Chapter twelve

Harry walked Susan back to her house rooms before curfew, 'So are you going to talk to her?'

'Yes, I want to get this over with. She has seen us together whenever we're in the great hall, library, and in the classes we share. She has to know how I feel about you. I don't want there to be any misunderstanding.'

'Then it's best to get it out of the way.'

Harry and Susan spent a few minutes snogging before Harry left. He had to get back to Gryffindor tower before curfew. He wasn't really worried. Sirius and Remus would let him go if he got caught and Harry was sure he would get off if Filch caught him.

He got the portrait of the fat lady with a few minutes to spare. He stepped in and saw Hermione sitting in her usually seat by the fireplace. Harry looked at Neville, then gestured to Hermione. Neville understood what Harry mean.

Harry sat near Hermione who looked at him. 'Even though I'm sorry you were put through that, I figured you should know that Susan is my life. She is everything I want in a girlfriend and a future wife. I'm sorry if this hurts, but I figured you had the right to hear the truth from me.'

'It does hurt, but I already knew. I watched you and Susan just to see if this might have been casual or more. It's easy to see Harry. Anyone that knows you, even a little could tell you really care about her. I won't interfere or try to come between you two. You are right, she is perfect for you. She also can understand how you feel, since she lost her parent's when she was a baby, like you.'

'That's why I knew I could take a chance with Susan, but also, she's had people use her because of Madam Bones. She knew what I was going through and I knew what she was going through. With being the heir to the Blacks, she also knows how people could use us since she is the heir for the Bones family. Another thing we have in common is how we want a lot of kids. Even though we're young and not even considering marriage until after we leave Hogwarts, we have spoken about what we both want. It's just so incredible how much alike we are.'

'Then she will be the one for you. I know we will never be as close Harry, but I'm hoping we can stay friends.'

'We can, but Neville and I study alone. We found we worked better with just the two of us. We realised part of my problem was I'm sorry to say, you. I always knew you were going to start nagging and I just couldn't concentrate. Working with Neville, who just sits quietly doing his work is what works for me. I've learned how to research and I found it's not as bad as I thought. So yes, we can be friends Hermione, and even though you were a victim, it will take me a while before I feel like I could trust you again. I know it wasn't your fault…'

Hermione cut Harry off, 'But you've always been wary of people. I get it Harry. I'm just glad we can be friendly again,' Hermione gave Harry a peck on the cheek before she hurried up the stairs to the girls dorm. Neville stood and came over to join Harry.

'That went well,' Neville said.

'It did, better than I thought. We'll be friends again, probably get close once she is over her feelings for me. Hopefully she will find some boy who will suit her personality.'

'They say everyone has someone out there for them, they just have to find them.'

'And take the chance. After what Ron did I think Hermione will also be wary of boys for a while. She knows she can trust me, you and a few others, she will need to learn to trust others. That will be hard, at least for now.'

'I think she'll concentrate on her studies. Next year is O.W.L's, then the following year is difficult as it leads up to our N.E.W.T's.'

'I think you're right Neville. I would say she won't even think about dating until after she leaves Hogwarts. Anyway, we might as well get stuck into our assignments.'

Neville groaned making Harry laughed. But both headed upstairs to get their books ready to tackle their homework.

On the last Hogsmeade visit for the students of Hogwarts before the end of the school year, Albus stood at the window of his brother's pub. He was watching Harry.

'I could have driven that boy towards using the dark arts or taking his own life.'

'Yes, you could have,' Aberforth moved from behind the bar to join his brother, 'He may never forgive you Albus, but he would understand you were only trying to save the world from Voldemort.'

'He should not forgive me. But I am happy to see him so content. And he found a girl who can understand him. Susan and Harry are very much alike. I could see them going on to marry, probably not long after they leave Hogwarts for good.'

'Come on Albus, you know that boy will eventually end up back at Hogwarts one day.'

'Now I know he can have a life, I do hope he will take up a teaching position. Before I realised what Voldemort had done, I did think I could turn Hogwarts over to Harry when I retired. Now that will be up to Minerva.'

'So you see Harry Potter as headmaster one day,' Aberforth stared out the window at Harry and his friends, 'Yes, I can see that. You know he will be offered the minister's job?'

'He will never want to be minister. I believe he will work behind the scenes to make our world better. Maybe Sirius might be the one to become minister. He could bring our world more in line with the muggles and hopefully we won't lose any more muggleborns.'

'If Sirius ever matures, he could do the job, with Harry in the background. Now come on brother, it's time to put your mistakes to rest and enjoy your retirement.'

Albus watched Harry and his friends until they were out of sight before he turned and joined his brother at the bar. It was time he worked out just what he wanted to do now he had retired, not just from headmaster of Hogwarts, also chief warlock of the wizengamot and head mugwump of the international confederations of wizards. He went from being overworked, to having nothing to do. It would take a while, but he will find what is right for him until he went on to his next great adventure.

Two weeks into the summer holidays, Harry stood with Remus on the beach, waiting for Sirius to bring their guests.

The moment Amelia, Susan, Neville, Hannah and Sirius appeared, Harry raced up to Susan who jumped into his arms. Sirius, Remus and Amelia chuckled but left the youngsters to themselves while they headed into the house. Milly and Dobby had taken the bags and was already unpacking for their master's guests.

'When we get married, which naturally won't be until after we leave Hogwarts. This is where I would like to have our honeymoon.'

Harry grinned. 'We could, but wouldn't you like to visit other places? We could go anywhere you want.'

'We could do that anytime. I want to be completely alone with my husband.'

'Sounds perfect. But we should get in. Milly and Dobby will likely scold us for keeping lunch waiting.'

The four friends headed into the house to join the adults, and the two house elves. They had a month to spend on the island before Amelia had to return to work. Remus and Sirius had to head to Hogwarts so they could work on their schedules for the coming year. So even though Harry, Susan, Neville and Hannah would spend those days together, it wouldn't be on the island. Harry had come to love the island and even though he did want to visit many other places around the world. The island would always be his special place. And one day he and Susan would bring their children here. If Harry and Susan got their wish, They would marry a few months after leaving Hogwarts as graduates. They would work, Susan would only for about five years, or so she said. Then she wanted to start having children. They both wanted minimum four children, but both wouldn't mind more. Sometimes Harry believed he might end up with enough kids to have a quidditch team.

Ever since he had cursed the badge, his life had turned around. He knew it was wrong, especially when some died. But after his life he knew he had to do something or his life could have been cut short. When things began to change, he finally got a family and he was finally able to be a normal student, without any danger. He did wonder at time if he didn't curse the badges just what his life would be like, or even if he would still be alive.

Now it seems all his dreams were coming true. So having Susan as his wife, and seven kids would be the perfect life. Right now he had his family with Sirius and Remus. A few more years Susan and Amelia would be added. His family was growing, and he finally had the life he always dreamed off.

The end: