Hello there.

This is not a chapter, and there will be some minor spoilers, so if you don't want to see then don't.

Some of you have tried to ask me about the spirit rings Madara will have for both his sharingan and his gunbai.

The gunbai will have mainly wind type abilities, some defensive ones like reflection, and maybe grow in side, but I will appreciate that if you have any idea you wish me to implement, please do share it with me.

As for the sharingan, it is giving some problems, but thanks to 'king carlos' and the ideas he has shared with me, i have the following powers noted down.

Rank 11-20; one tomoe + capacity to see things at a slower time rate of 10% + spirit ring with illusions (each rank in cultivation increases it' efficiency) / low illusion capacity
Rank 21-30; one tomoe +20% + low illusion capacity + spirit ring with low fire power
Rank 31-40;two tomoes + 30% + mid illusion capacity +low fire power + spirit ring to create explosive mines (low fire power) to distract and incapacitate the enemy (that or a fire domain)
Rank 41-50;two tomoes + 40% + mid illusion capacity + mid fire power + spirit ring that lets him see the flow of spiritual energy in a person passively and activating it allows him to be able to copy non-spirit halo's and non-attributed (except fire), self created spirit abilities
Rank 51-60;three tomoes + 50% + high illusion capacity + high fire power
Rank 61-70;mangekyo sharingan + 60% + ribcage susanoo + Tsukuyomi level illusion + high fire power
Rank 71-80;mangekyo sharingan + 70% + half complete susanoo + Amateratsu level fire power
Rank 81-90;etermal mangekyo sharingan + 80% + perfect susanoo
Rank 91-99:rinnegan + 100% + each rank obtains one of the six paths from nagato + Limbo + sasuke's rinnesharingan short distance teleportation + Gudodama

I still have to think of most of the spirit abilities for the sharingan (rank51-99). Being an eyepower has some limitations in what kind of power i will give them. I will listen to all your replies and ponder in his abilities based on your opinions.

Please note that when i refer to fire power, i mean that he will have control over fire but how smooth is his control and how strong are his flames, will depend on his rank.

Low fire power will be more or less comparable to the jutsu Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu

Mid fire power = katon: karyuu endan

High fire power = katon: Gouka Mekkyaku

Also with this i will make him recreate some of his most famous fire jutsus later on.