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Dialogues: "Hello" Thoughts: (Hello)

A void, dark and without the slightest light yet despite that Madara could still see, how he didn't know but he just could. He had been waiting for a few hours for something to happen but nothing, even though he had already died once he hadn't experienced something like this so he chose to just sit and think once more about his last talk with Hashirama.

(In the end i couldn't achieve my dream, but perhaps it is for the best. Maybe that boy Naruto and his Will of Fire can create the world of peace i fought so long for…) Thought the man.

Suddenly, a second voice was heard.

"If that is how you truly think then i could not be happier." Said a elderly man with pale white skin, spiky, shoulder length, brown hair, with a long and thin beard, wearing a white, full-length kimono with a pattern of six black magatama on it, he also had two protusions similar to horns on his forehead.

"You!? The sage of the six paths!? What are you doing here?" Said Madara, losing his cool in front of the god-like entity before him.

"I'm a spirit like you, but i still have some of my powers left. Tell me reincarnation of Indra, would you wish to begin anew if you had the chance?"

"No, what is there for me to do, my time ended long ago, my plans destroyed, my ideals and goals passed onto others, so what could i hope to achieve by going once more to the realm of the living, if they don't try to kill me at first sight, or flee, do to my past actions" He said calmly, smirking at the end, while thinking about everything that has happened since his battle with Hashirama at the Valley of the End.

Not discouraged by his words Hagoromo continued.

"But what if this chance wasn't in the Elemental Nations but in a whole different world, a different dimension, where you would be able to have a fresh start without any of your past actions affecting your new life? How about it?" Spoke the sage trying to convice the man before him, his voice steady and firm yet soothing that seemed like a father speaking to his son.

"Why? After all i've done. What i could have done. For what reason do you still think i deserve this so called second chance?" Said the man, in an outburst, clearly agitated, something so unlike him, the man who had taken the entire shinobi alliance and the five current kages without any hesitation.

Not taken aback by his outburst the sage just smiled and said.

"Because i'm not the only one who thinks like that"

Just as he said that a figure started to form in the void, clad in a samurai-like red armour with the symbol of the senju clan at the sides of the neck part, log dark brown hair and honest smile on his face.

"Hashirama, even in death you are still an annoyance" He said, only for the man to start laughing.

"Hahahaha, and you still have a face that seems like someone owes you money" Said the now identified first Hokage between laughs.

"But you do owe me money or did you forget all those bets you still haven't paid" He said with a straight face only for Hashirama to start looking around not meeting his eyes while letting a small whistle escape his lips.

"Cough, now onto our business here" Spoke the Sage while glaring at the Senju causing him to get serious.

"Yes, you see i was the one who gave the idea the sage of six paths, after all i think you do deserve it, war buddie"- spoke the man letting out a smile while saying it was his idea.

"Suppose i agree, what kind of place will i end up in? Will i still have chakra, my sharingan, my memories?" After all, it wouldn't be a second chance if he didn't get his memories, it would be just like pasing through the circle of reincarnation.

"We don't know about your chakra or the sharingan, but your memories will stay as you won't be passing through the circle of reincarnation. So, what do you say, will you go?" Spoke the sage while stroking his beard.

"Fine, i'll go if only to do some good after all i've done and repay my sins"-He said with a calm voice, digesting the information about his reincarnation.

(Possibly no chackra and no sharingan, no knowledge of the dimension inhabitants strength or training methods. It'll be a great challenge to get to the top again. Ilike it.) What could he say, he liked to complete seemingly impossible challenges.

"Then let us start."- Said Hagoromo lifting his arms up

"While my mother battled Naruto and Sasuke, her space techniques left tiny fissures in this dimension's space and they can act as a tunnel to get you to a random dimension. What i am going to do is pass your soul through one of these fissures and coat it in my energy so that it can be protected until it finds a body in which it can settle itself."-Explained the sage while gathering chakra and guiding it to Madara's soul.

Then his figure disapeared from the void in a blue flash leaving Hashirama and Hagormo alone in the void.

In another dimension

Combat Continent / Heaven Dou Empire / Holy Spirit Village

In a small house a woman was laying in bed, there are beads of sweat on her face which is covered in her messy black and log hair, in her arms lies a sleeping baby.

Near the bed stands a middle aged woman.

"Long Xue'er you should rest, you have just given birth to the boy, sleep and recover, you can name him tomorrow."- Said the middle aged woman, clearly worried about the younger woman's health.

"Yes I will rest, but i have already thought of a name for my son, Long Tian, he shall be named Long Tian."- Said the young woman with tears spilling from her eyes as she looked at her son with eyes filled with happiness before closing her eyes before falling asleep.