Chapter one

Ever since Harry Potter's name came out of the goblet of fire he really got to see who would stick by him and who wouldn't. Most had liked him because he was the-boy-who-lived, now most believed he wanted more attention, especially Ron, his so called best friend, ex- friend as Harry thought of him now. Harry had become friendlier with Neville now Ron had gone off after calling him a liar. But Harry found Neville to be more like him, quiet and wasn't one for asking questions, he didn't even talk a lot, not like Ron always did.

He was still seriously pissed off with Ron, but he couldn't believe how Hermione or half the Gryffindor's were behaving. Most were like Ron, they believed he entered his name in the goblet of fire. They were actually happy about it not like Ron who thought Harry lied so he was angry. Hermione said she knew Harry didn't enter but for some reason she hardly spent any time with Harry. So Harry decided that his other friend since first year was now an ex friend.

When he first saw the badges that Draco Malfoy had charmed, he thought the blond was an immature prat. Potter stinks, is that the best he could come up with, Harry thought it was just so childish. So even though he still didn't like the badges, they didn't worry him that much.

What got Harry was almost all of the students were wearing the badges. All Slytherin's wore the badge, all Hufflepuff's also wore the badges. Harry could understand why the Hufflepuff's would, they had their champion and thought Harry was trying to take that away. Three quarters of the Ravenclaw's also wore the badges, Gryffindor only had a few that wore them, most cheered Harry on for getting past Dumbledore's age line. Even the students from Durmstrange and Beauxbatons were wearing the badges.

When Ron just told Harry to piss off, but Harry threw him a badge, hitting him in the head and said he should show what he believed by wearing the badge. But Harry also yelled that he might have a scar now as that's what Ron wanted. All he needed was his parent's to be murdered then he would finally get what he wanted. From then on Ron wore the badge, whether it was to spite Harry or he really wanted everyone to know he wasn't supporting Harry. Harry didn't know, but he also didn't care.

Harry had waited for a few weeks before he finally said he would never forgive Ron, not now, not again. If the red headed tosser ever worked out the truth, Harry didn't care. He knew who his true friends were now, Ron wasn't one of them.

Harry was alone as he sat at the Gryffindor table eating his breakfast, he didn't want anyone to blame him when things happened and he knew something that was going to happen.

Harry had just finished off his bacon when screams ripped through the great hall. He lifted his head then jumped to his feet, along with all the other students. He had to act like he was shocked, which he did, he acted like the few other students who were all standing in shock. Half the students in the great hall were on fire, but screams were coming from other parts of the castle. The teachers raced forward all trying to put the flames out.

'It's magical fire,' Albus yelled, but continued casting spells trying to put the students out along with the other teachers.

Harry sat back down just as Neville ran in and sat next to him, 'What's going on?'

'Don't know, they just burst into flames. Dumbledore said its magical fire, we don't learn any of that for another year.'

Harry and Neville fell silent as they watched the flames go out, they weren't sure if the teachers finally did it or if the magical fire just burnt itself out. McGonagall ran out of the great hall, the rest of the staff began to take students through the floo network, probably to the hospital or St Mungo's.

'Let's go back to the common room, I'm sure the teachers will want us there until they can work out what is going on.'

Harry stood, 'Yeah, they will.'

The two boys left the great hall, only to see older students helping more burnt students up the stairs, taking them to the hospital wing.

By the time they got to Gryffindor tower there was only a handful of people in there, the twins and Lee were some of them.

'Did you hear what happened?' Neville asked.

'So it wasn't just in here?' Lee said then pointed to the burnt patches on the rugs.

'Half the students in the great hall burst into flames, the teachers were taking them out by floo,' Harry said, 'Dumbledore mentioned magical fire, but that's all we know.'

'Ron was one, we took him straight up to Pomfrey,' Fred said sadly.

'His face, neck and hands were badly burned, he was having trouble breathing. We're just about to send an owl to dad,' George said.

'Was there anyone else?' Harry asked but he sounded casual, and curious, not like something was wrong.

'Not in here, but we have no idea if any other Gryffindor's were burnt,' Lee said.

'There was one thing we noticed Harry.'

Harry looked up at the twins, 'What?'

'The flames started on the badge Ron was wearing,' Fred said.

'You know, the Potter stink badges,' George shrugged.

'Do you think Malfoy caused this since he made them?' Neville asked.

'It was our first thought,' Lee said.

'Malfoy was one of the ones in the great hall that was on fire,' Harry said.

'Doesn't mean he didn't stuff up some spell,' Fred said.

'True, he can be thick sometimes. Some of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were wearing the badges yesterday, do you think they were burnt?' Harry asked.

'If they had them on or near them, then yeah they would. It's still early, some haven't come down for breakfast when we took Ron up to the hospital. Hermione and Ginny are up there sitting with Ron, so I'm sure they fill tell us what is going on,' Lee said.

'Then you can tell us when they tell you, those two have been ignoring me as well, not that I care anymore. Anyway, I might go shower since I didn't bother before.'

The twins, Lee and Neville watched as Harry left the common room, 'He won't forgive Ron anymore, they've had too many fights and it's usually Harry that has to make up first,' Neville sighed.

'If that's true then he will turn down any visits to the Burrow,' Fred said.

'The trouble with that is his muggle relatives,' George said.

'What about them?' Neville asked.

'They hate Harry and aren't afraid to show it,' Fred said.

'They lock him up, they even lock up his trunk and wand,' George said.

'Then I might ask gran if Harry can come to our place.'

'We know Dumbledore makes Harry return, something about blood wards,' Fred said.

'But he can leave after a few weeks,' George said.

'Then maybe I can stay with Harry. Why hasn't Dumbledore told them to treat Harry properly?'

'Who knows, we said the same but can never figure it out,' Fred said.

'If your gran will let you Neville, see if you can spend some time there. I doubt they would do anything knowing you have a grandmother who would curse them if they tried to lock you up or stop you seeing Harry,' George said.

'I'll send gran a letter, give her some advance notice. Let us know if you hear anything.'

The twins and Lee watched as Neville left the common room, 'Apart from us, Neville is the only other Gryffindor who believes Harry didn't enter,' Lee said.

'Hermione said she believed Harry,' Fred said.

'She did but she is still ignoring Harry,' George said.

'It's because she fancies our git of a brother,' Fred said.

'Do you think the tournament will continue?' Lee asked.

'With half the students in the hospital and only two days before the first task, I doubt it. But since they didn't get Harry out of competing they might go ahead,' George said.

'Then after we send our letter let's go do some snooping,' Fred said.

The three older Gryffindor's left the tower. Harry finished his shower but he stayed inside the shower stall, smiling. He kept thinking to himself that maybe those idiots might finally realise that payback is a bitch. He knew he couldn't be blamed, not when he was seen sitting at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast when the flames first started, and everyone knew it was Malfoy that charmed the badges. Harry learned that if you let people walk all over you then would continue to do so, it was time Harry got even.

By the time Harry dressed and headed down to the common room he found it almost full. He sat beside Neville, who had saved him a seat.

'Have you heard anything?'

'Only that McGonagall will be here to talk to us soon. I've been looking around, only three Gryffindor's are missing, the three that kept wearing the badges. Alicia, Seamus and Ron.'

'Then it had to be Malfoy, but would he know how to work magical fire?' Harry glanced around at the other Gryffindor's.

'Obviously not since he also got hurt. But his dad is a death eater, I'm sure that type teach their kids all types of spells that we wouldn't know.'

'Yeah, you're right, they believe they can get away with anything.'

The common room fell silent as the portrait opened, their head of house stepped in. Everyone could tell how tired she looked.

'I'm sure you are all aware by now that many students have been severely injured. They have all be transported to St Mungo's to be seen by healers who deal in cursed fire. Right now all I can say is that three students have died, the others will survive but they will be badly scarred. The majority of the injured students came from Slytherin house and Hufflepuff house. Many of the Beauxbaton and Durmstrange students were also injured,' Minerva heard murmuring about the cause, 'So far the only thing every student who were injured had in common was they were all wearing the same badge.'

'The Potter stink badges that Malfoy made,' Harry said as he stared down at the floor.

'Yes, the aurors are here and will be questioning every student and member of staff. They will also questioned our guests. When the healers admit it, the injured will also be questioned.'

'It's obvious Malfoy did something wrong, he made them, he must have cursed them,' Lee said.

'Until the aurors finish their investigation it is all speculation right now. The triwizard tournament has been cancelled, Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour were two of the injured students.'

All eyes turned to Harry who was still looking down. He knew he would be questioned, but he also knew that he could lie convincingly since he had done it hundreds of times before. He hoped that Draco Malfoy was blamed, he wanted to pay the ferret back for the way he acted since they met. He might end up disfigured but to Harry, Malfoy was getting off easily. He did wonder which students died, Harry figured it was either students from Hufflepuff or Slytherin.

To have all the badges catch fire at the same time the curse had to be placed on the original, which was the one Malfoy was wearing. It was only thanks to his cloak, his map and hearing the password to Slytherin house that Harry was able to get to the badge in the first place. He had used Malfoy's wand when he cast the curse so again it will not be traced back to Harry.