her side. Who knows, maybe they'll find Sora's antics to be charming and endearing.

Adora got down on her knee and present her magical sword. "I know you have no reason to trust me or my friend Sora, but we've seen for ourselves the atrocities the Horde has committed against the people and lands of Etheria. It's all so wrong, I-it needs to be put to an end, and I want to help put a stop to it. I'm ready to serve you. If you give me a chance, I know I can turn the tides to help the Rebellion win this terrible war."

The queen looked taken back, almost unsure for a moment. Her daughter looked to her with pleading eyes. She then focused her attention to Sora. "What of you? Such unusual garbs, you don't look anything like a Horde Soldier. What are you doing here, hoping to accomplish?"

Sora pointed to himself, "Me? Crash landed, met Adora, kicked Horde butt together, and now I'm looking for two close friends of mine. Their names are Donald and Goofy. Donald is about yaye high, short tempered, a duck, and is also a powerful wizard. Goofy is this tall, overly kind, carries a shield, and is maybe some sort of dog I think? I've always been too afraid to ask, might make things really awkward fast. Anyway, I want to help too. As a recently certified hero, I can't let this go ignored!"

Everyone but Adora looked at him as though he was the oddest thing to have walk through the castle gate, ever. The queen put a hand to her temple, "I'm-I'm sorry, who are you exactly?"

"I'm Sora!" He walked up to her and shook her hand, that enticed a collective gasp from everyone that he went ignorant of. "This is my hero's license, here!" He pulled out a card he received from Phil after the Underdrome fiasco, and gave it to her. "Worked really hard to get that you know. Spent a whole year stuck with junior hero statues. Not anymore though! Full bonafide hero right here!" He put his hands at his hip heroically, "Also my friends and I tend to go place to place helping people out and making new friends along the way of our journey. Get into all sorts of fun adventures like that!"

Queen Angella raised a delicate eyebrow at him, "You are by far the most curious person I've ever met, and coming from me and my long life, that's quite the statement."

He batted his eyes at her, "Is that a compliment?"

Her cheeks turned a little red as she did her utmost best to not snort or laugh out loud, not here in front of her royal court during the historic moment of She-Ra's return. Something strangely curious about this boy indeed. She couldn't help but feel that she could this young man could be trust, that there was nothing but goodness in his heart that he wears on his sleeves. Despite all logical reasoning, she felt compelled to easily let this Sora join them.

She cleared her throat as she handed his card back to him, gently touching him to beckon him to line with the others. He understood the gesture and returned next to Adora. He seemed to have noticed Adora on her knee and was quick to mirror her. Queen Angella accepted the sword from the still waiting, and very much bewildered, Adora. "I...know of the warrior She-Ra. A legend from the First Ones. They said she would return to Etheria in its hour of our greatest need. To bring balance to the world. I always thought it was nothing more than a fairy tale, a myth. Yet, here she stands, in the uniform of a Horde Soldier."

Sora had to stop himself from interrupting to say 'former Horde Soldier' but thought better of it. He would have hated to have his speech interrupted.

"You would stand with us, against those you once served?"

Adora gave a heavy sigh before replying, "Yes, I would."

Queen Angella looked to her daughter, "Glimmer, you would vouch and take responsibility for Adora and her friend Sora? Accept any and all punishments that would befall them should they commit any crimes against us?"

Glimmer confidently replied "Yes. Er, at least Adora, Ah! I'm sorry, yes! I'll responsibility for both of them!" She was quick to correct herself.

"Then both of you, rise. The Rebellion accepts both of your allegiance, She-Ra, Princess of Power, and Sora-"

"Chosen Keyblade Wielder!" he filled her in.

"Ahem, Sora, Chosen Wielder of the Keyblade...Keyblade!" Queen Angella almost shouted out and in fact dropped She-Ra's Sword of Protection, to which Sora and Adora both caught it together before hitting the ground.

Sora stood back up, "Ya-huh, Keyblade. You've heard of it?" The Kingdom Key Flash into his hand. Many in the royal court gave a gasp at the sudden appearance of another magical sword.

She looked closely at the weapon, examining it with eyes in awe, "The legendary weapon said to be able to cast out Darkness and bring about Light?! I never dream it would be real! The old text said it is a weapon not even of this world."

"I mean, he did crash from space" Adora said without thinking. She looked bashful for a moment, "I suppose we should have mentioned that, too."

She looked back at the young man, barely a boy no longer. "You're not of this world?!"

Sora looked uncomfortable at that, "Uhhhhhhh, kind of, I guess. I mean I'm not supposed to tell anyone. Knowledge of other worlds' supposed to be a well kept secret...On that note, I don't suppose I could maybe barrow a really big cart so I can collect the pieces of my ship? Gotta figure out how to put it back together with Donald and Goofy's help once I find them and all the missing pieces."

The queen didn't know how she should feel right now, this was starting to become overwhelming. First the disappearance of her daughter, the return of mythical She-Ra whom formerly served the Horde, then the appearance of this legendary warrior just revealed the existence of other world, confirming the very real possibility that the First Ones could have in fact come another world and may possibly return one day. She was far from whelmed, but she was able to pull herself back together.

"Um, yes, of course. I'll send a team to your, err, crash site and collect the pieces if you show us on the map."


"Yes, um, neat."

"So wait!" Adora snapped as she stood up in front of Sora, "You're telling me, that you're a legendary warrior, too? I feel you could have mentioned that to me in your pep talk from earlier."

The boy, Bow, ran up to the two and gushed, "Wait, you're all saying that we have two super awesome heroes of legend that are gonna help us?! Sweet!"

Glimmer joined in, "And he's from space! You've got to tell us all about it!"

Sora bounced on his heels, "Yeah, yeah. But first, there's one thing I think we're all forgetting." He turned Adora around to face the court, placed an arm around her, and slowly pumping his fist in rythme of his chant, "SHE-RA, SHE-RA, SHE-RA, SHE-RA, SHE-RA!" And just like that, everyone began to cheer for the mighty She-Ra. "See? Told you everything would work out fine" he whispered to her.

Adora felt hot tears in her eyes at how well she was accepted. She thought it would have been almost impossible for her to earn her place, that she would be met with scorn and glare from everyone while she did her best to try and fix the terrible deeds of her once comrades. So much of her fears and anxiety melted away. She threw her arms around Sora, "Thank you so much for everything, Sora."

"Aww, like I said, that's what friends are for."

"Yes, group hug!" Bow threw arms around the two, before Glimmer joined in.

"Always a fan of those! I'm Sora!"

"I'm Princess Glimmer!"

"My name is Bow!"

Adora took a deep breathe and reveled in this feeling right now, "Adora."

Donald gave a frustrated sigh as he and Goofy sat on a small, rocky island that was barely big enough for the two of them to sit down on. It's been a few hours since they pulled themselves from their bit of the wrecked ship and swam to this nearby rock. With no nearby landmass in sight, they can only hope that a boat will pass by and rescue them before they attempted to swim out in search of land.

The magician could still see a bit of the bright orange hull of the Highwind from where he sat. Less than a hundred feet away and twenty feet down. It would be extremely important they remember this location if they hope to put the Gummi Ship back together and get off this world.

"Mmh, Gawrsh" Goofy let out a sigh of his own.

"About Sora still?" Donald asked knowingly.

"Yeah, I know you said not to worry, but I can't help it." This is a topic that's been nearly talked to death.

"And I keep telling you, Sora can take care of himself" Donald told Goofy as much as he told himself. Fortunately, it's hard to get much worse than this, aside from landing in the water as well with no land to wait on. Maybe crashing into an active volcano would do it to get that much worse. Still, Donald worried for him too, but they needed to keep their hopes up.

"I'd just feel better if the three of us were together. Then we'd know that nothin's too hard for us to-wait a moment...YAHOO-HOO-HOO-HOO! SHIP AHOY!" Goofy stood up and started jumping and waving.

Donald turned around and indeed a ship could be seen off in the horizon. "WE'RE SAVED! OVER HERE! HELP US!" The ship kept on going, perhaps too far to hear them.

"S.O.S. RIGHT OVER HERE!" Goofy kept trying. He turned to Donald in a panic. "Quick, we've got to do something!"

He thought of an idea, and he thought of it quick. Pulling his short staff out, Donald raised it to the air and called out "Fira!" He sent the ball of fire into the air until he willed it to explode like a firework. He did this several more times, and indeed the far off ship saw their distress signal and started heading their way.

Goofy was quick to throw Donald in the air and catch him in a hug, "You did it pal! We're saved!"

Usually this would be the part where Donald would try to shove him away for being to clingy, but right now he could care less as he cheered "Oh boy!"

Soon enough the ship came close enough, but not too close as to not run the ship aground with all the high rocks. It was an impressive looking dark grey ship. The bow looked avian and the sails were stylized to almost look like it's wings. A charming mustached man with a blue jacket and a red bandanna leaned on the rails and looked on to them. He looked like by the book's definition of a sea captain.

"My, my, aren't you two the most peculiar fellows? Impressive display of fireworks you had there. I don't suppose you two castaways are in need of rescuing?"

"Ahyuck! We sure are, sir! Think you can give us a hand?"

"Can I?" The man questioned, "Please, for I am the great Captain Sea Hawk! Brave adventure of the seas, there is little I can't do. Plus it would be great for business, returning back to port with you two would continue to further my reputation-er, oh. Nevermind that" He quickly changed the subject, "How did you two 'gents become shipwrecked here? I see no signs of ship, and we're too far away for you two to come here by a small boat."

"Actually our ship is right over there" Donald pointed to the orange and yellow hue nearby. "Don't suppose we could lift it on to your ship? It's not very big and the parts are still very much reusable."

Captain Sea Hawk put a thoughtful hand to his chin. "'Fraid not gentlemen. This ship doesn't deal with scavenging. I don't have the equipment to hull that up, and I'm afraid I'm not in the market for owning one at this time. Not quite my business, hope you understand."

"Gawrsh, are you sure?! That's our only way back home!"

Sea Hawk crossed his arms, "Sorry, I'm afraid that's how things go. Cheer up mates, I'm sure you two can find a ship heading in the right direction. Or it could take some time, but maybe you can raise enough money to purchase another vessel."

Donald gave a few stomps out of frustration, "A Phewy! We need that ship specifically to get back home! It's a very special ship."

"I know!" Goofy jumped, "How much for the right equipment? Maybe we can earn enough money to be able to hull it out ourselves if you're willin to help?"

Sea Hawk put another thoughtful hand to his chin, "Hmm, it would take some time and money, but perhaps scavenging on the side is an endeavor that could be most profitable." He then waved them on, "Why don't you two hop on aboard, we can talk more as we sail and once we get to port. I've got some jobs I need to run for a Princess and I'm short on hand. I can put you two to work from now and see how things will go."

"Aye aye Captain! Sounds like a plan to me!"

"Oh bother" Donald grumbled under his breath.

"Don't you worry, I know these seas like the back of my hand. We'll find this place again when we're ready." Donald and Goofy swam across the water before boarding the ship. "Now I believe I've introduced myself well and fairly, but I still haven't gotten your names.

"I'm Donald Duck."

"And I'm Goofy, ahyuck!"

"A pleasure 'gents, welcome aboard the Dragon's Daughter III. Now as you're apart of my crew, I'm happy to say: Ahoy! All crew to your positions! Goofy, you'll help me tend to the sails, Donald, you're on lookout duty! Move along boy, move long!"

The two moved to their positions, but not before commenting, "Wait, is it just the three of us?"

"Gawrsh, I guess so. Now I really wish Sora was here. He would have loved this!"